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Thursday, September 14, 2017

DEFINE your MISSION statement? That is your VISION statement that defines who you are

I've certainly uncorked some momentum by observation.  From a chattie-like chickie to an absorbed absorption of knowledge.  A twist on words intentionally.  I was thinking the other day and didn't want to forget to express the concept ::... to follow in principle that you don't compete by crass demand nor unfair practices, the plight of the underdog or woman, driven by transparency and honesty with the desire to expose the truth, spotlight the unfairness, help others be even more remarkable then they already are.

If you can imagine, ten years ago, I wouldn't have been blogging.  What an inspiring concept when you think about it now.  To have been at the extreme very bottom as a technology emerges.  Let history be written by the authentic witnesses that remain.  [ With the largest cluster belonging to my crew, we inBETWEENers::... the tip of GenXers and the tail point of Baby Boomers > the more "unfortunate ones who become brilliant" is our LABEL as we create our own version of YUPPYdom because we beat to the same drum.

Did you run away?
Or cast it aside as mere ramblings?  Caught by the crafty TITLE that is getting better by honing my craft.

I can go back and insert here {{ reminder to self or blessed Virtual Assistant I so desperately need -> I should ask Amanda? }} to the very first blog I ever posted on social media.  It is somewhat unraveling and mostly uninspiring.

Until now ....
I've clearly been attempting to go back into my roots.  To determine perhaps a few secret ingredients I possess, that could be shared to either a) inspire someone to become really GREAT at sales, or b) someone who already is, or lastly, not less importantly c) someone or some company who want to plunk in their data and pop out the best candidate profile for your company based on the specific data that you feed it.

Gail forces blowing in
That's what I learned was what our team in Calgary called The Publisher of our magazine family.  That was long AFTER I survived an interview with this very charismatic, smart, classy lady.

The wisdom of the story teller, Donna
Ironic in two very distinct different settings, I worked for, with, and under a Donna.  At the very infancy of my sales career [ she was still the smoothest question asker, that made people felt safe, their best interests were at her heart, and that rang with sincerity.

Defined mission statement
I don't remember the conversation or really how it goes.  I simply recollect or few minute preps by these remarkable women had impacted on my life.

My resume tossed aside
went flipping and flying off of the gun metal inspired desk with the chrome edging [ now I know why I can't part with my similar war era file cabinet in that distinct matte green ].

This lady leaned forward
and looked me straight in the eye [ not the kind that you could awkwardly shift eye contact as though something like a passing plane flying up above outside the window caught your eye.

You were eye trapped
The worst moment of torture that anyone can be in.  It is a secret code of very strong women who have so many stereotypical bias they have to overcome, never mind squished between dominate forces like Baby Boomers and Millennials, being squeaked out and stomped on.

I can teach anyone to sell
is almost what it sounded like she told me.  But in between the dimness of memory and the spark recollection of a big ah-HA moment.  It wasn't that.  She said she didn't want to look at my resume, she wanted to get to know me as a person, in those lightening bolt moments that stretch into more minutes, I had not prepared in that way.  Talk about me? HUH?

I guess I haven't shut up since.
Thankfully, having a blog allow me the freedom to share knowledge and the reward as I grow the numbers faithfully, fearlessly and steady.  Because Gail taught me the numbers and then Donna showed me a more emotional sell technique.

Where one more slower and more thoughtfully projected
the other took most with overwhelming enthusiasm that made them want to just be around, get a boost just from a positive vibe.

The birth child of Gail, Donna, Donna & Donna
If it were possible, it would be a really cool thing to envelope some of the warm and fuzzy qualities that all the Donna had.  One was the most intense successful powerful smart lady I was really VERY fortunate to be taught to.

Advertising is science and don't let anyone let you think differently.  The justapox of that is some people are paying other people some really extraordinary amount of money just to extrapolate numbers from.

If you just take a look at how sophisticated the online forms are becoming, it is alarming.  We, as any many of us online folks are at risk to.  Thankfully, as a late bloomer in a new bloomer world, I was finding the need to absorb only what is necessary at any given time, in a hurry to obtain information that this Glutony by a decease that necessitates more and more information and learning.

Gail exercised my brain and established the love of numbers in my soul.  So, in answer and simmering anger at such evil and harmful writing, I recognize women who have impacted me and mostly in the love of numbers.

To that a-hole who was exposed and exited from Google speedily after his tirade that women were not as smart as men, therefore, that is why they don't do as well in the technology field.

My answer to that is:
hug your mathematical formulaes and your sophisticated algorithms.  Because it will be the story tellers and the story makers who will emerge as the super hero of today.

Create all the numbers you want and pocket them in the cloud
which will get bigger and bigger filled with useless information that nobody has the heart or the courage to turf anything anymore.

The arrogance of the engineering youth destroyed his ability to continue to learn.  He forgot his roots, ever so obviously.  Everyone starts at the bottom.

Watch the Bruce Lee documentary to be inspired
which at the core of his beliefs and some discounted teachings were:  be true to your own true self.

Be your own true self whether by brand or title
I think that brands cannot have accounts on social media that are not highlighted, blinking or colored differently on all the platforms.  Then we'll all become more adept at averting spamish, self promoting egotists.  Not that SPAM has always been a bad thing.  I remember the squeamish, sickening feeling when my mom tried so very hard to dress up SPAM for dinner, a really economical means, I'm sure, for feeding herself and four children, five she always said if she counted her husband as a kid.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Leadership politics or vision?

Environment politics vision

Two opposing forces
Perhaps it is politicians out of touch with what the people want?  I am starting to think that the difference between good or mediocre politicians and great leaders is their intuitive touch with their public and constituents.

Trump and Obama
Are two complete opposites with some common ground that nobody could disagree with:
  • love of family
  • love of country
  • integrity of words
  • charisma
  • showmanship
  • leadership
  • commitment to commitments

Yet two areas they are on opposing views as the north is to the south, east to the west, on their vision for North America.

Whereas Obama's dedication to the environment may be his greatest legacy.  He also had commitment to the safety of people.  Recognizing through his real life experience, that anyone, regardless of genetics, history, paternity, color, race or beliefs, can grow and learn.  Stretch and reach his goals of leading what was once the most powerful nation in the world, to grab the baton of legends like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Lincoln or Washington were born.  Men of courage facing almost insurmountable odds, are reveled by history to which today's children and generations before or after to be learned from.

The commonality among the weakest links are not any less embarrassing for its citizens when it hits them hard, in their pride, love of country, and tenacity to carry on, despite everything.  Those are things that resonate with me when I think of the United States of America.

I wrote about them imploding back a few years ago.  I didn't really comment editorial on goings on in the world, but I have a few times.  Prophecy or deep understanding with perception on how to bundle the facts into predictions or road being traveled.  

My husband and I had this very hearty debate not twenty minutes ago.  These really cool discussions burst out of the folds of our daily living where one of us makes a comment on the state of the world based on current events.   In those brief five minutes, we nourished each out and boosted our viewpoints because we could defend our point of view in the safety of our appreciation and respect for each other.

Both Trump and Obama
clearly demonstrate love and devotion to their families, their wives, their children, their friends. Certainly how they differ on how conjoined the two are between family and office. What is a more obvious distinction is how it is made up.

Obama's love of wife and daughters 
is crystal clear.  His vision and direction were defined by leaving the world a better place for his daughters and the world.  He went after safety with his heart on his sleeve.  You cannot doubt his deep reflection on the devastation guns have self-inflicted among their midst.  Such a contrary to the view that the world perceives them to have:

That they are the world referee, where countries like Canada and England mere peacekeepers when violence erupts.  Upholding the rights of humanity and defending basic human rights by giving out riches in the form of monetary relief, protection, feeding the poor and saving the health of others before themselves.
"Your positiveness is like a beacon toward others, inspiring optimism and faith."
                        ~ Jeannette Marshall 

That is another distinct difference between Trump and Obama.  Their approaches are so different.  Obama's legendary empathy was trying to remove nuclear threat in areas that are war torn, corrupt or falling apart.  Obama zeroed in on the most foreseeable threats, and I'm guessing here .....

  • The greatest singular figure posing a threat to the United States, North America and the UN was Bin laden.  As Bin Laden faded into the background, martyrdom growing as his survival held on.  Leading the fearful example that you can get away with murder and be acclaimed and praised for it.  The need to snuff it out clear.
  • Corruption in the financial nucleus of American financiers was rampant.  Made worse by his powerless capability to inflict any change.  Handcuffed by the political system 

Critical attention 
on the environment versus it being a hoax seems apparent differences between Trump and Obama.  Completely opposing views.  The American citizens clearly confused between who is right, who is wrong, or is anybody right?

Health of the country views
communicated at odds.  Where one says that if you believe, you can accomplish and the other says the country is at the brink of disruption.

Health is a necessity
they both agree.  The journey or road map differing completely.  Causing instability and fear to the ill and the elderly and the poor.  Faith in its country ever brightly filled with optimism that the democracy alone can alleviate their concerns.

Self-destructive causes
appear differently in each others' eyes.  One sees the right to everyone to belong while the other sees it as being a privilege and not a right to live among the community it seeks to destruct.

Our home and native land
even has uncertainty clouding our core.  The questions one must ask is whether we are on a road of redemption and worthiness?  

Is the direction of our politics
in our eyes the vision we want for our future and children?   If it isn't, are we facing the right direction and making the changes needed to survive and flourish?

What comes first? Safety?Security?Air?
Is the debate we hear resonating among everyone:  the politicians, the media, our own voices.  What is our greatest risk immediately is what panic makes us ponder.  Our pocket books, our safety, or ability to breath for generations, not merely years to come?

There lies the difference
Who can make the strongest case in what should be the main focus today will be the winner.  If the lowly citizen is left to deal with the consequences, will it spell optimism, inspiration, activation and execution.

Promise made, promise delivered
Execution is being able to deliver on promises shaped by plans and steps taken.  When the promises are glowing brightly like a beacon as a lighthouse is for lost ships.