Friday, October 12, 2018

LOYALTY is king or [QUEEN of Purchasing, Operations, Design, Communications, her own domaine....READ for MORE

Pure transparency is THE most critical criteria that builds TRUST; trust begets LOYALTY; loyalty creates ADVOCACY.  DO YOU understand the value based on demographics and speak to one, at a time ~ AKA [Also Known As] target marketing instead of mass mktg.

Why should you care?

As you do more things and look up more stuff online, you are creating a definable persona that is geared to your own personal data.

Think of it as your online DNA or footprints to your soul.

Not before long the two worlds could collide [ intellectual will challenge privacy and ownership - less likely copyrighted governance or protection] .... Intellectual Law would be fascinating to learn!

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Yuppy or Hipster

Trying to talk to your  Mellenial child has been a challenge: incomprehensible language exchanges that could use its own Glossary, if not dictionary... to avoid confusion by either side.

By the time I really got to numbers, demographics is my thing.  As a real Yuppy from the 80s, I doubt we were consciously trying to create a pop culture off the big wave our elder siblings leaving a big wake.


I tried really hard to differentiate between “chongo” and “chatchies” [see: can’t even spell it].
Basically, they were the Junior High version of Yuppy or Hipster ... but there were still versions of 

Hoods or Greasers or Gangsters

That depends on what demographic you fall under.  However, could be more related by recognition and familiarity.  Otherwise considered influence >> that’s not the same word that moved from an adjective (description) to a noun (name or thing).

Today’s interpretation by Hipster Millennials of “influence” is considered an occupation [when you get paid] and, for some, more like a preoccupation [traps most conscious thoughts on one object or imagination].


You are a Yuppy if:

* you were born in the 1960s and hit your 20s in the 1980s [ the right age group]
* you were the original Hipsters [ you set a uniquely desirable style]
* you were told you could make change and be a game changer
* you were focussed on an education AND your career
* you believed that you were that Young Upperly Professional Personality and more
* you were the generation that created sayings like ME FIRST 
* you created the unique hairstyle “mullet” 
* you were raised by fear of authority, following rules, abiding the law and using your manners
* you were given a lot of freedom [be home by dark] 
* you understood what was expected of you: honesty, loyalty, going to school, using your manners, doing your chores and getting a job regardless of what it is 
* you are driven by the pursuit of money, prestige, recognition, award, reward and advancement 
* education was at the core of your knowledge while experience navigates to success, hard work was at the beginning and ending of all achievements 
* you shaved: period. [Regardless of age or gender]

* is proud of a beard
* the beard is symbolic and identifiable cultural fashion trend 
* your parents are likely Yuppies

To be continued..... 

(Backup) Strike when the iron’s hot! OR, be a freak of nature: unique and powerful

It is amazing how clarity 
bounces atcha when ur chilling and mind your own business.  Nestled warmly with my love and my sidekick, Buddy.

My own trials and tribulations more personalized I grapple with constantly.

What if my dad really was Elvis?
How differently life may have turned out, you’d think, eh?
Yet, that would mean no longer Canadian... not something I’d give up.

My mother could have been Grace Kelly
Dusting my shelves in my new studio (transferred basement space) I came across some great photos of my parents I have.  Whatever happened to the tradition of family portraits.  In a place of honour is one of myself and my three siblings.  Some things never change.  The only way we were able to have a family photos at weddings diminished, we had to think how we could solve the challenge to get all four of us together for a photo for my parents to commemorate their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

If Grace Kelly had instead married my father, my mother was who she was.

Being married to Elvis may have taken her away in a Catellac 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Harmony & Peace are just as necessary as Exercise for optimum health

Does establishing a routine mean you’re old?
Not necessarily.  I recall being in my twenties where I resided in ME me ME:

Princess of my domain
Unlikely to do anything that wasn’t self-serving with the exception of knowledge or growth.

Captain of a ship of my own making
The pressure of your twenties is proportionate to the expectations of your teens.

Scribe of my own personal story
With heartache and disappointment the most reliable friendships.  

With my hands, head, heart, health
Steering my course: what direction I was going and whether it jived with my inner core.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pure ENGAGEMENT online = social ethiquette

The following was just posted on Facebook:

Hey Marsha Collier .... Happy 3rd Frienaversary!! It's been a happy ride on the bus with you and together, we show how 2 women, from 2 countries, remarkable and steadfastness to the roller coaster of social media together. Interesting isn't it that this came from Facebook and not Twitter where we consistently interact and "engage" with each other.

I declare: Marsha Collier to be my BFF friend online ... dated this 14th day of June, 2018. A solidarity that could not be broken nor can be split even though our country's politicians are both acting like elementary boys volleying to being recognized as the most popular boy at school.

Can you imagine?

If Justin Trudeau invited moi Jeannette Marshall to attend a mini conference with you and Donald Trump -- I BET we'd have it solved in 3 hours if a glass of wine and a great conversation exchanged between two different ladies: setting a new curve in an upward arrow swirling into the stratosphere as a solution of "WE TOO" @WE2 #We2 ..... Read more ......... HERE>

If you have a good friend, go ahead and tweet at them or post on their Facebook timeline, something along how you met and their impact on your online knowledge quest or self development or communications command post.

Even better if you could scout out a great tweet dated back to the early days of "ENGAGEMENT".

What's the big deal about ENGAGEMENT?
If you, my new associate, have to ask: you are NOT a social media guru.

Sales supremacy & social media power
share the same ideal quality that separates all the giants from the tiniest beings is ........ well what do you think it means?

Enter your answer here:

A) On a piece of paper with A) B) and C) ready to go!
B) Share the answer on social media channels with #PureEngagement hashtag.
C) Ability and desire to be responsive, enthusiastic and a positive connection.

Since I wrote this mini exam, I already know the answer but will include "Responsiveness" as I share this blog.

Responsiveness? Conscientiousness? What does that mean? I'm certain that if you were a fleeting observer of either Marsha Collier or me over the past few years, you would have noticed increasing dialogues yet inaudible communication between us.

And, as life usually unfolds, an increasing respect and champion-like exchange begins, ignited between the two. There can be a sprinkle of questions or comments on either party's tweet usually and Facebook post often.

I just realized, we have neither invaded each other's personal space by direct messages, leaving it as a save tool, if you really need to ask a favor or that sort of exchange.

Let's be clear in a mix up space that online is, "Social Etiquette" is the crucial way to be enveloped, acknowledged and supported by the majority: self-acclaimed "Influencer" or compensated "Brand Ambassadorship" folks aside -- simple because it is complicated and more difficult to dissect.

It is near impossible to have unified agreement on the numbers since data is the new child of the universe that creates opportunity and differentiation.

So often I see one sided, one vantage point or one perspective streaming from social media identities, whether from a brand enforcer or personalized name.

There isn't any trick.
You can go to any of your mediums to see where your mentions are coming from.

Battle over Privacy is nothing compared to data. I said that in a blog a good four or five years ago: the race for gathering personal information, habits, posts that create algorithms that allow predictive answers based on the: NUMBERS.

What comes after numbers? Artificial Intelligence or, what I like to call it: "Automated Internet". That is exactly putting the cart before the horse. Intentionally so, because by being able to predict what "desirable audiences" want, want to buy, want to see, want to subscribe to, etc.

Back in 1997, I was on weekly conference calls with the best, strongest sales team mates from across North America. A handpicked sort who developed ENGAGEMENT with each other based on how easy it was to reach out, just say hi or talk shop about anything, for me mostly lands on publishing or digital media (printing, web, social) my chin flips up and my voice gets louder, with excitement and speed builds, momentum jumps. They didn't mind that. People who "get me" recognize that the speed in which someone modulates their language or story shouldn't diminish its value, yet often is .... mistakenly.

Like the finest athletes, who can usually excel at multi physical exertion (i.e. ice skating: technical, artistic, choreography and graceful or dynamic flow)... people who can exude and engage at the same time are skillful in either sales or social media.

Now, there are a lot of anti-sales folks out there. For good reason for sure: usually being oversold something or paying more than necessary or break in promise on productivity, service, timelines. <Heed this advice < always under promise, be realistic to build credibility on expertise > over deliver don't over commit resources, people, tools, equipment, materials, timelines.

If a topic appeals to someone, regardless of stature in life, they will respond.

So think of a topic that you are enthusiastic about, interested in learning more about and then look (it is not hard to GOOGLE: "online+influence+gardening". Where Google likes to show independent opinion by using the numbers at their disposal: what is the number of clicks on a topic or identity? Then they display.

It isn't surprising that Facebook and Twitter are trying to build their engines: like the two kids on the first day of school and how it ends in the following June (around now: best friends, frenemies, etc.)

Facebook had its hand slapped after as people keep digging for more conspiracy theories online more than ever: not only evaluating the numbers that they have at their disposal and how they can leverage that as an enterprise wants to increase cash flow.

The best to fold this up
would be to increase your online responsiveness wherever you have an identity, regardless of medium: Twitter, Facebook or InstaGram, etc. Look to see who "Mentions" or "RT" or "Tags" you and then acknowledge it with Social Etiquette, with "Thank You" being the easiest.

Post art source: Vogue
Iman Raad, Eye (Left), 2017, acrylic on raw canvas, 34 x 40 inches
Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Sargent’s Daughter Gallery (March 18 to April 23, 2017)

This is the New York debut of this breakout young talent from Iran, whose brightly colored paintings and installations allow fruits, flowers, butterflies, animals, and other nonhuman subjects to get a life.