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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Leadership politics or vision?

Environment politics vision

Two opposing forces
Perhaps it is politicians out of touch with what the people want?  I am starting to think that the difference between good or mediocre politicians and great leaders is their intuitive touch with their public and constituents.

Trump and Obama
Are two complete opposites with some common ground that nobody could disagree with:
  • love of family
  • love of country
  • integrity of words
  • charisma
  • showmanship
  • leadership
  • commitment to commitments

Yet two areas they are on opposing views as the north is to the south, east to the west, on their vision for North America.

Whereas Obama's dedication to the environment may be his greatest legacy.  He also had commitment to the safety of people.  Recognizing through his real life experience, that anyone, regardless of genetics, history, paternity, color, race or beliefs, can grow and learn.  Stretch and reach his goals of leading what was once the most powerful nation in the world, to grab the baton of legends like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Lincoln or Washington were born.  Men of courage facing almost insurmountable odds, are reveled by history to which today's children and generations before or after to be learned from.

The commonality among the weakest links are not any less embarrassing for its citizens when it hits them hard, in their pride, love of country, and tenacity to carry on, despite everything.  Those are things that resonate with me when I think of the United States of America.

I wrote about them imploding back a few years ago.  I didn't really comment editorial on goings on in the world, but I have a few times.  Prophecy or deep understanding with perception on how to bundle the facts into predictions or road being traveled.  

My husband and I had this very hearty debate not twenty minutes ago.  These really cool discussions burst out of the folds of our daily living where one of us makes a comment on the state of the world based on current events.   In those brief five minutes, we nourished each out and boosted our viewpoints because we could defend our point of view in the safety of our appreciation and respect for each other.

Both Trump and Obama
clearly demonstrate love and devotion to their families, their wives, their children, their friends. Certainly how they differ on how conjoined the two are between family and office. What is a more obvious distinction is how it is made up.

Obama's love of wife and daughters 
is crystal clear.  His vision and direction were defined by leaving the world a better place for his daughters and the world.  He went after safety with his heart on his sleeve.  You cannot doubt his deep reflection on the devastation guns have self-inflicted among their midst.  Such a contrary to the view that the world perceives them to have:

That they are the world referee, where countries like Canada and England mere peacekeepers when violence erupts.  Upholding the rights of humanity and defending basic human rights by giving out riches in the form of monetary relief, protection, feeding the poor and saving the health of others before themselves.
"Your positiveness is like a beacon toward others, inspiring optimism and faith."
                        ~ Jeannette Marshall 

That is another distinct difference between Trump and Obama.  Their approaches are so different.  Obama's legendary empathy was trying to remove nuclear threat in areas that are war torn, corrupt or falling apart.  Obama zeroed in on the most foreseeable threats, and I'm guessing here .....

  • The greatest singular figure posing a threat to the United States, North America and the UN was Bin laden.  As Bin Laden faded into the background, martyrdom growing as his survival held on.  Leading the fearful example that you can get away with murder and be acclaimed and praised for it.  The need to snuff it out clear.
  • Corruption in the financial nucleus of American financiers was rampant.  Made worse by his powerless capability to inflict any change.  Handcuffed by the political system 

Critical attention 
on the environment versus it being a hoax seems apparent differences between Trump and Obama.  Completely opposing views.  The American citizens clearly confused between who is right, who is wrong, or is anybody right?

Health of the country views
communicated at odds.  Where one says that if you believe, you can accomplish and the other says the country is at the brink of disruption.

Health is a necessity
they both agree.  The journey or road map differing completely.  Causing instability and fear to the ill and the elderly and the poor.  Faith in its country ever brightly filled with optimism that the democracy alone can alleviate their concerns.

Self-destructive causes
appear differently in each others' eyes.  One sees the right to everyone to belong while the other sees it as being a privilege and not a right to live among the community it seeks to destruct.

Our home and native land
even has uncertainty clouding our core.  The questions one must ask is whether we are on a road of redemption and worthiness?  

Is the direction of our politics
in our eyes the vision we want for our future and children?   If it isn't, are we facing the right direction and making the changes needed to survive and flourish?

What comes first? Safety?Security?Air?
Is the debate we hear resonating among everyone:  the politicians, the media, our own voices.  What is our greatest risk immediately is what panic makes us ponder.  Our pocket books, our safety, or ability to breath for generations, not merely years to come?

There lies the difference
Who can make the strongest case in what should be the main focus today will be the winner.  If the lowly citizen is left to deal with the consequences, will it spell optimism, inspiration, activation and execution.

Promise made, promise delivered
Execution is being able to deliver on promises shaped by plans and steps taken.  When the promises are glowing brightly like a beacon as a lighthouse is for lost ships.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It should be a woman THING!

Unrestraint commentary of the US Presidential Election
by a non-voting, Canadian, woman who represents the bleeding edge into the abyss of Baby Boomers who are starting to fade, lost a lot of their gumption, the only eye on the ball they have is when they're on the golf course or by all accounts the others are gun slinging hunters, card-carrying pistols n handguns owners, NRA card toting proud majority who fear more the threat of changing the constitution than upsetting bang bang shooting away the loss of gun wisdom.

Hillary Clinton by golly by gal
 SHOULD be leveraging the female, woman card!  She is an exceptionally smart woman who is breaking the bar and smashing the ceiling.  Who in her own right had a thriving career for many many years helping the downtrodden without any recognition back then.  As a young lawyer, her options back then would have been get married and have kids over climb a ladder to rise up among the guys and the boys clubs.  How can you even say she isn't amazing?

It must be an aging thing.
It has only been the last two elections in the US that I paid any attention to.  Not even a regular channel changing, I would have changed the channel is the news or broadcasts about the US Presidential elections, debates nor issues.

It could be sprouting from that training that I started in my early 20s when I went into the magazine field.  Yeah, Gail took a chance on me, but gruffly told me that all she needed was the right mindset, ability to learn and absorb new information quickly.   I don't really think I hesitated.  Because my first interview with Donna (the sales director) and Bob (the editor) was so relaxed, like a visit, not even like an interview.

I sure got the love of magazines back then.  In fact, really close friends of our family, my parents, then like an older sister to me said:  "Jeannette, you should be on TV doing the news" and I thought "yeaaaaahhhh right, as if that's going to happen" and "she must be really biased"

Amazing how 15 to 20 years later I say the same thing to
my daughters and the one just smiles and looks "aw
shucks" the other is ranting almost the identical words to
me.  It is amazing the life 
lessons that pop out in your 
50s.  Like all those failures
or painful experiences uncork
when you hit the ripe old age
or the young age of 50.  That
depends on your attitude.  I 
do recall hearing those words
not realizing that after multiple
times of hearing it from my 
daughter aggravated me.  Now I know
 why. I'd heard them before, they were just
displaced.  Coming forth at a time when you think
 wisdom is such a curse. If you are wise or said to
 have wisdom, it usually means that you overcame
 some unsurmountable odds of succeeding at something.
At the time you were in achievement mode, you were more likely
 in DOING mode.  They didn't always mean there wouldn't be bruises.
  Just filed away and pop out when you hit 50 and take it as wisdom.  Wishing or swear if given the day again, you'd probably do things exactly the same again.  Absurd?  Crazy you say?  Hardly, I say. 
 Think about it, you are ONLY in your 50s, not your 60s.
  Now is the wise time to burst forth.

The Wild Card
Donald Trump can't be called anything else.  Oh goodness me, can you imagine the book after this if he were to win:  "The Deal of the Century".  As a Canadian, I can only embrace, then recoil in horror, then lean in a little closer to watch the deal play out.  What deal you ask?  It's surely obvious by me, a mere Canadian gal, more preoccupied with her kids, her husband, her career spin around to see them climb high and then feel low.  I just really used to be into sales.  

Firing on all cylinders
The American Presidential Election is mesmerizing if you look at it like a deal:  two (fierce) competitors with their eye on the prize pulling out all the stops to win.  How can that not be sales-like?  Both (and I will call them this) competitors are trying to boost their own value while minimize the other contender to ashes.  In the best sales deals, both opposing parties have a undisclosed amount of respect for their competition.  They may have won one and lost one to this other entity.  Or they just knew about the other in a sphere to which neither traveled in at the same time.

Putting it all in perspective
I really admired Hillary Clinton during her quest to beat President Obama in his march to the White House.  I was rooting for Hillary, even bought the Biography which still sits on my bookshelf, back in those days.  Then she looked far from stellar a few times when dumb blondeness erruptitis struck her on the side of the head:: you forgot that the "rules don't apply" only when it's men.  I mean seriously US citizens, you don't think that any one spouse (always a woman at the Capital) hasn't blipped the security screen?  Or even worse turned a blind eye when they knew that icon of state cheated on him or mumbled top secret information after imbibing in a dozen too many?  The digital world we live in, in its ever-increasing pace, is open to mistakes.    

Where white is white
Were she not a woman would she even have the "woman card" to play?  I'd say 1000 percent NOT!  (Although rumour has it that politicians always have leanings towards cross-dressing and being dominated -- portrayed aptly in the TV hit series BILLIONS -- I can't wait until it airs again) {side note to look up next season's start date and time HERE}  

and Black is BLACK
In a country where a black man can be President
why wouldn't it by now have had a woman president? I hate to be the one to tell ya, if you don't know by now, that the UK just got its next aka 2nd Prime Minister.  

Social revolution
In a time when black and white hatred is the most unrest exploding south of my border, even ahead of terrorism attacks in far away lands.  What a hotbed of disgruntled citizens, electorate in turmoil, political virtues cynical, the big proud America is now.  You guys really have to get a handle on things.  I wrote to you on my optioneersJM blog right after the Wall Street calamity was exposed, and the financial climate going around the world was cold to icing off like an iceberg appears in the ocean.  I suggested of all things that maybe you needed some mediating, and why not from a Canadian, to get your house in order, get advice from the one country that seemed to barely shake from the earthquakes in country capital.  That was Canada.

The UK pays attention
Yet how I have no idea.  Do I have such an instinctive recollection of all that knowledge I gained from Gail, selling magazines and even publishing one?  Now that our very own Canadian Treasurer glided over the ocean to the UK, and is trying to save that country from financial devastation after the collapse of its citizenship split over a far reaching decision.  Mr. Carney is getting noticed now.  So typical of Canadians.  Immensely talented, seemingly quiet compared to so many others, absorbing, taking it all in, observing and learning from a great many avenues.  

UK's 2nd Woman Prime Minister
The US can't afford to lose its position of leader in the free world.  They are recovering, while lagging behind the UK economically.  {INSERT/FIND graph that had been published on the net on mere hours as the citizenship turned, the UK pound dropped while the US dollar climbed.

1st Woman President of the United States
It really should be Hillary Clinton.  Who comes from a dynasty that led two generations and possibly another one in the works?  Yes, Donald Trump has led two empires:  his holdings/companies and his celebrity from The Apprentice.  Both pretty competitive odds on what could be favored don't you think.

The World Revolves Around Money. 
 Yet this election is not so much about money as it is about wits.  Who is smarter, planning better strategies, on point in front of the media or rallies?  They both are.  We went from watching a number of tennis matches, the ones long before recent Wimbledon :: between Hillary and Bernie, between Donald Trump and that Bush guy (yeah, lol, I know Jebb :: but that about sums it up).  Then Donald and Mario, then Donald and Cruz (my hometown boy who denounced his citizenship and denying his roots here in Calgary).

It's Show Time
Plenty of warm up has been taken and given from either side.  They've been training and practicing against some pretty worthy opponents (not Ted-grudge-MAN).

The McCoys :: SOURCE :: GOOGLE images

Families Stacking Up on Either Side
like the Hatfields and McCoy.  Except this time they're not hillbillies in the mountains, lost touch with reality and in love with their guns.  These two BIG contenders have heavyweight family support.  Their children are successful in their own right:: with their careers, their own life partner and families, uphold strong family values.  And .... taDA ~ their kids represent the Millennial generation.  It hardly gives a much better scene than that.

The Plot Thickens
A Former First Lady versus a Wealthy Businessman.
Last time we watched anything like it, we were enraptured by Dallas and the show that Joan Collins dominated in {INSERT ... or don't bother ... let readers go on a scavenger hunt, and the first one back to comment with the right answer gets to write a blog for all THREE of my blogs as a guest}.  Seriously, since when has their been any plot nearly as good?  

Bernie Sanders, Guest Starring Role
Who certainly wins supporting cast member in a leading role.  The guy who turns things right around when you think you have figured out the climax to only be proven wrong because of the curveballs this contender brang.  A character who will never be forgotten and perhaps even remembered long after folks will remember who was against who in this election.  

Time For a New Twist
There isn't better a time to elect the United States first woman President.  For anything, one needs to examine the skillset and then the attitude.  Both hand in hand, yet independent of each other.  One always more important of the other.  

Resume resumation
Hillary Clinton has some pretty impressive credentials.  That, even compared favorably over Donald Trump.

Side Bar
Just like I did with Hillary Clinton
the last election, I let President Obama
step in.  Definitely charismatic with the
right image:  family, values with a sprinkle
of controversy that forced you to pick sides
and not dwell in the middle.

Sleeping Beauty
At the start, like I would imagine many
of us, we were captured by the Cinderella
Story of Donald Trump.  He seemed to say
more things about what people were thinking
than the usual political rhetoric.  Then it went
to his head and it went from unusual philosophy
to objectionable opinions. Where slander, slurs, shocking statements percolated the public opinion.
So I slowly and hesitantly started to turn my head
towards the other party ~ Hillary Clinton.  I started
to warm up to her when I saw her with her daughter.  Just once.  I can't even remember when.  Like Sleeping Beauty, I was kissed by that amazing moment.  I started to let her win.  Let people truly believe that a WOMAN can become anything.  Just like a black man could become President. :: or a Canadian could become the head of the largest financial institution in the world.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

A most inspired campaign gone VIRAL

This is THE best viral campaign that didn't cost even a nickel to create.  It is a beautiful showcase of all what is right about the layout, the images, peppered words, with a strong #socialmedia push .... it is very inspiring and really demonstrates what having all those key ingredients going for it ... plummeted with a witty idea that caught the net, IoT, social media, viral or whatchamacallit!

BEST VIRAL campaign of all time!  Only in Canada you say eh?

You can't be more inspired than this!  What I like the most is that it wasn't some "unINTENTIONAL" advertising magic trick that got everyone jumping aboard the train to share:  #RT LIKE TUMBLE instaGRAM PIN or you name it.

I can only relate by the fact that as a Blogger emerges within you, it crosses over pretty much into anything that you're watching, thinking about, or setting aside with skepticism :: you start thinking about a post or campaign :: because it is fitting :: in your mind, what you wanna say :: or just catch or start a fire.  

I can imagine that any emerging Blogger dreams of what they say catching on fire, resonating, being so believable or relatable, they just want to share, or accompany it with their own thought.  

When you think about it :: you don't have to leave home, fly somewhere, relocate, interview or apply :: you are just swept up and carried away but an audience that eventually evolves into fans.

If you are skeptical :: then you may as stop reading now because I am not a skeptical person.  I am of the "anything is possible" school of thought.  I can't be bothered to waste a breath on anything that has been tweaked, photo shopped, choreographed too hard.

Why? Because I sensed that someone was going to get the formula and get it right.  It is sure a lot harder to do than to take a video and uploaded it to YouTube where accidents happen to get people's attention.  

People are working harder these days while earning less and striving to maintain optimism, reach out for motivation, laugh at funny :: or of those combined.  Truly, a difficult feat.  

Cape Breton if Trump is escape at its finest.  An elegant presentation, with calming visuals, spiced but satorical humor!

Hurrah, Bravo, yipee haHOO!  Someone, a singular individual, just pulled off any predicessors that were created by a room full of think tankers (today's version of Mad Men)  tossing around ideas, while searching and surfing through their laptops or tablets.  

PLAY PICK OUT THE GUY WHO'S LATE  Hint:: he's trying to follow along with his smart phone.  He's feeling blessed with its high definition screen, larger than average, newly released and he is likely much younger by many in the room. The techno phobs can be identified by the spiral notebooks, the old fashioned way you'd go to meetings, to school or craft your "to do" list.

Get caught up by wandering through this marvelous and innovative site.  An inspiration to Bloggers evolving as writers alike. 

All joking and viral hits aside, this is an absolutely menu of delightful sights you will ever see online, even rarer because it was created by one individual, not an expensive army of creatives disguised as snobs.

A self-described knowledge junkie :: it appeals to those who greatest desire is to gather more intelligence than
 the average being.  Creating a sensation!

p.s.  It means the world to me that you actually took the time to read  .... This is the kind of support any gal would love, which I adore and so appreciate .... I love writing and even a quiet like is more than I could hope for ... thank YOU. Of course, more subscribers or a comment would indicate its appeal ... but as this webpage would show, that it has cluttered itself with viral likes, comments, etc. I admire that because it is wisdom unfolding, with its teaching, that you don't have to look like you have a lot of comments or clutter to take off into viral superstardom.