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Friday, May 13, 2016

Embrace Friday the 13th as if it means only the #bestofeverything

Yes, you got it :: today is Friday the 13th and you had better not have been belly aching about bad luck, this or that.  Have a listen to this swan song that came out in 1980 from the Talking Heads that pokes fun and demystifies complaining and inspires us to get a move on if we want what we want:

Once in a lifetime
Is pretty startling.  It is a resonating message that today, May 13, 2016, is once in a lifetime.  You will not have another chance to relive it.  So make it worth a story worth telling.

I was fiddling around with my camera app on my laptop and decided to ignore it and just get down to writing, darn it.

I am all showered and made up to head out and meet my husband as we drop our inherited car off to have new tires put on.

Inherited?  Well, it's part of the 50s inheritance plan :: It's when you cosign a car loan and your daughter decides to head out to make her mark in the world, leaving you with the loan so you start driving it.

Now you may get the reason why I have the gadget to the right with cars called "Pump this ride".  It is my expressive rebellion on taking responsibility over want.  

I realized that I really don't post many pictures of myself so I did a couple of selfies to show that I'm not short on attitude, just in height.

My husband is already texting me to see if I've left - we're meeting in an hour and 15 for darn's sake - my way of gaining control over my life is being late more often than not.  That's from a gal who was meticulous about being on time, so much so that I was always 20 minutes early for everything and had to fight the boredom of waiting.

So I'll write about the favorite makeup used today later on.  The texts are coming speedily and if I want to meet my husband after work again, I'd better disprove his "always late" label for me (which wouldn't be far from the truth).

Remember to make today, your BEST day ever!!


Friday, February 26, 2016

Discover your super POWERS

::: ___________________________________________ :::
"Some days are summersaults
 while others need headstands"
                                  Jeannette Marshall
                                     Author of Meanderings
                                    SocialMEdia @optioneerJM
::: ___________________________________________ :::

I swear every time I'm asked to put up a BIO, I get more creative :::   

knowledgeJunkie +visualCurator+socialmediaEnthusiast+greatGal
@optioneerJM #bestofeverything  #smilingwords 

::: ___________________________________________ :::

Have a little listen while you read or stop and have a watch 
these guys R fantastic #Canada 
PLEASE show em sum love :: 
discovered by U here on socialMEdia 
@New Swears 
::: ___________________________________________ :::

The more succinct you are the more you dig in to gain insight into who you really are :::  you are subconsciously creating your super POWERS.

Wit reigns supremely with rising stars  who surround themselves with the #positivevibe crowd and #smilingwords to represent the #bestofeverything.  

Why not battle with humor? ( humour in #Canadianeze ) instead of heartbreak, pain, violence abuse or whatever is bothering you on any given day.  

::: ___________________________________________ :::

Not that you're a victim or any sort of whiner or ranter ::: remove yourself and stay far away of the negative force you can get sucked in so easily on this #socialMEdia sensation.

Be a source to be reckoned with as in a creative force that circulates only among the IN crowd who are inspirational, humanitarian, motivational, super POWERs.

::: ___________________________________________ :::

Be the voice of many ::: the poor, the hungry, the bullied, the ill, elderly and the sick ::: never forgotten :::  the unlikely who would be paid much attention to on this new 


of me, myself, I buy.  Because I can, I want it, not necessarily need.  

Create a chain of unified voice who are synonymous with optimism, gratitude and honesty.  Who stifle the mentally unstable, negative, violent, bullies or terrorISMisms.

Show there is a unified voice to form a consortium of only the #bestofeverything best of anything circulated by #smiling words :::  

Where only the most peaceful, loving, humanitarians become citizens of a community.

This is pure magic ::: and I'm Canadian .... eh?

::: ___________________________________________ :::

The community is bigger than a country, continent, religion, culture, or company. 

Creating a culture that does not rely merely on one thing.  But a collaboration among many.

Dedicated to serving their fellow woman, man, child, and living things.

Reach your super powers hidden under-neath the surface ::: ready to be discovered and revealed to yourself along with others.

::: ___________________________________________ :::

::: ___________________________________________ :::

Please share if you were inspired and want to help others be the #bestofeverything by communicating #smilingwords
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Immortally memorable: Christopher Reeve

I admit that I had a secret crush on Christopher

Reeve and wanted to stumble onto​ his path 

when he was in Calgary filming Superman II in 

the 80s. Unfortunately, that never happened. 

Yet this unforgettable quote came from an 

ordinary movie star who became an 

extraordinary hero.

His life demonstrates to us that however much

we think of ourselves, we can be humbled by a

power outside our control to become our true

destiny in whatever form that makes us 

memorable forever.

Once a beacon of strength in character and out,

Christopher Reeve became a symbol of courage 

in his quest for a cure by spinal cord research.

Within us (sometimes disguised) is a powerful 

talent that we need to discover. It may not 

be destined as glamour or glory, it is not ours to

decide. It lies beyond our dreams to reach out,

to grasp, capture, and embrace it.

Stroll down memory lane with me in this clip from

Superman who is getting drunk in the East 

Village of Calgary. You will see some

of our landmarks (Calgary Tower, St. Louis) ...

In our days of pining for what we want or

dwelling on what we don't, we should remember

what we have. Be full of gratitude for each 

moment and extend forgiveness when it is ours

to give.

Thanks Chris.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Beauty tip: take care of the soul

I've been writing so far of some of my philosophical leanings and fashion tips for cowgirls, along with a few faux pas nightmares.  I thought it was time to take it up a notch and share some of my beauty favorites.

Firstly, I look up to both my mother and my former mother-in-law to share their secrets to eternal beauty:  one is 80 and the other is 90!  Neither one wears makeup per se, although my mother is a fan of foundation and hair styling that suits her style, lifestyle, and personality.

What both of them do, day in, and day out are simple basics we've been told for years:

  • wash your face at least twice a day:  morning and before bed
  • no gimics or expensive products in their cabinets
  • both have been using "Oil of Olay" as their must do daily
  • take care of your soul:  spirituality, church, beliefs 
  • an alcoholic beverage is what you have one of when you socialize
  • commitment to their husbands for 50 years in sickness and in health
  • biggest fans of their children, grandchildren with pride, love, support
Sounds elementary to me too.  Yet we all get caught up at the drugstore or department store beauty counter, buying up magical potions and fixer uppers.  

The one thing I do share with my younger counterparts in the 20, 30 and 40 age group is acne.  Yeppers, I thought that that ended with wrinkles or the very least menopause.  However, stress, turmoil, inner satisfaction with one's life does exude through our pores.

No wonder they say that a women who is pregnant is incredibly beautiful!  They are sticking to the natural like white on rice.   They abstain from any toxins like their body is a temple.  Factoring in they are directly responsible for the formation of that beautiful being growing inside them.  Alcohol, hell no!  Smoking, you gotta be kidding me!  

Accounting for what you put in your body is part of your beauty regime.  Drink lots of water, stay away from soda pop most of the time, eat fruits, vegetables and a salad with every meal.  

I found a few wonderful discoveries to battle the skin wars -- easily found in drug stores, pharmacies and even grocery stores:

Founder of Burt's Bees

This natural spot treatment is clinically proven to help reduce and improve the appearance of blemishes without irritating skin. Formulated with Tea Tree, Calendula, Yarrow and Parsley Extracts to help care for troubled skin and reduce redness and Borage Extract to promot healthy skin resulting in clean and smooth skin, naturally. Dermatologist tested. Noncomedogenic.

I put this on after my nightly washing, moisturizing on the spots that are breaking out.  It is categorized under "sensitive skin" which I can relate to.

Another wonder find is a toner that we can find even in nutrition and vitamin stores with the regulars:  witch hazel ... one that everyone can afford!  Use it as a toner after you wash, bathe or shower.

I will continue to uncover beauty secrets of the pros and the should-be-pros for all to benefit from.  If you have your own ideas, secrets, and/or tips ... let me know!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Know thyself before thy marries

Seriously considering your life mate?  How does one really know?  I recommend you take a trip and travel with the man of your dreams ... see how he reacts over airport security, flight delays, luggage mishaps, hotel shortcomings, bathroom usage, where dirty clothes end up, eating schedule/choices, all-inclusive aka free drinks galore, babes in bikinis (gawker or glancer), packed airline, uncomfortable beds, seats; and just about anything else that spells disillusion or disaster.

I am constantly preaching to my 21 and 22 year old beautiful daughters that now that they're beyond puppy love or perceived deep love of their teens, relationships get more complicated as we take on more responsibilities in life:

  • EDUCATION:  University, training,
  • Commitment:  work, schedules, work out
  • Spending time with family
  • Moving out on your own
  • Extra curricular golf, hockey, football, TV channel surfing, remote controlling gamers
  • Money matters (going for dinner means you always pull out your wallet)
  • Temptations:  alcohol, drugs, fast lifestyle
  • Sleeping habits (blanket hog, snorer)
  • Friends (need a lot of boys nights out?)
  • Couple friends (healthy ones)
  • Goals in life
Those are all beyond the recommended conversations therapists, experts say you should have.  I knew of a guy who was engaged for a couple of years and when they were finally setting the date for the nuptials, he found out she never, wouldn't, ever have kids.  That was the opposite of his spectrum.  He was getting married because he had thought he had met the ideal mate to parent with and that was his reason for getting married:  to have kids.  In desperate reaction and panic, he started to host singles parties.  The guest list were single, eligible ladies, young or same age, in his own version of speed dating:  line them up and check them out.    I fell of the radar willingly and never did find out how his wife made the grade.  Yes, he's a dad and even goes by the title of Dadpreneur (not an uncommon title if you start trying to narrow down the likely suspect). 

This particular fellow probably had himself as priority in all boxes for ticking off.  Spend time with me, move where I want to be, my friends, my goals, my lifestyle.  I'd be surprised if he wasn't a blanket hog and snorer which means dearly beloved move yourself on to the couch if it bothers you when you aren't giving birth, getting up in the wee hours, to tend to his offspring.  The only pictures with the chip off the old block are photo ops where he looks like the world's best dad, meanwhile flying around promoting himself.

No, lol, I didn't marry him and that doesn't describe me.  Sometimes our radars are on high alert and we can sniff a doomed partner from a mile away.  Then why do we sometimes end up with someone so different that fit into our criteria?  Philosophical and spiritual leanings tend to say it is fate.  We sometimes fall for someone who reminds you of your father (mother) who you weren't that close to, but because we want a second go at it.  Chances are the qualities you dislike in your father will be cloned in that man of your perceived dreams.

I suggest you heed the warning that if drinking in a club brought you together, that may be the major activity you share.  Romantic notions of snuggling to watch Rom-Coms are ditched by speed, gun slugging, car speeding action movies (which is okay if you're into that ... if not, get used to it).

I recommend you pay attention to the little things....because the thoughtful gifts, flowers, candlelight dinners dim drastically by the second year.   Be skeptical that he is courting you and it may not last forever.  The acrobatics in bed can turn into napping on the couch and the Honey-DO list that never gets done.   Hope and prayer ... and then be thankful for the thoughtful consideration he pays towards you.  Don't fall for the looks, fall for the behavior.  Who wants to be with a man you have to fight over the mirror with? 

A tinkerer is great.  They're always fooling around with a tool and home to do it.  They are not as boring as you think.  He can whip up Thanksgiving Dinner, gravy and all, leaving you to set the gorgeous table, do the inviting, and look refreshed and relaxed to enjoy the wonderful spread ... not washed out, beaten, tired from spending all day in the kitchen.  Why is it that men who can cook look vibrant, have a sense of humor, fun side and care for others.  That's not macho some say?  Well the macho, testosterone is sexy and most appealing up to around your 40s but can be boring long long before then.

A caregiver is sexy.  He is up at the crack of dawn, rarely breaks a sweat and always be counted on to show up to work regardless of the sniffles, a bruise tooling around, or slicing his finger making you a key lime pie from scratch or a lime cocktail (one or two, not a dozen).  He has a job, a career, and a vision of who he wants to be and where he wants to end up.  He's not coasting from one room mate to the next, over staying his welcome, and moving on because he owes favors, money or both.

Why are you reading this for heaven's sake?  You know better girl.  You don't expect a man who will be so rich and into himself that he only needs a trophy.  You want to be someone, make a difference in your field, your passion, your career, your family.  Don't blame yourself that you only want a partner who wants to rise above it all and make a life you love and love living. 

"Courage is not the absence of fear; it is action in the presence of fear.  Bold people do what they know they should do -- not what they feel like doing."
                           ~Joyce Meyer

Yep, so get to it.  Stop imagining what you want:  remember that saying that goes along with the line of things happen to those who are busy doing, not making plans.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#FAST forward force

Hitting the big 5-0 rarely seems like a breeze for anyone.  Mid-life crisis, empty nest syndrome, sagging muscles, self realization, and a great number of thoughts float through our inner peace.  When you are in your teens your are into the moment, 20s into the future, 30s survival, 40s breeze and 50s panic. 

Pablo Picasso

When you arrive in this point in your life, your self conscious goals leep into your present mind, to question whether you have accomplished what you were thinking you would by now, while young enough to still regroup and make the most of life.

Realization that health is paramount strikes like a snake ready to bite you.  Have you looked after yourself as well as you could of?  Are you happy in love with your partner and content to sail through to your twilight years with your choice.  Or, become restless wanting to be who you are meant to be.

Younger people think you are OLD by now - and that insults you.  Do you try to make up for that by stylizing yourself to look hip, happening and carefree?  What about settling in to the present, give yourself credit for the multiple of hurdles you've overcome to arrive at where you are instead of bitterness towards life, people, events?  You cannot change the past and you can't predict the future.  You can only control what you do today in this present minute.

You have it within yourself to make decisions of magnitude proportions.  Wipe the slate clean.  Forget the unforgettable.  Forgive the unforgiveable.  Move forward towards the unknown with an optimism that will most likely extend your life, settle your restlessness and guide you to make a difference today.

If you MUST.  Do an inventory.  Not materialistically, because that is a losing battle.  The likelihood of winning the lottery is unrealistic.  Think of your parents, relatives, and consider them in their 70s and 80s and if lucky beyond.  Did the turmoil in their younger years settle down and gracefully guide them?  Do you recognize their  wisdom to know what can be done now, in the present?  Do you listen?  Learn from that reflection.  It will give you strength to embrace all the great things you have and may be in store. 

 Grasp you spirituality, write, enjoy art, photography, and all those things that bring you inner joy.  Color, doodle, go for walks in a park and breath in the air, enjoy the fresh smell of cut grass.  Spend every spare moment with friends and loved ones who bring you joy. 

You are no longer in a space in your life where you are judged by your accomplishments as much as by how you look -- exuding optimism, not regrets, making others want to be in your sphere.  Wisdom is yours to dispense, don't waste it on anyone who doesn't want to listen.  Even if you know that they are on a rocky road and understand that there is nothing you can do to prevent it.  Be there to listen, give advice when only asked. 

You've made it this far and many others consider you young.  Don't waste your time on anything or anyone who  makes you feel old.   Don't deny your age by behavior that shouts to the world that you are having trouble dealing with it.  The world doesn't care.  It is your issue.  Recoup and file away that fight for eternal youth.  Appreciate you have arrived where you are from pain, regrets, disappointments ... let go of the heart's battle scars. 

Homage to Pablo Picasso by John Nolan

Be creative in your zone.  Write, blog, take photography lessons, a financial course ... whatever floats your boat.  It is only your's to embrace.  You have the power and force to sail through this phase regardless of the bumps you had to reach it.  Understand and be empowered knowing and observing that others are climbing those past hills, that you survived and brought you survival.  Be proud of who you are.  Forgive if you haven't been the inventor, psychologist, artist, writer, business whiz you thought you were or would continue to be.  You have a roof over your head, love in your heart, food in your belly and innovation to be whimsical.  Aging forgives that and allows you to do that.  You are no longer in judgment mode, you are in being mode.

You haven't arrived at your destination.  You are still on a journey.  How you handle it will determine the strength of character you possess.  Be a positive inspiration to those around you who marvel at your grace, class, and distinction.

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind.  It doesn't matter."
                                                        ~Mark Twain

Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

White jeans shouldn't make you blue

My daughters are aged 20 to 24.  Shockingly,  I just learned that not one of them will ever "wear" white jeans, stating that white jeans just isn't their style.  Huh?  What?  Where did I go wrong?

Seriously, white skinny jeans are a must in any wardrobe regardless of body type, age or style sense.  They make the wearer appear cool, hip and classy all at once. 

There is a long standing tradition that says you pull out your whites (purses and shoes) on the May long weekend BUT they have to be put away at the end of summer after the Labor Day long weekend.

A funny way of taking this rule too far is capture in a light 1994 movie starring Kathleen Turner called "Serial Mom".  One thing that gets her riled up is when she sees people wearing white offseason:

I found a number of awesome looks that are highlighted by white jeans that are not only for summer like these  for fall or winter:

This is a beautifully put together with the soft hue of blue.  Great for an offsite meeting or event where "business casual" is called for.  Or simply shopping.  Take your pick:
What can make white jeans work is to match them up with  an eye catching scarf that pulls the look together. 
Skinny jeans can go with sandals or kid boots.  An awesome belt with white on white along with an arm of bracelets is breathless.  Here is a smooth  fashion statement that doesn't work too hard to impress while it does:
One of my own personal favorites is white with turquoise with killer accessories that make the look pop!  Here you can see that yellow is golden for a breezy cool summer statement:
I found a few turquoise accessories that will make the grade to bring pizazz to more subtle (or boring) looks:

Don't forget a longer necklace with a flowing blouse to spell easy-breezy coolness:

Friday, June 26, 2015

EYELASH flirtation

Lushest lashes are the bomb these days!  Very few of us have been oblivious to that fashion flirtation.  One can't help but notice how many endorsements Katy Perry has on eye lashes or mascara.

Most fellows would say that the first thing they notice in a woman is her eyes  (and they'd be lying ... unless their girlfriend, mother, sister or wife was within ear shot). 

The beauty empires play us on this to the max.  All the ads boast of thicker, longer, fuller lashes with their magical answer to the dilemma.  One can't help but notice that most natural long lashed humans always seem to be men! 

I tried a couple of times over the course of the past year or so to attempt to put fake lashes on.  They looked askew and more comical for Halloween than a fashion accessory. 

Huh?  Well, I was getting my nails done (as many of us do to keep that polished, well-cared for appearance) and the gal next to me had these beautiful lashes.  Unabashed, as women are naturally and more so when sitting next to another in a chair in any beautification establishment (beauty, hair, nail salon), I asked her where she had gotten her beautiful lashes from.  She told me.  I didn't go straight there by any means.

When I was on a trip to Mexico, I couldn't help but notice this young lady with fiancé in toe (and 20 years younger) with these beautiful lashes that seemed to stay put and come out splendidly after dunking her head under water.

Impulsively,  as I may fight against admitting to be,  I was driving home after doing some volunteer work at a University with young teens I noticed I was driving by the said beauty salon and without cutting off anyone, swerved into the parking lot and voila!  What was before me was lash extension heaven.

I didn't have to wait long without an appointment (fortunately for me) and I was laying down and having them applied.  It stung a bit when I opened my eyes a little too early and before permission granted.  Ooolala I was going to have red eyes to go with those new lashes.  I fell prey to an add on of having my brows dyed too.

I got all the instructions and to dos and not to dos when I left.  Unlike the practical side of my self, I hadn't done any research beforehand.  I obeyed and didn't put water on them for 12 hours, I used a Q-tip gently around them to clean, I didn't rub my eyes .... for a couple of days at least.  What I didn't know was that the glue would become crusty anyhow and when you wake up from sleep, it is pretty hard to be conscious of the reason why you want to rub your itchy lashes is not because of the Sandman but because of the lash extensions. 

Tenacious is as tenacious does.  I persevered.  Yet I couldn't help noticing that slowly single lashes were landing on my cheek and clumps started to go missing.  I dropped back in and dropped another $50 for a "fill" (original set cost $86).  The lady clucked at me that I wasn't Q-tipping them properly and did the filler up.

Less than two weeks later, I had clumps missing again and just basically gave up because I wasn't going to spend another dime on beautifying my now diminished lashes.   I tried a cover up of putting on fake lashes to cover up my mistake.  They didn't look any less ridiculous than the first time.

I longingly look at my Maybelline mascara and regret that I didn't stick to the basics.  I have not attempted mascara for a week after noticing that quite a few of my natural lashes went missing. 

To research and read up to help write this blog, I sought out other advice on lash extension tips.  This was a pretty good one from Huffington Post that talks about lash extensions. 

I may have given up on the eyelash extensions or fake applications ... for now at least.  However, I did want to write and share my motives and findings with others.  At least to open eyes wide at the possibility that sticking to what nature gave you is often the best advice. 

I am open-minded enough to realize that what is good for a 20 or 30 something is not necessarily good for someone older, even if she has been blessed with a nice eye color.  Being dissatisfied with oneself or being swayed by mood or fashion trends don't always work out.

You can still achieve a nice, classic, polished look without any magical products or expensive ones.  Be content with being who you are.  Remember, Katy Perry and even Adele make loads of cashola in music or endorsements so that they can afford to have a crew make sure they never have clumps of lashes fall out or look ridiculous in fake ones.

AND just because it didn't work out on my own attempt, doesn't mean it won't for others.  All I'm saying is it is an expensive experiment.

As an update July 25, 2015, I was wandering around the web and found an excellent non-obvious site for hints, tips and help .... the yellow .... they had this article on eyelash extensions versus false eyelashes.  I wish I had discovered this before I started my eyelash mishap.  Note:  there are perfectly placed paid for ads on the page so that you can find a location close to you.  Brilliant: YES!  Obvious? NO