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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The man from uncle :: fashion style action!

If you're looking for something to do this May long weekend (Canada), you may want to consider The Man from Uncle.

What a pleasant surprise it was to watch  a remake of the 60s television series  Man from Uncle.

Typically, I'm not into the "action" film genre but this movie packed a punch with these things I enjoyed:
  • A cast of beautiful people: they were very cool
  • Fabulous fashions 
  • Style galore: the set, the stars, the fashions
  • A throwback from the 60s vibe and styles


Set during the height of the Cold War, KGB Agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) is sent to capture Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander), the daughter of a former Nazi scientist who previous worked for the US. However, before Kuryakin can reach her, smouldering CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) gets there first. The next day, they’re both notified that they need to work together as it comes to light that Teller’s father has been forced to work for a billionaire diabolical genius who’s building a new type of atomic bomb. (COURTESY of Stylex)


Napolean Solo
Henry Cavill looked familiar to me so I had to dig a little to recall where I had seen him last: VOILA!  the latest Superman flicks.

Henry is going to continue to climb on the manly meter.  He has style and substance as Napolean Solo with his dreamy presence crafted by Director Guy Ritchie  and cowritten with Lionel Wigram.

Illya Kuryakin
Armie Hammer has been on the film radar with movies The Social Network (2010), Mirror Mirror (2012) and The Lone Ranger (2013).  He may not be ultra smooth with his Russian accent, but he doesn't make just make his co-star character (Telly) swoon.  My guess is the young ladies are going to keep Armie on their "hunk" radar.


Alicia Vikander has been flittering across our screens in notables such as The Danish Girl and A Royal Affair

I was particularly gaga over her styles and the chemistry between her and Armie Hammer -- kiss her already!!

Victoria Vinciguerra
Elizabeth Debicki commanded the screen as femme fatale villainous character Victoria.   We can't quite hate because her magnificent style.  We've seen her before alongside Leo in The Great Gatsby (2013) and one of my noted favorites Everest (2015).

Victoria captivated this fashionista with the eye-popping style, makeup and hair.

Hugh Grant has been a fan favorite since his popularity rose in the 1990s with such memorable films as Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and Bridget Jones Diary (2001).  Safe to say fans have forgiven him for his past digressions as he solidly portrays CIA commander, Waverly.

To drool over. Even Vogue took notice of the outstanding looks, fashions, hair, makeup.

The mood of the film was arresting because of the brilliant set design.  The backdrops were incredible, they complement the action and scenes and styles.  From dark alleys to elegant hotels,  Architectural Digest  gave it a nod with a feature on the production design:  

A cast-iron public restroom is the setting for meeting between CIA and KGB

Even a casual meeting was surrounded by artful decor. 

Solo’s West Berlin apartment is a colorful contrast to the other dark interiors.

The historic architecture of Rome: the Spanish Steps and Teatro di Marcello.

The bygone era of the Cold War 

The Grand Hotel Plaza. 

The interiors of the aerospace facility were shot on a soundstage


I discovered some new favorite music from great artists from the 1960s.  Many will be strikingly familiar (think Michael Buble and the Blues Brothers).  Have a listen:

Solomon Burke:  "Cry to me"

Solomon Burke:  "Everybody needs someone to love"

Nina Simon: "Feelin Good"

Roberta Flack:  "Compared to What"


The reviews from critics could have been a lot better, in my opinion.  It only goes to show you that often the critics are not in sync with the audience who were far more entertained.  I think more will agree with me after they watch it.  (p.s. I did go and add my own 4.7 stars at Rotten Tomatoes) 
Critic reviews

Though the pic is solidly made, its elegant vintage flavor simply doesn't feel modern enough to cut through the tough summer competition. Full review
Peter Debruge·Variety
Note to millennials: No one stops to text or take a selfie. You've been warned. Full review
Peter Travers·Rolling Stone
Though I strive to set aside all prejudices when the lights go down, I had a hunch that The Man From U.N.C.L.E. would be excruciating. Well, it turns out to be absolutely delightful. Full review
David Edelstein·Vulture

If stylish spy thrillers are your thing, look no further – Guy Ritchie is back with his reboot of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – a tongue-in-cheek and highly polished take on the '60s television series.                                                                                                     Stylex



The period spy thriller “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” is only intermittently engaging and amusing, and those portions of the movie that succeed are also frustrating. Because they’re cushioned by enervated, conceptually befuddled, and sometimes outright indifferent stuff.

Take a test spin by visiting Warner Bros. dedicated site to view the trailers to tempt you more.  Or just get to it.  It currently is available "On Demand" from Telus.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Official Trailer 1

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meandering Musings

Often (or I used to be anyhow) I am asked about a particular look :: you'd better catch me wearing it so I'd remember :: because I'm a shopaholic shopping fashionista - here me CLICK!  (I'm going to experiment and give my choicest sites to get that "Fix ").

I'm also gonna write about how to shop guilt-free :: tips | tricks to hide "the evidence".
I think I'll make into a series within my Meanderings about .... blog.  It is here where I let my creativity rip. Whatever  makes me unhinged.

The beauty of writing your own blog (or in my case a few), you are the master of your domain :: really, truly amazing eh?

Call me an optimist, but I really think ladies in their 50s, post menopausal, fire breathing divas, are going to like my blog.  I have faith that once the storm hits, the blog will go viral and maybe I'll even attract a few major brands endorsement on my site :: of which they will pay me in money and gifts in kind (the ones they want me to try and review for women 50+). 

Sound fanciful?  Not really when you think about it, a gazillion percent of the world's population are women 50+.   They call the shots in their lives and influence those around them.  Confident and classy in sync with their inner voice, they need or want a laugh, raise their eyebrows once again, or pat their heart in sisterhood memories davine. 

It will be merged to become one unanimous collaborative voice for women born 1960 or later.  It will eventually be a club, which will charge fees for its membership.  Where only the truly gifted or inspirational women voice will be invited to blog :: about what matters, reflects how we feel, want to be more optimistic, smarter, or look classier.

It will start here.  The place where I discovered my foundling, the #bestofeverything hashtag.  Where inspiration to be the best of anything was born.    I've made some truly amazing connections, interactors, professional, artistic, creative people from around the world.  Alot of fiction writers, since I'm a prolific reader and far fewer of those that feed my knowledge junkie.

The first 50 commenters (subscribers) will automatically be invited into the Fashionista Club.  Fashionista being defined as:  a fabulously feminine,  fashionable, polished lady.  More likely in their 50s but not excluding the daughter Millennials who caught the wisdom of their mothers of studying and approving their lives by the women of influence before them.


Please enjoy the time you  spend with me.  
I enjoy having you along on
 my journey.

:: Love Jeannette ::

P.S.  Let me know what you think of my new page :: design/theme?  If you want a web image consultation, let me know, and we'll see what we can come up with together.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fresh is a good look on anyone

"A girl should be two things:  classy & fabulous"
~Coco Chanel
Yesterday I was in the mood to explore - find a flea market, garage sale or second hand shop.  Instead, I got as far as a Drug Mart.  You can't even get into the store itself without being sequestered into the beauty department with a young gal who had probably not see the light of 20 yet.  That was okay, because I needed a new foundation and was in a patient mood to be a guinea pig to find one.  It had to complement my combination, sensitive skin, and avoid a break out.
I did find a few things I thought I would share ... you'll notice I strayed from my original purchase a few times.  That's normal for women in a drug store.  Going in, with one intention and coming out with over a hundred dollars worth of "necessities" extra.  The secret is to bring along a large purse so they aren't carried in with the groceries by your husband.
I did say I was in the mood to explore.  So explore I did.  I actually liked the intimacy of this beauty concept over going to a big department store where the girls are trying to trap you into trying either a new perfume or makeover.  There was no crowd.  Just me and this ivory skinned beauty who only had on a great foundation and well manicured lashes.  Freshness in all its glory that has been behind me for a few years. 
Now that I hit my 50s, it doesn't mean I don't like a clean fresh look.  There is nothing worse than seeing a much older lady plastered with makeup, lip liner that is four shades darker than her lipstick with a Marilyn Monroe wannabe look, puffy hair and claws that just seem to irritate the hell out of me when I see it.  Nor does san makeup imply you take yourself seriously on the inside out.  You can be classy.
I must have tried at least 8 different foundations with my beauty guardian at my side, patient and helpful.  I hit eureka with a great combination compact by Clinique.  It glides on like a second skin while evening out the tones and not cracking with my smile lines (words for wrinkles).  It includes SPF 15 and comes in an elegant case with mirror and sponge. ($32 U.S.)

Described by Clinique as: A light cream with a powdery finish, our compact makeup creates more even-toned skin, instantly. Shades for Very Fair, Moderately Fair, Medium, Deep. 
You can check out their website to see more reviews like these ones:

 You cant tell that I even have make up on because it looks so natural - yet it covers flaws! Love this stuff :)
 I love the way it evens my complexion out and lasts all day 
Since I had found a terrific foundation, I got into the groove and asked my beauty guide on her suggestions for a concealer.  Concealer can be a battle for any woman who shows laugh lines (aka wrinkles) or having trouble with sleep patterns brought on by menopause resulting in dark circles as a curse.  They can be amplified when you try to put on a concealer that fills in on the cracks of expression lines (aka wrinkles) or too light they make you look like you were in the sun with sunglasses on because of the stark contrast around the eyes and the rest of your face.
My first purchase was not too expensive, however, it did indicate that quality is important to me (neither was it apparent that she could remotely relate to dark circles). You'd think that the beautician may hunker down in her territory. She didn't.  She came back with a duo concealer from Physician's Formula called "Concealer Twins 2 in 1 Correct and Cover Cream Concealer" ($11.99 U.S.)
If you're like me and always wondered what the difference is  between the colors for concealers their website suggests:
  • Yellow hides dark under-eye circles and other bluish skin discolorations
  • Green corrects red blemishes and scars.
  • Light covers yellow and any minor skin imperfections
Heck, what'd-you-know!
Sounds like I am a schizophrenic shopper?  Yes, at least easily distracted in the beauty department.  I had really got into the swing of things: squirting perfumes randomly (I do have a rule that I don't buy a perfume the same time I try it.  I like to see how the aroma lingers with my natural scent).   My  graceful guardian glided over to perfumes to share one of the season's biggest hits:  Narciso Rodgrues for Her
Experts suggest that you shouldn't try on any more than 3 perfumes and often there are coffee beans to sniff in between to avoid blending fragrance.  You are often given a clever marketing tool of a slip of paper with the brand and perfume sprayed on.  I let my nose tell me later on.  The scent that is memorable is the one that will complement my own aroma.

The winner, not really a surprise, as I lean towards being a fan of Chanel (how can you tell?) was "Chance".    Chanel's description for the $97 U.S. 3.4 FL.OZ. Eau de Toilette:

It's your chance . . . TAKE IT! A decidedly young scent for those who dare to dream. A light, subtly sensual fragrance, filled with vitality and energy, evolves from one moment to the next, each wholly unique.

Pretty much described how I wanted perfume to transform me.  I did leave the scent behind even though it lingers today -- I will definitely be going back to my beauty cupid and buy it this weekend.  (With more treasures perhaps?)
Lipstick was next.  I was looking for something that wasn't too red or pink.  More along the lines of coral.  I outdid myself trying on just about every product and hit lipstick heaven with Shiseido's "Temptress"  ($25 U.S.).  Ha! What a name.  Not only that, it slid on my lips so wonderfully you could tell that it was packed with moisturizer. 
Being of the older fashionista variety, moisturizing lipstick is a must.  If lipstick tends to bleed on you, like me, a matching lip liner is helpful.  Just don't be a dunce and have your lip liner too many shades darker because everyone can tell it is a poor attempt at looking like you have fuller lips.  A medium tone can do that naturally. 
Doing the background on this blog, I did read the reviews on Shiseido which were not perfect.  Many, like me, adored the moisturizing effect.  Unfortunately, they often said that it wears off easily.  Other's suggested wearing it as a gloss over another lipstick.  I'm sure there are cheaper lip glosses out there.
Another thing I learned while going to the various sites: they have discounts and coupons along with the reviews, of course.  Then again, doing the research beforehand takes a lot of the impulsive-out-of-shopping-for-cosmetics and trying them on experience.  On the other hand, if you combine the two, trying on and going to the brand website, you can surf for coupons, free shipping, on your own.
Bethany Hamilton
I do recommend you pay for your goodies at the beauty counter.  You will help your goddess be credited for the sale (not all have establishments pay commission yet often have performance metrics).  I boldly asked for any samples "since I had made a substantial purchase" on a quiet day.  She bundled me up with a cute tasseled Chloe cosmetic bag to host my new treasures (and hide the expenditure from hubby).  Along with that, she tucked in a purse size Narciso Rodriguez for Her.  Smart girl.  Not only was the perfume going to linger, the pleasant experience will now too.
I had also bought some Clinique mascara that is promoted for lash growth as a result of my Eyelash Extension adventure (more like nightmare).  I'll write about how good the magical mascara is along with an eyebrow cosmetic another time.  I've got a few chores to do to make up for the guilty escape.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CASUAL casualties

As the world keeps evolving, our work environments keep changing with it.  What was once conventional wisdom in how we dress for our careers and the office has become skewed.  Unless you were in the backend of a business in delivery, manufacturing, production, construction, working in the field, you were expected to dress professionally -- that meant a suit and tie for gents and close-toed heels and conservative styles for women.

Dress codes is an HR nightmare relegated to the past for the most part.  Our stereotypical perception of salespeople, lawyers or executives come into the office with a suit on.

What was once "casual Friday" has become "casual everyday".  Now, it isn't so easy to tell.  Companies allow a relaxed approach to attire that communicates that they want to appear people oriented, open, inspiring, motivating. 

What started in software bull pens with dim lights, jeans with expressive t-shirts, has gone beyond.  With work-from-home footprints continuously growing.

I don't dislike the idea.  I've worked from home for years.  It helps create balance for individuals and lessens the burden on super Moms and Dads.

I do think it can go too far.  We emerged from a culture that our wardrobe spoke to the importance of our jobs, our career aspirations and corporate culture to tattered jeans, faded t-shirts and flip flops.

Women are judged more critically than men.  The good news is that you can create casual looks that promote your individuality without bending the boundaries on casual. 

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have is wise advice.  Putting together classy looks while maintaining professional demeanor can be accomplished with a creative imagination. 

Here are some of my own inspirations to help avoid crossing the casual line and becoming a casualty of not being taken seriously enough:

You can get away with shorts if you dress them up.  I gave two options on accessorizing.  Navy with silver jewelry or red with gold.  The  navy purse isn't a necessity because most tablet covers come with credit card pouches for ID and such.

Combining the right hues of gold, white and soft brown with nude beauty make up a look that portrays class and calmness.  Notice that I chose a bag that would compliment the lacey top.  I like layering vests over tops for comfort and style touch.  The makeup should be neutral and not over powering.  Put together, you exude confidence and calmness with the right blend of femininity.


Red expresses cheerfulness, for when you want to say you're got personality, flair and are optimistic with pizazz

Colored hair is fun for the club but not necessarily right for the office.  I love purple and used it to accentuate an eye popping beautiful look.