Saturday, December 15, 2018

PRIVACY pondering

By now, talking about data is passé and the cloud, simply yawn.

That made me realize, that besides the odd news story, there isn’t more noise and clucking about PRIVACY.

It wasn’t a television or radio ad either.

The race for our almighty dollars has started, without a start horn,  we are meekly falling into a deep trap door that narrowly funnels towards brand popularity and premium choice.

Who is their voice?

WHO’s Responsible for PRIVACY breaches?

As more privacy channels chain of command paths are broken, more and more incidents and varying degrees of alarm.

Definitely the United States lead the world with paranoias surrounding being under attack.  Deservedly so.  Simply because they’ve been attacked in many forms, for example:

On soil:  Pearl Harbour > World War II
World Trade Center 9/11
Russian Interference 2016 Election 

However, are they fulfilling their own profecy?

I personally can’t decide which is worse because they are equally horrible: greed and corruption.  It must be said, clarified, that I am a Canadian, representative of where Baby Boomers stop, a parent of Millennial children, all successfully employed and tumbling throug “adulting”, providing a safe landing when they veer off course, and championing & cheering them on to accomplish their own dreams in their own way.

Who owns your data? Your employer, your providers, or the government?

If you ask most people, I’m sure they would say they do.  It’s personal, thus it belongs to you.

YET, while you are at work, your everything belongs to your employer: calls are recorded for “coaching” purposes.  Nobody can notice a grumpy boss who tenaciously goes through all employee’s communications to find something, anything, that they can use to discipline or fire someone.  You’d think by now from the abundance of data, employers might track supervisors who have a lot of people quitting, transferring or being fired and a red flag would go up.

WHEN it’s your personal time: lunch, breaks, off time, your information is your own.  Not likely, before you can even have a cell phone, you have to share your private information: age, income, employment, education and credit score to the provider who may have a system that rates those things on a numerical score.

ONCE your smartphone is in hand, what you text, click on is registered in some way.  That’s long before you start adding apps.  If you subscribe to any media outlet, you release information, if you use a credit card, they can save for convenience or even pay for stuff.

If you click or swipe, you are sprinkling your data around.

About you, your likes, your weaknesses, your monetary strength or weakness.

When my husband was in the hospital, a friend of the kids knew about him before the ambulance had arrived to the neurological medical center, worked on his ward, even though it violated health center regulations.  Our medical charts seamlessly pop up between medical centres, physicians, specialists, etc.  That’s a lot of places where leaks can happen.

BODYGUARD on NETFLIX: a must see
Timely, yes.  There are many excellent examples of why you may want to watch this stunning cinematic TV drama.  However, if you happen to have PRIVACY as a hot button of late, you may register how much the main character’s privacy is disregarded in all forms by government, employers, clients, security sectors, and on and on.

I want to avoid spoilers but I hope someone does comment, to begin a real discussion of value.

I got more on a tangent about PRIVACY on my blog: YUPPYdom from @WordPress 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Oh shit, damn f***

: I said when upon stepping from the last step going into the basement to my studio

a sensation of immediate cold feet with a very emotive sounding:

 * S Q U I S H *

24 hours later things are falling into place.

I rolled a joint and actually figured out how to use the Xbox controller ... there goes that theory my (our) generation had based on the sphere of influence seemed to be really resilient.  Not surprising our Millennial children seem very strong with all the shit going on around everyone.

There appears to be incredible parallels going on here.

The how lucky you speech similarities: 

What we heard: I had to walk two miles to school everyday after I had gotten up at dawn to collect the eggs, feed the chickens and milked the cows before I left to school even though there was a blizzard going on as I walked in three feet of snow (pre metric times) without complaining and being thankful even if my lunch was an apple.

My variation: I was up by 5 most days of the week, on the ice by 6 for 2 hours, standing out side the high school door waiting for my friends to arrive long before the bell.  Then after school I was either coaching figure skating or working at the small town newspaper, which a lot was used for contribution towards skating coaching, etc.

What I like to think is that the same principle remains hidden unless you think about it.

1) you make a commitment and give as much as you can
2) you make sacrifices in order to improve
3) respect the money and honour your choices
4) always have your own backup plan for the bumpy times
5) you have to work hard because you’re only fooling yourself to have high aspirations with little sweat
6) if you don’t give’er, you may end up stuck
7) you don’t argue or complain to parents when it ends up harder than it looks

There’s always a few more wise words of wisdom from my mom:

1) In a marriage, you give 150% effort but never take more than 50 percent responsibility because there is two people where it is split equally in half
2) Be smart with money or else you will end up as a bag lady << the warning my grandmother imparted to my mom.
3). Family is everything, means everything and the most important thing ahead of money, education, or position"

Friday, October 12, 2018

LOYALTY is king or [QUEEN of Purchasing, Operations, Design, Communications, her own domaine....READ for MORE

Pure transparency is THE most critical criteria that builds TRUST; trust begets LOYALTY; loyalty creates ADVOCACY.  DO YOU understand the value based on demographics and speak to one, at a time ~ AKA [Also Known As] target marketing instead of mass mktg.

Why should you care?

As you do more things and look up more stuff online, you are creating a definable persona that is geared to your own personal data.

Think of it as your online DNA or footprints to your soul.

Not before long the two worlds could collide [ intellectual will challenge privacy and ownership - less likely copyrighted governance or protection] .... Intellectual Law would be fascinating to learn!

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Y U P P Y. O R. H I P S T E R ?

Look at the following images [original art by moi] and choose a) Yuppy or b) Hipster

Trying to talk to your  Mellenial child has been a challenge:
incomprehensible language exchanges that end up frustration on both sides.  In fact, it could use its own Glossary, if not dictionary... to avoid confusion by either side or miscommunication that can escalate into squabbles.

I will attempt to help avoid unnecessary drama, compounded by stress of the “Holiday Season” [ in itself the word is meant to conjure the imagination recalling where the spirit nestles around you with a warmth only matched by blowing out your birthday candles bring] by offering my own perspective and advice or hints:

“Peace out” 

By the time I really got to numbers, demographics is my thing.  As a real Yuppy from the 80s, I doubt we were consciously trying to create a pop culture off the big wave off our elder siblings leaving a big wake.


I tried really hard to differentiate between “chongo” and “chatchies” [see: can’t even spell it].
Basically, they were the Junior High version of Yuppy or Hipster ... but there were still versions of 

Hoods or Greasers or Gangsters

That depends on what demographic you fall under.  However, could be more related by recognition and familiarity.  Otherwise considered influence >> that’s not the same word that moved from an adjective (description) to a noun (name or thing).

Today’s interpretation by Hipster Millennials of “influence” is considered an occupation [when you get paid] and, for some, more like a preoccupation [traps most conscious thoughts on one object or imagination].


You are a Yuppy if:

* you were born in the 1960s and hit your 20s in the 1980s [ the right age group]
* you were the original Hipsters [ you set a uniquely desirable style]
* you were told you could make change and be a game changer
* you were focussed on an education AND your career
* you believed that you were that Young Upperly Professional Personality and more
* you were the generation that created sayings like ME FIRST 
* you created the unique hairstyle “mullet” 
* you were raised by fear of authority, following rules, abiding the law and using your manners
* you were given a lot of freedom [be home by dark] 
* you understood what was expected of you: honesty, loyalty, going to school, using your manners, doing your chores and getting a job regardless of what it is 
* you are driven by the pursuit of money, prestige, recognition, award, reward and advancement 
* education was at the core of your knowledge while experience navigates to success, hard work was at the beginning and ending of all achievements 
* you shaved: period. [Regardless of age or gender]

* is proud of a beard
* the beard is symbolic and identifiable cultural fashion trend 
* your parents are likely Yuppies

To be continued..... 

(Backup) Strike when the iron’s hot! OR, be a freak of nature: unique and powerful

It is amazing how clarity 
bounces atcha when ur chilling and mind your own business.  Nestled warmly with my love and my sidekick, Buddy.

My own trials and tribulations more personalized I grapple with constantly.

What if my dad really was Elvis?
How differently life may have turned out, you’d think, eh?
Yet, that would mean no longer Canadian... not something I’d give up.

My mother could have been Grace Kelly
Dusting my shelves in my new studio (transferred basement space) I came across some great photos of my parents I have.  Whatever happened to the tradition of family portraits.  In a place of honour is one of myself and my three siblings.  Some things never change.  The only way we were able to have a family photos at weddings diminished, we had to think how we could solve the challenge to get all four of us together for a photo for my parents to commemorate their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

If Grace Kelly had instead married my father, my mother was who she was.

Being married to Elvis may have taken her away in a Catellac