Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thank GOD for mundane chores

As I sit here watching the final minutes of the Winnipeg Jets and the Golden Knights final 3 minutes with the score 2-1 in favour of Las Vegas, I’m content as long as I don’t ponder who I really want to win: of course the team from Manitoba catching patriotic support everywhere. Odd for me because my first husband played hockey professionally.

The metaphor from the 80s cliche: the hockey player and the figure skater get married.  It didn’t last. Nuff said.

Since February 20 this 2018, my nightmare began.  The love of my life, affectionately deemed the “Hunkster Hubster” who graduated from “Pretty Boy” during our honeymoon on Antigua ... the most peaceful, elegant, clean, safe haven in the West Indies.  Good enough for Eric Clapton’s paradise where he set up a detox getaway for famous patient: Queen of the 80s ballad Whitney Houston resided a number of times ] fact check [ .  I discovered he had a strong character.  It was reinforced as we were leaving when the wait staff supervisor asked me to leave him their with them (a gaggle of waitresses behind her) saying they’d take good care of him, begging me to not take him back to Canada with me.  Rob kept poised and maybe looked at me and I laughed.

Home today ....