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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mental exercise

I thought it may be interesting to see what I'm looking at, clicking on and sharing randomly.  This is going a lot faster than I may usually.  But as a mental exercise you can see the information, visuals, entertainment and interaction unzips on social media world, in particular, Twitter.

As an experiment of sorts, to share the images, quotes and quips that draw my eye and register in my brain.  Only to be expelled to allow mega room for more information.  Stretching beyond its perceived borders.  No longer imploding with information, instead omitting that information so as to avoid hanging on to toxicity.

To train your brain to only acknowledge items that are enlightening, appealing, outstanding, people, things or anything!  Avoid looking at, listening to, or watching anything that would make you gasp.  Starting with the hardened, victimized, big chips on shoulders people.  They suck you in faster than a Jedi master could disclaim.

Sidetracked and scanning like crazy for a cutesy bird to go along with a witty comment, I fell into awe with this photography.  I found it on Google and I truly believe the creator should be recognized for one of the most iconic photographs for the transcending ascending group of really remarkable people.  I'm just guessing that is who it will appeal to.  I've been tweeting a number of tweets starting with "What I'm thinking lately?" with the hashtag or a mention under #bestofeverything ::

What I'm thinking lately?  
Awful 2 B photographed 24x7 by how many weeks months? This popped out #bestofeverything or should I have said pooped out or barfed out (80s kids remember this, lol)

What I'm thinking lately?  
Awful 2 B photographed 24x7 by how many weeks months? This popped out #bestofeverything or should I have said pooped out or barfed out (80s kids remember this, lol)

We're trying to make a minstrel show out of a big heap of broken people. :)

We're a community of recovering souls here with a diverse array of talents, including "unknown", like me. Perfprmance troupe.

I suppose it's fair to say I don't know what I am out here in SoMe land. I see it like ping-pong with recovery mixed in.

Such a fun image to find.

Hidden in my treasure box on my PC where I 

store my most favorite quotes and images.  I

may be sliding around as if to a symphony, 

gathering images that speak to my soul.  Some 

silly, some glamourous or others driven by need 

(that drowns out wants).

If I were to picture someone I am. This would be

it. True to who I am.

When my world seems all too fuzzy, my mind 

can drift around and release.  I like to exhaust 

the fumes of negativity that consumes me.  

Surrounds me with a lot of noise.  I can escape

with headphones or I can surf here.  On the 

feel good waves.  

Of friendships

Found swirling around the world of our brain :: 

attaching to only the great and beautiful things.

Still working on exercising the brain so that it 

only see positive things.  

Negativity ignored

The brain mental exercise creates a shield to 

nasty humanity, tragedy, catastrophe, beyond 

the guard.  

It's possible

Is still like IMpossible as in i'm possible.  Really 

smart from Audrey Hepburn.  I'm writing, not fact 

checking mode.  That's an excuse for the

Mentally active

Who have been working as middle aged word 

JEDi knights.  Bestowers of opinion and creating

optimism that is contagious.  Where fear-

mongering is banished forever.  Like any plot out

of a J.K.Rowlings epic.  The evil energy is 

negativity and as it is ignored, its mass 

disintegrates, getting smaller, and smaller, and 

tinier and tinier.  Becoming a mere speck in the 

atmosphere, relegated to historic tomes of years

long past.

Some become the light to which others flock.

Sidelining pornography a mere speck within the

speck of negativity.

Uplifting, motivating, inspiring stories and music

unbound.  Drowning out even more any hint of 


Do you wanna join the club? 

Subscribing to my posts, resharing amongst your

SoMe social media communities.  To create an 

inspiring site for mostly those hitting their 50s, 

and help others cope with the loss of youth, in a 

more fun and heck of it attitude.

If you have done so.  The easiest is to attach 

hashtag #bestofeverything .. where one voice by

a huge amount of people, across many different

lands, cultures, income, finances, occupation, 

job or career.  Founded by creative imagineers. 

Who assemble together by a joyful, energetic 

and optimistic vibe.  

Of course, commenting is always welcome.  

Wanting to contribute customized material?  I 

will look at your comments and go wander thru

your SoMe brand.  

Selection will be limited and time lapses will 

occur when there is no material.  Then again,

why not post some of your best, uplifting, 

nonCommercial art or stuff?  I'm receptive to 

accepting help in a positive and only beneficial

to others way.

Love + Motherhood

My kids are my biggest inspirations and happi-

ness gauge in life.  How I'm getting along with

them is certainly my balanced thermometer.  




And, never to forget (how could I?) ... my best 

DOG friend a masterful girl could ever have?


What I'm thinking lately?  
How can Tiffany only have such a small audience?

Astronomical and transcending ... but only 3348 views? I will post an ad for you on my BLOG: or reach out to me @optioneerJM here on Twitter or Facebook under the same name (ok, like everywhere:: InstaGram + Tumblr + Reddit + Pinterest + G+ + Facebook + Twitter)

My comment there:  created this here.

"Don't buy me anything, unless it's in a blue box." 

Jeannette Marshall 

#RT #bestofeverything

What I'm thinking lately?  
How come I never aspired to become a ballerina?  Oh, right, I'm 5 ft.  What a reality check!

What I'm thinking lately?  
How awesome this is.  I circulated it on Facebook just before my birthday, so I would avoid belly-aching about turning 55.  Perspective can be healthy if it does focus on the right things.

What I'm thinking lately? 
Perspective can be healthy if it does focus on the right things.  This could be depressing or considered expressive? 

What I'm thinking lately? 
Tis time to hit the hay, cause I'm starting to think bout #bacon #bestofeverything 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lil bit of attitude

"Oh, my, this one has attitude!" exclamed the delivery nurse.  Who may have been saying "here's another one" to the tired, adrenaline-rushed parents of this newborn creation ..... of theirs.

 A mixture of disbelief and amazement as this gaze upon this near perfect little human girl.  Minutes from being in a warm, comfortable womb.  Indignant at the harsh introduction she hadn't anticipated she let out a howl.

This little beauty grew and grew:  and sang "take me out to the Ball Game" at a mere 16 months.  As a party favor, she blasted through the adults polite conversation, as their jaws dropped and gaped open at a special experience unfolded.  Discussion began.  How amazing is it that a little burst of energy could sing to the rafters, in such abandon, glorying in the musical flutes her own tonsils gave. Oblivious to the expressions of anyone around her.  She liked bursting out and singing.  Her abandon to anything akin to self-conscious expression.  The audience crossed between envy and awe.  How could such a little thing stand up, be so proud, and sing with such abandon?  At ONLY 16 months.

The parents who were always ready with a video camera were stunned into inaction.  The musical notes combined with gusto and self-exuberance.  How could they have created such a ... umm... creature?  Alas, it was a daughter.  They should have had their seat belts tightened.  Yet they didn't do anything. Why should they?  They weren't puppeteers, merely creators.  

They wondered, however, how can they take credit for such a beauty with such a powerful voice? 

As the little girl developed and continued to grow became as ever a sight to behold.  At 2, this confident, clever,  creation would insist that she was a princess.  Her hard-working mother and father fascinated, would wonder:  how could a princess be born and insist she was one.  They  were, although not average folk, wondered how they could be responsible for this envisioned little lady?  

Then, one day, when the father was away at work, slagging dragons called life and career, the mother bent over a captive keyboard for job.  A nanny, on call, living out, ever present, vacuuming the castle always to shine, was focussed on leaving a tread in the carpet, hadn't noticed her charge, who had transformed into an escapee to her mother's home office.  Sneaking in, quietly, taking and absorbing every last detail.  Alas, the mother noticed the scamp in her midst.  The little joy did ask: "Mommy, what are you doing?"

Lest the mother cause disillusionment of the responsibility of working and career, she tenderly said:  "I am working.  When you grown up, you will likely work too.  What is it that you think you'll do too?

The predictable reply did unfold "why, when I am grown up, I will be a princess!" Said with such convincement, less mortal men or mothers would never argue.  However, the mother did sigh.  She then glanced around, realizing that the King was not home nor was the princess' guard on command.

She did try to dispell the disillusionment which chance had burst, said to her darling daughter with such thirst, for life, for dreams, goals and confidence:  "why Sweetie, you will be princess when I am a queen!"  Rationalizing that being realistic of drastic importance.

Then to her utter dismay her daughter did respond:  "Why mommy, I didn't know that you were a queen!!"

The days grew onwards and upward the girl grew, when tragedy did brew.  The media, the news, the television, no matter how one flew, protested the death of a princess many thought they knew.

When dinner one day, was being prepared by her mother.  As the news and the television broadcast the cover:  A princess died while so many fed .. on the photos, paparazzi with the princess photos they led.  How sad to have such a wonderful soul cut short, would end up causing this young four-year-old lady to retort:  "That is so sad to hear about the princess."

The mother, astonished, that this little girl wisdom, attuned to the news and the stories that bloomed.  She asked her daughter, in parenting skills on high alert, how do you feel about this story?  The daughter said "Sad".  The mother now curious, nowhere near mad.  Asked her little one why would she say so.  When the gem said "well, I am a princess, so this one I should know".

This is a reflection of a mother, rediscovering the journey she started with her daughter.  She has just turned 23, in second year of university, dedicated to  fine arts, art history and philanthropy.  

A mother's pride never diminishes with age.  If anything, it flourishes as cheerleading captain of her daughter's journey.  

Happy Birthday sweet, beautiful daughter O mine.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall for entertainment

Saying your bored is something that I avoid at all costs.  Granted, now that our kids are all young adults, aged 21-26, they don't live at home any longer.  We no longer are woken up in the middle of the night because someone is sneaking their entourage into the basement.  Nor are they having big fights with boyfriends that startle us out of slumber into referee, or my hunkster husband, defensive Ninja mode.

There are many things one can do.  Heck, I have so many on my TO DO list it isn't worth having one any more because the only thing standing between me and that list is me.

Routines like housework are automatic and done on autopilot now.  It isn't like there is a collection of left overs in the fridge -- two of my daughters pet peeves of mine:  going for dinner with their beaus, bringing home a doggy bag, that they'll never eat, just so I eventually throw it out.

Being a parent and having a family, you are pushed into tidal waves of activities that you neither wanted nor asked for.  Yet that is par for the course.  Being an empty nester is an adjustment.

Thankfully, I'm an avid learner and knowledge junkie.  There never seems to be a loss for things to do when I'm on my days off or I have a window of time in the morning before my shift starts just after noon.

My biggest weakness is once I get started, I want to finish.  I don't like pulling everything out, taking inventory and laying the tools for the ready to only be able to barely get started and have to leave it.  It is a gravitational pull away from creative to responsible.

I love to blog.  To write.  It is therapy and it is giving back.  It is sharing things that I hope others will like or discussing matters that are bubbling at the surface of my mind.  I have a hard time stopping once I've begun.  There is attractive complimenting photos to source.  Facts to look up.  Sharing on social media so others may gravitate and read my hard worked musings to attract.

Then there are the many things that can distract me:  Finding the perfect photo from all the great ones accumulated since the last time I wrote.  Singling out the perfect quote that captures what the blog is all about in harmony with my mantra.  Updating the books that I have just read or am reading, so that others may consider reading one or all of them.

When I find a movie that suits family or female audience, I want to post it on here so that others may consider watching it.  

I goof around a lot on Polyvore, because it reaches my creative corner with style statements.  I can get lost on there for a while, just looking at the ensembles that others have put together.  Then that means rooting through my wardrobe to find that treasure piece that will work the ensemble around into a worthy look for that day.  (Yes, mounds of clothes is a weakness for a clothes horse, and finding a certain pair of shoes or purse is often a challenge).

Calgary skyline during fall
I love painting.  I find all kinds of things to paint and paint on.  It started as a quirk and now resides in my daily consciousness of putting paint to either a canvass or an item to transform it.  For my amusement, to appeal to my creativity, not for a critical eye or definition of worth.  The time it took to come up with either the idea or piece for transformation is priceless.

I can't always go shopping and buy things endlessly and by galore.  I have to be ruthless and responsible on purchases.  I avoid drugstores because they have beauty counters that scream and beckon me to explore.  I can't remember the last time I went to a mall, content to avoid parking nightmares.  Recognizing that I may have not the discipline to avoid pulling out my wallet and do a "purchase".  In my attempts to be more responsible and thrifty, I am that much more proud of a great find at a bargain.  Reworking clothes with accessories is a sign of a champion disciplinary new soul.

The least expensive entertainment for me is to write.  So here we are.  You can sit back and relax and read.  That is all that is asked of you.  If you feel inclined to click on anything recommended on the side banner, shows endorsement that you, too, may like it.  

After all, sharing is entertainment in itself.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A balancing act

Today was a wonderful day.  Yes the weather was fab, it was Sunday, everywhere I went everyone was in a good mood.  Why wouldn't they?  Perhaps there are people out there that don't bow to their God by going to church, or do chores instead of spending dinner with family, or simply don't know how to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Definitely, some days are like pushing water uphill.  I love that saying as it communicates overcoming insurmountable odds, or despair by one's choices or who they surround themselves by.  

Today I was on holidays.  Who isn't on holidays on a Sunday, many would say.  Yet, I truly am on holidays.  You see, I work a lot of Sundays during the day and it is less likely to be off on a Sunday if I was not on a holiday.

Probably there were many times I took Sunday for granted.  Stayed in bed too long, nursed a hangover or bowed to her Royal Laziness.  Today, I spent it with my daughter.  Two minutes from where I live, I'm on a highway out into the country.  

Big deal?  Well, absolutely.  Because, you see, people from all around the world come to my corner to see cowboys, mountains, fresh air, hike, fish or just take in the surroundings I can see in meir minutes.

It amplifies how little one has to complain about.  Sure, I'd always wanted a country mansion or a tropical paradise called my own.  But today, I just sucked in the air, looked at the beauty around me and really thought:  yeh, this is what striving for a balanced life is all about.

My husband had a buddy over working on his car.  My daughter came with me to just go where our travels would take us, with no agenda other than hang out.  The bills are paid, I'm on holidays.

I'm not in the midst of jet lag at a destination that I spent a few brain cells deciding where to go, what to pack, what time to make it to the airport, would the accommodations be suitable, the resort top notch and whether they have a pool bar.  No list beckons me, as per my usual fair.  I'm on holidays, I don't have to have a list or a plan.

I've balanced my act.  I'm not whining about what I don't have, or taking stock of what I should have had.  I am content to absorb and enjoy the fortune I do have.  We drove down the beautiful highway, passing by and sometimes passed by many a folk out driving motorcycles, refurbished hot rods, or speeding convertibles.

What mattered was who was beside me.  My daughter.  I got it.  There have been times when she'd make me want to pull my hair out, be quieter or be more serious.  Well, she'd been doing way too much and being way too serious.  It was mom and daughter therapy.  Whenever I get the slightest inclination where my jaw starts to open with a jolt from the brain to complain, I have to think of her.

Yes, I certainly did get to figure skate most of my growing up and that took commit-ment, but she fits in her love of soccer while working three jobs, getting ready to return to her second year of university.  I didn't have to work that many jobs.  I didn't drive a $600 car.  In fact, I didn't drive a car at all.  I had to rely on charm to hitch a ride or suck it up and take transit.  

Heck, I didn't have a car to hear a funny knock or a shimmying start until after I got married.  Nor did I have a smartphone to look up what that noise could mean.  Now, I have a husband who was going to lift the hood to check on her theories while we took off on our own.

We drove into this tiny little town and our first stop was a thrift shop.  Now, we're not talking about a big charity almost department store.  It was an honest to goodness cash only (leave your city attitude behind) and elderly lovely couple with a cat who supervised the shop.  I bought another purse I didn't need and a pair of tan shorts that are at least two sizes too big.

Next stop appealed to the yearn of our appetites responding to the fresh, country, carefree air we found ourselves in.  An all day diner that every couple or group that sat down were told by their friendly, cheerful staff that they could have breakfast or dinner.  We sat at the counter and got to watch slices of pies march in front of our eyes.  It was an easy choice to split our grilled chicken sandwich, smothered in a secret home made sauce with the greenest lettuce and reddest tomatoes fit for a food commercial.  

Yes, we shared a piece of pie ... even though my daughter said she was "good" as is her way of politely saying "no" while still sharing a good half of the "Hawaiian Pie" ... I must be getting old because I lifted my fork and looked at the light airy flakey crust, melting between a combination pudding, pineapples bits topped with whip cream.  We walked out pleasantly satiated without being stuffed.

We headed home, stopping in a few more boutiques along the way, without pulling out a wallet.  The younger version of me kicked in when I thought I may be ahead of the game after spotting a dress that would be perfect for my stepdaughter's wedding next year.

My daughter ventured back out when we got home to join up with her friends, one of which was going on to Toronto to continue her law degree.  Huh, thinking about it now, a little has rubbed off.  Perhaps she now knows and believes, that your life is your own balancing act.  It throws curveballs at you sometimes, but if you uphold quality friendships and relationships you have plenty who will let you lean on them.

I was content to spend the evening with my husband, where we both were satisfied with our day.  He may have got more done with the work on his buddy's car and checking my daughter's.  But the dividends of spending the day with my daughter and having him to come home to does remind me that for all the years of striving to balance my life, it has actually hit a rhythm that is wonderful.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WE are the WORLD

Incredible share by NASA on latest PIC of #earth.  So breathtaking .... man oh man, isn't it so beautiful?

Which means we're all neighbors.  Absolutely.  Certainly, because we share this vast globe of greenness: trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruit, jungles and water: oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, along with mountains made of greatness like Mt. Everest.   

How humble we should feel by the responsibility of this magnitude.  We cannot dwell on our enemies, decease, poverty, climate until it is one gigantic undertaking by ALL people of this world.  She is our home and we often neglect her, so focus on our agenda are we.

We know we host evil and want to abolish it, yet nothing is as important as humanity.  Humanity cannot survive without earth.  Then why do we band together as ONE community under the executives of the universe -- the Sun and the Moon.   Heed the vote to survive.  Listen to the scientists observations.  Watch the educators knowledge. 

Who are we to scoff at what they have been telling us?  Don't we remember that song: "We ARE the WORLD"?  It was a sign of an anthem to be sung.  Not for one color, one culture, one religion, one leader, one information outlet, one idol, one animal, one organism, one food.  For it is this world we live together.  As one.  For eternity. 

Are we abandoning that dream to live in love, health, safety, nutrition, education, religion?  Without this earth.  We are the same:  nothing.  Whether by evaporation, extinction, violence, abandon, or death.  What we are hearing is we cannot go on any longer, never mind much longer, on this path we march jointly.

With deference to our board: the sun and the moon and our people.   Why will we miss that meeting?  Yes perhaps because we have our own agenda, to the exclusion of survival.  It is our world. 

It is our responsibility.  Not one single person alone, but all of us together for one cause:  life.

We are the world

charity single originally recorded by
 the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World. With sales in excess of 20 million copies, it is one of the fewer than 30 all-time singles to have sold at least 10 million copies worldwide.
Following Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" project in the UK, an idea for the creation of an American benefit single for African famine relief came from activist Harry Belafonte, who, along with fundraiser Ken Kragen, was instrumental in bringing the vision to reality. Several musicians were contacted by the pair, before Jackson and Richie were assigned the task of writing the song. The duo completed the writing of "We Are the World" one night before the song's first recording session, on January 21, 1985. The historic event brought together some of the most famous artists in the music industry at the time.
The song was released on March 7, 1985, as the only single from the album. A worldwide commercial success, it topped music charts throughout the world and became the fastest-selling American pop single in history. The first ever single to be certified multi-platinum, "We Are the World" received a Quadruple Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America. However, the song garnered mixed reviews from journalists, music critics, and the public. Fans enjoyed hearing racially and musically diverse recording artists singing together on one track, and felt satisfied in buying "We Are the World", knowing that the money was going to charity. Other individuals, including many commentators in the rock press, were disappointed that the song did not challenge listeners as to why famines occur in the first place, and felt that the lyrics were self-aggrandizing.
Awarded numerous honors—including three Grammy Awards, one American Music Award, and a People's Choice Award—the song was promoted with a critically received music video, a home video, a special edition magazine, a simulcast, and several books, posters, and shirts. The promotion and merchandise aided the success of "We Are the World" and raised over $63 million for humanitarian aid in Africa and the US.
Following the devastation caused by the magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, a remake of the song by another all-star cast of singers was recorded on February 1, 2010. Entitled "We Are the World 25 for Haiti", it was released as a single on February 12, 2010, and proceeds from the record aided survivors in the impoverished country.