Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall for entertainment

Saying your bored is something that I avoid at all costs.  Granted, now that our kids are all young adults, aged 21-26, they don't live at home any longer.  We no longer are woken up in the middle of the night because someone is sneaking their entourage into the basement.  Nor are they having big fights with boyfriends that startle us out of slumber into referee, or my hunkster husband, defensive Ninja mode.

There are many things one can do.  Heck, I have so many on my TO DO list it isn't worth having one any more because the only thing standing between me and that list is me.

Routines like housework are automatic and done on autopilot now.  It isn't like there is a collection of left overs in the fridge -- two of my daughters pet peeves of mine:  going for dinner with their beaus, bringing home a doggy bag, that they'll never eat, just so I eventually throw it out.

Being a parent and having a family, you are pushed into tidal waves of activities that you neither wanted nor asked for.  Yet that is par for the course.  Being an empty nester is an adjustment.

Thankfully, I'm an avid learner and knowledge junkie.  There never seems to be a loss for things to do when I'm on my days off or I have a window of time in the morning before my shift starts just after noon.

My biggest weakness is once I get started, I want to finish.  I don't like pulling everything out, taking inventory and laying the tools for the ready to only be able to barely get started and have to leave it.  It is a gravitational pull away from creative to responsible.

I love to blog.  To write.  It is therapy and it is giving back.  It is sharing things that I hope others will like or discussing matters that are bubbling at the surface of my mind.  I have a hard time stopping once I've begun.  There is attractive complimenting photos to source.  Facts to look up.  Sharing on social media so others may gravitate and read my hard worked musings to attract.

Then there are the many things that can distract me:  Finding the perfect photo from all the great ones accumulated since the last time I wrote.  Singling out the perfect quote that captures what the blog is all about in harmony with my mantra.  Updating the books that I have just read or am reading, so that others may consider reading one or all of them.

When I find a movie that suits family or female audience, I want to post it on here so that others may consider watching it.  

I goof around a lot on Polyvore, because it reaches my creative corner with style statements.  I can get lost on there for a while, just looking at the ensembles that others have put together.  Then that means rooting through my wardrobe to find that treasure piece that will work the ensemble around into a worthy look for that day.  (Yes, mounds of clothes is a weakness for a clothes horse, and finding a certain pair of shoes or purse is often a challenge).

Calgary skyline during fall
I love painting.  I find all kinds of things to paint and paint on.  It started as a quirk and now resides in my daily consciousness of putting paint to either a canvass or an item to transform it.  For my amusement, to appeal to my creativity, not for a critical eye or definition of worth.  The time it took to come up with either the idea or piece for transformation is priceless.

I can't always go shopping and buy things endlessly and by galore.  I have to be ruthless and responsible on purchases.  I avoid drugstores because they have beauty counters that scream and beckon me to explore.  I can't remember the last time I went to a mall, content to avoid parking nightmares.  Recognizing that I may have not the discipline to avoid pulling out my wallet and do a "purchase".  In my attempts to be more responsible and thrifty, I am that much more proud of a great find at a bargain.  Reworking clothes with accessories is a sign of a champion disciplinary new soul.

The least expensive entertainment for me is to write.  So here we are.  You can sit back and relax and read.  That is all that is asked of you.  If you feel inclined to click on anything recommended on the side banner, shows endorsement that you, too, may like it.  

After all, sharing is entertainment in itself.