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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tip toe thru the tulips of time

Do you just ever wonder?
What it was like waking up and finding yourself back in the glamour days.  When Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra were of this world.

You dress up
or you didn't go out!  Back in the time when ladies had to be ladies, and fellows were gentlemen around the ladies.  It is such a bygone time, don't you just wonder what it would be like?

Gloves and hats
Were just important as the gown, dress or outfit that were defined by clip on earrings, that you can't give away in garage sales now.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that
If you didn't behave in church, or were moving around restlessly, you could find yourself pinched.  The almighty pinch was worse than a dirty look or a raised voice.  Back in the time, when you didn't have the belt as much as parents of parents, today, want to think.

A generation's generation
who champion manners, a lost grace in a large part of our society.  We were suppose to be scarce between dinner and sun down.  This was the best time of the year.  Right now.

Red rover, red rover
We thought we were pretty smart then, not unlike our own children do.  The sneakiness was different in those times.  When we scattered at the last beloved 30 minutes before the sun was starting to fade.  Grabbing hands, laughing loudly, as we ran through the throng of neighbourhood kids to evade being caught and having instead to do the catching.

The rules relaxed
When there was fun to be had.  The parents slowly stepping off stoops, starting out to call their children indoors.  Instead, assembling, smiling at each other, parents in the Good Parent Club as we bought a few extra minutes of outside time because no one parent would want to be the first to disrupt such a marvelous coming together of children, kids, having fun.

We weren't sure, nor did we care.  We were so caught up in the moment, of laughing, running, catching those last glimpse of the sun.


_________________________________________                                                                            ~..

When a neighbourhood BBQ or a gathering of friends and family, usually meant, we could be out playing in the street lights, with the hustle of dancing, by parents, with neighbours, friends, sisters.  

The spirit of the moment
Where being together was the most important event of the day.  Often happening.  Looking back I never thought we took anything for granted.

A harmony of spirit
A collection of the brave, who faced challenges but never beating down us.  We were outside, we celebrated summer like a gift that would never be returned.  Because it was the thought, the caring, that was the biggest present of all.  

The expectation of a gathering
was never far, always dear.  Not unusual.  Often ever near.  After church, long weekends, or simply a mere assembly of those that live near.  

Hats and gloves
I would squirm through just to return to those bygone days.  Take the time to embrace it.  Hold it even more dear.  

A one day and only day
You never really knew.  Until you grew older, the magic that you lived through.  Blessed and remarkable, even though challenges were plowed through.

Creating a memory
that you would love to return to.  Accompanied by your children and loved ones to know what you knew.  Experience the wonder of feeling special to tip toe the tulips of time.

"Simplicity is never simple." 
~Jeannette Marshall

Two Cheery Cherries by Andes Design #bestofeverything 

"Cream always rise to the surface. 
 Except cherries, 
of course." 
Jeannette Marshall #quote

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CASUAL casualties

As the world keeps evolving, our work environments keep changing with it.  What was once conventional wisdom in how we dress for our careers and the office has become skewed.  Unless you were in the backend of a business in delivery, manufacturing, production, construction, working in the field, you were expected to dress professionally -- that meant a suit and tie for gents and close-toed heels and conservative styles for women.

Dress codes is an HR nightmare relegated to the past for the most part.  Our stereotypical perception of salespeople, lawyers or executives come into the office with a suit on.

What was once "casual Friday" has become "casual everyday".  Now, it isn't so easy to tell.  Companies allow a relaxed approach to attire that communicates that they want to appear people oriented, open, inspiring, motivating. 

What started in software bull pens with dim lights, jeans with expressive t-shirts, has gone beyond.  With work-from-home footprints continuously growing.

I don't dislike the idea.  I've worked from home for years.  It helps create balance for individuals and lessens the burden on super Moms and Dads.

I do think it can go too far.  We emerged from a culture that our wardrobe spoke to the importance of our jobs, our career aspirations and corporate culture to tattered jeans, faded t-shirts and flip flops.

Women are judged more critically than men.  The good news is that you can create casual looks that promote your individuality without bending the boundaries on casual. 

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have is wise advice.  Putting together classy looks while maintaining professional demeanor can be accomplished with a creative imagination. 

Here are some of my own inspirations to help avoid crossing the casual line and becoming a casualty of not being taken seriously enough:

You can get away with shorts if you dress them up.  I gave two options on accessorizing.  Navy with silver jewelry or red with gold.  The  navy purse isn't a necessity because most tablet covers come with credit card pouches for ID and such.

Combining the right hues of gold, white and soft brown with nude beauty make up a look that portrays class and calmness.  Notice that I chose a bag that would compliment the lacey top.  I like layering vests over tops for comfort and style touch.  The makeup should be neutral and not over powering.  Put together, you exude confidence and calmness with the right blend of femininity.


Red expresses cheerfulness, for when you want to say you're got personality, flair and are optimistic with pizazz

Colored hair is fun for the club but not necessarily right for the office.  I love purple and used it to accentuate an eye popping beautiful look.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Come on down to Calgary Stampede

The kids will be out for summer soon.  Their summer vacation is just around the corner. 

Once June is over, you may be on the hunt for the ultimate family vacations.  Many parents put their kids in summer camps to avoid having to take them anywhere. 

Why not make a memorable vacation at the Calgary Stampede.  There is enough to see and do to entertain both the young ones and the young at hearts. 

The ten days are packed with events that are all part of the western heritage.  If you happen to like cowboys, horses, native Indians, and rodeos, this is your ideal vacation destination this summer.

You can check out the Calgary Stampede official website to learn more.