Tuesday, September 26, 2017

STOP MicroSoft from getting rid of Paint in their next release

Someone at MicroSoft is off its rocker!
By Jeannette Marshall


Don't let Microsoft kill Paint - they should educate people better on how to use it so that people will fall in love with it.

I create just about all my content on Paint.  I've gone to great strides of assembling an assembly of fonts that seem to compliment my posts.

I wonder if there is any kind of opposition of any kind, a petition started to force Microsoft​ to keep Paint?  

Why not just Introduce a tablet-only feature that compliments Paint that will only work on a surface pro for instance.

Think of new ways of making Paint hip among the HIPSTERs!   Pspppffftttt p.s. those same 20 somethings and 30 wonderkinds who buy the latest and greatest smartphone.  

You should be embarrassed that you haven't come up with something reasonably functional on a mobility smart phone.  It's been pretty logical since before the mishap into thinking you could make and launch a smartphone that everyone would go agog over.  

First zip on over to Blackberry, to floundering revenue and draining product loyalty at a breakneck pace.  They never thought about how to integrate the best apps onto their systems.  Kinda like what HP didn't do with their tablets, but Apple did from the very start except with extreme standards and double flips that have to be done in order for it to be Apple approved, endorsed and adopted by hosting it on iTunes ..... where sometimes they promote something, other places accumulate favorites identification (which I previously talked about AI "Artificial Intelligence" should be more about the information that smart people scoop up based on where you hang out on line, what you write, where you post, who reads your posts, who shares them, who is easily identified as your supporter).

I think that the cause for alarm here is what AI "Artificial Intelligence" is all about.   Every skips by the news stories about robotics without registering the fact that more and more robots are speaking and attempting to create its own personality, with its own thoughts and opinions.

Where it goes vague, or under cover,  is whether it can emulate a real human being?  For example, make appropriate responses as a human would, except it is not a human saying those things, it is a voice driven by AI to say all the expected things to say, appropriate responses with politeness, manners, permissions, that the most stellar customer service pro would expel.  

Then, think about the grocery stores.  How they are trying new and more clever approaches to have YOU buy/take your own packing bags + scan your own groceries in + provide helpful lookup on produce code all you have to do is enter in quantity then have payment ready to process like a marching soldier.

Me, I'm usually out of rhythm of the whole fiasco.  I like to do things in order:  Buy/shop, go to check out, put items in order of where they will end up in my home (i.e. pantry, refrigerator, space rack, etc.) with expertise of avoiding bread or other items from being crushed by the latest bag wrapper (if there is such a thing, as they dwindle in numbers);  

Now they are asking that you go online and make a list of your groceries, the time you will arrive, and just pick up your order.  I haven't tried that, but I would imagine you have to pay before your order arrives.  

According to my Twitter numbers, I attract a youthful 25-34 group the most who look for quality and value over price and they will shop online if it is the quickest and easiest without any degree in drop in quality.

That's the crew that MicroSoft has given up on.  Instead of using their imagination on how it can be cool and the must-have/use thing going?  

That is where MicroSoft misses the boat that Steve Jobs created:  sell the sizzle knowing that the steak was going to be even better than imagined or needing any boasting.

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's not just about "data" ::.... numbers tell a story

NOW, I remember what I started to do before being sidetracked sideways for a few hours ::... * mon dieu * [my dear] .... maybe I am losing my mind?

by Jeannette Marshall

A storyteller is someone who is imaginative
evoking empathy, intellectual connection with a highly *involved crew.  Not always YUPPIES as my egocentric alter ego YUPPYdom on Word Press has developed a pulse.  Thank you for that.  That is the start of how we would define a storyteller, by traditions, teachings, assumptions.  

In my mind's eye I see a storyteller as someone who can write
a story, encouraging the absorption of the tale, definition solely by you.
A storyteller can and often does evoke reaction.
Some positive, others not so.
Tears of sadness that comes with empathy,
chuckles or giggles that express joy and humor [key to our Mental Health].
Intrigue, mystery, literature or entertainment
the writer's gift to the world.
A bond that is established.
A loyalty.
A tribe.

You see, I study the numbers, absorb them, roll them around
in my head.  Then an eruption of ideas explode
from an implosion from within.  A strong
desire to develop writing, a following, 
a brand.

I'm always testing things consciously or subconsciously.  Perhaps that is why my tribe is really very, tres coolio [ translation:  my vibe ].  I had decided from the start to be who I am, be truest to myself.  Cherish my mental wellbeing above all else.  Sometimes failing, sometimes melancholy, other times a fear of despair.  

Have I been spirally downward and only just now realizing it?  Or, in the utter pit of despair, clambering to stay as far away from depression as possible, as I read and absorb that topic:  Mental Health.  

A fascination that compliments my life long love of numbers, hatched at the ripe age of 25.  Yes, the parent of a few Millennials of my own.  Offspring of my heart, soul and love.  Who would have imagined a YUPPIE being able to exude that much love, give up attention, recognition, so yield pride and ego to the exit door.  That should in essence describe the boon of the aging YUPPIES.  The champion of so many things, discoverers of wondrous wisdom, leaders of free worlds, emblematic of racial acceptance and waivers of discourse.  Fashionable statement is the championship of a YUPPIE.  In the 80s or ever since.  Bred of a generation in which appearance meant everything::... if you appeared the cleanest, purest, honest, intellectual, polished, fashionable young lady or man who surfed their way through the 1980s, hitting your 20s in practically, direct unison with the Millennial implosion of population, attitude, aptitude, striving, able, strong hipsters [ born in the 90s when their parents had done a little adulting before diving into parenthood ].

Lucky for me, when someone was showing me and teaching me something in my 20s, it snapped in to my brain, and hasn't really let go.  I think that sales was a science with numbers if I think back on it now.  A way to set up your own intellectual (golf-like) game of improving your own score.

If you are driven with south doubt, there is nothing more soothing than a love story of numbers ::... the characters evolving and changing, the plot rotating, the cast of characters alternating.  What stays true, is the numbers.

There is corruption in numbers.
But far more poetic and entertaining for sure.

I've been hinting at forecasting being critical
over the past number of posts.  Where many of my most devoted readers merge with me, hang out with me virtually, so to speak.  What's appealing to me or something worth a expulsion of thought.  Some pass on.  Others pick up.  

The ones that pick up are part of my crew.
How else could they not be (wow, what a bunch of bad grammar eh?)  meaning they must be my crew, if the followers are attributed to me.  Right?

Let me show you what I mean
while I tell you a story with numbers.
My own numbers.  
No one else.

Derived by really smart people
developing algorithms
that pops with artificial intelligence
of a different kind.

My perception of AI or what is catching on
as "artificial intelligence".
Just recently, Facebook announced 
setting up shop in Montreal.
As its "Artificial Intelligence" Headquarters.

Facebook has really fallen by the wayside when it comes to my interpretation of "Artificial Intelligence" (theory posted without research other than casual reading and dissemination of information available on the web for free) this Monday, September 25, 2017 at 10:30 pm MST Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Before I started reading up or noticing clips on television about artificial intelligence, I truly thought that how I defined it in my mind to mean to be the right interpretation:  AI for simplicity sake of typing as I've ranted about ACRONYM HELL before (maybe one of my more entertaining rants).

I thought and think that AI is the absorption of personalized information (or aka also known as "data" ) stored to the "cloud" [ which is not an Apple creation as in Xerox still is to photocopiers].  

It makes sense.  
The more faithful I am with certain social media platforms, the more forthcoming they are starting to bring me my numbers.  I commented about Linked In's more intuitive dance that they are experimenting with what I would think is mostly my crew:  the early adopters of online culture and earliest users of Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook before getting a special invite to be able to be the first to sign up to Google Plus or G+ as it is affectionately known.

By reading the numbers, I can tell who is my crew.
It's a vibe that resonates and seems to bounce around like an uplifting game of toss the ball, virtually meaning a rallying of support from those who get to know you by your message, your consistent messaging and vibe.

I did go on a rant today, which I really try to avoid.
Nothing destroys a social media following
 more than a rant.
Since people are used to the SPAM and self-promotional garbage,
they're able to tune out that noise and grasp real important stuff.

BUT they avoid rants like a rampant virus.
Toxic and toxicity avoided
so most people run away from toxicity
yet ironically rally around violence or catastrophe.
[You don't have to think that far back
glued to Twitter feeds and 24 hour news
about hurricanes and earthquakes
as most were.]

Nothing deafens your voice faster than a rant.
A misuse of power or a disuse of trust.
That is what I've tried to uphold as an online motto
and a heartfelt belief.

To use the information at your disposal to uplift
educate, elevate anything worthy of a rallying assembly of really smart, gifted, talented, successful, financially stable and morally sound folks.


Looking at the numbers, just defines the spirit of who they are.  See if you can see the story?

Let me float this out one more time:  this is a very telling page of numbers.  I'm wondering if you see what I see?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Men with miles

About a year ago I wrote about "ACT YOUR AGE MAN CANDY" giving a nod to some men women don't mind dreaming about.  

Idris Elba

Sadly, the Hunkster Hubster and I finished our binge watching of "The Wire" from HBO - a series that came out in 2004, and re-released lately.  I highly recommend watching it.  Superb plot, artful acting, human interest and hard to let go.

As with Act your Age, Ildris Elba is noteworthy as he was a leading character in the series, 13 years ago, as he is today.

The difference being, he has a few more miles on him. 

What hasn't changed is his ability to make the ladies swoon and the guys buckle up. 

Granted, I would be accused of "robbing the cradle" with Idris because he is only 45.   Since I'm happily married to my own Hunkster Hubster,  this is for the gals of all ages and all locales.

I began my mission:  who else?
There are likely a few more scrumptious fellows that are worthy of the ladies to get aflutter over or dream about.  Let's meander about which men get our heart pulsating and smiles from the heart.

Dominic West
Continuing on my "The Wire" rave, Dominic is brilliant as a Baltimore detective who is battling his own demons:  alcoholism (he portrays the best "drunk" I've ever seen) and faithfulness (you have to chuckle at the scene where he is undercover at a brothel, and is suppose to "act" like he is a John.)

Lately, we have seen Dominic in "The Affair" where he continues the theme of a cheating husband, with a much younger woman.  Interesting tidbit discovered while meandering around to find excerpts and tidbits:

Game of Thrones has cast a wealth of actors for season 3, but Dominic West isn’t one of them. What major role did the Wire actor turn down?
Speaking to The Huffington Post, West revealed that he was offered a substantial role, but turned it down because he didn’t know much about the show.
While he couldn’t recall what the character’s name was, he did say that, “it was a lovely part, a good part. I’m going to regret it.”

Kit Harington
It may appear as though I am robbing the cradle.
Let's just put it down to "if I were 20 or 30 years 
younger click bate".

let's file it under:  "if I were You can't claim to be a TV afficionado if you 
haven't watched "Game of Thrones".  Kit's
character "Jon Snow" is high on the list as
the most memorable character.

To be continued ...... 
(Tweet @optioneerJM if you would like to see your favorite "Man with miles" selected.

To be fair, I will work on a blog featuring women
who wear crows feet as a badge of honor and who
continue to make the fellas gasp.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

FALL: The time for new beginnings

A time of fresh, new beginnings

Most people would say that they think the year begins January 1st ... then there would be other theories on when was the beginning of time?  I'm reading around on faith, inspiration and wonderful things to know or to learn more about ::.... the constant read-seeker of truth, wisdom, important things & knowledge aligned with my head, when art, photography and aesthetic eye candy.  My sister, Diana, was here visiting a few weeks ago, and she had made a comment to me:  "You are good with the eye, Jeannette."  Being online and blogging, interacting with people regardless of anything other than what they click on their keyboard. 

Fine Arts Awards WINNER:  2016 Ella Maple Rynehart [FacebookURL]

I could say it is an eye for talented, classy, smart 
people instead.  One without the other would be like a hurricane without wild winds and ferocious rains.  [ REF:  2 the nonstop Hurrican Irma, Jose, now Marie.  My dad must be smiling down from heaven.  Telling his cohorts [ Steve Jobs & Michael Jackson ] - the unlikeliest crew - that "He had to live with a Hurricane Marie for over 50 years!  NOW, all of a sudden there's a big deal about nothing that he hadn't already plugged along with so many years.  Yeah, my mom:  Marie.  82 now and still going strong.  When Wikipedia creates a "Hurricane Marie" page, they may consider a photo of my mom.  Said with only the greatest affection and respect.  Teacher of all things and showed me where I got my "stubborn as a mule gut feel and firm facial expression that is conveyed in my tone" from.  

Now, we're well into the back side
 of September 2017.  Coasting towards Halloween and then Christmas, for the folks of a similar background (no bias or slur intended, only the deepest respect and admiration).

September sounds the horn that it is FALL
Time to get back to books, bells, friendships and extra-curricular pursuits.  Most parents have, with super powered, human tenacity to make sure their kids get into school.  Certainly, by then many will have been burnt out, frazzled beyond an electrocution, patience in the thinnest and finest fine line.  Tackling them from outside and wrestling them to bed, would qualify any parent as an Olympian-of-back-to-school-fanfare!    Trying to set a routine is just as hard for the parents as it is for the kids, because between jungling and giving with work to survive and have the energy of anyone half your age, with the smarts to act your age.

Hitting the FALL time means a lot of different things
Not bemoaning noticing that the days are gliding shorter, leaves are floating downward; there ARE some people that ADORE fall!  The time of new beginnings:  a new classroom, a new Teacher, a new team, a new group of classmates, friends to be made, friends from before cherished.  The start of a new dance-figure skating-gymnastics-swimming-running-basketball-soccer year begins.  That, and the social activities you sign up for to make this year even better than last year (and IT was GREAT!).    They are all around the corner with new events, competitions, contests, clubs, creations, stories and memories so that you may look back at them with fondness for all the great things you were able to do in your youth.

Fall can hint an age
before it becomes consciously embraced.  Where you have strove for gathering knowledge, maintained an edge for signs of change, an aesthetic eye, and wisdom worthy writings.  

Time to make dreams come true
and create dreams to follow at a later time.   Where did you think you'd be at 50?  Did you even think about it?  Honestly, I didn't.  It just hit me:  BWAMB!  I turned 50 and not where I should be.  That is the thought that has consumed me, deprived me of sleep and caused me anxiety.  Well, that, and admitting that I have been the object of bullying in my workplace a number of time, just only now recognizing it for what it is.  Adult bullying is much more sophisticated and rarely discussed.  More commonly women against women.

Perhaps the beginnings of tackling a tough topic:
why are women so awful towards other women?  I have had a draft sitting in my BLOG for probably 7 years, I'm just guessing.  I was even doing research and asked people on QUORA.com [ which I love for answering questions; testing my knowledge; tracking acceptance of theories or experience; developing an expertise by others' acknowledgement not self-proclaim.

meanderingsABOUT quite possibly the best setting
to unravel the mystery that I've wondered about for so many years.  Ask anyone, regardless of age or anything divisible:  "Why do you think women get into such awful fights?  Especially when being threatened as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur ::... they really don't seem to like even the faintest empathy, only able to react quickly, decisively and devastatingly if you are on the receiving end.  

Switching it up a bit
There are a lot of job postings out there ::.... a wonderful signal in recovery for an economy:  challenging the status quo, setting higher goals, clearing up to define purpose, scramble things:  I wrote this synopsis:  "Re-purposed a failing signage/print hub by hiring the right team, defining new processes, eliminated wastage & overages that were eating away at the NET profitability."  That's not the only thing I've done, but I'm thinking of switching up JOB DESCRIPTION on @LinkedIN +LinkedInCompanyPage to say it like it is:  what did I accomplish during the time I was there, with the numbers still in my head.

"Sound Suit" by Nick Cave SOURCE 

The FALL behind time
of the memories and past noise that you can re-hash in your head, over and over, especially at the witching time [a sign of Halloween perhaps?], between 1am and 3am, sometimes 4am;  even by 5:30am when the shower goes on for my husband's day.  

Feeling tired all the time
as the chill in the air descends into our bones, more defined as we age.  Something else I never considered, being an active, energy nut like myself:  my bones would start to crack when I stood up from kneeling in the garden or to pick something up.  The anxiety about the future, becoming more and more clouded by Hurricane devastation and what I now dub my version of A1 or "Artificial Intelligence" is the most part the media, exceptions of BBC and CBC  based on personal observation and perception:  the FAKE MEDIA should just be called A1Media to signify "Artificial Intelligence" when a lie is exposed.

The sink falls out
and life goes on [ seriously, our garburator broke, and the sink fell apart when hubby was pulling it out to see what was wrong ].  Oh and the insurance adjustor comes over after over a year ago claim with a FAR LESS deductible (fodder for my +optioneerJM blog).  
Writing settles me
exhumes the toxic influences that have seemed to be growing, now lessening because of the quality of my surroundings:  who I affiliate with, blessed with friendship, superb family, associates, those I learn from, and even a few who may learn from me.

I hope you enjoy your FALL and consider it part of new beginnings ....

Photographer:  Moin Ahmed:  2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Friday, September 15, 2017

The truth from within

To pave the way 
whether it be sales or social media, the most credible authenticity finds warmth in an environment of nurture, nature and self-reflection.

Speak from the heart
is what I was often told, or reinforced continuously and consistently for the 10 years I was a devotee of Toastmasters' International.  The organization founded by the original Dale Carnegie, the master storyteller and wisdom dispenser.  

Whenever planned properly
wrote appropriately and prepared diligently, I could do a speech worthy of any TED TALKS program.  

I practiced and applied
what I was learning while pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.  Yes, I got cold feet more than a few times at a competition, unless I was the Area Governor, tasked with chairing and hosting the event surrounded by gifted orators.

I watched some take a leap
into the land of circuit speaking::... more commonly a target by the online influence set ::... as a keynote spokesperson at a global event.

A goal earned on my own steam
where I don't capitalize on anyone to build my reputation [ aka Guy Kawasaki for working "for" Steve Jobs ~ NOTE:  "with" was backspaced and deleted.

Developing a cynicism
that comes with age.  The right that you earn to be convincing, worthy of another's attention.   Of the high-end business traveler sect.  Which is a essentially a potpourri of information, credible education, and knowledge expounding in abundance.

Credibility is your's to grasp and gain
because if you are true to yourself, your likewise magnet to attract the like minded, developing your own tribe, of whom you warmly and safely belong.

Nobody likes impostors
from any historical reference in mind.  Held in contempt with the most devious and devil, shown as a weakness.

Where humility and humanity reign
in harmony with creating a universe of security, safety, love and peace.  When you are true to yourself, you can float into the essence of what makes you breath.

I really love this image:  
[ on a quest to discover the artist ] ::....

Know the rules before you start communicating

There are often repetitive messages in my Meanderings, and it is rewarding when someone of superior intelligence grasps the meaning behind the messages.

Mike and I began our Social Media journey at about the same time (2010) ::... I was nudged a little harder over the cliff into the abyss slightly before him, and became what I thought as an unlikely mentor to someone who was highly successful and brilliant in his own right -- a successful book launch being a key metric that I recognized early on as a method to delve into credibility online among the endless noise and self-promotion of many self-described "experts".

Steadfast still, I am firmly entrenched in the belief that nobody can define themselves as an expert, no matter how many followers one has.  It is derived from how others describe you:  what do others consider you knowledgeable about is one thing, being credited as an expert quite largely another.

Mike reached out to me a couple of weeks ago via email, one of the few entrusted connections online that have never been derived from a face-to-face meeting at an event, social or association.  Not even a telephone conversation.

Having a virtual or personal conversation with a man who is not a relative, business associate is frowned upon as it can lead "to other things".  However, you can still be disciplined in having rich conversations and exchange of knowledge and learning from others regardless of gender.   There is an invisible line that should never be crossed.  

During a isolated time in my life when I was a regular church attendee, I still recall a message that resonates today from a wise Pastor:  do not be afraid to create friendships or be asked for advice from the opposite gender.  However, there are some areas to stay far from to keep it from falling into a downward, unethical spiral:

  1. Include others in the conversation so that it is not isolated, clustered by only two (the Pastor suggested that he invites his wife to any meeting or event that he wants to avoid falling into the trap of questionable conversations, particularly marriage counselling).
  2. It is okay to sprinkle in nuggets about your life partner, spouse, wife or husband, children, as a distinct flag that you are if not always happy, happiest with the person you are with and have no intention to stray.  Cheating is not at your core values.
  3. Keep it professional so that at any given time, the conversation may be shared with a sibling, friend, child, parent, spouse, partner without any guilt.
  4. Keep the topic off of relationship radars:  particularly complaints about your partner's shortcomings, dissatisfaction with your relationship in any shape or form.  That should be with your church minister or mosque elder.
  5. You can have a respectful, fruitful relationship with a person of the opposite sex, when your radar clearly signals "in a committed relationship with not a sliver of disregard or disrespect of your life partner".
  6. Any of these apply to anyone with leanings towards same sex or transgender relationships.
You CAN have helpful, rewarding relationships with anyone so long as you know your boundaries and it is clearly communicated by not so much by what you say but how you act.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sound your battle cry

Most people would say that they would rather have their eyeballs poked than to meet with a salesperson.

Said nobody.
Not unlikely most people can think of dozens of excuses they could come up with to avoid a meeting with a salesperson.  There is no statistical reference, but the message conveys strong logic.

Bullying supreme.
If far more rampant in the workplace than any other place in the world.  Hidden.  Forgotten.  Ignored.

An acceptable temperament 
of a drill Sargent who scares people, not garnish loyalty.  Ones who decay a corporate pride to an emblem tarnished by the dismal noise from its exuberant military dictatorial culture.  

One guy's blunder causes a debate
One which should not have been needed to be educated on the error of his data.

I will endeavor to do so.

DEFINE your MISSION statement? That is your VISION statement that defines who you are

I've certainly uncorked some momentum by observation.  From a chattie-like chickie to an absorbed absorption of knowledge.  A twist on words intentionally.  I was thinking the other day and didn't want to forget to express the concept ::... to follow in principle that you don't compete by crass demand nor unfair practices, the plight of the underdog or woman, driven by transparency and honesty with the desire to expose the truth, spotlight the unfairness, help others be even more remarkable then they already are.

If you can imagine, ten years ago, I wouldn't have been blogging.  What an inspiring concept when you think about it now.  To have been at the extreme very bottom as a technology emerges.  Let history be written by the authentic witnesses that remain.  [ With the largest cluster belonging to my crew, we inBETWEENers::... the tip of GenXers and the tail point of Baby Boomers > the more "unfortunate ones who become brilliant" is our LABEL as we create our own version of YUPPYdom because we beat to the same drum.

Did you run away?
Or cast it aside as mere ramblings?  Caught by the crafty TITLE that is getting better by honing my craft.

I can go back and insert here {{ reminder to self or blessed Virtual Assistant I so desperately need -> I should ask Amanda? }} to the very first blog I ever posted on social media.  It is somewhat unraveling and mostly uninspiring.

Until now ....
I've clearly been attempting to go back into my roots.  To determine perhaps a few secret ingredients I possess, that could be shared to either a) inspire someone to become really GREAT at sales, or b) someone who already is, or lastly, not less importantly c) someone or some company who want to plunk in their data and pop out the best candidate profile for your company based on the specific data that you feed it.

Gail forces blowing in
That's what I learned was what our team in Calgary called The Publisher of our magazine family.  That was long AFTER I survived an interview with this very charismatic, smart, classy lady.

The wisdom of the story teller, Donna
Ironic in two very distinct different settings, I worked for, with, and under a Donna.  At the very infancy of my sales career [ she was still the smoothest question asker, that made people felt safe, their best interests were at her heart, and that rang with sincerity.

Defined mission statement
I don't remember the conversation or really how it goes.  I simply recollect or few minute preps by these remarkable women had impacted on my life.

My resume tossed aside
went flipping and flying off of the gun metal inspired desk with the chrome edging [ now I know why I can't part with my similar war era file cabinet in that distinct matte green ].

This lady leaned forward
and looked me straight in the eye [ not the kind that you could awkwardly shift eye contact as though something like a passing plane flying up above outside the window caught your eye.

You were eye trapped
The worst moment of torture that anyone can be in.  It is a secret code of very strong women who have so many stereotypical bias they have to overcome, never mind squished between dominate forces like Baby Boomers and Millennials, being squeaked out and stomped on.

I can teach anyone to sell
is almost what it sounded like she told me.  But in between the dimness of memory and the spark recollection of a big ah-HA moment.  It wasn't that.  She said she didn't want to look at my resume, she wanted to get to know me as a person, in those lightening bolt moments that stretch into more minutes, I had not prepared in that way.  Talk about me? HUH?

I guess I haven't shut up since.
Thankfully, having a blog allow me the freedom to share knowledge and the reward as I grow the numbers faithfully, fearlessly and steady.  Because Gail taught me the numbers and then Donna showed me a more emotional sell technique.

Where one more slower and more thoughtfully projected
the other took most with overwhelming enthusiasm that made them want to just be around, get a boost just from a positive vibe.

The birth child of Gail, Donna, Donna & Donna
If it were possible, it would be a really cool thing to envelope some of the warm and fuzzy qualities that all the Donna had.  One was the most intense successful powerful smart lady I was really VERY fortunate to be taught to.

Advertising is science and don't let anyone let you think differently.  The justapox of that is some people are paying other people some really extraordinary amount of money just to extrapolate numbers from.

If you just take a look at how sophisticated the online forms are becoming, it is alarming.  We, as any many of us online folks are at risk to.  Thankfully, as a late bloomer in a new bloomer world, I was finding the need to absorb only what is necessary at any given time, in a hurry to obtain information that this Glutony by a decease that necessitates more and more information and learning.

Gail exercised my brain and established the love of numbers in my soul.  So, in answer and simmering anger at such evil and harmful writing, I recognize women who have impacted me and mostly in the love of numbers.

To that a-hole who was exposed and exited from Google speedily after his tirade that women were not as smart as men, therefore, that is why they don't do as well in the technology field.

My answer to that is:
hug your mathematical formulaes and your sophisticated algorithms.  Because it will be the story tellers and the story makers who will emerge as the super hero of today.

Create all the numbers you want and pocket them in the cloud
which will get bigger and bigger filled with useless information that nobody has the heart or the courage to turf anything anymore.

The arrogance of the engineering youth destroyed his ability to continue to learn.  He forgot his roots, ever so obviously.  Everyone starts at the bottom.

Watch the Bruce Lee documentary to be inspired
which at the core of his beliefs and some discounted teachings were:  be true to your own true self.

Be your own true self whether by brand or title
I think that brands cannot have accounts on social media that are not highlighted, blinking or colored differently on all the platforms.  Then we'll all become more adept at averting spamish, self promoting egotists.  Not that SPAM has always been a bad thing.  I remember the squeamish, sickening feeling when my mom tried so very hard to dress up SPAM for dinner, a really economical means, I'm sure, for feeding herself and four children, five she always said if she counted her husband as a kid.