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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sound your battle cry

Most people would say that they would rather have their eyeballs poked than to meet with a salesperson.

Said nobody.
Not unlikely most people can think of dozens of excuses they could come up with to avoid a meeting with a salesperson.  There is no statistical reference, but the message conveys strong logic.

Bullying supreme.
If far more rampant in the workplace than any other place in the world.  Hidden.  Forgotten.  Ignored.

An acceptable temperament 
of a drill Sargent who scares people, not garnish loyalty.  Ones who decay a corporate pride to an emblem tarnished by the dismal noise from its exuberant military dictatorial culture.  

One guy's blunder causes a debate
One which should not have been needed to be educated on the error of his data.

I will endeavor to do so.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

forecast the FORECAST numbers

How healthy are your numbers?
As in:  how intimately do your know your numbers?  

What numbers you say?
The ones that identify you.

I'm just a number you nag?
Nope, unique to you and nobody else.

Does your brain need exercising?
More than likely if your reaction is to break out in a sweat
imagining gosh-awful mathematics disciplined calculations.

Naw, these are your own.
Your online DNA, meaning unique singular identifier.  
Based on your numbers, which mingle with all other stats 
aligned and influenced and promoted and/or clicked.

Those are your numbers?
Yes, and even more.  The secret to numbers is 
to do flips and handstands ... around them, spinning them into circles.

Telling you the story
of who you truly are.  
As you are in control of your destiny
when your fingers fall on a keyboard relaxed.

You are attracted to and attracted by quality persons.
Is part of your main brand.
No maliciousness or callowness promoted.
More in motivation, inspiration and devoted supporters.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

What type of sales professional are you looking for?

The following blog is my all-time most read blog.  It certainly does focus on sales.  My first love.  My career sweet spot.

I challenged organizations to define the type of sales professionals they want working for them, or at least help decipher what type they may actually have.

Whether your organization is growing rapidly and you have decided to have sales professionals manage the steady influx of clients, or business is lagging and you think hiring a sales professional is the cure, you should examine what emphasis your organization's focus is on.  In both cases, they can increase your revenue, they may just do it differently.

Hunter or Farmer: What type of sales professional do you want?

Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness. 
                                                          ~Henri Frederic Amiel

I am often asked how do you really find a top performing sales professional?  What characteristics or qualities can you readily identify that will ensure you’ve got a winner?  That takes me back to what my own sales manager advised me when I was replacing him and asked to a top performing sales role to my first “gig” as a sales manager:   “Hire’em, train’em, send’em out, then watch’em like a hawk!”

I wish it were as simple.  Looking back now,  I can clearly see what mistakes I made when I started and find it easy to identify new or bad managers based on repeating those same mistakes.  Good and bad managers will be left for another blog while I tackle this weighty question:  How do you reduce your risk of making a bad hire in sales?

Initially, you have to understand what type of sales professional you looking for.   Most organizations will say they're looking for "Hunters" and not order takers.  What they mean is someone who can drum up new business.  They can be titled "Business Development” or simply “Sales Representative”.  They are more easily identified when you take the time to understand the Hunter mentality:

  • Short sales cycles
  • High call rate/activity (they will look and sound busy)
  • Transactional sales:  Find’em and Close’em and Move on
  • Someone else takes care of the follow through (deliverables, implementation), follow up and customer satisfaction
  • They should be armed with lots of marketing pieces and tools to sell
  • They will rarely make formal presentations or get involved with RFPs
  • The call types are usually small to medium-sized businesses
  • Networking to them is to gather as many contacts as possible
  • They don’t need leads, but appreciate being fed leads once in a while
  • They tend to turnover quicker because what attracts them to hunting may also go hand in hand with becoming bored with doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Hunters aren’t as respected amongst colleagues because others tend to have to do clean up from the “sell at all costs” mentality.
  • Make sure they are base salary + commission – reward based on results
  • They will thrive in a competitive environment – post stats or sales scoreboards – that motivates them to see themselves on the top
  • Don’t expect them to be a team player in the office because their game is winning sales, not fans
  • They excel at “feature dumps” and may be more technically savvy with every gadget known to speed up sales
  • They may be annoyed by too many meetings or impatient with training that takes them out of the hunt
  • What paperwork?  You want them to make calls right?  Enter information into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – yeah, right, whatever you say … then back out they go.
  • They may drive you crazy when you have to constantly remind them to complete administrative tasks.  On time?  When’s that?
  • There will be several fish stories and a few whales that got away
  • Research for leads is scanning newspapers or web Career Section
  • In when the boss is, lunch with "prospects" and out of the office at 5

If you’re still gungho on taking on a Hunter, you should have a plan on how you will take care of existing customers or new customers once they’re signed.  For the sake of clarity, we’ll call them Customer Service.  Here are questions that should be addressed:
  •  Are these personnel trained to handle complex issues?
  • If existing customers are your bread and butter, should they be left in the hands of someone who may not be your most experienced employee?  
  • Is there an elevation process to move up quickly to solve issues?
  •  Does someone proactively call on customers before issues come up?
  • Who monitors your company's service level agreements are being met? 
  • Does anyone personally call on the your customer's place of business?
  • How do you promote new product offerings to existing customers?
  • Do you identify customers levels?  By revenue?  How they do business? Or frequency?   i.e. Business to Business (B2B),  mid-level, major accounts or enterprise.
  • Who can keep track of whether competitors are swimming around your customers, low-balling to get in the door, and you only find out after they've already left by the donut crumbs (zeros) on the revenue sheet?
  • If you bog your sales reps down with administrative tasks, writing their own proposals, composing RFPs from scratch, doing their own estimating, etc. etc. is it fair to call them a Hunter?

What often paralyses organizations is when you point out  “take care of your customers and your customers will take care of the bottom line” ...  or,  it takes 85% more effort to attract a new customer than it takes to keep existing customers happy.  This is where there is a disconnect.  Organizations want to pay someone commission to find the new customer and then have them move on to find more.   That is fine as long as you understand:
  • How do you define new business?  New customers or net new revenue?
  • Who manages the relationship with the customer?
  • How are you going to take care of new customers once they sign on?
  • Do you know whether the customer bought the person selling them just as much as the organization, service, product?
  • At what stage or how do they transition from the rep to someone else?
  •  How complicated is the sales process?  
  • Is pre- and post-sales support required?
  • How long are the sales cycles?
  • Is your offering transactional business that churns quickly?
  • Do you support sales efforts with captivating marketing or sales tools like brochures, samples or demos?
  • How accurately are the territories aligned?
  • Are you giving kudos to a rep who carries a $750,000 territory and increases new business by 10% and not to another rep who carries $1.5 million but only increases new business by 5%?

If you want your sales reps to do the hunting while the organization takes  care of the business they sell, that is completely fine.  However, depending on the answers above, sales cycle, ongoing involvement required, you may hire an Account Executive or Account Manager.  They come packaged looking like a  “Farmer” with most or all of the following attributes:
  • Builders of strong and lasting relationships
  • Not as high activity as their Hunter counterparts; there is a balance between hunting versus taking care of existing customers; more of latter
  • They will be thorough because they care about their reputation
  • They can be annoying by being actively concerned and want to be involved during any implementation process
  • They will do follow up, know everyone and everything about the customer
  • They’ll research a prospect, understand who’s who, what’s before they pick up the phone or enter the premises
  • Networking to them is within the context of their customers' industry so they can attend their events, see them in their own environment, with their peers and learn more about the customer's business
  • Yes, they appear to spend time doing pretty power points customized to who/what they’re presenting
  • They rely on referrals more than cold calls, because they’re warm and a testiment to their hard work and reputation
  • The new business  may not be from brand new customers, but from brand new individuals or departments within their customer base
  • There will be little clean up from over promising and under delivering
  • They will have  ideas on how to make the life of “their” customers easier
  •  They won’t turnover, as long as you recognize the value they bring
  • Don’t criticize their sales efforts, new business means new revenue 
  •  Paperwork will usually be detailed, updates whether you want it or not
  •  CRMs are conscientiously updated because they want to track and remember each customer as though each one is their only one (that is how they will be treated)
  • They won’t mind meetings as long as it is discussing their customers, resolving issues, coming up with innovative ideas to manage customers better.
  • You may wonder if that rep leaves if that customer will leave with them?
  • They will be more of a team player because they’re open to learning better ways to retain their customers or new avenues to create revenue from their warm pool.
  • Chances are while everyone else is sharing whale tales or discussing sports scores, they're at their customer's office or working at their desk; they'd rather not discuss it until its done
  • You probably don't notice what time they start in the morning, unless it seems late, failing to notice dark circles under their eyes

This sometimes circles back to organizations rethinking the original complaint that they want hunters.   Many sales managers fall short on this area.  Especially new sales managers.  Ask yourself:  as long as revenue is growing, what is the problem with feeding off existing customers?  The predisposition is to expect new customers.  Many executives love the war stories of Hunters and think that they must be doing extraordinary. What is wrong  with new revenue channels from existing customers?  Aren’t the results the same?  The challenge being, you can't rely on existing customers in the long run.

As a matter of fact, most end up with Farmers because they actually prefer the behaviours of a Farmer.    They are easier to manage.  They don’t turnover as much, nor do they strain the organization resources as much as a hunter does.  

By now, you may be irritated.  What you really want is new revenue.  Well, then you have to decide what that new revenue will look like and how it will be managed once it arrives.

Often times,  the people doing the pre-screening are not sales people.  Unfortunately, the mediocre sales pros are sometimes better at selling themselves than producing results.  The Hunter is who HR tends to gravitate towards if they're pressured to hire someone that can sell.   In some circles, Hunters can be stereotyped as “bottom feeders”.  From my perspective, if you're not careful, they'll tell you what you want to hear then afterwards eat your bottom line.

Personally, I’d opt for the person who is attentive, appears to be somewhat humble, and asks great questions.  I understand that high turnover in sales actually detracts from creating revenue streams.  Many short-lived sales people result from being fakes, not being able to add value or deliver results.  I get it that there are ones that may actually look like a Farmer but still have the Hunter instincts.  That's when you have  found Utopia.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Follow the rules before you define them

Black & White Self-portrait wit glasses by Wix Photographer Juliette Jourdain

"This above ALL:  to thine own self be true."

~ William Shakespeare

LOL, I have to chuckle.  I admit that I try a number of different online outlets or portals to connect and network.  As I continue to explore, I extrapolate a lot of mistakes being made by a similar group of people.

It would appear as though the majority of marketers think that their prospective clients are dumb or tuned out.  They think they are making the rules, when , in fact, they are breaking the rules.  I thought of a few to get started to those who reach out to prospect for others to hire you as a social media expert.

Rule No. 1 Know your audience and what they are looking for

Rule No. 2 Lead by example

Rule No. 3 Ensure your follower to follow ratio is weighted by who is following you, not the other way around.

Rule No. 4 Try to get a few online influencers in your corner.

Rule No. 5  Be your own unique voice, don't try to say what you THINK others want to hear.

Rule No. 6  Be creative, be thought provoking, be visual

Rule No. 7  Don't try to build your acclaim by 3 degrees of separation

Rule No. 8  Do NOT plagiarize others' ideas and claim them as your own.

Rule No. 9  Give credit where credit is due

Rule No. 10  Say thank you, show gratitude, share appreciation

These rules can be expanded.  I likely will.  The main idea is to get started with the idea and then let things flow and the ideas evolve.    

Rule No. 11  Test your ideas, check for traction, respond to interaction or reaction

Start at Rule No. 1 again.  Like a snowball, go through the process again, see what you can attract and build upon as you go through the steps each time.

Rule No. 12  Comment to an idea originator if something they said, you tried, and share what worked, what didn't work.

Rule No. 13  You will only build a crowd once you fade into the crowd or are enveloped within one.

Tulip:  my favorite flower
As today putters to an end, I bid adieu to 55 and resolve to coasting towards 60 now that I've crossed from the mid-point to the other side.  Thanks to one of my greatest Social Media friends, Mott, shared Conan O'Brien's birthday post on Facebook and I happened to see this morning.  How cool is that eh?    I like the idea of having "something in common with Conan O'Brien" .... and a whole list of greatest in the following company whom we keep on celebrating an April 18th birthday .... Bon Fete mes ami :o)

WIX.com924 × 1155Search by image
self-portrait of sad clown by Wix photographer Juliette Jourdain

April 18 Famous Birthdays (SOURCE: BIRTHDAY NINJAs)

The zodiac sign of a person born on April 18 is Aries .
The following famous people celebrate their birthday on April 18th. The list is arranged in chronological order and includes celebrities like actors, actresses, models, singers, rappers and producers. Click the    after the name to explore the birth date info and know the meaning of their life path number.
The epic list contains 285 persons. Showing 1 - 20.
  • 1480
    Lucrezia Borgia, Italian daughter of Pope Alexander VI (d. 1519). Life path number 8
  • 1503
    Henry II of Navarre, (d. 1555). Life path number 22
  • 1590
    Ahmed I, Ottoman sultan (d. 1617). Life path number 1
  • 1605
    Giacomo Carissimi, Italian priest and composer (d. 1674). Life path number 7
  • 1648
    Jeanne Guyon, French mystic and author (d. 1717). Life path number 5
  • 1666
    Jean-Féry Rebel, French violinist and composer (d. 1747). Life path number 5
  • 1740
    Sir Francis Baring, 1st Baronet, English banker and politician (d. 1810). Life path number 7
  • 1759
    Jacques Widerkehr, French cellist and composer (d. 1823). Life path number 8
  • 1771
    Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg (d. 1820). Life path number 2
  • 1772
    David Ricardo, English economist and politician (d. 1823). Life path number 3
  • 1794
    William Debenham, English founder of Debenhams (d. 1863). Life path number 7
  • 1797
    Adolphe Thiers, French historian and politician, 2nd President of France (d. 1877). Life path number 1
  • 1813
    James McCune Smith, American physician and author (d. 1865). Life path number 8
  • 1819
    Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Cuban lawyer and activist (d. 1874). Life path number 5
  • 1819
    Franz von Suppé, Austrian composer and conductor (d. 1895). Life path number 5
  • 1838
    Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran, French chemist and academic (d. 1912). Life path number 6
  • 1857
    Clarence Darrow, American lawyer (d. 1938). Life path number 7
  • 1857
    Alexander Shirvanzade, Armenian playwright and author (d. 1935). Life path number 7
  • 1858
    Dhondo Keshav Karve, Indian educator and activist, Bharat Ratna Awardee (d. 1962). Life path number 8
  • 1863
    Count Leopold Berchtold, Austrian-Hungarian politician and diplomat, Joint Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary (d. 1942). Life path number 22

  • 1863
    Linton Hope, English sailor and architect (d. 1920). Life path number 22
  • 1864
    Richard Harding Davis, American journalist and author (d. 1916). Life path number 5
  • 1874
    Abd-ru-shin, German author (d. 1941). Life path number 6
  • 1874
    Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, Croatian author and poet (d. 1938). Life path number 6
  • 1877
    Vicente Sotto, Filipino lawyer and politician (d. 1950). Life path number 9
  • 1879
    Korneli Kekelidze, Georgian philologist and scholar (d. 1962). Life path number 2
  • 1880
    Sam Crawford, American baseball player, coach, and umpire (d. 1968). Life path number 3
  • 1882
    Isaac Babalola Akinyele, Nigerian ruler (d. 1964). Life path number 5
  • 1882
    Leopold Stokowski, English conductor (d. 1977). Life path number 5
  • 1884
    Jaan Anvelt, Estonian educator and politician (d. 1937). Life path number 7
  • 1888
    Duffy Lewis, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1979). Life path number 2
  • 1889
    Jessie Street, Australian activist (d. 1970). Life path number 3
  • 1893
    Violette Morris, French shot putter and discus thrower (d. 1944). Life path number 7
  • 1896
    Na Hye-sok, South Korean journalist, poet, and painter (d. 1948). Life path number 1
  • 1897
    Ardito Desio, Italian geologist and cartographer (d. 2001). Life path number 2
  • 1897
    Per-Erik Hedlund, Swedish skier (d. 1975). Life path number 2
  • 1898
    Patrick Hennessy, Irish soldier and businessman (d. 1981). Life path number 3
  • 1901
    Al Lewis, American songwriter (d. 1967). Life path number 6  
  • 1901
    László Németh, Hungarian dentist, author, and playwright (d. 1975). Life path number 6  
  • 1902
    Waldemar Hammenhög, Swedish author (d. 1972). Life path number 7  

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  • 1902
    Giuseppe Pella, Italian politician, 32nd Prime Minister of Italy (d. 1981). Life path number 7  
  • 1904
    Pigmeat Markham, American actor, singer, and dancer (d. 1981). Life path number 9  
  • 1905
    Sydney Halter, Canadian lawyer and businessman (d. 1990). Life path number 1  
  • 1905
    George H. Hitchings, American physician and pharmacologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1998). Life path number 1  
  • 1907
    Miklós Rózsa, Hungarian-American composer and conductor (d. 1995). Life path number 3  
  • 1911
    Ilario Bandini, Italian businessman and race car driver (d. 1992). Life path number 7  
  • 1911
    Maurice Goldhaber, Ukrainian-American physicist and academic (d. 2011). Life path number 7  
  • 1914
    Claire Martin, Canadian author (d. 2014). Life path number 1  
  • 1915
    Joy Davidman, American poet and author (d. 1960). Life path number 2  
  • 1916
    Carl Burgos, American illustrator (d. 1984). Life path number 3  
  • 1916
    Doug Peden, Canadian basketball player (d. 2005). Life path number 3  
  • 1917
    Ty LaForest, Canadian-American baseball player (d. 1947). Life path number 22  
  • 1917
    Frederica of Hanover (d. 1981). Life path number 22  
  • 1918
    Gabriel Axel, Danish-French actor, director, and producer (d. 2014). Life path number 5  
  • 1918
    André Bazin, French critic and theorist (d. 1958). Life path number 5  
  • 1918
    Shinobu Hashimoto, Japanese director, producer, and screenwriter. Life path number 5  
  • 1918
    Clifton Hillegass, American publisher, founded ''CliffsNotes'' (d. 2001). Life path number 5  
  • 1918
    Tony Mottola, American guitarist and composer (d. 2004). Life path number 5  
  • 1919
    Vondell Darr, American actress (d. 2012). Life path number 6  
  • 1919
    Virginia O'Brien, American actress and singer (d. 2001). Life path number 6  

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    The epic list contains 285 persons. Showing 61 - 80.
    • 1920
      John F. Wiley, American football player and coach (d. 2013). Life path number 7  
    • 1921
      Jean Richard, French actor and singer (d. 2001). Life path number 8  
    • 1922
      Barbara Hale, American actress. Life path number 9  
    • 1922
      Lord Kitchner, Trinidadian singer (d. 2000). Life path number 9  
    • 1923
      Alfred Bieler, Swiss ice hockey player (d. 2013). Life path number 1  
    • 1923
      Beryl Platt, Baroness Platt of Writtle, English engineer and politician (d. 2015). Life path number 1  
    • 1924
      Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2005). Life path number 2  
    • 1924
      Henry Hyde, American commander, lawyer, and politician (d. 2007). Life path number 2  
    • 1924
      Roy Mason, English miner and politician, Secretary of State for Defence (d. 2015). Life path number 2  
    • 1925
      Bob Hastings, American actor (d. 2014). Life path number 3  
    • 1925
      Marcus Schmuck, Austrian mountaineer and author (d. 2005). Life path number 3  
    • 1926
      Doug Insole, English cricketer. Life path number 22  
    • 1926
      Günter Meisner, German actor (d. 1994). Life path number 22  
    • 1927
      Samuel P. Huntington, American political scientist, author, and academic (d. 2008). Life path number 5  
    • 1927
      Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Polish journalist and politician, Prime Minister of Poland (d. 2013). Life path number 5  
    • 1927
      Charles Pasqua, French businessman and politician, French Minister of the Interior (d. 2015). Life path number 5  
    • 1928
      Karl Josef Becker, German cardinal and theologian (d. 2015). Life path number 6  
    • 1928
      Otto Piene, German sculptor and academic (d. 2014). Life path number 6  
    • 1929
      Peter Hordern, English soldier and politician. Life path number 7  
    • 1930
      Clive Revill, New Zealand-English actor and singer. Life path number 8  

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    The epic list contains 285 persons. Showing 81 - 100.
    • 1931
      Bill Miles, American director and producer (d. 2013). Life path number 9  
    • 1934
      James Drury, American actor. Life path number 3  
    • 1934
      George Shirley, American tenor and educator. Life path number 3  
    • 1935
      Jerry Dexter, American voice actor (d. 2013). Life path number 22  
    • 1935
      Costas Ferris, Egyptian-Greek actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Life path number 22  
    • 1936
      Roger Graef, American-English criminologist, director, and producer. Life path number 5  
    • 1936
      Vladimir Hütt, Estonian physicist and philosopher (d. 1997). Life path number 5  
    • 1936
      Tommy Ivo, American actor and race car driver. Life path number 5  
    • 1937
      Jan Kaplický, Czech architect, designed the Selfridges Building (d. 2009). Life path number 6  
    • 1937
      Tatyana Shchelkanova, Russian long jumper and heptathlete (d. 2011). Life path number 6  
    • 1937
      Teddy Taylor, Scottish journalist and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland. Life path number 6  
    • 1939
      Thomas J. Moyer, American lawyer and judge (d. 2010). Life path number 8  
    • 1940
      Joseph L. Goldstein, American biochemist and geneticist, Nobel Prize laureate. Life path number 9  
    • 1940
      Jaak Lipso, Estonian basketball player and coach. Life path number 9  
    • 1940
      Mike Vickers, English guitarist, saxophonist, and songwriter (Manfred Mann and The Manfreds). Life path number 9  
    • 1941
      Michael D. Higgins, Irish sociologist and politician, 9th President of Ireland. Life path number 1  
    • 1942
      Michael Beloff, English lawyer and academic. Life path number 2  
    • 1942
      Steve Blass, American baseball player and sportscaster. Life path number 2  
    • 1942
      Robert Christgau, American journalist and critic. Life path number 2  
    • 1942
      Jochen Rindt, German-Austrian race car driver (d. 1970). Life path number 2  

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    The epic list contains 285 persons. Showing 101 - 120.
    • 1943
      Zeki Alasya, Turkish actor and director (d. 2015). Life path number 3  
    • 1944
      Frances D'Souza, Baroness D'Souza, English academic and politician. Life path number 22  
    • 1944
      Robert Hanssen, American FBI agent and spy. Life path number 22  
    • 1944
      Philip Jackson, Scottish sculptor and photographer. Life path number 22  
    • 1945
      Bernard Arcand, Canadian anthropologist and author (d. 2009). Life path number 5  
    • 1945
      Richard Bausch, American author and academic. Life path number 5  
    • 1945
      Robert Bausch, American author and academic. Life path number 5  
    • 1945
      Margaret Hassan, Irish-Iraqi aid worker (d. 2004). Life path number 5  
    • 1946
      Jean-François Balmer, Swiss actor. Life path number 6  
    • 1946
      Irene Fernandez, Malaysian activist (d. 2014). Life path number 6  
    • 1946
      Hayley Mills, English actress and singer. Life path number 6  
    • 1946
      Skip Spence, Canadian-American singer-songwriter, drummer and guitarist (Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape) (d. 1999). Life path number 6  
    • 1947
      Kathy Acker, American author and poet (d. 1997). Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Moses Blah, Liberian general and politician, 23rd President of Liberia (d. 2013). Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Dorothy Lyman, American actress, director, and producer. Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Herbert Mullin, American serial killer. Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Cindy Pickett, American actress. Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Greg Quill, Australian-Canadian singer-songwriter and journalist (d. 2013). Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      Jerzy Stuhr, Polish actor, director, and screenwriter. Life path number 7  
    • 1947
      James Woods, American actor and producer. Life path number 7  

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    The epic list contains 285 persons. Showing 121 - 140.
    • 1948
      Régis Wargnier, French director, producer, and screenwriter. Life path number 8  
    • 1949
      Geoff Bodine, American race car driver. Life path number 9  
    • 1950
      Paul Callery, Australian footballer. Life path number 1  
    • 1950
      Tina Chow, American model and jewelry designer (d. 1992). Life path number 1  
    • 1950
      Kenny Ortega, American director, producer, and choreographer. Life path number 1  
    • 1950
      Grigory Sokolov, Russian pianist and composer. Life path number 1  
    • 1951
      Ricardo Fortaleza, Australian-Filipino boxer and coach. Life path number 2  
    • 1951
      Pierre Pettigrew, Canadian businessman and politician, 5th Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Life path number 2  
    • 1953
      Rick Moranis, Canadian-American actor, singer, and screenwriter. Life path number 22  
    • 1954
      Robert Greenberg, American pianist and composer. Life path number 5  
    • 1956
      Eric Roberts, American actor. Life path number 7  
    • 1956
      Melody Thomas Scott, American actress. Life path number 7  
    • 1957
      Ian Campbell, Australian jumper. Life path number 8  
    • 1957
      Anna Kathryn Holbrook, American actress and educator. Life path number 8  
    • 1958
      Malcolm Marshall, Barbadian cricketer and coach (d. 1999). Life path number 9  
    • 1958
      Karen Mayo-Chandler, English actress and model (d. 2006). Life path number 9  
    • 1958
      Thomas Simaku, Albanian-English composer. Life path number 9  
    • 1958
      Tarmo Teder, Estonian poet and critic. Life path number 9  
    • 1959
      Susan Faludi, American journalist and author. Life path number 1  
    • 1959
      Frank Mulholland, Scottish lawyer and politician, Solicitor General for Scotland. Life path number 1  

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