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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meandering Musings

Often (or I used to be anyhow) I am asked about a particular look :: you'd better catch me wearing it so I'd remember :: because I'm a shopaholic shopping fashionista - here me CLICK!  (I'm going to experiment and give my choicest sites to get that "Fix ").

I'm also gonna write about how to shop guilt-free :: tips | tricks to hide "the evidence".
I think I'll make into a series within my Meanderings about .... blog.  It is here where I let my creativity rip. Whatever  makes me unhinged.

The beauty of writing your own blog (or in my case a few), you are the master of your domain :: really, truly amazing eh?

Call me an optimist, but I really think ladies in their 50s, post menopausal, fire breathing divas, are going to like my blog.  I have faith that once the storm hits, the blog will go viral and maybe I'll even attract a few major brands endorsement on my site :: of which they will pay me in money and gifts in kind (the ones they want me to try and review for women 50+). 

Sound fanciful?  Not really when you think about it, a gazillion percent of the world's population are women 50+.   They call the shots in their lives and influence those around them.  Confident and classy in sync with their inner voice, they need or want a laugh, raise their eyebrows once again, or pat their heart in sisterhood memories davine. 

It will be merged to become one unanimous collaborative voice for women born 1960 or later.  It will eventually be a club, which will charge fees for its membership.  Where only the truly gifted or inspirational women voice will be invited to blog :: about what matters, reflects how we feel, want to be more optimistic, smarter, or look classier.

It will start here.  The place where I discovered my foundling, the #bestofeverything hashtag.  Where inspiration to be the best of anything was born.    I've made some truly amazing connections, interactors, professional, artistic, creative people from around the world.  Alot of fiction writers, since I'm a prolific reader and far fewer of those that feed my knowledge junkie.

The first 50 commenters (subscribers) will automatically be invited into the Fashionista Club.  Fashionista being defined as:  a fabulously feminine,  fashionable, polished lady.  More likely in their 50s but not excluding the daughter Millennials who caught the wisdom of their mothers of studying and approving their lives by the women of influence before them.


Please enjoy the time you  spend with me.  
I enjoy having you along on
 my journey.

:: Love Jeannette ::

P.S.  Let me know what you think of my new page :: design/theme?  If you want a web image consultation, let me know, and we'll see what we can come up with together.