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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The man from uncle :: fashion style action!

If you're looking for something to do this May long weekend (Canada), you may want to consider The Man from Uncle.

What a pleasant surprise it was to watch  a remake of the 60s television series  Man from Uncle.

Typically, I'm not into the "action" film genre but this movie packed a punch with these things I enjoyed:
  • A cast of beautiful people: they were very cool
  • Fabulous fashions 
  • Style galore: the set, the stars, the fashions
  • A throwback from the 60s vibe and styles


Set during the height of the Cold War, KGB Agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) is sent to capture Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander), the daughter of a former Nazi scientist who previous worked for the US. However, before Kuryakin can reach her, smouldering CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) gets there first. The next day, they’re both notified that they need to work together as it comes to light that Teller’s father has been forced to work for a billionaire diabolical genius who’s building a new type of atomic bomb. (COURTESY of Stylex)


Napolean Solo
Henry Cavill looked familiar to me so I had to dig a little to recall where I had seen him last: VOILA!  the latest Superman flicks.

Henry is going to continue to climb on the manly meter.  He has style and substance as Napolean Solo with his dreamy presence crafted by Director Guy Ritchie  and cowritten with Lionel Wigram.

Illya Kuryakin
Armie Hammer has been on the film radar with movies The Social Network (2010), Mirror Mirror (2012) and The Lone Ranger (2013).  He may not be ultra smooth with his Russian accent, but he doesn't make just make his co-star character (Telly) swoon.  My guess is the young ladies are going to keep Armie on their "hunk" radar.


Alicia Vikander has been flittering across our screens in notables such as The Danish Girl and A Royal Affair

I was particularly gaga over her styles and the chemistry between her and Armie Hammer -- kiss her already!!

Victoria Vinciguerra
Elizabeth Debicki commanded the screen as femme fatale villainous character Victoria.   We can't quite hate because her magnificent style.  We've seen her before alongside Leo in The Great Gatsby (2013) and one of my noted favorites Everest (2015).

Victoria captivated this fashionista with the eye-popping style, makeup and hair.

Hugh Grant has been a fan favorite since his popularity rose in the 1990s with such memorable films as Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and Bridget Jones Diary (2001).  Safe to say fans have forgiven him for his past digressions as he solidly portrays CIA commander, Waverly.

To drool over. Even Vogue took notice of the outstanding looks, fashions, hair, makeup.

The mood of the film was arresting because of the brilliant set design.  The backdrops were incredible, they complement the action and scenes and styles.  From dark alleys to elegant hotels,  Architectural Digest  gave it a nod with a feature on the production design:  

A cast-iron public restroom is the setting for meeting between CIA and KGB

Even a casual meeting was surrounded by artful decor. 

Solo’s West Berlin apartment is a colorful contrast to the other dark interiors.

The historic architecture of Rome: the Spanish Steps and Teatro di Marcello.

The bygone era of the Cold War 

The Grand Hotel Plaza. 

The interiors of the aerospace facility were shot on a soundstage


I discovered some new favorite music from great artists from the 1960s.  Many will be strikingly familiar (think Michael Buble and the Blues Brothers).  Have a listen:

Solomon Burke:  "Cry to me"

Solomon Burke:  "Everybody needs someone to love"

Nina Simon: "Feelin Good"

Roberta Flack:  "Compared to What"


The reviews from critics could have been a lot better, in my opinion.  It only goes to show you that often the critics are not in sync with the audience who were far more entertained.  I think more will agree with me after they watch it.  (p.s. I did go and add my own 4.7 stars at Rotten Tomatoes) 
Critic reviews

Though the pic is solidly made, its elegant vintage flavor simply doesn't feel modern enough to cut through the tough summer competition. Full review
Peter Debruge·Variety
Note to millennials: No one stops to text or take a selfie. You've been warned. Full review
Peter Travers·Rolling Stone
Though I strive to set aside all prejudices when the lights go down, I had a hunch that The Man From U.N.C.L.E. would be excruciating. Well, it turns out to be absolutely delightful. Full review
David Edelstein·Vulture

If stylish spy thrillers are your thing, look no further – Guy Ritchie is back with his reboot of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – a tongue-in-cheek and highly polished take on the '60s television series.                                                                                                     Stylex



The period spy thriller “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” is only intermittently engaging and amusing, and those portions of the movie that succeed are also frustrating. Because they’re cushioned by enervated, conceptually befuddled, and sometimes outright indifferent stuff.

Take a test spin by visiting Warner Bros. dedicated site to view the trailers to tempt you more.  Or just get to it.  It currently is available "On Demand" from Telus.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Official Trailer 1

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello your Vogueness

Sometimes hit
Trying to remember how I fell on these images.  The first one I saw and I know I shared it.  I can't recall where from (bad sign, spending too much time on here).  I think it may have been Tumblr or as a back-drop on PolyVORE ??? 

red mask and a headdress 

Don't cha hate not being able to remember where you discovered something or who said something?  Well, this is my visual something.  Visions that captured my eye with their uniqueness and hot couture.  I've always wanted to call it that:  "hot couture" instead of Haute Couture.  How boring and snobby haute couture sounds.  

Beauty or color is best?

Not in this lifetime
I won't ever to be able to afford any of the outfits or be fussed over with makeup because I have a face that can capture that something, difficult to define.

Colors cause joy

Do not dare
Show this to the faint at heart.  Those ladies who believe that the ability to carry it off is their own righteous belonging.  

Sometimes the faces are naked from makeup while others are naked, or with caked on makeup or hats or hairdos.  

Weirdness or inspired? 

Like a train wreck
Or just too weird.  We slow down and cast an eye out to see what your brain or your heart want to see.  You fall spell to the creativeness that appears.

Glitter or ouch! 

Thank you for sharing another creative journey with me,  once again or the very first time.  I hope you agree with my choices.


A lot going on ...
Just like you, I have a lot going on.  Even though I am now an empty nester, it doesn't mean that my times has completely freed up.  What, with long phone conversations, text marathons, keeping in touch with your kids is easier than ever.  You just have to take the time to speak in the language.  Which tends to be "facetime" through smartphones (exclusive to Apple), texts back and forth or messages on Facebook.  One longs for the time when we were all sitting around the kitchen table.

Add to that, we have careers or jobs (depending on your outlook) which can leave us beaten and tired by the time we get home, as we age our energy seems to diminish.

On top of that, we're suppose to squeeze in exercise and only cook the most healthiest of meals.  Who has times for going for a manicure pedicure?  I sure do my best!

Like many of us, I am open to ideas that can help me do things faster and simply without too much fuss.  I fell prey to the commercial by Amope that showed us how easy it would be for us to buy their products and presto :: dry skin begone and stylin nail shapes are done.  (At least that is what the advertisement shows).

I was at my best escape mode at Shoppers Drug Mart with a super busy weekend ahead, which didn't lend itself to up to 2 hours for the mani pedi treatment.  So, I saw, I bought, to conquer the home treatment via the miraculously portrayed Amope.  I rationalized that a mani/pedi would cost at least $100 before tip and the finger pedi was $50 and so was the larger foot pedi -- a wash money wise ... right?

Right.  Well, I got one thing right anyhow.  I only opened one package first and kept my receipt handy.  Not that I wasn't committed to allowing it to work, it was just that I'm a fool for always (a good habit mostly) tossing in the packaging into the recycling box along with receipt.  Then I don't always try it right away.  Then if you go to get a refund, you usually have neither packaging nor receipt, only to discover that it had a 10 day return and you took until day 14!

This time it was a covert operation:: try one first and if it is as miraculous and easy as we're informed to believe, then easy peasy, just open the next one and get on with it.

This is the first one I opened and the only one I tried.

I was very disappointed in the results.  I don't have hard nails which could cause a challenge.  I just didn't find the Amope all that fantastic.  In fact, the quality file that I already had did a better job -- at a fraction of the cost.

This is the one I didn't even try, returned unopened for refund.

Lucky for me, I took the receipt, packaging with one not even open back to Shoppers Drug mart for a full refund the next day.  Immediately afterwards, I went for a pedi.  It seemed that it cost mere pennies for the pedi after the Amope episode.  

I did a cost comparison and the pedi was cheaper than Amope (I know, I know, it is suppose to be used numerous times to reduce its cost, but not for me).  With a salon expert, my feet were soaked, I could fashion watch the other patrons for entertainment, and the roughness was gone, nails filed and squared, a massage on my calves and feet and a beautiful spring color adorned.

So don't bother wasting your time buying the Amope unless you're simply too fascinated not to.  If you do, keep the packaging and receipt close by and take it back the next day you decide it will end up another gadget that collects as junk in your beauty cabinet.

I am going to begin writing about beauty products, good **** (as the top on the beauty meter) and bad $$$$ (as a waste of money).

No brainer on this one::  Amope launches my first official review as the worse $$$$ (as in waste of money).


Even their website CONTACT US is lame.  It only had a Customer Service Number and no comments, feedback or email capability.

I can share the review on Amazon and begin a board called "WASTEofmoney" on Pinterest.


I look forward to writing more reviews particularly about the treats that I find are BEAUTY'S BEST FIND (which I already have a Board on Pinterest for)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring 2016 makeup for a 50s fashionista

Spring is my favorite time of year!  It is all about new beginnings, flowers peaking out of the soil to reach the warm beams of the sun, and, of course, it is my birthday (I turn 55 on April 18th).  Granted,  I am  a bit biased.

One of the things I like to write about on Meanderings are interests based on being a 50s fashionista (or wannabe) grappling with the challenge that we shouldn't try to dress like our 20-something daughters, nor should we age before our time with our mother's elderly good looks.

Then we have to toss in our body types, and any of the challenges we may have to adapt to changes happening.

"Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another." 
                             ~Courteney Cox

Nothing says that we can't embrace bright colors, florals, patterns or hip looks, we just have to make sure it suits us.  We should be able to understand what makes us feel good :: and that usually goes hand in hand with makeup and beauty.

One thing I'm proud of is I come from great stock :: both my parents always look/ed years younger.  So I really appreciate it when the youngsters tell me I look like I'm in my late 30s or early 40s :: I think it all comes down to what I said :: finding your zone in beauty and fashion, and being able to pull it off.

At 4 ft 11, or rounded up to 5 ft, you're right to think that I would have fashion challenges of my own.  I've always liked the "chic" look and try to stay true to that.  So, to help others, I will share what I have adopted as my own Spring 2016 look.

It all starts with the eyes.  Studies say that people usually are drawn to the eyes first.  I was blessed with green ones and tend to focus on that wonderful feature.  I don't go for the dramatic eyeliner and you've already read about my lash extensions drama. I just happen to have taken a photo of my eyes just for this emphasis.

Go ahead and laugh at my creative license :: fooling around in Microsoft Paint is fun!  I use a moisturizer to start always after cleansing.  Having sensitive skin, I have learned that I have to stick with something that works because when I try something new, too rich in oils or perfumes, I break out.  (There goes the myth that you don't break out in zits once you pass menopause).  I rely on my fail-safe Oil of Olay for sensitive skin:

To define my basic look, I do sponge off of magazines and beauty counters for inspiration.  It isn't that difficult to find nude colors this spring :: it is everywhere.  I'm chomping at the bit to try Urban Decay after watching an INC. video interview of Sandy Lerner, founder of Oracle.  (I want to do a blog about redoing her look with a few modifications so that she gives up that 70s look that she seems to be holding on to).

I have already gravitated to nude as my eye base color for the simple reason that it brings out the green color of my eyes.  I would think it would suit any gal in her 50s.  (HINT :: just because you've survived menopause doesn't mean you should boycott makeup!)

I always use the lightest of light tones for my eyebrow bone (far left) and then a soft, lighter color for the lid (right in the middle).  I have the heaviest hand on the lid because I don't want it to fade as the day progresses.  I find that eye makeup with a bit of frost to it tends to adhere to the skin more successfully.  I define the upper lid with a muted softer yet darker tone for definition (7 from left).  Then it is mascara, mascara and more mascara.  
We can still learn from the young.  My stepdaughter always has thick lashes that seems to coat the mascara on.  My lashes are longer and finer, so I can avoid that thick, clumped on look.  I still swear by my recent discovery ::  L'Oreal's two step mascara :: a white base, then a black mascara :: when that dries, I then apply my Clinique mascara, followed by the butterfly effect mascara by Maybelline.  This has been from trial and error repeatedly to find something that works.  My makeup regime takes 5-10 minutes at most.

However, let me not forget the crowning glory of eyebrow brushing to finish for a polished look.  Given I have lighter eyebrows, it is a must for me.  I do battle with the temptation of fake lines and heavy handedness.  Instead, I use a complimenting eyebrow liner to give distinction, it closely matches the color of the eyebrow mascara :: MAC is the best I'm convinced.   Au natural is my focus.

When too much is just too much.

Yes, some ladies think this doll looks good??

Safe to say :: I am not battling my age :: I am glorifying my God given gifts and attempting to show that you can be both subtle and classy.  I'm not a fan of heavily caked on makeup that screams defying age tactics.  If it works for other gals, it is fine for me.

I almost forgot ::  the lipstick!!  It is the final touch to your canvass.  I absolutely adore my latest find :: Colorblur by Maybelline's "lipstudio" ::

Two colors I have already :: one for evening and one for Spring days.
A liner, lipstick and sealer all in one in an array of spring colors.

This discovery is fantastic.  You put it on and it lasts for hours, even while drinking coffee!

 If you have to insist on the old fashioned way, I did find among Google's treasure trove, instructions on how to properly do your lipstick.  (Seems like a lot of work to me now that I've found utopia with Colorblur) ::

Here is an ode to mature beauties who are hitting their stride while maintaining status as beauty icons, embracing their 50s in 2016::

Robin Wright celebrated her 50th birthday April 8th

Janet Jackson turns 50 on May 16th
Halle Berry turns 50 on August 16th

Salma Hayek turns 50 on September 2
There you have it :: style mavericks who are still dancing to their own drum.  What do they all have in common?  To me, they're not disguising their age nor are they caking on the makeup or trying tricks or the latest tactics :: they seem to know what works for them and stick to with it.  They appear graceful and poised :: ready to take on the next decade.

"Stop whining about getting old.  It's a privilege."                               
                                                                     ~Amy Poehler