Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Magical mystical POLYVORE tour

Polyvore gives me a creative outlet while at the same time I surf through outfit combinations, new products, great clothes, and just plain experiment.  Here I share a few of my latest creations.  The nice part about Polyvore is that it gives the product makers, prices, and links to websites where, if you're inclined you can buy anything shown.
Dreams of Autumn #COLOR

I let the creative juices flow when creating this whimsical tribute to fall and winter accessories.  I do adore the dress though (a Chanel piece that was scooped from Pinterest)!

strangeVISITORS by jeannette-marshall featuring fall centerpieces

Here are some of my favorite temptations to buy: 

285 CAD -

73 CAD -

85 CAD -

If that's not enough, I get ideas for makeup and nail polish finishes that appeal to my style sense.  Oh, and jewellery galore for the accessory mad mrs that I am:

16 CAD -

Nail polish
9.81 CAD -

Augustine Jewels stud earrings
170 CAD -

Bling Jewelry pearl earrings
44 CAD -

Turban headband
33 CAD -

Plaid shawl
17 CAD -

Strike me up for getting into the spirit of Halloween early.  After all, careful planning creates masterful looks.  We dress up at work for Halloween, even having a contest.  I guess this looks like I'm leaning towards being a witch (which is work friendly and business appropriate).

#Halloween style

Bright nail polish

17 CAD -

Urban decay eye shadow
25 CAD -

Vegan lipstick

12 CAD -


66 CAD -

I dream of a tropical vacation where the waters shimmer like blue topaz.  I can't right now, so I dip into Polyvore to take me away anyhow.


Zimmermann sleeveless top
635 CAD -

High-waisted shorts
51 CAD -

SwimSpot blue sandals
35 CAD -

Dolce Gabbana leather handbag
1,305 CAD -

White gold ring
3,220 CAD -

Amour stud earrings
265 CAD -

Ice sterling silver jewelry
195 CAD -

16 CAD -

Louis Vuitton travel bag
3,920 CAD -

Nail treatment
19 CAD -

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