Saturday, September 9, 2017

forecast the FORECAST numbers

How healthy are your numbers?
As in:  how intimately do your know your numbers?  

What numbers you say?
The ones that identify you.

I'm just a number you nag?
Nope, unique to you and nobody else.

Does your brain need exercising?
More than likely if your reaction is to break out in a sweat
imagining gosh-awful mathematics disciplined calculations.

Naw, these are your own.
Your online DNA, meaning unique singular identifier.  
Based on your numbers, which mingle with all other stats 
aligned and influenced and promoted and/or clicked.

Those are your numbers?
Yes, and even more.  The secret to numbers is 
to do flips and handstands ... around them, spinning them into circles.

Telling you the story
of who you truly are.  
As you are in control of your destiny
when your fingers fall on a keyboard relaxed.

You are attracted to and attracted by quality persons.
Is part of your main brand.
No maliciousness or callowness promoted.
More in motivation, inspiration and devoted supporters.