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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thank you Mr. Paul Brandt ... a REAL human STAR

Please have a listen to this song [ you don't hafta Mr. Brandt since you may recognize it ~ HaHahaha ] "Calm before the storm" break out song for Paul.  [ I hope you don't mind me being informal since when you hear this story, you will understand why.  Unfortunately,  the link on YouTube is "out of order".  You can find it on iTunes and likely Spotify etc.  Instead I share two versions of the same song:

This makes me think of my sister, Diana .... i still haven't figured out why she's blocked?  Perhaps I'll skoot over to my other personal Facebook and share it there.  Never waste a moment when you are thinking about someone pass you bye.  Pick up that phone or send that text or write that email or share a song or beautiful something that reminds you of them.  Maximize your opportunity to reach out to someone who reaches back towards you.  Help others not because you have to, but because you want to.  Don't feel guilty if it took you a while.  A while can be minutes that can jump into hours, skip over days and hop over months and become blurred by years.  Have a listen to this song and think about who you should reach out to just to say "Hello" to.  It doesn't matter that it is in English because the melody and rich vocals of Elvis at his prime are astonishingly crystal and pure talent.  Or, think about what your talent may be or if you have an interest.  Ask yourself:  "what is holding you back".  < WITHOUT any excuses like time, energy, desire, dedication, forgetfulness, busy, swamped.  I called my daughter today simply because I started to think what I would have for lunch, since I didn't sleep in half the day away, such is a bad habit that I try to avoid.  Thinking, why wake up early to go to work and then sleep most of the day away on MY TIME.  Doesn't make sense.  Thank you for sharing my mumbling.  xo Jeannette Marshall​

Listening to my "LOVELY" playlist from iTunes via bluetoothe is causing me to be very reflective and inquisitive.

What a great song "I hope you find it" by Cher.  Makes me wonder where she is these days.  Horror, if she passed on, and I missed it.  Nah, I doubt it.  Who can forget when Michael Jackson or Princess Diana passed on?  I'm thinking you'd have to be a young adult of the 80s to even remember.  Over-shadowed by 9-11 which is horrific as well.   

is alive and well.  According to BILLBOARD as recent as February 2017, she just added 18 more shows in Las Vegas.  I saved the link with the following comment on Facebook:

Can you have a look at my new website  and tell me what you think? I have worked alongside others for many years, yet find it difficult when it's my own.

Products of our childhood and
upbringing where the day was not complete unless you took the time to watch the news.  I think the Canadian broadcaster of news are really digging deap into their roots to establish firmly a reputation of integrity and journalism.  No monetarily donations unless transparently shared in, say an ad.

What about policing online currency?
Now there's a can of worms eh?  Some organization somewhere [ which i tweeted about within the last few days under @optioneerJM on Twitter or a facebook page of the same name.

Now there's some policing prioritization that needs to be sorted out quickly.  Which is more important:

  • Having any celebrity or brand ambassador being required 2 show paid 4 promo emblem or #hashtag [is this for the IRS and CRA to track unclaimed taxable revenue they can snag and force you to pay interest on? ]
~ OR ~
  • The horrific exhibits that have surfaced on Facebook these past weeks.   I tend to go for the underdogs in this world.  Every once in a while for the unfairly treated more.  It is never fair if you work your way up, or raise your company up, or increase your personal brand to the top only to fall vulnerable and object of catastrophic events make its violent horrendous acts catch you off guard?  It ain't totally fair.  Somebody has some algorithm somewhere that can pick up "chatter" of the millions online at any given time, quickly escalating into the billions as Smartphones allow us to spend our time more and more online.  Need a reference?  

I tend to use my PC's GOOGLE set as my default home page.  That is because most times I am hopping on to look something up that I learned from watching a historically-basic epic television series [ which I may add seem to have a medieval fascination with the English Royal Family.  That seems to be what is hip these days.

Microsoft really is starting to annoy me.  They keep interrupting my logged on experience, whether connected to the web or not, parading things in front of me and freezing something I'm doing.

Real technologists, and I'm not saying Computer Scientists like WIKIleaks founder, Assange [ name? spelling? ] ... real users are more techie than they may realize just by how savvy they are on figuring things out, or smart enough to navigate unchartered imagineering.

You can become an imagineer too.  Just come on visit my website that I'm creating based on input and guidance by my supporters and advocates.

The vision is to create a central gathering hub for anyone in the graphics, graphic arts, artists, photographers, printers, equipment hardware, cool design, awesome tips, exceptional contributors.

The vision was the first thing I had to nail down.  I cannot write a Business Plan without creating a compelling vision statement that resonates with me personally.  Not caring on whether anyone else sees a connection or simply ignores it altogether.  That is not my issue.

My issue is not coming up with a concept either.  I've done that before.  As a finger on the pulse on what the world is grasping for without realizing it.

Martin may or may not remember the clear vision on what the magazine was going to communicate:  taking care of the body, the mind and the soul, as you travel.  Interesting of a near 50/50 split between genres by female or male evenly.  Mostly, in upper to middle income bracket:  greater than $75,000 single person, no dependents [ with no self-destructive bad habits like drug abuse or alcohol preoccupation ].  Likely intelligent, regardless of education level, yet still skillful.

The competition was geared towards their 3rd Party numbers of 60% male audience to 40% female, so you got it:  disgustingly far too many male toiletries like Old Spice, cologne, manliness something, fast cars, smart investment.  No self-help mavericks in this group, they're self-made in their own minds.

Sound like someone you know?  Don't be frightened if you saw a little glimmer of a reflection spark your eye.  You've come to the right place.  You're smart, you're articulate, gregarious, kind, thoughtful, not prone to female-competitiveness cattiness.  { Sorry girls we wrote the book on this and only have ourselves to blame *meow* }.

I have had two days off and spent a great deal of effort of focus on my surroundings.  I discovered that when you are cleaning, dusting, moving things around to add some vibe to your abode with a freshness, spring flowers like tulips or irises on multiple surfaces in your house.  This cheers you on to put some great music to get into the zone and relaxed into the present.  Be brave, go to YouTube and find one of your favorite songs.  See what unfolds for you by YouTube based on their read on your taste or likelihood to click.

We should establish LTC currency online before we hand out compensation to anyone who hangs a shingle or hides behind 20 year old, dated, made up and smoothed over before professional photographed. 

Wouldn't that even the masses?  Whoever can create that concept, will catch a rising star, or just become it.  A level playing field data analysis where the only compensation received is from membership.

That's what I was starting to say in an earlier blog over at optioneerJM where I gave my 20 year-old-self.  Apparently, I am still dwelling on it because it does force oneself to really examine one's self and know what you want.  

It would have been easier to jump in front of myself 12 years ago and warded me off from going to work where I did.  There was nothing corrupt or awful about it, so relax.  I'm not important enough or relevant enough to reveal that thank goodness.

I would say a few more things:

Enjoy your exercise .... 
dance if you feel like dancing, not checking whether the windows are closed or the blinds up, just do it because you feel like it.  If it is diving into a pool to swim to the finish line, mostly competing with your own score, picture the victorious look on your face, slightly with amazement and otherwise with abandonment of savoring the moment.  If it is on a field, on water or on ice ... do what you remember about why you started to love it like you do.  If you're fiercely competitive then do it with team spirit not individual accomplishment.  Don't be hasty with expectations on rewards or awards because to do that you are no longer savoring the moment, but hungrily or greedily climbing over top of others.

Be grateful
and mind your Ps and Qs .... to the Millennials who were taught it, if not to mind it, it amounts to manners.  If you smile and say thank you as many times a day as reasonably possible [i.e. don't thank the person butting and elbowing ahead of you for credit as to why the light changed color to green ].  I recall, although may have set up a journal, forgot the log on, and gave it a pass as I went on to other things.  Thinking about it now, very likely getting remarried and blending four children, three of girls who had hit their teens >> i.e. being a little crazy ... eh? You think?

To the reason I started this blog
writing on and off throughout the day and into the early evening.  As is with our custom, the hunkster hubster goes and puts his headphones on to his music [ I'm a little country, he's a lot into rock and roll ... classics ].   He then plays that game that I've never got hooked on, or avoided so that I would be assured to miss with a little discipline::.... CANDY CRUSH.  

LOL, giggle a little with me.  
Get away if you're going to smirk.  We don't need your bad karma in here [ now I sound schizophrenic and perhaps ADD not so bad a curse as I thought once possible, lately a lot more ].  

I zipped over to this blog and rattled off, finishing with some of the catches and captures of fishing on the web.  Often tweeted or pinned or posted or shared somewhere.  I tried that a couple of times ::.... doing screen captures on cool things that I discover.  More likely now I just click on the share and go through the choicest channels to choose:  Twitter [ greater ever-improving graphics as part of their visual display ++ the great tagging and carrying captures lumped together, to follow the traction that a tweet may send, otherwise unknown if not shared ++ KUDOS ]; Facebook is usually 2nd, third if email nudged ahead of Twitter.  Twitter is catching on to the dynamics of hosting conversations, which Google Plus [ G+ } via "Google HangOuts" was ahead of the curve just as VINE and other such APPS, vlog platforms expand, instantaneous imaging gives guts to the otherwise more inhibited like snapCHAT.

Paul Brandt was my son's nurse when he was at the Children's Hospital in Calgary oh back, let's see now, 24 years ago.  I am, I am thanking you, honestly Paul.  Just remember, I am said boy's mother, you had just recorded "Calm before the Storm" ... excited by the possibility in front of you with its release, after going to a talent contest and singing, winning the recording.

Paul, you were absolutely amazing.  I've never said that I am the most typical mother.  In fact, my kids and their friends would say that I'm one-of-a-kind {what a great compliment that is!}.  There we are, just finished unpacking and looking around this very small hospital room with sliding glass doors into the central open area where the nurses station was situated.  

Like a gust of fresh breeze swooping into a wind, you burst through the door, introducing yourself and informing us that he was going to be his nurse before and after his surgery.  

First up for business?  A bath ... trust me, he WAS clean when I brought him in.  Maybe it was to keep a normal childhood routine in tact while at a healthcare facility?  Maybe it was taught?  Maybe it was pure instinct?

I guess when a child has been admitted into the hospital, they are given the royal treatment.  Less anxiety that way, I'd bet.  So into a wheelchair he goes, with Paul whispering commands in his ear "don't try to scream too loud so we won't get caught by security" .... smart thinking.  

I practically skipped along the corridor, giggling and sniffing to keep myself from shouting out with laughter.  This was going much better than all my fears set aside and barely my best wishes come true.

It was because of Paul.  
He had a real human heart made into a star.  Casting light, optimism, removing fear and angst from others and putting more firmly on his own shoulders to help you bare the weight.  

Now he gets to sing and write more because of those dreams that became a reality.  It was really very cool to have briefly spent time with you on the cusp of stardom.  

You did forgive me for admitting that I didn't listen to country and western music when you asked me whether I would like to hear your song.  Thank you.  I was probably like the American IDOL judges became so many years later, something like 20 years .... trying to appear nonplussed while poised to be with ladylike frame, no matter how you may shriek or embarrass-ment empathy I would surely hear.

Not losing a sliver of optimism, the next day Paul came in with a copy of the cassette tape for my son, a photocopy of a photograph with which he signed.  {Perfecting that signature for autographs requests only a little while later}.

It is exceptional karma to have been blessed to have you in our lives that short period of our lives.  Know that you brightened our stay and gave a brighter glow for the future.

Thank you Paul.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Make new friends, love the old

one is silver and the other GOLD
as I grow each older, the more appreciative I've become of so many wonderful experiences to be blessed with, never for a moment taking any of it for granted.

working one's self to the core 
doesn't do anyone favors (p.s. in Canadianese the American favors is favored by spell check, but we Canadians taught articulation in the late 60s and the early 70s were blessed with the very big gift of expression. ..... :: anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyys [an 80s term for those yuppies still out there, and the Millennial wannabes ::.... how things have evolved eh?

In the folds of being born of the 60s
like wallflowers to the Baby Boomers, we observed, we absorbed the best parts, we have held our composure, and now we are parents of the gift to our generation:  the gift of the Millennial Bloom.  

We're pretty lucky
even though if you paid attention to statistics and stereotypical behavior, those born in the 60s were pre-packaged to lean towards failure.  If you think stereo-typing is dangerous, especially to mental health, think of the resilience and tenacity of anyone you know, been lucky enough to have met, or heaven help you if you're an offspring.

A beacon of light
to the Millennials is their embrace of the 80s culture.  Is it because there is a soul connection of what those of us in our 20s in the 80s aligned with what our own Millennials are facing.

Where optimism can be restored
when you think of what great things, events, game-changers occurred in the 80s, introduced back then, every day now.  

Boxers who come out of the corner
jumping into the obstacle ahead, head of, crouched in readiness to take the offensive with hardly a sniffle and long before a drop of sweat.  That would define those who lived their 20s in the 80s.  

I graduated from college in the 80s
and it was a great platform to launch a career.  Not limited by the restrictive curriculum, more persevering to land beyond the world of conformity, censorship, polite manners, poise and abloom with everything is impossible, we may as well make the impossible possible.

I notice some really talented folks out there.  Some that mere names crossed paths with me.  What a crazy, crazy CRAZY time, when I think back to it.  With gurgling reflection caught and captured from my conversation with my mother this afternoon.

Being the parent of a Millennial
is a worrisome, full board, attentive preoccupation.  You revel is the brilliance shining from your child born, first in 1989, with the others to follow in the 90s.  

We're lucky so they are lucky
as well.  Like skipping stones across a glass-like lake or quietly lapping ocean shore.  We may have been born in inopportune times, faced some pretty insur-mountable odds.  What we share is that grasp of not expecting anything for free, without commitment, not always sacrifice [ often by choice ] understanding the basic rightful work ethic:  

* work hard
* work honestly
* work with integrity
* be known for your word without all the numerous
* be committed to quality
* whatever you do, do it with pride
* love who you do it with, who you're surrounded by
* do your best always, it always pays off in spades

A dog eat dog world 
began with the Baby Boomers with entitlement mastered by GenX.  Where those born of the 60s, grew in the 80s, parents of the Millennials >> skipped >> over the hay days and landed in the middle of the first recession since the 1929 stock market crash [ if you do not know anything about this historical event, pause this article and go find out about it .... as my commitment to you as a blogger, you read ] we had to survive.  Really not much opportunity to learn as funds dried up and kids had to go leave post-secondary because their was some sort of crisis in their lives, with their family, that took more important measure instead.

Learn from your elders
as much as you can.  No time will be wasted.  I can guarantee that!  Talking to my mother, with so many wise words shared.  I even said to her:  "I hope I remember all of this for when I write later".  The gift of her wisdom was shone brightly upon me, like a face of a flower blooming forward towards the sun.  

I was a sponge in the 80s
that was my greatest gift.  I only had a college diploma, not even a university degree.  It was enough to teach me discipline and that anything worthwhile doesn't come free, without commitment and stick-to-it-ness that is just emerging within the Millennial generation.  

Millennials have faced fear
reflected in their parents eyes.  A strong, tough upper lip, and a straight spine.  We weren't even considering weakness, with goals clearly defined in our line of vision.  

Dedication, optimism ~
contagiously positive attitudes were bestowed upon our offspring.  Whether they grasped those sprinkles of enlightenment and hung on to the best qualities we shared.

Nobody is perfect
and neither is anyone who defines themselves as a Yuppie.  [ Or admits in select company and trusted members ] Who wear it as an emblem of pride, saying "who cares?" if they still have enough hair left to grow a mullet, why not?

As the Millennials groan
and tsk tsk with embarrassment to their very influential peers.  What their peers think of them is more important than their parents, their boyfriend, or their employer slash / boss could ever dream.  A peer sets the benchmark and the height of the peddle stool they are awarded, acclaimed, worshiped or refrained.

Be still thine parental heart
it is just a mutation of your chromosomes, evolved and collided with nature and environment to form an independent being, an individual.  I know it is very hard.  Like a moth does to a butterfly without the loss of the moth, is the butterfly allowed to form.

Be glad, be proud and be boastful
toward anyone who'll listen.  Those are the ones you want to be around.  They can relate, or your words resonate with them.

Unlike my mom's words
this afternoon.  They were so wise, so enlightening ... almost as though I was leaving a cocoon.    While I'd been living these 55 years, I was enclosed in a small outlook, not looking far beyond to where flowers bloom and the sun's flower is warm with a gentle wind, with an iced tea at my elbow.  I'm careful I don't give it a nudge to topple it over as I tap, tap, tap with the rhythm of my 1979 typing class on an electric typewriter.  Graduating exceeding 120 clicks minutes  ::.... now WHAT was it called back in those days when we took our speed tests on a manual typewriter?  Hmmmm I think it was ... nope not characters per second, or any variation of the Times New Roman font that was the only letters to be had, to write a letter, draw up an agreement or a contract.  

Some of us grew up with carbon copy
yet how many know what that material is?  What it is like to try to avoid staining your fingers on the sticky substance on its back with a wrapping-paper thin or thinner-than-onion paper thin [ I'm sure Google can show you what either of those things are .... if not, Wikipedia for sure ].

This is a story for those 
who remember the glory of being a yuppie.  Bringing in the 80s as we all turned 20.  That is a pretty unique identifiable experience, a uniqueness we can own.  A significant contribution to our society came from our decade.  [ you may have to dig back to my other INBETWEENERs blog (before we evolved to be called "YUPPYDOM" ) mere weeks ago I wrote about those who graduated from the 1960s and became icons of our time.  Across borders, beliefs, colors, race or country, the class of the 1960s born are unique with much to boast about.

Keep steady on the present.
Slam the door or gently close the past.  Forget about the future because it isn't anything you can touch right now.  So you may as well be aware of the present and make every moment count!

where everything is impossible, 
we may as well make the 
impossible possible

~Jeannette Marshall

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Leave transgenders alone, give it a rest ::...

Too few role models:  SOURCE

A question was posted on QUORA and I felt compelled to respond:

Why don't transgender people use the restrooms corresponding to their genitals to try and end the needless transgender bathroom controversy?

It is none of our business.

This reminds me of things we have to struggle with growing up::…. what IS our identity? What IS our moral standard? Should others have THE right to determine what is best for US?

Almost ALL of us in the age of inBETWEENers (born 1960 to 1965, neither Baby Boomers, Generation X, nor Millennials) must REMEMBER what the biggest questions of our day were? If others forgot, I can share with you: Do you or don’t you circumcise your newborn son?

SOURCE:  "Boys" by William E. Rochfort 

Remember that? I do. Is it necessary or more to do with mental well being our our son: likeness to daddy. It was something I read avidly read about because sometimes reading becomes “PEACE of MIND”. In this instance, we were RESPONSIBLE for making decisions for our children.

However, this topic should be a NONtopic because it is simply none of our business. If it is not us, nor our child, we don’t belong. I, for uniquely one, could not imagine the struggle this mere question asks ~ it is SO very judgMENTAL on so many fronts. Nor is it a practical questions. Why? Girls bathrooms in elementary school have stalls. Even at swimming pools and gym lockers: there are closed stalls.

If we don’t make a BIG deal out of this question, then the persons it affects are free to chose the best way that puts them at PEACE. To imagine what it is like to be DIFFERENT when the word itself claims: “Freak”! That is so far from the truth and requires each of us to delve deep inside our humanity humanitarianism by avoiding an opinion on what is personal and none of our business.

SOURCE:  Follow Will Rochfort on Twitter 

The worst thing you can do is underscore the misconception that there is something wrong with a transgender. Especially when each one of us have our own skeletons we hide.


On the practical, logical side. If a boy that identifies as a girl, looks and acts like a girl, feels more comfortable with girls, rather than boys, goes into a girls washroom, they can simply go into the bathroom stall. To say that everyone bares down to the birthday suits multiple times a day, more likely a month, or more….. there are girls that are shy and will go into the bathroom stall to change into swimsuit or gym clothes. Which one is different than the next, is for each individual to decide, not anyone else’s claim to identification.

SOURCE: Matheus Pinto

There is a solution. Certainly a priority would be to STOP talking, covering, writing, posting, chatting, murmuring about this topic as though there is something wrong with a transgender person. I repeat:  a person.  It wasn’t for them to decide who they are nor is it mine, or ours, to judge.

This viewpoint was in answer to a question posted on ::.. an escape to learn about what matters or what people are talking about.  Originally, I used as a sales blogging tool, now it stimulates interest on topics that one may not have the opportunity to discuss, rationally, online.  It is monitored, it avoids abuse of any kind.  It is healthy.  Good mental health.  A setting that allows you to take a stand on your viewpoint or nudge others to your point of view.  

Best of all:  a safe place to investigate your own perspective, on your own time.

Images inspire creativity and soul purpose

It occurred to me tonight, as we spring forward, that there are so many images and quotes that can inspire me.  Likely anyone for that matter.

Whether you be an insomniac like I can be so many times, or an early riser in other parts, one can enjoy peaceful solitude or united solidarity with talented people of the world, from around the world.

It should be impossible to feel lonely in this brave new world, where just about anything we do, is centered on a computer or television screens.  Our jobs, our entertainment, our creativity, our memories.

Like so many others, life is in control.  It sometimes leaves gaps on the online world when you become enveloped with warmth from real life events, family, friends.  

More often, you are in survival mode in the outside world:  juggling jobs, finances, commitments, obligations, taxes, crises, pushing dreams and goals to the bottom of the pressure broil of keeping things together, whether mentally exhausted or morale challenged.

So what do you do?  To find a release to avoid the pressure explode with stress, health ailments, energy depletion .... what can help?

Creativity can be an escape. 
Like exercise is optimum for ongoing health invigoration,  so can creativity be a great way to exorcise those demons pressing down on you from real commitments.  

Take a stroll through the universe .... online.  For images that appeal to your senses, make you smile, make you in awe.  Look for quotes that speak to you personally, that can inspire you to move on from just barely getting by to where you belong.

Your sole purpose in life makes your soul sing.  Finding images to escape to and enjoy can go a step further when merged with stimulating verses or quotes.  Be moved to create your own.  That can be creative.  That can be a release.

Be at peace every day.  Be satisfied with what you have.  Don't try to reach too far into the future so that you have lost the gift of enjoyment of today. 

It is in you to be enveloped in a positive enjoyable world.  To discover what it is will guide you to what others find similarly mirrored philosophy and talent unfolds, makes connection.

Friday, January 6, 2017

breaking BAD: advertisers + advertising + advertising agencies :: traditional MEDIA: television, radio, newspapers, magazine :: outdated MEANS: printing, printed matter, encyclopedia, library

my take on matters at the present time Jan 9 2017 ... where advertising's only value has been minimized to gimmicks, craft and pleasing the eye ...

from the days of "MadMenAdvertising" to the BRAND of a voice, a passion, an interest, an opinion, a vibe under the umbrella of TRUST .... read MORE >> here on the link below. Comment or share if you like. 

Thank you!

 Jeannette Marshall

2017: when the age of "advertising" is diminished with the adopted currency & recognition called "brand"

damn it all to heck
i really become annoyed when Facebook can't keep my post .... READ HERE

Monday, December 12, 2016

meadering and bantering ABOUT

My answer to I want to make a website, a social media website can you guys give me tips?
Answer by Jeannette Marshall:
I recommend Google’s blogspot or Word Press — you can start out with a blog and then have it transformed into a website after purchasing the domain. There are others like WIX that guide you in the set up. Frankly, I find GoDaddy cumbersome to navigate, ending up frustrated before finishing. Personally, I will follow this to see what others post. I embrace other’s opinions and their discoveries of unique and effective ways of doing things. Keep open minded while reserve judgement until you establish your own experience. Be wary of others endorsements which may be a form of creating a lead for themselves to elevate their own reputation of expertise. I trust Google in helping me find what I am looking for: use Google search by asking full questions of what you are looking for, for example: “The best website creation for e-commerce”. The responses from your search will show which ones are generated from paid search engine results and manipulations.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Customer or Client? Mega greed or conspiracy theories?

Jason Bourne 
is to blame.  Tonight, my handsome husband selected a movie for us to watch.  It is a treat he has for me and he seems to always pick the perfect time.  The perfect time?  

The most classic perfect time in Calgary would be braving the roads from our first real winter "experience" of the season, where people have forgotten how to drive more cautiously and safely.  Then, I spent all day in training at work.  Funny part when the WWW (wicked witch of the west who will remain unnamed, to avoid the social media police that may be trolling my social media sites to ensure that I don't defame, embarrass or name the company or people I work with, have worked with, customer (transactional sale) versus client (continuing relationship where there is an exchange of money for services provided or in providing knowledge to help them make a decision.)

Relationship sales is much more satisfying and gratifying for both the representative and the client.  I know that if you are new to sales or think that sales pros speak a unique foreign language, you may think what is the point?  Customer or client? 

To me, a customer is a transactional buyer.  They shop, they compare, they buy once.  They move on.  Unless you manage your own headache on the warranty business.  A customer is a like trying to a romantic guy trying to woo a lovely lady with flowers, dinner and a diamond to only turn around and ask "what's for dinner?"    I'm lucky I'm not married to one of those.  My man, is a man's man, a gamer, a cool dude and all-around super guy.  He's smart, which helps.  If he doesn't understand something, he goes out of his way to learn more about it.  A customer is only going to compare, shop, call and ask for a deal, compare, take the deal and go to the other fierce competitor to test to see if they get their dandruff up if they mention who is "trying to win their business" when in actual fact, they are wasting resources (people, technology, profits, shareholder value) trying to squeeze out another dime.  These "customers" are in forums or getting opinions from neighbors, colleagues, friends and the pleasant lad who you stand in line at the coffee bar with.  They take that information as gospel on how to "get a deal".   I'm not sure, but I'd guess that the latest craze of false expertise is to drain advertisers banks and maybe gaining soundbites professing their show-stopping breakthrough.

I digressed A - L O T ... I won't apologize because if you come here to read my writing, it is going to be about sales or leadership or business with a twist of social media insight.  I'm long winded and detail oriented.  You don't often get one without the other:  someone who speaks out what they are formulating or have figured out, usually means telling someone else about it.  Or, in their gathering information and feeding their knowledge junkie habit, they ask a lot of questions, survey a lot of people, the web, often with Google's support, to find answers.

So, there are clients that do the same thing other sales pros would say.  I agree.  However, a really super smart sales savvy superstar can actually distinguish between what the car auto sales term (that I like to adopt as point of reference because buying a car is a universal buy that crosses all incomes, intellects and class or religion) ..... a tire kicker.  

If you were put on a platform with the "That was EASY button" notoriously campaigned and launched by Staples however many years ago ... would you be able to handle a flurry of questions like the rat-tat-tat of the sound of your voice mimicking a war toy?  Have you ever thought of holding a company olympics?  You should.  BUT don't limit it to ONLY the salespeople.  Make it mandatory for executives to participate too.  There are no classes and everyone is among the masses.  That is humility in executive leadership that you don't see, if ever.  (Unless you are of a certain type, of which it looks like I have another idea to write later).

If you are any kind of company, you have created revenue streams by having "relationships" with a select group of buyers.  They may make transactional buys, but they are pretty loyal where they dispose of their money.  The money that there shareholders, owners, employees, suppliers need to see coming in on a steady stream.  They are not transactional customers, they are clients.  Some hip marketing sound bite made it popular to recoin that term into a defendable definition.  

That's the mini-lesson this evening.  After sitting in a training class all day, surviving nail biting slick driving conditions in a city that knows that it will inevitably happen lose their minds, AND it being so damn cold that the only thought you can conjure up about Christmas or "The Holidays" are penguins marching with gifts in tow.  Too cold to pump your own gas, but you have to so you won't run out of it after letting your car idle before the mad dash from the house to jump into the cocoon, that warmth enclosure, that quickly becomes a death trap as soon as you take the emergency break off and put your foot gently, cautiously on the gas pedal.  Only to almost be side swiped by some idiot driving like a maniac (and if it were safe to do so, take a video to post on YouTube for instant stardom ... which you don't because that would be considered "distracted driving" in a Province that has an offense as such, with a punishable penalty of a fine of the equivalent of all your Christmas gifts combined.)  

We need more Americans living in Canada.  Then again, there are already quite a few if the call-in rate for being sick on Black Friday because it was American Thanksgiving.    We didn't even have the tradition of super big deal sale day Black Friday without learning how to be better consumers from our cousins to the south.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you when you think how quickly the masses on eastern shores have taken on the tradition and surpassed the consumer power from their teachers.

Buyers Supreme
One conspiracy theory I have in world dominance is going to be whoever holds the largest purse.  In a corporate world, that would mean usually the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer or chief elusive opportunist).  If you doubt me, look up who the richest CEOs are in your country.  The bigger the company does not necessarily mean the bigger the bonus.  They are their own public relations team and talent manager all tied up into a bow as one.    The buyers pay for that CEO even if they are delusional.  

World Domination
I don't know if anyone has noticed but the largest consumer culture of the americas is quickly being passed and left behind.  There is this place that is in the far east that has been making a lot of dough off of those americas companies by politely taking the jobs off their own soil, because their "consumers" or customers or clients don't care as long as they get the best price.  Now those poor unfortunate farmers and caretakers of the land are working in factories or building shipping operations to get those goods back to where the consumers are:  recycling of a new age kind.  

Now where do you imagine where those big buckets of cash consumers reside?  Well, certainly not in the americas because those folks are riding the waves of job loss, pending home loss, and dignity lost a long time ago when they stopped being able to contribute to society:  as in consume.

Shifting tides
When you read a long long time ago that most of the owners of the debt in the americas are, you might be getting it:  they aren't in the americas.  Heck, stop worrying about the Mexican immigrants who are taking the jobs that nobody else wants to do.  In our consumer-entitled world.  Who, will soon be raising children who will be getting the best grades in school because they understand the value of education (where race, culture, background, financial picture can be eradicated if we ensure that all children on all continents are afforded an education.)  If you doubt me, consider who is graduating as doctors, pharmacists these days?  I can almost certainly say it isn't the third or fourth generation countrymen who are still stunned and striving to avoid destruction from the fall out of losing their jobs.  Offshore.  Huh?

Cannot be shoved aside.  I worked at the largest tech company in the world, who was conniving and pushing jobs offshore.  I was hearing from colleagues who had left mostly on their own accord.  Drained and strained to the max under the theory of their own self-destruction that tech will continue to replace human capital.

If I can find it, I will come back here and post the frame.  The CEO (chief elusive opportunist .... called such because you won't see them unless there is an opportunity for them to plug themselves or their company which plugs their cash meter).  The person was at the final Presidential Debate, and got in a soundbite by a notably large media outlet who hasn't caught on to the bigger story, and said "Whoever wins better ensure that they can create jobs".  

No reaction, no fall out, no media storm.  It was sexier to exploit the biggest battle of the sexes of all time than to clue in to what is happening.  Right under their collective noses was a bigger story.  Duh!  That CEO had been shoveling jobs offshore by the bushel to try to ensure the executives get their bonus and the shareholder noise is quieter.  Talk about the decimation of the oil industry why don't cha?

Decimation (Roman army) - Wikipedia
Decimation (Latin: decimatio; decem = "ten") was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as mutiny or desertion. The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning "removal of a tenth".

Does 'decimate' mean 'destroy one tenth'? | OxfordWords blog
Sep 10, 2012 - A classic example of this is the word decimate. ... But the claim that decimate should be used to mean naught but to ‘put to death (or destroy) one of every ten’ has deeper problems than that. ... Currently, decimate meaning ‘to tithe’ makes its first appearance in 1656 (more of ...

That very same person that I would watch on the global corporate-wide town hall trying to calm nerves when stories or how they tried to insinuate as "rumors" of tens of thousands of jobs going to be cut.  That very same person said they hoped that the new incoming president would "create jobs".  Ha!

While the riches of the one hemisphere are being lost in droves, unrest befalls the populace.  As the entitled soon learn that the tables are turning.  All the "spoils" from the ignorance of others, pad the pockets of others who pounce on the opportunity to capitalize on that greed, politely take their money in pennies if that deflects attention from what they are really doing.  Giving jobs away because they are cheaper to appease the shareholders who line their pockets with gold, or what is more commonly known as a "bonus".

The climate is right, the temperature is ripe for a dictatorship.  Think about it.  When and where in our past has dictatorships risen?  Hmmmm, feeding off the entitlement of whatever hot buttons are needed to get the masses fired up?  Now, who has done that before?   Rising to power based on hysteria, indignation and fueling that by creating more outrage.  Can we think of where that has happen before?  Why, yes, some may even recognize a hint of it founded on religion.  

I'm asking you to think a little bigger picture here.  When and where have the people gotten all fired up and gotten on opposing sides of a great divide?  Why yes, very often it is blamed on religion.  If that is what people think is the answer, then the parasites can latch on to that and use that to climb onto a self-built pedestal that can be raised by loyal followers who think they too can join in and even perhaps gain favor, why not a job,  a bonus wouldn't hurt.  Is it on the tip of your finger yet?

A revolt often evolves when two opposing sides become more impassioned and ablaze, deciding that their choice as the right way.  Wait.  Don't blame the HunksterHubster, he doesn't even know I'm writing this.  In fact, I'm pretty safe from my own family rising to any opinion because they don't read this either!  Lucky for me, Google has translation built right into a gadget on this blog that allows visitors to translate into their own tongue, to embrace it, Brazil.  !Gracias! 

I read this article and posted this comment on "MEDIUM" after stumbling upon this rich, resourceful, amazing "CREW" .......

The best designers and developers don’t want to deal with crummy work that has a poor budget — this undervalues the work they do.
BRAVO! Well said :o) Thank YOU *^*jm “The best designers and developers don’t want to deal with crummy work that has a poor budget — this undervalues the work they do”.This is so true of true creative types as well; try talking to a publisher, graphic designer or advertising agency, writers and imagineers; it is unfortunate when some drive prices down or deteriorate the brand of the industry or innovators by low-balling price by half-assed “entrepreneurs” who bastardize genius disguised behind the mask of greed. The deal makers and the price droppers. ~Jeannette