Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello your Vogueness

Sometimes hit
Trying to remember how I fell on these images.  The first one I saw and I know I shared it.  I can't recall where from (bad sign, spending too much time on here).  I think it may have been Tumblr or as a back-drop on PolyVORE ??? 

red mask and a headdress 

Don't cha hate not being able to remember where you discovered something or who said something?  Well, this is my visual something.  Visions that captured my eye with their uniqueness and hot couture.  I've always wanted to call it that:  "hot couture" instead of Haute Couture.  How boring and snobby haute couture sounds.  

Beauty or color is best?

Not in this lifetime
I won't ever to be able to afford any of the outfits or be fussed over with makeup because I have a face that can capture that something, difficult to define.

Colors cause joy

Do not dare
Show this to the faint at heart.  Those ladies who believe that the ability to carry it off is their own righteous belonging.  

Sometimes the faces are naked from makeup while others are naked, or with caked on makeup or hats or hairdos.  

Weirdness or inspired? 

Like a train wreck
Or just too weird.  We slow down and cast an eye out to see what your brain or your heart want to see.  You fall spell to the creativeness that appears.

Glitter or ouch! 

Thank you for sharing another creative journey with me,  once again or the very first time.  I hope you agree with my choices.