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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TRUST your instincts

The trials of being 50+ can be eye popping, especially so if you are a woman.

I was just getting prescriptions filled less than a week ago after seeing the doctor for an annoying recurring bug (first laryngitis type virus then nauseous); it occurred to me to mention it to the doctor but I didn't, but remembered and asked the pharmacist: my husband had a small case of shingles in his back beneath his shoulder blade: he said that shingles is NOT contagious; The day before last during a meeting excusing during the discussion, saying I didn't know what was going on. Thankfully, yesterday was a day off because, even though I grumbled about missing the Super Bowl, I had swapped Sunday's 9 to 5 shift instead of an ugly 2pm to 10pm shift. My skin started to erupt and today it almost looks like I am a burn victim. I wasn't even thinking shingles, but when the Hunkster Hubster had shingles, I did what most of us do: look it up on the internet. Let me emphasize that I do not condone self-diagnosis, always rule to see a doctor first. (I was taught this while my Awesome SONster was in and out of the hospital a lot as a baby)! To top THAT off, I had been invited for a video interview for a career position (not a job, like I am in now) with an international sustainability corporation (the environment is something I'm passionate about - please go to my optioneerJM blog where I wrote about how to use normal household objects instead of expensive manufactured, packaged, designed, marketing overhead products. Because I consider my main focus groups: INBETWEENERS (born 1960 to 1965, after the Baby Boomers, before Generation X, while likely parents of Millennials) ..... so here I am with this erupted sore face, I had to slather it with tons of foundation to try to hide it with massive amounts of cover up ..... wishing for the best: one thing I said in the video was a wholehearted response: just doing this video interview while I have a severe allergic reaction on my face, should demonstrate that I can bounce back from set backs. So later on this afternoon while I am waiting for my family to come home and stop over to celebrate my Awesome SONster's birthday; 28th birthday......... read more on meanderingsABOUT 

I came online to ask Google the question:  "Can you get Shingles on your face?" and a plethora of information abounded.  I read some of the symptoms and it registered with me to go beyond to take a look of the images of Shingles on faces ...... pretty GROSS is an understatement.  I WAS able, however, to find one that mirrored my own face.  In fact, mine appears a lot more drastic.  Trust me, it may be slightly redder from putting cover up and mega tons of foundation to cover up for the video interview I had on my agenda this afternoon.  That, and preparing for my Awesome SONster's 28th Birthday celebration.  Not any lazing around.

YES you CAN get #shingles on your face!!  
My lesson for the day:  trust your instincts.  If it is anything other than Shingles I will update my blog.

This was me a week ago.

Lesson to you:  If you are over 50, get the Shingles vaccine.  If I had been given the proper information less than a week ago, I may have gotten the vaccine that very day.  Less than a week later, ironically they must be contagious, just like chicken pox are.

Shingle Alert

Thanks Donna, I just got home from Dr who confirmed it is Shingles. I wrote about it on my MEANDERINGSabout blog and posted this uncomplimentary picture that has horrified my family to create awareness that it is CONTAGIOUS and very painful. Anxiety is the highest contributor in my case. I took two months off work this summer, the first time in a career spanning 40 years -- I can say that because I got my first job at a newspaper when I was 15, because if I wanted to continue figure skating, I had to contribute financially to the ice times, private lessons, tests, competitions, skates and dresses (most top contending figure skaters come from very affluent backgrounds typically because it is almost an elitist sport for the well off, a beacon for affluence similar to that of tennis. READ more on MEANDERINGSabout

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The mating call

I'm (hopefully obviously) going to write more on this later on.  As I often do, instead of just closing my tabs, I leave some open.  Then I go see what is going on and end up clicking on more stories or videos that get my brain wheels turning.  Not a good thing when you are finding oneself more nocturnal as you get older.  Is this because we're reverting to our younger selves as we get older?  Kind of like that Benjamin character by Brad Pitt, whom YES I watch all his movies -- the plot being that Brad's character is rapidly getting older or is it younger?  OK, this was going to be a quick one so it doesn't aggravate my falling to sleep.  It doesn't help if you have to be up at the crack of dawn.

This came from Business INSIDERS, one of my favorite content sources:

What women find attractive in men:  here's the link:

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What women want?

Monday, September 12, 2016

attract the universe

Identity Crisis
Is what you begget when you try to divide and siphon off ideas or mere thoughts.  If you are creative in mind and in thinking, you have a hard time letting go of an idea once it is uncorked.

growing a personality
that is recognizable whether from a voice (on YouTube), a face (everywhere), a name synonymous with a pseudonym as I did  create called optioneerJM.  Admittedly back then, as now, I did not want to be presently known on social media that could be tracked to my personal name so I created optioneerJM.  My mind was more caught up with the best way to sell, in a consistent, smooth manner is by understanding your client or prospects needs, defined intricately with what would take them over the top if you understood their wants.  Really great ones can capitalize and categorize them so that they stand out.  

Motorcycle mind
Can be an escape from taking any responsibility for where your creativity takes you.  Once you toss it out to the universe and bother to examine if anything sticks, means that you may be avoiding critical feedback to learn from.

Scarcity of comments
belies the number of visitors that do heavenly click.  A self-critiquing perfectionist can emerge.  Not like the slow evolution of time or the long revolution around the sun.  

is something that I was generously given as a natural skill, honed so well, like a finely carved statue or sculpture, considered a gift.

is what immediately would be what I would want to be identified with.  

enough to try new things.  Laughing at oneself far quicker than anyone else.

is a feared for sure.  Which goes in the opposite direction of the instinct of being outgoing.  Where, what may be lurking is an assault with being the subject of ridicule?

with the belief and strong conviction that you are beyond reach of falling self esteem caused by events, outside your control like natural aging and progression in life, to things you intake as happening to you.

speed is like the mental olympics of creative types.  Because as they become more prolific in ideas, the more muddled it can become.

deciphered with lightening speed.  Fast computing between right and wrong, strength to avoid all that is wrong and focus on what is or can be right.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In pursuit of excellence

Is the bar too high?

Do you often compare yourself to others::  beauty, looks, success, wealth, home, car, job?  Ahem, or career.

First, let me apologize because I was trying to sideswipe you to continue as if there hasn't been a few weeks since the last time I blogged.

Do we strive too far?

There comes a certain point in your life when you are at an event, more likely social, more alarming family ::.... and you just POP in your head!  Just like that with the zippy exclamation point (don't overdue it with multiples::.... that screams desperate for attention ....:: so you tend to ignore it or stop reading right there).

I found myself at my stepdaughter's wedding, as the "evil stepmother" I told everyone I was.  That was to downplay no input and my manners meter on high alert.   It became a time that because of my non role yet close observer of the past 12 years of the bride's life.

Try facing off two mother grizzly bears, it may not be pretty.  But manners prevailed and we treated each other with one acknowledgement and handshake (no hug and definitely no kiss to signify how genuine our gestures were).

Thankfully I'm no "other woman".   I came from picking up the pieces of a divorce and trying to make sure her kids were glued together.   I'm not even going to give it any respect and avoid saying that I'm the victim.  Because I was the woman in the marriage, the career magnifico, mom superior superwoman, and likely lastly wife.

At such a juncture in time and after 12 years, it would be misleading to not say that there was curiosity out there.  I mean, the "other woman" had had the chance to be involved this duo were, instead deciding to leap outta the picture to avoid the scandal that even not that many years ago would have been frowned upon.

So who was this mother and former wife?  I guess I wanted to see for myself and do what we do best we women, compare myself to this woman.  How pathetic when you think about it because I could not believe anyone would give up the chance to be married and committed to Rob for the awesome, thoughtful teddy bear he is.

I then decided to be less traditional::.... compare myself to the ex-wife, mother whom I played Head Coach for daughter ::..... most women wouldn't admit to it, be it they are the wrongee or the wrong doer, that they compare themselves to the other woman.  There are a lot of ridiculous benchmarks that just POP out there again.
  • Looks
  • Grooming
  • Manners
  • Poise
  • Success
  • Beauty
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Shoes (did they match the purse?)
  • Any scarf, nail manicure, pedicure, evidence of formal fix er up
  • Body size, body shape, curvy, skinny, plump, thin
  • Make up, eyebrow shape and whether it needs plucking
  • Hair color, health, fried or gleaming?
  • Teeth white, whitener, straightened by braces or hidden behind veneers
  • Her kid(s) all of the above times however many kids
  • Work, stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, job, status, organization
I sorta apologize ::.... I got on a roll.  But the amazing part is that we can compute all of this information and filter it all to arrive at warning: "Threat" or "Possible Aly" ..... all under a minute.  The masters can talk while taking it all in and processing it all under the world's largest microprocessor:  the woman's mind.

I started my inventory differently.  I guess I wanted to be a bit unbiased and objective when I was comparing her now husband to my husband, her ex-husband.  (Yeah, I know, talking and writing like a woman who is processing information and spewing it out faster than any satellite network (aka faster than the largest telecommunications networks data).  Amazing eh?

I have to admit, I didn't think of it until only a couple of days ago:  Sunday.  The day after the wedding.  We women like to take in information, process it, exume it, but of all store information for later use so we can pull it out and extrapolate it, examine it, research it if need be, so that we have dissected it into the smallest of topics.  Then we speak to our mother, sister, brother, aunt, father, sister's best friend, brothers girlfriend, uncle, friend, acquaintances or therapy session.

I came out the lucky one.  My husband is awesome and he loves his family immensely.  That exuded from him in fumes, so light and almost vaporless.  I won't go on the scorn at her or ask her to give her head a shake.  Her new husband is a shell and only one quarter as interesting as my husband.  And that just about covers every area you can imagine, and the one you thought it implied.

I'll have to make up for being MIA the past few weeks by writing a little be more over the coming weeks.

Be healthy, be happy, and be hypercritical ...........:: LOL, checking to see if you're still with me ............::

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Diamond Dash

Goal is to have Tiffany & Co. pay for an advertising spot on this blog as I show the way.

Hahahahaha my fabulous fashion fashionistas fighting their 50s, 60s or finding their way in their 20s, 30s :: or friends or family of them :: you thought that I was going to go on about gems like I did in my nod to Tiffany's a week ago.  Should I say sorry?  Do you think I tricked you?

Mundane Averse
I guess I'm avoiding the risk that you will get too bored if I'm mundane.  This is called "MeanderingsAbout" after all, and I only promise that
it is likely what I'm thinking about or on my current radar.  

My personal vibe
I just have this hidden gift of picking up looks and 
able to find what looks right on me, regardless of the past 5 decades of my life, minus the first two because it was the period when my parents, my friends, my desires led my way.  To a lesser degree, as an avid reader, I was fortunate to avoid some of the boredom facing youth of any generation, reckless with abandon with the strength of my will, not without having repercussions or accountability drilled in to me.  Less likely to rebel, but having a rebellious heart.  That can be used constructively, not violently nor corruptly.

Well if you read my blog from last night,  I had hatched the idea of becoming a reading aficionado @readaficionado
I can tweet 140 characters to cast the net wide on the web and luckily catch some of the best of the best of simply #everything :: but the friends who are friends on Facebook become more than a fleeting #RT or #FF that is in the net with you, together. Usually, they catch the same #positivevibes as you do and/or you gravitate to the same group of messages, narrowing the finest as in a sci-FI being slower to filter up to blend into the hook. Does the hook get larger or the net? It certainly appears that they're the top 1% ers :: taking the lame factors of Following to Follow ratio, WHO are your Followers (determining the influence you wield.

Mental Energist
I can tweet 140 characters to cast the net wide on the web and luckily catch some of the best of the best of simply #everything :: but the friends who are friends on Facebook become more than a fleeting #RT or #FF that is in the net with you, together. Usually, they catch the same #positivevibes as you do and/or you gravitate to the same group of messages, narrowing the finest as in a sci-FI being slower to filter up to blend into the hook. Does the hook get larger or the net? It certainly appears that they're the top 1% ers :: taking the lame factors of Following to Follow ratio, WHO are your Followers (determining the influence you wield.

From Facebook:

Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.

The tweets of the week:

ORIGINATORS: +Mashable ifttt
9 tricks to spice up your sext life:

9 tricks to spice up your sext life:


I think that the most people we engage with filter

into Facebook, those who's opinion matters pop

out at you whether your scanning or reading you

click. The smart social media networks are read-

ing your habits so finely, they know how to put

the right ones according to your vibe: what do

you click on, whom do you #RT and the most


Who we are to the core

Like an accidental experiment, the informa-

tion about ourselves, our influences, our

habits, our philosophy, our creativity, nuances

and talents ready to unfold, drift together as

magnets to become a strong force, a voice, the

pulse of the world based on the beat of the many

nations drums of social media.

Mistakenly called viral

Viral seems to be one social media avenue or

influential groups decides that they, their

followers and engagers are going to click, RT,

share or post.

One common voice

By uncommon people :: each individuals in their

own way, in touch with who they are and the

strength to set a great example for others.

Without fame

The ones the algorithm acrobats seem to jump

around are like the tatty tale newspapers still

pumping out volumes, while traditional print

media - i.e. on paper 100% of the time. The

who the tatty tale try to tell us what we want

to hear when the web unfolds an aura that you

don't have to be told. You may know or you

may have to be doing a little self-discovery.

Mental Energists

The true great Mental Energetics are the one we

pay the closest attention to? NooOOOOooo not

the number of Tweets, #RTs Followers you have.

They're smart, they're risk takers, based on their

own convictions. A humanitarian at heart, other-

wise they would have been drowned out at the

beginning. By the way

Self Promoters

Are not Mental Energetics and have fleeting

internet relevance whether they were acci-

dally thrown into a controversy, tragic event.

They yield not 15 minutes of fame, but millions

of overnight clicks fame :: called "Viral" to those

in the know or "viral" by those who are early

adopters of

Anything cool

Flits across the screen of a Mental Energist. He

or she is able to filter rapidly with instincts on

overdrive to lead to the way to what is going to

be hip before the hipsters come on the scene.


We are at a time where and when we can define

the heroes. The media settling back into sup-

porting role. We hear or see something that

vibrates within our inner core, and we click and

instinctively share, comment or post.

Our tribe

You are of the tribe who wants the world to be a

better place. You don't sit back and opinionate

or rant on about, you jump to action. Sometimes

it is spiritually, other times financial, but many by

simply a voice. Creating the tribe of communi-

caters. If you follow, subscribe, share or best to

track comment on this blog, it means that you

are a member of that energy and collaborative

goal of making the world a better place. For

today, tomorrow and intothefutureyears.


My Diamond Dash review 2/5*

I don't just talk about it, I post my reviews, then sometimes talk about it here or on my other two blogs by +Jeannette Marshall 

I apologize friends :: I just stumbled upon Diamond Dash and its looking like I'm obsessed with it .... well I am ... for now .... it may last long because they're too inhibiting in time you play, causing you to stop until you have more hearts. What do they know that the bazillion other games have on Facebook? Would Farmville have the bazillion of gameplayers and followers if they limited time play? NOOOooooppee they bring out the competitiveness in its players wanting to be at the highest level or the prettiest set up or the most prolific farms.

In other words, I give Diamond Dash two thumbs down and only ** out of ***** stars.  The only reason it did not get a 1/5* rating was because it did a good enough job to suck me in and get me to play a few games, on the very tip of the verge of addiction.

I really value feedback so I can get direction from my fans if there is anything specific they want my opinion on?  I can check it out, get the energy or vibe, insight into brand messaging and then give my honest to goodness review or commentary.

I appreciate if you tweet, share post: Meanderings about to

get acknowledgement for your comradery and

support. If you include @optioneerJM I can

pretty much a #RT back!

TWITTER:  @optioneerJM @OptioneerJM