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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy healing and healthy being

When it seems like all other areas in your life are falling apart, there is only one thing you can possibly control:


If you try to be the best person inside, true to your truest character, spectacular vibe and kindness to everyone ~ you HAVE the ability the change not only how you view the world, but also how the world views you.

After facing bullying myself for the first time in my life after turning 56 years old just this past April, I find strength building within me, not without the assistance of my therapist Marjory.

At this prime time age [ NIX the MIDDLE AGE already!] you have earned the right to be who you ARE!

Fashion 911 Board on Pinterest > SOURCE < Link

I'm not saying if you're a guy, you are aspiring to be a character cast permanently henceforth as the "grumpy old guy" or "old perv".  Nor am I suggesting that we women have to resort to comfy shoes only, bloaty tops with massive floral collage intended as a decoy to hide that post-menopausal early trimester pregnancy look [ that MOST women experience regardless of race, color, demographic  [= age + education + where you live], location, living conditions].

You MAY think if you wear those life-weary looks of drooling at really young girls or scowling at their belly buttons showing or deep enough cleavages that makes toe jam look like a speck of dirt.

What about testing my theory?
Be the truest you that you can possibly be!  There is no linkage or printed guides or rule books or user manuals or YouTube videos required.  Totally unique to you, wired closely between the head and the heart.  More close to your identity than your DNA.  You.

Who you were meant to be.
Forget about looking at the past.  Examining and spending so much agonizing energy on what ifs?  You CAN start to be you.  There is NEVER never enough time.  You do not need pocketfuls of money or unlimited VISA limits for shopping or pulling together your look.

Yes, it starts inside.
Nothing more difficult than asking yourself:  "What do you want?"  At my first therapy, recovering anxiety from the bullying experience, Marjory started with that simple question.

Journal til there's no ink left.
That was the instruction.  Start writing and writing and writing.  Regardless of what you are writing.  No judgement, complete privacy, just empty your heart and your head essentially is what I thought it meant.  Yeah, it took me outta my blogging, which has been mostly a release of the brain:  sharing what I know.

Helping people.
That's what I like doing most.  I tend to focus on avoiding the pitfalls that I've had to go through in order to clear the air and focus on moving forward.  By saying forward, I am meaning mostly that you are just .... 

..... letting go of the past.  With a big picture in mind, putting all the junk in a bubble:  lack of confidence, humble beginnings, shortfall in knowledge (aka lack of formal education), poor body image, horrible childhood, victimization, gender or race discrimination, divorce, violence, bullying, failure, disappointment, hurt ......... put it into the bubble [ aka journal if you need to about that stuff so that you can talk it over with a therapist ~ breaking the rules of letting it go ].  

Bouncing with the tide and blowing with the wind, the bubble has left you behind.  Now what are you going to do?

Now that you let all that toxic waste float away in the bubble, what do you have left?  Only YOU.  What does that look like, how do you look?  That's where the "What do you want?" steps in.

What do you want?
You can write and think all you like about lists upon lists of the little things to the gigantic dream.

"The bigger the dream,
   the more the hard work."
  ~ Jeannette Marshall 

No item too big or too small.
If it is what you want, it is what you want. Remember, in your private journal, it is YOU, it is private, it is between "Me, myself & I" if you need a debate or thrive on controversy go for it.

There are no short cuts for you skippies out there who like to dart around things and stomp on people to get to where they want to be.  What seems like an overnight miracle are years of perspiration:  that's what I extracted from watching THE NINETIES by CNN where its focus was really about the first kings of technology:  STEVE JOBS and BILL GATES.  Even if you want to lean towards sympathizing with the founders of NETSCAPE, stop it.  They earned millions of dollars on an idea they were able to execute.

EXECUTE ideas.
Don't just talk about it, give your ideas away, or work for a company who will gladly swipe that idea under the umbrella of corporate regulations and employment contracts:  what you create there becomes their property.

Life is unfair.
Get used to it.  Heck, if you're in your 40s or beyond you should know this by now and stop talking about it or how luck evaded you.

 Getting things done requires elbow grease or perspiration or agonizing or choices.  Checking things off mental lists that surface in the middle of the night when you are longing for slumber.  EXECUTE. Complete.  Finito.  Bon Voyage.  NEXT? Get'er'done already!

I got ahead of myself again, per usual.  Jump forward, bending sideways, and sometimes losing the very important point.  I guess that is the part of blogging that I really enjoy:  helping others and exhausting those thoughts that don't fit into a journal and may be better to share.

When I wrote what I wanted, it wasn't about material things, I am very fortunately married to Hunkster Hubster which I appreciate most days [ trials and tribulations of married life is normal ].  Sure, I'd love a much bigger house in a tropical locale with the web my biggest tool [ or hammer, depending upon my mood ].  

Was what I thought I really wanted.  Until you try it, you don't really realize or appreciate how difficult that is.  I think it was Oprah Winfrey probably in the 90s who got everyone thinking about having a GRATITUDE journal, whereby you wrote about what was positive that happened that day.  Even as you wake up, you can write down what you look forward to that day.

I am at the very early, formative stage of doing cognitive behavior development.  With my baby toe on my right foot touching the tip hesitantly.  I hardly think it is possible without emptying the brain and the heart of anything toxic, and placing it in the bubble to float away.

Happy healing and healthy being,

Jeannette xo

Thursday, July 20, 2017

What type of sales professional are you looking for?

The following blog is my all-time most read blog.  It certainly does focus on sales.  My first love.  My career sweet spot.

I challenged organizations to define the type of sales professionals they want working for them, or at least help decipher what type they may actually have.

Whether your organization is growing rapidly and you have decided to have sales professionals manage the steady influx of clients, or business is lagging and you think hiring a sales professional is the cure, you should examine what emphasis your organization's focus is on.  In both cases, they can increase your revenue, they may just do it differently.

Hunter or Farmer: What type of sales professional do you want?

Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness. 
                                                          ~Henri Frederic Amiel

I am often asked how do you really find a top performing sales professional?  What characteristics or qualities can you readily identify that will ensure you’ve got a winner?  That takes me back to what my own sales manager advised me when I was replacing him and asked to a top performing sales role to my first “gig” as a sales manager:   “Hire’em, train’em, send’em out, then watch’em like a hawk!”

I wish it were as simple.  Looking back now,  I can clearly see what mistakes I made when I started and find it easy to identify new or bad managers based on repeating those same mistakes.  Good and bad managers will be left for another blog while I tackle this weighty question:  How do you reduce your risk of making a bad hire in sales?

Initially, you have to understand what type of sales professional you looking for.   Most organizations will say they're looking for "Hunters" and not order takers.  What they mean is someone who can drum up new business.  They can be titled "Business Development” or simply “Sales Representative”.  They are more easily identified when you take the time to understand the Hunter mentality:

  • Short sales cycles
  • High call rate/activity (they will look and sound busy)
  • Transactional sales:  Find’em and Close’em and Move on
  • Someone else takes care of the follow through (deliverables, implementation), follow up and customer satisfaction
  • They should be armed with lots of marketing pieces and tools to sell
  • They will rarely make formal presentations or get involved with RFPs
  • The call types are usually small to medium-sized businesses
  • Networking to them is to gather as many contacts as possible
  • They don’t need leads, but appreciate being fed leads once in a while
  • They tend to turnover quicker because what attracts them to hunting may also go hand in hand with becoming bored with doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Hunters aren’t as respected amongst colleagues because others tend to have to do clean up from the “sell at all costs” mentality.
  • Make sure they are base salary + commission – reward based on results
  • They will thrive in a competitive environment – post stats or sales scoreboards – that motivates them to see themselves on the top
  • Don’t expect them to be a team player in the office because their game is winning sales, not fans
  • They excel at “feature dumps” and may be more technically savvy with every gadget known to speed up sales
  • They may be annoyed by too many meetings or impatient with training that takes them out of the hunt
  • What paperwork?  You want them to make calls right?  Enter information into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – yeah, right, whatever you say … then back out they go.
  • They may drive you crazy when you have to constantly remind them to complete administrative tasks.  On time?  When’s that?
  • There will be several fish stories and a few whales that got away
  • Research for leads is scanning newspapers or web Career Section
  • In when the boss is, lunch with "prospects" and out of the office at 5

If you’re still gungho on taking on a Hunter, you should have a plan on how you will take care of existing customers or new customers once they’re signed.  For the sake of clarity, we’ll call them Customer Service.  Here are questions that should be addressed:
  •  Are these personnel trained to handle complex issues?
  • If existing customers are your bread and butter, should they be left in the hands of someone who may not be your most experienced employee?  
  • Is there an elevation process to move up quickly to solve issues?
  •  Does someone proactively call on customers before issues come up?
  • Who monitors your company's service level agreements are being met? 
  • Does anyone personally call on the your customer's place of business?
  • How do you promote new product offerings to existing customers?
  • Do you identify customers levels?  By revenue?  How they do business? Or frequency?   i.e. Business to Business (B2B),  mid-level, major accounts or enterprise.
  • Who can keep track of whether competitors are swimming around your customers, low-balling to get in the door, and you only find out after they've already left by the donut crumbs (zeros) on the revenue sheet?
  • If you bog your sales reps down with administrative tasks, writing their own proposals, composing RFPs from scratch, doing their own estimating, etc. etc. is it fair to call them a Hunter?

What often paralyses organizations is when you point out  “take care of your customers and your customers will take care of the bottom line” ...  or,  it takes 85% more effort to attract a new customer than it takes to keep existing customers happy.  This is where there is a disconnect.  Organizations want to pay someone commission to find the new customer and then have them move on to find more.   That is fine as long as you understand:
  • How do you define new business?  New customers or net new revenue?
  • Who manages the relationship with the customer?
  • How are you going to take care of new customers once they sign on?
  • Do you know whether the customer bought the person selling them just as much as the organization, service, product?
  • At what stage or how do they transition from the rep to someone else?
  •  How complicated is the sales process?  
  • Is pre- and post-sales support required?
  • How long are the sales cycles?
  • Is your offering transactional business that churns quickly?
  • Do you support sales efforts with captivating marketing or sales tools like brochures, samples or demos?
  • How accurately are the territories aligned?
  • Are you giving kudos to a rep who carries a $750,000 territory and increases new business by 10% and not to another rep who carries $1.5 million but only increases new business by 5%?

If you want your sales reps to do the hunting while the organization takes  care of the business they sell, that is completely fine.  However, depending on the answers above, sales cycle, ongoing involvement required, you may hire an Account Executive or Account Manager.  They come packaged looking like a  “Farmer” with most or all of the following attributes:
  • Builders of strong and lasting relationships
  • Not as high activity as their Hunter counterparts; there is a balance between hunting versus taking care of existing customers; more of latter
  • They will be thorough because they care about their reputation
  • They can be annoying by being actively concerned and want to be involved during any implementation process
  • They will do follow up, know everyone and everything about the customer
  • They’ll research a prospect, understand who’s who, what’s before they pick up the phone or enter the premises
  • Networking to them is within the context of their customers' industry so they can attend their events, see them in their own environment, with their peers and learn more about the customer's business
  • Yes, they appear to spend time doing pretty power points customized to who/what they’re presenting
  • They rely on referrals more than cold calls, because they’re warm and a testiment to their hard work and reputation
  • The new business  may not be from brand new customers, but from brand new individuals or departments within their customer base
  • There will be little clean up from over promising and under delivering
  • They will have  ideas on how to make the life of “their” customers easier
  •  They won’t turnover, as long as you recognize the value they bring
  • Don’t criticize their sales efforts, new business means new revenue 
  •  Paperwork will usually be detailed, updates whether you want it or not
  •  CRMs are conscientiously updated because they want to track and remember each customer as though each one is their only one (that is how they will be treated)
  • They won’t mind meetings as long as it is discussing their customers, resolving issues, coming up with innovative ideas to manage customers better.
  • You may wonder if that rep leaves if that customer will leave with them?
  • They will be more of a team player because they’re open to learning better ways to retain their customers or new avenues to create revenue from their warm pool.
  • Chances are while everyone else is sharing whale tales or discussing sports scores, they're at their customer's office or working at their desk; they'd rather not discuss it until its done
  • You probably don't notice what time they start in the morning, unless it seems late, failing to notice dark circles under their eyes

This sometimes circles back to organizations rethinking the original complaint that they want hunters.   Many sales managers fall short on this area.  Especially new sales managers.  Ask yourself:  as long as revenue is growing, what is the problem with feeding off existing customers?  The predisposition is to expect new customers.  Many executives love the war stories of Hunters and think that they must be doing extraordinary. What is wrong  with new revenue channels from existing customers?  Aren’t the results the same?  The challenge being, you can't rely on existing customers in the long run.

As a matter of fact, most end up with Farmers because they actually prefer the behaviours of a Farmer.    They are easier to manage.  They don’t turnover as much, nor do they strain the organization resources as much as a hunter does.  

By now, you may be irritated.  What you really want is new revenue.  Well, then you have to decide what that new revenue will look like and how it will be managed once it arrives.

Often times,  the people doing the pre-screening are not sales people.  Unfortunately, the mediocre sales pros are sometimes better at selling themselves than producing results.  The Hunter is who HR tends to gravitate towards if they're pressured to hire someone that can sell.   In some circles, Hunters can be stereotyped as “bottom feeders”.  From my perspective, if you're not careful, they'll tell you what you want to hear then afterwards eat your bottom line.

Personally, I’d opt for the person who is attentive, appears to be somewhat humble, and asks great questions.  I understand that high turnover in sales actually detracts from creating revenue streams.  Many short-lived sales people result from being fakes, not being able to add value or deliver results.  I get it that there are ones that may actually look like a Farmer but still have the Hunter instincts.  That's when you have  found Utopia.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Game of Gnomes

 I happened to capture this Tweet a few weeks back … and I’m not even online 24x7, not even an honest day’s worth of 8 hrs [I have a REAL life full time job] …. 

I have found that the latest feature that has crept up and captured my attention, for whatever that is worth [these days=nothing] Twitter has started to encapsulate conversations and link the same twitter train (essentially, what it is doing, organizing profiles under the umbrella of a, let’s call it a “Master Tweet”. If you are lucky to be included with a large number of influencers, who acknowledge by a like [heart] or a reTweet [ #RT ] can cast a much larger web.

Lamb by Catherine Darling

If you are a Bleater (a lamb’s annoying noise or cry) with content that lack substance are Bleater online …. a newly created word by me to describe online behavior that repeatedly shares lovely images of flowers, sunsets, beautiful vistas. A Bleater is a noun, as in a person.

Twitter is likely creating secret analytics and algorithm symphony to create the proverbial carrot scattered about among rabbits [ for the purpose of this story and theme, let’s say that the big BRANDS are rabbits ]. But for a uniqueness score and continued theme, brands will be called Grabbits. Grabbits could be Coca Cola, Tesla, or Trump Towers.

Grabbits are slowly developing a very large appetite for carrots. The carrots that rabbits cherish, evolved to the online, social media, world we still get a spellcheck or (insert name: Grammarly - who I use) whenever you type “influencer” or “influencers”. We can’t grammatically call them anything that sounds like SIRs because of the many GALs that share the same space.  Yes, those cute, adorable, engines working to separate you from your money.

For ease of speech and spelling, the influencers are dubbed “The Doers”. These are the people that can make or break your opinion, the popular opinion of those online {amassing and growing by leaps and bounds). The “Masses” are the obvious ‘other’ people circulating and clicking.

The Doers have developed a positive brand, reputation with a steadfast, loyal following. With authenticity continually under question online, I see how Twitter is grasping, seeing the need that Facebook has accidentally stumbled upon (Stumpleupon is still out there, FYI) how a tribe does impact your vibe. The Doers are critical of themselves mostly yet avoid detractors, sociapaths, egomaniacs, etc. [if only to share sometimes as an interest not a direction nor an opinion].

Twitter is developing the ability to keep The Doers in the same circles, refining their recommendations for whom others should follow. Wouldn’t that be cool if you ended up on that few box list? They probably can cleverly guess who is more likely to have someone click on The Doer profile based on the demographic, clicks, followers of their followers.

I’d like to call the followers “A Flower”. A flower needs nourishment in order to grow into a great thing of beauty. So all my followers are now Flowers: I hope to be able to sprinkle a little sunshine on.

To understand this, do this simple exercise: find one of your favorite quotes, settle on your favorite art and send it out to 10 people whom you enjoy reading their Tweets, would like to go beyond a connection to an ENGAGEMENT and include them in the tweet.

This will land directly in their notifications category — MUCH MORE gratifying and appealing to see the numbers grow in NOTIFICATIONS on Twitter than the Private Messages {cluttered with Spam). SPAM is the negative description for annoying interruptions to your otherwise joyful cruise online. Seemingly, screaming at you, guaranteed to be annoying to you. A SPAM is a person, a post, a tweet that is self-serving only to themselves. Self-advertising as is often disposed by the Grabbits.

Viral highjinx is the new order of the day: let’s see if we can trick people to think this is a heartwarming moment that Flowers may grow, grabbed by SPAM paid for by Grabbits.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017


So many things to aspire to and be inspired by.  Here is a gallery of quotes blended with quotes, as I prove:  PRACTICE does make PERFECT [and I have a long way to go .... and will keep trying].

I hope you like one or two ... let me know which one is your favorite or if I missed one of your's.

I am celebrating creativity.  A form of coping in a unruly world of controversy, chaos and so many decisions in the life of opportunity.  Rely on nobody else.  There is no one more invested in YOU than YOU.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Political cartoons: a walk down memory lane

Ever wonder what cartoons were floating around during world events during your life?  I chose the cartoon and a blurb from an online source on the historical climate of the time from random moments.  

If you're wondering how to get blogging, just join me and do this very same exercise:  it will uniquely introduce you to the world connected by its fingertips.

April 18, 1961
My birthday

The Bay of Pigs Invasion happened the day before my birth.  Mere hours after.  I know I blog about the state of the world when I was born, in general terms, that bomb shelters were the norm.  Emergency drills community wide were never a surprise.  My father, in the Canadian air force, on stand by (think of being on on call and lock down combined).


The invasion began on April 17, 1961 when the Cuban-exile invasion force, known as Brigade 2506 along the Bay of Pigs. Unfortunately Castro’s regime was prepared and they were immediately under attack.  Two of the ships transporting the soldiers were sunk and half of the air support for the Brigade was shot down. On top of that the weather was worse than expected and the men were unprepared for the attack. They eventually ran out of dry equipment and ammunition. Castro’s retaliation was much quicker than the rebellion forces were prepared for as he sent out 20,000 troops out to the beach and he poured airplanes in the sky within 24 hours of the attack. There seemed to be no sign of relief so in a last stich effort President Kennedy sent six unmarked fighter planes to help defend the brigade. However the emergency planes arrived too late and 1200 exiles surrendered and 100 were killed in the attack. The 1200 who surrendered were thrown in various prisons around Cuba.  In the end the US surrendered tractors and other goods to Cuba in exchange for the release of the prisoners.

July 20, 1969

I remember this day very clearly.  It was hours before my family's lift off where we were flying to German to spend five years.  At 8 years old, I was enraptured by the scene unfolding before the television:  a great event in history.  We were at my aunt's house, all gathered around the TV, kids laying on the floor, with elbows holding up our chins, face up to the tube.


Political cartoonists like to reference back to relatable events that associate with current events.

August 1974

We returned from Europe in August 1974 after a five year hiatus.  We didn't really get much news from across the pond, as television watching was scarce simply because it was in German.  Newspapers were rare.  This was what was unfolding:

WATERGATE. The largest scandal of Richard M. Nixon's presidency unfolded with the burglary on 17 June 1972 of the National Democratic Committee headquarters in the Watergate apartment-office complex in Washington, D.C. The burglars were employees of the Committee for the Re-election of the President (CRP, called "CREEP" by Nixon's opponents) and were supervised by members of the White House staff. Watergate came to symbolize the efforts of the Nixon administration to subvert the democratic order through criminal acts; the suppression of civil liberties; the levying of domestic warfare against political opponents through espionage and sabotage, discriminatory income tax audits, and other punitive executive sanctions; and attempted intimidation of the news media. President Nixon's direct role in White House efforts to cover up involvement in the Watergate break in was revealed in a tape of a 23 June 1972 conversation with White House chief of staff H. R. Haldeman, in which Nixon discussed a plan to have the CIA pressure the FBI to cease investigation of the Watergate case by claiming that national security secrets would be threatened if the Bureau widened its investigations. It was after this so-called "smoking gun" tape was made public on 6 August 1974 that President Nixon resigned from office on 9 August 1974.  SOURCE:  ic gale group.

Fast forward to recent events:

...... to be continued 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

happy UNmothers day!

Words of wisdom from a YUPPY ~ exploring what it means to be a consciously developed >>> Youthful Unselfish Proud Philosophical Young-at-heart ~ persona!

happy UNmothers day!
Glorious rejoicing upon the eve of the BIGGEST day of the year ~ mother's day, the BIGGEST guilt day of the annual calendar year.  More money is spent on Mother's Day than any other day of the year.

Perhaps it has slid in importance and sprinkled upon our millennial hipsters < the younger version and offspring of YUPPIES>.

I'm the luckiest of all of those others, Queen of the Crestfallen.  My birthday falls in April, three weeks before Mother's Day, so I can veer off disappointment lane when it's forgotten.

If the ones you love the most can't or don't honor your birthday, the day celebrating the day you were born, the most unique event in everyone's life:  a birthday.  Without YOU being born, those entitled offspring who rarely appreciate how unique YOU.  One of a kind.  If pushed, the said offspring would acknowledge how little they would change in YOU, their mother.  

You've sure done a great job, of raising those young Millennial Hipsters.  So well, in fact, that they calmly accept being the center of the universe, rarely acknowledging the way they were born, or by whom.

I wouldn't change a minute of it.  Being a mom has made me a lot tougher in so many ways like stifling fear and doing my darnedest to appear strong.  Even when fears before you knew were fears begin to surface.  Being a mom who did an excellent job of guiding her children in the best way she can, not in any singular form of wisdom, religion, experience or philosophy.  

That is a lesson that anyone should achieve.  On every UNmothers day every other day of the year ::... save your money on that one explosive day of feast or famine that mothers of the world unite.  Sprinkle it every UNmothers day with a small bouquet of tulips, or a greeting card with a $5 Starbucks or Tim Horton's card.  

Celebrate today, this #unMOTHERSday hashtag for the next 24 hours in 140 characters or less on Twitter, include me @optioneerJM with #RT so we REPLY and connect with expanding new followers, unique and special because you share the same spirit and celebrate excellent quality.

Today take the time to do something special to say "Ya, I done good."  Relish the moment, or take a moment every other day of the year to remind yourself of that.

Every other #unMOTHERSday is none special as today.  Yeah, you turned a new corner in a new birth day.  A strange phenomena that hits we Yuppies from the 80s, now coasting in our 50s with the same joi d'vive!