Monday, May 9, 2016


A lot going on ...
Just like you, I have a lot going on.  Even though I am now an empty nester, it doesn't mean that my times has completely freed up.  What, with long phone conversations, text marathons, keeping in touch with your kids is easier than ever.  You just have to take the time to speak in the language.  Which tends to be "facetime" through smartphones (exclusive to Apple), texts back and forth or messages on Facebook.  One longs for the time when we were all sitting around the kitchen table.

Add to that, we have careers or jobs (depending on your outlook) which can leave us beaten and tired by the time we get home, as we age our energy seems to diminish.

On top of that, we're suppose to squeeze in exercise and only cook the most healthiest of meals.  Who has times for going for a manicure pedicure?  I sure do my best!

Like many of us, I am open to ideas that can help me do things faster and simply without too much fuss.  I fell prey to the commercial by Amope that showed us how easy it would be for us to buy their products and presto :: dry skin begone and stylin nail shapes are done.  (At least that is what the advertisement shows).

I was at my best escape mode at Shoppers Drug Mart with a super busy weekend ahead, which didn't lend itself to up to 2 hours for the mani pedi treatment.  So, I saw, I bought, to conquer the home treatment via the miraculously portrayed Amope.  I rationalized that a mani/pedi would cost at least $100 before tip and the finger pedi was $50 and so was the larger foot pedi -- a wash money wise ... right?

Right.  Well, I got one thing right anyhow.  I only opened one package first and kept my receipt handy.  Not that I wasn't committed to allowing it to work, it was just that I'm a fool for always (a good habit mostly) tossing in the packaging into the recycling box along with receipt.  Then I don't always try it right away.  Then if you go to get a refund, you usually have neither packaging nor receipt, only to discover that it had a 10 day return and you took until day 14!

This time it was a covert operation:: try one first and if it is as miraculous and easy as we're informed to believe, then easy peasy, just open the next one and get on with it.

This is the first one I opened and the only one I tried.

I was very disappointed in the results.  I don't have hard nails which could cause a challenge.  I just didn't find the Amope all that fantastic.  In fact, the quality file that I already had did a better job -- at a fraction of the cost.

This is the one I didn't even try, returned unopened for refund.

Lucky for me, I took the receipt, packaging with one not even open back to Shoppers Drug mart for a full refund the next day.  Immediately afterwards, I went for a pedi.  It seemed that it cost mere pennies for the pedi after the Amope episode.  

I did a cost comparison and the pedi was cheaper than Amope (I know, I know, it is suppose to be used numerous times to reduce its cost, but not for me).  With a salon expert, my feet were soaked, I could fashion watch the other patrons for entertainment, and the roughness was gone, nails filed and squared, a massage on my calves and feet and a beautiful spring color adorned.

So don't bother wasting your time buying the Amope unless you're simply too fascinated not to.  If you do, keep the packaging and receipt close by and take it back the next day you decide it will end up another gadget that collects as junk in your beauty cabinet.

I am going to begin writing about beauty products, good **** (as the top on the beauty meter) and bad $$$$ (as a waste of money).

No brainer on this one::  Amope launches my first official review as the worse $$$$ (as in waste of money).


Even their website CONTACT US is lame.  It only had a Customer Service Number and no comments, feedback or email capability.

I can share the review on Amazon and begin a board called "WASTEofmoney" on Pinterest.


I look forward to writing more reviews particularly about the treats that I find are BEAUTY'S BEST FIND (which I already have a Board on Pinterest for)