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Friday, May 13, 2016

Embrace Friday the 13th as if it means only the #bestofeverything

Yes, you got it :: today is Friday the 13th and you had better not have been belly aching about bad luck, this or that.  Have a listen to this swan song that came out in 1980 from the Talking Heads that pokes fun and demystifies complaining and inspires us to get a move on if we want what we want:

Once in a lifetime
Is pretty startling.  It is a resonating message that today, May 13, 2016, is once in a lifetime.  You will not have another chance to relive it.  So make it worth a story worth telling.

I was fiddling around with my camera app on my laptop and decided to ignore it and just get down to writing, darn it.

I am all showered and made up to head out and meet my husband as we drop our inherited car off to have new tires put on.

Inherited?  Well, it's part of the 50s inheritance plan :: It's when you cosign a car loan and your daughter decides to head out to make her mark in the world, leaving you with the loan so you start driving it.

Now you may get the reason why I have the gadget to the right with cars called "Pump this ride".  It is my expressive rebellion on taking responsibility over want.  

I realized that I really don't post many pictures of myself so I did a couple of selfies to show that I'm not short on attitude, just in height.

My husband is already texting me to see if I've left - we're meeting in an hour and 15 for darn's sake - my way of gaining control over my life is being late more often than not.  That's from a gal who was meticulous about being on time, so much so that I was always 20 minutes early for everything and had to fight the boredom of waiting.

So I'll write about the favorite makeup used today later on.  The texts are coming speedily and if I want to meet my husband after work again, I'd better disprove his "always late" label for me (which wouldn't be far from the truth).

Remember to make today, your BEST day ever!!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello your Vogueness

Sometimes hit
Trying to remember how I fell on these images.  The first one I saw and I know I shared it.  I can't recall where from (bad sign, spending too much time on here).  I think it may have been Tumblr or as a back-drop on PolyVORE ??? 

red mask and a headdress 

Don't cha hate not being able to remember where you discovered something or who said something?  Well, this is my visual something.  Visions that captured my eye with their uniqueness and hot couture.  I've always wanted to call it that:  "hot couture" instead of Haute Couture.  How boring and snobby haute couture sounds.  

Beauty or color is best?

Not in this lifetime
I won't ever to be able to afford any of the outfits or be fussed over with makeup because I have a face that can capture that something, difficult to define.

Colors cause joy

Do not dare
Show this to the faint at heart.  Those ladies who believe that the ability to carry it off is their own righteous belonging.  

Sometimes the faces are naked from makeup while others are naked, or with caked on makeup or hats or hairdos.  

Weirdness or inspired? 

Like a train wreck
Or just too weird.  We slow down and cast an eye out to see what your brain or your heart want to see.  You fall spell to the creativeness that appears.

Glitter or ouch! 

Thank you for sharing another creative journey with me,  once again or the very first time.  I hope you agree with my choices.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring 2016 makeup for a 50s fashionista

Spring is my favorite time of year!  It is all about new beginnings, flowers peaking out of the soil to reach the warm beams of the sun, and, of course, it is my birthday (I turn 55 on April 18th).  Granted,  I am  a bit biased.

One of the things I like to write about on Meanderings are interests based on being a 50s fashionista (or wannabe) grappling with the challenge that we shouldn't try to dress like our 20-something daughters, nor should we age before our time with our mother's elderly good looks.

Then we have to toss in our body types, and any of the challenges we may have to adapt to changes happening.

"Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another." 
                             ~Courteney Cox

Nothing says that we can't embrace bright colors, florals, patterns or hip looks, we just have to make sure it suits us.  We should be able to understand what makes us feel good :: and that usually goes hand in hand with makeup and beauty.

One thing I'm proud of is I come from great stock :: both my parents always look/ed years younger.  So I really appreciate it when the youngsters tell me I look like I'm in my late 30s or early 40s :: I think it all comes down to what I said :: finding your zone in beauty and fashion, and being able to pull it off.

At 4 ft 11, or rounded up to 5 ft, you're right to think that I would have fashion challenges of my own.  I've always liked the "chic" look and try to stay true to that.  So, to help others, I will share what I have adopted as my own Spring 2016 look.

It all starts with the eyes.  Studies say that people usually are drawn to the eyes first.  I was blessed with green ones and tend to focus on that wonderful feature.  I don't go for the dramatic eyeliner and you've already read about my lash extensions drama. I just happen to have taken a photo of my eyes just for this emphasis.

Go ahead and laugh at my creative license :: fooling around in Microsoft Paint is fun!  I use a moisturizer to start always after cleansing.  Having sensitive skin, I have learned that I have to stick with something that works because when I try something new, too rich in oils or perfumes, I break out.  (There goes the myth that you don't break out in zits once you pass menopause).  I rely on my fail-safe Oil of Olay for sensitive skin:

To define my basic look, I do sponge off of magazines and beauty counters for inspiration.  It isn't that difficult to find nude colors this spring :: it is everywhere.  I'm chomping at the bit to try Urban Decay after watching an INC. video interview of Sandy Lerner, founder of Oracle.  (I want to do a blog about redoing her look with a few modifications so that she gives up that 70s look that she seems to be holding on to).

I have already gravitated to nude as my eye base color for the simple reason that it brings out the green color of my eyes.  I would think it would suit any gal in her 50s.  (HINT :: just because you've survived menopause doesn't mean you should boycott makeup!)

I always use the lightest of light tones for my eyebrow bone (far left) and then a soft, lighter color for the lid (right in the middle).  I have the heaviest hand on the lid because I don't want it to fade as the day progresses.  I find that eye makeup with a bit of frost to it tends to adhere to the skin more successfully.  I define the upper lid with a muted softer yet darker tone for definition (7 from left).  Then it is mascara, mascara and more mascara.  
We can still learn from the young.  My stepdaughter always has thick lashes that seems to coat the mascara on.  My lashes are longer and finer, so I can avoid that thick, clumped on look.  I still swear by my recent discovery ::  L'Oreal's two step mascara :: a white base, then a black mascara :: when that dries, I then apply my Clinique mascara, followed by the butterfly effect mascara by Maybelline.  This has been from trial and error repeatedly to find something that works.  My makeup regime takes 5-10 minutes at most.

However, let me not forget the crowning glory of eyebrow brushing to finish for a polished look.  Given I have lighter eyebrows, it is a must for me.  I do battle with the temptation of fake lines and heavy handedness.  Instead, I use a complimenting eyebrow liner to give distinction, it closely matches the color of the eyebrow mascara :: MAC is the best I'm convinced.   Au natural is my focus.

When too much is just too much.

Yes, some ladies think this doll looks good??

Safe to say :: I am not battling my age :: I am glorifying my God given gifts and attempting to show that you can be both subtle and classy.  I'm not a fan of heavily caked on makeup that screams defying age tactics.  If it works for other gals, it is fine for me.

I almost forgot ::  the lipstick!!  It is the final touch to your canvass.  I absolutely adore my latest find :: Colorblur by Maybelline's "lipstudio" ::

Two colors I have already :: one for evening and one for Spring days.
A liner, lipstick and sealer all in one in an array of spring colors.

This discovery is fantastic.  You put it on and it lasts for hours, even while drinking coffee!

 If you have to insist on the old fashioned way, I did find among Google's treasure trove, instructions on how to properly do your lipstick.  (Seems like a lot of work to me now that I've found utopia with Colorblur) ::

Here is an ode to mature beauties who are hitting their stride while maintaining status as beauty icons, embracing their 50s in 2016::

Robin Wright celebrated her 50th birthday April 8th

Janet Jackson turns 50 on May 16th
Halle Berry turns 50 on August 16th

Salma Hayek turns 50 on September 2
There you have it :: style mavericks who are still dancing to their own drum.  What do they all have in common?  To me, they're not disguising their age nor are they caking on the makeup or trying tricks or the latest tactics :: they seem to know what works for them and stick to with it.  They appear graceful and poised :: ready to take on the next decade.

"Stop whining about getting old.  It's a privilege."                               
                                                                     ~Amy Poehler

Sunday, February 28, 2016

An #OscarsMakeover event

Oscars magic is on again.  The hoopla, ceremonies and after parties (which I would add to my bucket list, except the rule is it has to be realistic), the fashion, styles, fashion 9-1-1 that it brings.  

Me, along with millions in audience joined to celebrate the #bestofeverything in MOVIES' biggest question it asks me of this night?

"What movie will it entice me to see first?"

Rapt with anticipation millions in I began surfing on the net ::: long before social media platforms and media stand were beginning to stand ready ::: I discovered that minuscule morsel that would begin to react in mere minutes...

A hashtag to be noted to give praise and honor not only the winners, but the nominated for their talent.

Charlize Theron ::: best theatrical makeover for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

The biggest makeover  of years before  ::: not a person but a symbol ::: of movies, excite-ment, media buzz, or dresses.   Floating out to the net was the best story I found from The Daily Mail  was that the infamous statue had a makeover for this year (2016)!!

We peruse and wonder who hasn't won yet? Right, Leonardo Dicaprio hasn't.  Will he finally be restituted to the kingdom of the gifted for a generation?  Hardly, it's a snap for him this year in his portrayal in Re-something filmed outside a Canadian city that blasts fumes from the money from its oil billions to only ruin the environment?  Uh-hem, he became an expert by just experiencing our unique Chinook mild weather miracle in our parts called Calgary.

What are Chinook winds you asked dear Leonardo?  Why they are a weather phenomena unique to our climate near the greatest city on the earth:  Calgary.  I bet you didn't know that the warm west winds we all adore, written by our own Calgary Herald at the turn of the last century:

“Those who have not the warm, invigorating Chinook winds of this country, cannot well comprehend what a blessing they are. The icy clutch of winter is lessened, the earth throws off its winding sheet of snow. Humanity ventures forth to inhale the balmy spring like air. Animated nature rejoices.” (1900–Calgary weekly Herald)

Sidetracked as usual I am to return to the drool of glamor and stunning dresses.  I began my journey, with thoughts erupting in my head, and spoke to me: 

“Na-uh honey, thatz pose ta be only da one shouldr”            ~Andra Day


“fly-e-EYE-iiiiiiiiiii like a bird …..”                                      ~Cate Blanchette


“No, you’re right … I wasn’t sure what look I was going for.”      ~Olivia Wilde

 So far my favorite gown is: pulled adorned from her makeup, to her hair to beautifully fitting gown ::: Sophia Vergara :::  proving that a woman in my mind's age can shine over those 20 years her junior:

 Sophia is 43 years old! GASP!   We should all celebrate how wonderful she looks!!

via INSTAgram photos 

Here's leading up to the last moments before 

@LeoDiCaprio could no longer say he hadn't 

won an #Oscar

The movies I would most like to see after watch-

ing the Oscars:::

1) The Reverent

2) The Big Short

3) The Girl in the River ::: a documentary

Best Oscar moment ::: Musical perfor-mance by Lady Gaga:

Best Oscar acceptance ::: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy:

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy stands out as a Humanitarian 

What an outstanding #Oscar acceptance  by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s  for "The Girl in the River" 

Earlier in 2012, Chinoy had won the Oscar for her documentary film ‘Saving Face’ that focused on Pakistan’s another grim issue of disfiguring of the faces of girls and women by men on various pretexts by throwing acid at them.
‘A Girl In The RiverThe Price Of Forgiveness’ was among five films which were nominated for this year's Academy Award in the BestDocumentary-Short Subject category.
On February 22, Sharmeen’s Oscar nominated documentary was screened at a programme held at the Prime Minister’s House in Islamabad. On the occasion, Premier Nawaz Sharif had said thegovernment is set to formulate legislation to put a curb on thekillings of women in the name of honour.
Sharmeed Obaid Chinoy holds a rare distinction of being among the nine women film directors in the world to have won Oscars for non-fiction films.

Biggest Oscar erruption ::: when Sam Smith upsets Lady Gaga 

Sam Smith's Writing's on the Wall is the first behind a long list of talent to be finaly named for its first Oscar.  I wrote about this song a few months ago for how wonderful I found it when I wrote about it on my blog Meanderings called; called:  

Best movies watched before Oscar night ::: Before I even cared about winners in order of favorites:

1) Straight outta Compton which I had watched, thought incredible, and wrote about long before the Oscar's white out controversy.  You couldn't fail to notice whatever was missing in nominations were presented in FULL COLOR by presenters from past winners like Whooppee Goldberg, Denzel Washington, Quincy Jones.

2) Amy:::  a documentary about Amy MillHouse, shed light on not just her musical talent, but also her challenges, showing she was snuffed out to wayyyy toooo early.

3) Spotlight:::  about investigative journalism and the men and women who dedicate themselves, regardless how earth shaking and controversial it may be, need to be told for the victims.  If for nothing else in the world.

 Cuteness reigned and knocked out several adorable Imagineered characters, of the likes of  The Room's Jacob Trembley:

Guest mischievious The Minions were there

Will Jason Tremblay avoid the traps of so many former child stars?
Become a sad second acts having trouble as grown ups

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My beauty basics

I remember being in my 20s and intrigued by my mother-in-law and mother's beauty regime always starting with moisturizer.  After all, who'd be thinking of wrinkles at that time.  I do recall marvelling at they both had remarkable skin and discovered they used the same daily moisturizer:  Oil Of Olay.

By the time I was 40, I was well into a daily regime that started with a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer, both morning and night.  I was cursed with sensitive skin that resulted with acne whenever I attempted to change the products.

I've gone to the home parties, Mary Kay and Merle Norman, where you get together with friends and try out new products.  Mine often resulted in break outs.  I've poured over the Avon catalogue, being tempted to try out the  latest beauty wonder.

Now that I'm in my 50s, I realize that just having a daily routine and sticking to it is what is important.  There are rules we should all follow, namely one that often is ignored:  don't go to sleep with the day's makeup left on, a residue that can be left on your pillow, to attract more dirt which can create a cycle of poor hygiene and detrimental to beauty.

We're pretty lucky that the cosmetic companies are always trying to get us to try their new miracle cures for acne, wrinkles, and any signs of aging.  I've simply come to the understanding, that my skin tells me what it needs.  If I stray from my basic Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin wash and moisturizer, I am not surprised when a break out occurs.  I have learned that regardless of age, a strong routine will pay dividends in years in advance.  I also know that the most expensive is not necessarily the best.  

So here, I found other great products that solve beauty ails.  One of the best are these convenient wipes.  I live in a two story house and when I get home, I feel my skin screaming at me for some nice cleaning - it is so refreshing.  Like removing the day's dramas, hassles, I want to wash that traffic blocks away.

I keep a package of these in my downstairs bathroom to have a handy clean.  I don't just use the wipes alone.  I fill the sink with steaming bearable hot water.  First using the wipe to take the make up residue away, then soak it in the hot water and cover my face, and pull it gentle down.  Repeating a couple of times -- I can tell when my skin is saying thank you.  The last swipe takes it down past my chin to my neck.  We forget our necks when that is where age is rarely disguised yet often ignored.

I have tried Neutrogena products, tempted by their ads and beauty promises.  I do like the the Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing wipes, especially in the summer time.  The smell alone is rejuvenating and feels very fresh.

I used to work in business development and it would take me a good 30 minutes or more to get ready in the morning between showering, beauty cleanse and moisturize discipline and then make up with a blow dryer and curling iron.  We had friends over a few weeks ago for dinner, and I decided to paper myself getting ready.  It shocked me after 45 minutes that I used to do this every day.

One thing of contention I have with ladies as they age, drop any beauty aids altogether.  I've discovered that you don't have to spend 45 minutes getting pampered up, just 5 to 10 minutes and you're all set.

First thing I've gravitated towards is easy style so it is easy to do.  You don't have to look made up in order to look fresh and crisp.  Light colors as back drops illuminate our skin and bring out our best feature, our eyes.

I found it is smart to invest in a decent foundation.  Not a mask.  Something gentle that smoothly glides on, hiding our natural uneven skin tones.  My favorite comes from Lise Watier where I can match my tone.  Remember, it is suppose to glide on and blend in.  Don't make the mistake of going a shade darker or with red tones if you think that is going to brighten your face.  Quite the opposite would be the result.  What we're trying to do is create a quick look that takes 5 to 10 minutes max.  Looking naturally made up, not a clown effect.  The following image I found is certainly a much younger lady, however, it shows how just a simple routine with cleansing and foundation can show the slightest difference:

Au natural with a barely there is the key.  Like many of us, as we age, our lifestyles and life experiences have a way of being reflected in our faces.  I'm not suggesting miracles.  I'm simply showing how you can present a cared for appearance from slump.  I believe that even if you want to look natural, you can manage looking cared for.  In principle, if you care about how you look, you will care about many more things like relationships, career, wellness.  

I learned a great secret to having a easy and natural makeup look is having the right tools.  I realized this only the past 10 years or so:  so toss away the makeup pads in the eyeshadow kits and invest in a few nice brushes:  Eye makeup brush, eye definer brush and rouge brush.  Think of it as a nice Christmas gift for your mother or daughters.  Something that they may not buy themselves, but appreciate when received.  

We all have blotchiness, perhaps acne, and dark circles, imagined or real.  I think I probably take this step more seriously than required.  Having a concealer is important, but only if it is of good quality.  Dotting it around your bones around your eye is more important than the crayon types or the ones that dry too easily.  There are so many choices out there, it is going to take some trial and error to find one that looks natural, without appearing caked on.   

I've tried the wheel types and find they dry out really easy and cake on enhancing wrinkles more than disguising them.  My pick doesn't require your fingers to touch or dab, when this kind gives the same effect.  The packaging allows it to stay moist for dabbing on.

When you are being shown how to put makeup on properly by the professionals at Merle Norman, Clinique, they always convince you that you need something you don't have:  a finishing powder.  A light dusting to seal the look.  I found that Pure Minerals has the best one.  I slightly swipe it all over my face.  I keep it in my purse in case I feel my skin becoming oily.  A quick dust along with refreshing lipstick will carry you for hours.  It carries a lightness and coverage that allows your skin to breath while avoiding that oily look.

Face it, we all feel and look tired more readily as we age.  We have to use the tricks to portray a barely there ensemble that still gives us a refreshing and natural look.

I've discovered a finishing touch for those blah days: Light pink concealer gently applied under eyes to create a more bright eyed look.  I don't know why they don't just have the pink one on its own because I don't use the other colors.  Yes, I break the rule of using my  finger for this little dab finisher, being careful to wash my hands before and after -- no point adding micro yuck since we've been so careful so far. 

Now we're starting to round the corner to half way there and this should have only taken 2 or 3 minutes max so far.  Next up is the eye shadow to accentuate our beautiful eyes -- not to appear goth or over the top glam -- keeping it fresh and simple.  A light pink color should look great on any eye color.  

We're bringing out the eyes instead of making them water .... where others blink with dismay at the dramatics.   (We all see those whom we want to pull out our Fashion Police badge and arrest them for all their efforts, when makeup at best should appear effortless).  Anyone who tells you it looks good at the office or as a check out clerk, is lying to you!

Forget the cream eyeshadows if you're 35 plus.  They just end up in the creases as the day progresses.  What we're trying to achieve is a just made up look for the entire day.  More so on the right than the left.  The optics shown to emphasize a light dusting is better than a plastered on look, and that green, blue or brown eyes can go this direction.

Maybelline does the trick:  not expensive, easy to buy anywhere with the extra amount of the soft pink and a contrast for the eye crease.  Ignore the lid color and replace it for the crease as this shows to create a softer essence.

I did find GOSH in neutral tones glides on wonder-fully, doesn't appear caked on and will last all day. I have found that the shadows with a little bit of a fleck of shimmer, seem to stay on longer without creasing.

I start out by putting the base color (left) from the eyelid all the way up to the eyebrow bone.  It works in a pinch, and you don't have to create that 70s look where the eyebrow powder is shimmering white.  I am apply a second coat on the eyelid so that there is a bit more contrast.  Then take the second from the left which is a bit mauve taupe that compliments my green eyes, yet would go with any eye color I'm sure.

A slight deviation now:  let's talk about eyebrows.  One of the best money you can spend on your beauty regime is going to a salon for a brow wax and shape.  How many .... ewwwwww .... when you see a tattooed eyebrow or a sharp pen gone amuck drawing eyebrows in because they've been plucked so mercilessly.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to enhance your eyebrows.  They are the finishing touch that speaks that you care about your appearance without being made up.

I think I have dramatized my point here.  They can make or break your look, enhance or detract from a pretty face, regardless of age.  The best product I've ever found was by MAC for eyebrows.  I have fair eyebrows, so it would look stupid to try to make them too dark.  Trust me, I've been there and tried that and it looks silly and trying to hard.  MAC's Waterproof Brow Set goes on effortlessly and fills in the gaps.  It takes only a few minutes.  So dramati-cally different, I've turned my sister and sister-in-law on to this awesome product.

Yes, we're just about done and it has taken what? 5 to 10 minutes like I promised you (without the time invested to shop or have your eyebrows shaped or waxed).  

If you read my previous article about my eyelash extension misadventure, when I imagined that my eyelashes would end up full, wash and wear, without any fuss.  Instead, it was more horrifying to find clumps missing and less than stellar replacement to the good ole fashioned stuff called mascara.

You'll be as relieved as I am thrilled to have found THE best product out their to plump and lengthen those eyelashes, without putting yourself through eyelash extensions which I found to be expensive and a hassle to maintain.  (Way worse than nail gel fills every few weeks.)  First you apply the white base coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the black stuff - voila!  C'est magnefique! If you want even fuller, thicker ones, you can add a more volumizing mascara afterwards.  Just be sure not to lay it on so thick that it appears crusty.

Finally, we're getting there.  Towards makeup heaven where we embrace our maturity not a full out battle to hide anything.

It is much more pleasing to the eye capturing the essence of you that says "So what, I have a few miles on me, but I feel fantastic." 

Bring it on!  Smile.
You have taken no more than 10 minutes to look fresh, light along with the smarts and life momentos we call wrinkles.  

The finishing touch or piece de resistance is lipstick.  I'm envious of this look that the youthful gals can have.

Well we can't all be born with Angelina Jolie's plump lips, nor should we subject ourselves to the knife or needle or whatever it is that some use to inject to get a boost for a more youthful yet unnatural look.

I'm embarrassed for women who think that it is is better to falsely improvise than to take what you've been given and make the most of it.

I don't know if it is age or skin type or what, but I can't wear faint lipstick and I can't seem to go without a lip liner to seal my lipstick.  Fair shades tend to fade or a plain waste of money.

I've been a loyal fan of Rimmel lipstick since forever.  Mostly because they seem to moisturize while adding color for me.  I don't like the pencil lip liners that are so sharp and contrast significantly, contradicting the hardly trying scenario I've tried to recreate.

I do like the new pencil crayon lipliners/sticks in one.  They can be applied all over with a lighter glossier lipstick in the middle for sheen.  They are a brilliant idea and it is no wonder they are so popular.

I don't have the fullest lips, but they're not thin either.  Colorblur LIPSTUDIO by Maybelline is a wonder find for mature lips that tend to bleed.  Keeping the outline natural and easily filled in for that polished professional appearance.  

Bordeaux luscious for winter.  I use Mabelline's COLORblur as an outline for Rimmel's 124.   Lipstick contained by  thicker than average liner filled in with creamy lipstick.  Heavenly.

There you have it.  Some of my basics and favorites all rolled into one.  The secret being not trying too hard.

Let me know if it takes you longer than 10 minutes.  I would be interested in knowing what took you so long!

p.s. if you are a major brand and want to contribute to this blog, that is great. However, my reviews and recommendations will never be influenced by monetary gain.

The color for winter 2015-16:  bordeaux lips.