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Monday, July 25, 2016

Wisdom cultivated by age

As I sit back and take stock of what advice I 

consistently tell my kids, believe to be true, and 

are mantras to living the best life possible, I 

thought I would share them.  I have discovered

them to be true.

1) You are the company you keep

I'm fortunate to

have a wonderful

group of talented

people surrounding me. 

They push me harder to strive to be better.

I continue to work at being the best they believe 

in me to be.

2) Make others proud of you

I often think 

that my father

is looking down

from heaven and

cheering me on.

My father could offer advice, he could hold 

me accountable, but he never failed to show 

his unwavering support of me.  He would not

tell me what I wanted to hear when life was a

struggle, he would listen.  Then he would say: 

"what's the pay off?"

3) Life IS about choices

The choices we make are not always the best, 

and we can end up scarred or with a few bruises

but we have to believe that our reasoning for 

doing what we did, was because we thought it 

the best option at the time.

4) What did we learn?

By sticking to our path, doing what we think is 

right for us at the time we do it, we make mis- 

takes.  But from those mistakes do we reflect 

upon the life lesson? Do we avoid it the next 

around?  Does our vibe send a warning signal?

5) Failure happens 

How we react to failure becomes our legacy.  

Did we extrapolate from it the lessons that we

needed to learn?  Would we do it again exactly 

the same or would we do it differently.

6) Listen to others

Did we have the chance to get advice from 

others wiser and choose to ignore it? Why even 

bother to ask for an opinion if we're just going to

do what we want anyhow?

7) Bees and honey

You attract more bees with honey than vinegar: 

should resonate among my children's minds 

often.  I have said it so many times, they can 

finish it before I finish with "bees".  People will 

react more favorably when you frame it with 

niceness, politeness and manners.

8) Show gratitude

Never fail to find an opportunity to thank some-

one.  If you show appreciation, you will be 

rewarded as often as you express gratitude.

9) You are the company you keep

Be wary of those that want to tarnish your talents

or destroy your confidence or put you in harms 

way.  Misery may love company but you don't.

9) Please your soul

Play some music, paint or draw or write or cook 

a fabulous creation.  For it is something you 

enjoy. You aren't doing it to please others.  Do 

whatever sings to your heart and heals your 

inner self.

10) Trust your instincts

They could be telling you something that you did

not necessarily see but felt was wrong.  

11) Optimistic and positive

It isn't always possible to stay upbeat, positive

and optimistic.  Life has a way of pushing you 

when you step outside the boundaries.  It is

just that sometimes you need a reality check. 

Get over it.  Take a hot bath.  Reflect more on

what you should be thankful for.

12)  Recovery

How you recover from failure or disappoint-

ment or from being off track will determine how 

far you can  reach.  Did you fall to the bottom, or

did you catch yourself before you did a complete 

tumble?  Were their others there to help catch 

you?  Did you stop yourself or ask for help when

you needed to avoid self-destruction?

13) Goals and dreams

Goals are dreams with deadlines.  Do you have

a vision on where you would like to end up that

is not fueled by greed, envy or power?  Your

success will likely be determined by the value

it represents.

14) Believe in yourself

Often it is only oneself who can decide if we are

on the right path.

15) Discover your purpose

Allow that purpose to drive your passion, path,

and continual learning.  It is then you will likely 

discover what it is that you love to do.

I hope my kids read this and remember the 

times we had discussions around any of the

wisdom shared and reflect upon the situation

that caused it.  They know they have my 

permission to hold me accountable.  The worst

part of it is that I didn't always listen to myself.

The best part is when they toss my words back

at me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Drifting away :: imagination information innovation inspiration

Let me know if you're the artist and I'll link your site here ::) 

Why log on
Or why not is more like it.  The world is becoming two sides no matter how you look at it:

* white or colored
* black or white
* christian versus islam, or vice versa
* the east and the west (unlike Game of Thrones slant 
       that it's a conflict between the North :: soon to be 
* in any category, there is an either or an or that also 
           * the good and the bad
           * the kind and the evil

* you're either home or at work
           * which one defines you

* you're either goofing off or getting things done
            * which one defines you
            * which one do you lean towards

I love this site
This site is magnificent.  It has a lot going on.  It responded to my query with this incredible escape.  Why so fantastic.  Well, firstly it was all in the name

You can't even determine what's trendy unless you are on the pulse.  These tricksters are sending a beat out to the ones, regardless of age, what to be considered the hipsters not the hippies.  Where a gang of like minded gravitate toward it and bounce back to their following.  The site probably has what is the definition of the

Depending on what era you're from, you're like a crew out of 
* Happy Days :: a show that is fun, light-hearted and Family Approved, or First Date Recommended.  
* 90210 :: I really never watched it.  I don't even think I've really thought about it.  This show was really explosive around GENxers.  The first bubble of hipsters.  Hipsters times a poof of popularity.

That's why some shows or movies really resonate among us.  Who do you think should be considered the #bestofeverything most popular?  Well if it is not filtered paid for media, what else can be the voice but a hashtage of merit #bestofeverything :: to be tapped on a clicked out :: setting the benchmarks by the people.

Is a pulse, whether echoing or with force.  Triumph over paid media.  Hahahaha where the Neilson's Ratings become instinct?  

Why not?
The best example in humbleness was a young lobby barman/server at the Hilton's Lobby Bar named Oscar.  I will have to scrounge around and see if I have any pictures of him.

The problem with pictures
I find it really difficult to attribute | credit | most if not all of them.  The artists, whether by stroke of a brush or click of a photo.  They deserve to be 

For their brilliant vision :: captured.  Spurning the vibration across all nations.  

The creators
Who are the creators, innovators, imagineers, informative, inspirations?  The are the instigators.  Of an idea, a positive movement.  To outcast the evil to ban it from our world.

The ones who are digital orators
You know it is really tempting to want to approach a publishing machine like The New Yorker to give a Canadian viewpoint of the great metropolitan center of the universe.  It used to be The London Post wasn't it that used to define London, England and now called the UK?

Why for?
I mean seriously.  They take my content (after a bazillion attempts) and completely implode it across the universe.  To be translated.

Nobody thinks like me
At least I haven't found any.  Sure I know of quite a few I would absolutely look up to.  They could be even contributors in the expression that envelopes me so closely, then sends it out like shooting stars across the universe.

Was hatched here on this blog.  Date stamped if you will.  With multiple references on the seeds that were sprinkled around the best social media giants glued on two, allowing it to rise even more as an upside down pyramid.  Only the best float to the bottom because only the very best of #everything had to start at the bottom at some point.

The first published site(s) for the #bestofeverything was under the author, Jeannette Marshall.  Creating a link back back back back.  Hoping for a demand for a spot on that ever-present voice.  What are folks doing, how are they using such a powerful tool like #bestofeverything :: racism, violent tendencies, mean vibes, bullies, cheaters, haters :: are kept between those two sets of dots.  Never permitted to escape, confined by the borders.  So that only truly great stuff emerges at the top of the pyramid upside down.

A release
This blog has given me such a release on ideas, creativity, imagineering like a puff of misty dust.  A writing language often experimented with.   Forming foundations for ideas like #bestofeverything :: which will be the main #hashtag that will define everything. 

For sale
From the beginning the soul purpose of creating #bestofeverything I kept returning to the dream of just writing.  Helping people.  Making them more fashionable, respectful, creative souls.

A matter of commerce
Taking it to be a major brand.  Nothing skewed.  No recounts.  The social media brands will shout the statistics :: what is the 

* best brand 
           * where the best things are branded by the                              people

We know about the left and the right #brain but this explains/shows example. #bestofeverything 

if this is your first visit to my brain implosion.  Where nothing is kept in and the more I exercise it, the more it allows to filter in. 

The new Hipsters
Recognizing something neat or instinctively thinking it will go to the stratosphere.  Assemble, follow each other and beginning #bestofeverything in only positive observance.  

The uncommon
Where the unknown or unaware had not hit a radar.
The blast they creating by their repetition of that hashtag.  To be officially credited by stats on where the viewers are i.e. The United States being 80%.

Top 20 percent
Earn the recognition for 80 percent of making our world a better place, solving a great problem, like global warming.  The top 20 percent of anything great, nice, kind, creative where :: violence, hatred, radicalism, racist, corrupt unhealthy :: stay outside the confines of this trend.  Where the super Socialmediameisters like Google, Twitter, Facebook stand against the other traditional media brands liked

* Magazines (established first in print and not online) which exclude Socialmediameisters who they follow.

* Radio going from station signal to digital access driving listeners to traffic to their site where they are still, but more subtly now, attracting very instinctive and savvy advertisers.  

*Buyers so focussed on the bottom line without creating masterpiece marketing success.  They will have website stats, from the start, like me.  To the finishers who set the high bar as the great :: as in MASHABLE.  

Just pow!  (What was that movie or TV show that used that term? SNL perhaps.)  But that is what and how Mashable makes me feel.  They are so intune with the nuances of my moods, curiosities, and unfound treasures amongst the noise of constant chatter.

A one woman show
Well, this my honeys, is a one lady goal.  To be full of optimism as I face challenges of growing older.  Wanting to fight it with a awesome attitude, gregarious personality that is turned to low audio compared to this voice I get to show.

Who can question
Whether she is right or wrong.  Well you can't.  Because you see.  We are a one person opinion.

An open opinion
Used faithfully, positively and openly to look at the bright side of most everything.  Turning the knob face down at anything negative :: abuse, bias, hatred, rants :: are kept aside.

Strength in number
Firmly, optimistically am convinced will unfold.  I mean, really.  Do you want to only hear about things that are geared towards your explosive in numbers Millennials to drown you out?  

A meeting of minds
Where the need for optimism matters.  For with optimism drives making our world a better place.  Not any borders.  No areas to :: discriminate, violate ::  human rights take command.

Where the artistic or creative
Assemble when they see themselves or their mentor rise to the top.  Because their image, cartoon, art, photograph, illustration, musical will be celebrated.  The rise to the top determined by #bestofeverything

People will speak
Where only the people who are beyond the :: bracketed :: words will join.  Give opinions.  I'm just the narrator, instigator, navigator, orator, communicator for everyone agreeing on who they really think is

As the originator, proven by datestamp originated in this blog.  Only the best in categories I can extrapolate, eventually with the help of the social media platform, springboard to real information on what matters.  Because if you ban those :: bracketed :: words.  Then only the very best can float to the bottom, peacefully.  Focus on keeping that up in both your life and your work.

A prediction 
I made a year ago.  A blog on how I was going to be able to predict the next groovy trend, whether it be by fashion or beauty or smarts.  A little sophisticated in the approach.

No creative imagination parts were ever left off nor unexplored.  Just scan across your information zone on here.  But you can certainly can establish it on here and then I'll ReTweet, Post and share.  

At the top of what's trending
Or maybe at the bottom with the seed being scattered.  To folks that are the Hipsters.

* THANK YOU IF YOU SHARE :: Tweet, Like, Post, Pin, + let me know if I missed your point of view because as far as I'm concerned @Vine hasn't made it on the register of the great innovators

was my first approach to socializing through media more like wirelined and now wireless. I rarely admit this but years ago, like 10, I had hit on Yahoo chatting.  It must have been the infancy of professional bloggers abound.  We could chat, emote through typed word, and it was not refining egos but defining quality.  

Survival of the fittest
That's what life's all about.  The survivors, the champions, the leaders, the gifted, the talented, the musical, the creative mingle.  Inspiring, constructively criticing each other, push the other to move higher.  

Will continue upwards, as my described upside down pyramid.  Floating before dispersing after their mad energy to stay at the top, exhausted the natural talent and burnt out the best.  Those that worship what others think are the egotists.

The strongest philosophies will traverse across written spheres, mostly on computers, rarely on television unless a savvy Millennial producer catches the positive vibe surfing across the waves, both wired and wireless.  

Where comments will be where the commentary is gathered, willingly while captured by the creativity and fellowship that spreads farther and father.  To drown out the fear mongers, violators, terrorists to a faint whisper.

Resonation Nation
Is established its home on this blog.  Because that is the only banner over our heads, faceless, only identified by its shear exuberant positiveness.

Thank you for visiting again.  You thought I forgot you?  Heck, golly, jeepers be gone.  That idea.  No.  A special shout out to the earliest readers.  Then there are the sharers.  Maybe once in a very long while.  I know there are only a few who read this.  

My mother
Marie probably reads this.  At 81, she has to do click exercises and since she can always nag me, reads this. I'd love to be a fly on the wall if we could do a seniors jinx trick, capture it on video and make it go viral under #bestofeverything :: where people share their greatest stories.  

Y'all comment
My favorite champion I've ever met was my "sister from another mother" down in the US who did our introductions to the tools at HP.  Training?  You can't be serious.  Only the smartest assemble to say that they have worked or work at the greatest corporation of all time:  HP.  

Became more of the norm at HP.  It completed moved the spindle from one side to the left.  As in the creative side set aside for the more practical.  Showing you that only the best, most enduring and endearing companies are those ones that had a lot of moving parts in our world :: think Disney and that Graphic Interface fueled completely by the strength of HP.  When fools that think stock price is more important than human innovation :: be gone.

Your CANADIAN Ginny Pig.
Or is that spelt Ginnie Pig?  Help!  Ah, thank you Chrome spell check.  How do you do that?

Friday, May 6, 2016

Folklore, fantasy or fact?

Wow .... I loved sharing cool stories ... with my blog to be fueled with commentaries.  I think I'm developing my style and my voice on here.  What many don't know, and perhaps I didn't know until recently, is that these are the stories that capture my interest and draw me in for a little read or instigates the desire to learn about little everything that catches my eye :: like the "cloud" and I realize how I was in the leading edge of the cloud, about to fall off the MicroSoft cliff into lil creations like Adobe Photoshop​ .... which by folklore, in case you didn't know was another invention from a retired or departed colleague, scientist and innovator obviously saw a very big problem.  

What was the problem?
Well, Xerox, had a very big problem.  Hidden behind fantasies and fact we should remember the folklore.
If you did a little following or reading up on Steve Jobs was considered one of his single most impactful discovery :: the "mouse".
What others may or may not know or never heard, but Xerox had and to this day has a very innovative center of excellence.  p.s. That is an elegant descriptive that escaped from investor-adverse term like R&D (Research & Development).  
R&D had a really bad reputation.  Corporations reported on profits, and authored wording so carefully to avoid that word now.  
Because in itself, just beginning to understand spreadsheets of data that MicroSoft created, I picture a guy having a scotch with a colleague, a neighbor, friends over a dinner party.
These people were pretty tuned in to what was going on around them from a technological viewpoint.
This was a time, in the late 70s to early 80s, when scientists, environmentalists started to electrify us with reports on doom and gloom if we don't take care of our planet.  
As computers and printers began imploding because all of the great discoveries and creations emerging had to be printed on paper.

I remember those times.  I lived through those times ... but I was still not in tune with what was going on.  I had to hit a few walls, fall out a number of windows, but in this sweet spot I found a home : digital printing, document management, and file store :: the first hint of mist that would evaporate into "the CLOUD".  Really funny, sorta.  Xerox and MicroSoft were prolific, profitable and leading edge in the 80s.  What is amazing was that behind the scenes, companies like HP and dinosaurs called Attari were nurturing a duo of natural and expansive vision on the direction of aesthetics in printing and design.

A company with a logo of a fruit, was trying to solve a problem:  how do you create a world where 200 year old printing press with massive engines spitting paper in increments of thousands within just one of your eye blinks.  They recognized a problem with the appearance of printing or printed material generated from the awkward, mechanical, functional computers known on that day.  Steve Jobs and the other Steve :: yeah, the guy who created and then dropped out :: him!

It is a fact.  Steve Jobs attributed one very important truth about his brand of computers, that were synonymous together :: graphic design and fonts.  Of course, most of didn't realize how limited the machines, software creating most of the material on these environmentally poisonous inks lacked style.  I'm trying to remember the name of the predominate graphic design at the time.  Darn, I'll have to pop back in and edit later ... or maybe one of my readers who lean against both aesthetic design and functionality will remember?

So how do what sounds like a fantasy epic like Adobe, and an inventor in technology and a fruit like Apple have in common?

Back to the earlier problem of Xerox showing how profitable printers at speeds of light were going to consume the world of paper.  Ironically, all the stats were never showing that the mass of printed material was going to decline.  Why? Well because the products were going to get smaller OR MUCH BIGGER but the numbers of items would be be individually drastically lower in numbers.  BIG, MASSIVE signs and impressively designed items like menus could be designed in color, incorporate graphics arts with magnificent photography and you saw how this problem was going.

So Apple decided not independently, nor do I know if a folklore, that function, form and utility could be merged and expounded with incredible imagery and design.  By the 1990s, nobody could create an Annual Report, that would come out like symphonies of grace in not just the screen, but also in the appealing imagery and how words (or the industry types call text) flowed in and around this incredible design.

One of the most inspirational contributions was the mouse.  Probably back at the time it just looked like something you tooled around with when you weren't entering just text.  

Well, this is the truth and Steve Jobs even admitted it as one of his not so hidden secrets:  that he ripped off Xerox with the technology, science and invention of the mouse.  Yet so many people that is a fantasy to believe that Steve Jobs imagineered the mouse.  You have to give him credit because he was solving so many problems all at once.  And if Apple played its cards right, it would create a language, a loyalty and a dedicated audience that would brave anything than to have anyone think that the MAC was anything but the most fantastic single contributor, cutting down massive hours of work, allowing customers who paid for printed material to have output to the most high quality caliber even difficult to be detected by the most revered premiere printers in the world (think "Franklyn Mint" ? ) 

So the design and functionality was joined at last.  Apple victorious over legions of won-over fans in the creative universe imagined and output to the devices that Xerox was still in development in Pal Alto.  Perhaps it is fantasy to think that they would have taken their eye off the ball.  Like technology.  Like talent.

Watching organizations brain drain is going to be a commentary at another time.  It is one of the most downward spiraling corporate philosophies that is going to burst the most healthiest bubble called talent pool or loyal employees.  These organizations have boasted so broadly on how they look after their customer, or then their employees.  

Which is the GREATEST FANTASY:  that they care for anything other than their shareholders.

Back to the other part of this non-edited story is how another scientist at Xerox's Center of Excellence (or R&D disguised) left Xerox after I don't know how many years.  I don't know if he had imagined the problem or discussed it over dinner, drinks with their social circle.  

This part I know as fact.  There was this big giant obstacle obstructing the progress of where design meets these great big powerful paper spitting machines on material that was soon diverting from the more traditional magazine stock:  Luna Gloss.  How even that word can still cause me to cringe to this day.

There was this big enemy or distraction from design and power, revenue generating machines that would make Shareholders really happy, and stock prices to soar.    The marriage of the two was hampered by one really really big (now, I sound like Donald Trump Canadian girlie version anyhow eh?)  THING:  

The two could not talk!
Imagine me at the forefront of this explosive industry in its very infancy ready to collapse almost to mythical proportions.  

Well, it shouldn't really be rocket science:  The two companies Xerox that built machines and Apple that was exceptional for designers did not have a language in which they could communicate.  Sounds like a merger of two conflicting cultures like EDS and HP (that's another folklore story or commentary I've been writing behind the scenes for quite a few months).

Back to the scientist who had left Xerox.  Maybe he'd invented the mouse and was really ticked off that he did not any copyright rights?  That could be an interesting story as a fantasy or fact as a commentary later on.

He lived in a place in California.  Don't ask me the name because I'm a one person personality army waiting to emerge as a social media voice!

Beside the place where this scientist lived, ran a brook along side his property called Adobe.  He named his creation after the brook beside his house.  How's that for fact that sounds like folklore?

So this genius inventor recognized how the two massive allegiance we so far miss-aligned because they could not communicate.  

I was living those days.  Ha!  The sword thee doth yield.  (A little Cdn ShakespeareGIRLanese)
The biggest executives coming into our shop so that we could print their power point (OK, MicroSoft gets credit here, jeesh). They were about to hussle to the airport to get to an investors meeting in either New York or Toronto, it all started to sound the same:  problem.  Print fast, look nice, or nearly as nice as the generations old printing technology could.  

Then there is the gestapo at the now dubbed digital printing company is telling this executive that he had to have a conversation with his designer because he/she had to create a separate file in a separate language, then proof it because often things jumbled around, accompanied separately with Font codes, graphic files and Images (photography) all had to go where they were meant to.  The executive's disbelief that the rumored in an instant, sparkly, crisp printed design over night was fantasy!

So what Adobe did was bridged the language between the Apple designs/computers and the print engines invented predominantly by Xerox could communicate in harmony and keep everything together until at least the last printed sheet on glorious Hammermille (instead of Luna Gloss that ripped apart during the process and was so thin that both sides were shadowed :: shudders).

That could be a new Blog or story line:  the life and trialing times of a print sales executive.  

We know we all have called a photocopy a Xerox, as in "will you please go xerox a few of these for ..... please and thank you".  But the folklore of inventions by Xerox scientists are so behind the scenes.  It hasn't been really since Steve Job dying words were captured like information instead of confessions in his last authorized biography.  That story is one of the greatest salesman maneuvers of all time!!

Let's imagine examining what secrets were stolen or what technology borrowed to address a problem that needed to be solved either when it met near explosion so great that it could cause an implosion of profits, revenue and shareholders.

That is the true genius of the many greatest innovators.  There is folklore behind some that their greatest achievement would tarnish a few bazillion coins in investments if the real facts were discovered.

Yeehaw, that gets my creative juices going.  Uncovering and commentaries dedicated to the folklore or rumors from Silicon Valley by the giants of our world.  Now, that almost sounds like a NetFLIX special.  Hmmmm, someone who would appeal to both the Millennials and their parents :: will give it some thought and planning my goals on creative control.  (Inspired by the learning and knowledge gathered about PRINCE's true mastered gift:  creative control!