Friday, March 6, 2015

Turn off, tune out and turn on life

One can't help but wonder what we should listen to today anyhow? After all, we're bombarded wherever we are, regardless of whether we are paying attention or really listening.

We should pick at least one day a week to tune out and turn off everything we can:  the computer, the telephone, the TV, the radio and just be in the moment.

When is the last time you went for a walk and just listened to the natural noise surrounding you?  Did you hear birds singing?  Traffic off in the distance or police sirens?  What you tune into can say alot about who we are.  If we can't tune out or turn off for a day, we're in trouble.

Can you prevent the draw of your telephone or email to check messages?  How uncomfortable does it make you?  Keeping your computer turned off may be a sign that you are too connected to it and ending up shutting off life around you.

How does silence sound to you?  Loneliness, solitude or contentment.  I doubt I could ever become a nun or monk.  What about abstinence of everything.  No speaking, no singing, no laughter.

Maybe if we turn off and turn on life, we can become better equipped to tune out the unnecessary noise that make us feel fearful, guilty, angry or unable to cope.