Thursday, October 1, 2015

Short and sassy trends

I keep going back and forth between letting my hair grow out or cutting it short short.  The last time I did that was two summers ago and the hunkster hubster just about had a coronary.  He said:  "Why would someone do THAT to you?"

I don't think men like change much and even more so, they gravitate towards lasses with long tresses.

Then there is color.  My experiment with going silver instead of the in grey, ended up fading into platinum blonde.  I had even waited three whole days before I washed my hair, to ensure the color would last.  (Guess that is the last time I go to an "expert" stylist at the place that rhymes with "matters".)

Whenever I'm on the verge of a change, I scour the web for images for something that I think will work.  Goodness, the ones I seem to move towards are not only short, they're of the reddish variety.  Here are some that stood out, for young or old:

Miley Cyrus has thankfully settled down and realized that no attention is better than freak attention.  This look, without the fru fru on the top, would work nicely with my already platinum color.

Haley has shown us for quite some time:  if you find a look that suits you, stick with it and work around it.  The way her cut frames her face compliments her great cheekbones and make her eyes pop.

Dramatic yes.  Wouldn't it be great for your seasonal events, office parties, customer appreciation events?  This is not a wallflower look.

What a wonderful way to say, I'm the "girl next door, friendly, positive, with a sparkle in her eyes".  I don't have any freckles but it would work well with green eyes.

This is a messy that says its on purpose look.  The warm tones really compliment the pale complexion.  My skin tone has a little more color and may make it look reddish.  A professional stylist would know best.

This shows me how great a short looks on any skin tone or age.  The cut seems to lift her face and make her look vibrant.  That's a cheap face lift.

This says:  "I've got my eye on you and I know how to handle you."  Short wavy auburn with bursts of red make it quite dazzling and reminds me how great short dos show off those long earrings!

A half shaved head is all the rage.  I guess my age did show when my youngest daughter's friend came over this summer while she was in town, with this look.  I was a bit alarmed because she looks similar to this model and I did think to myself, why would you destroy a feminine look?

Just when you think it was just a twist of a trend, you see the likes of Demi showing off her half man head (my opinion).   I guess it's cool.  Yet I don't think it suits anyone, not even a pop star.

 This may be considered a little more key but the holed ears remind me that kids nowadays are fascinated with the 80s ... I thought punk.

I found this and threw it in here because men are known to want to make a statement with there, um, heads.  All I could think of here was:  "did he have to poke holes in his head for them to stay, or are they glued?"  Seems like a lot of work for a weird image.

So, there is a lot of choices out there.  I know that I have to do something.  My clue is when I don't blow dry or style my hair, but just pin it back.  It seems to me that it screams to everyone that I'm in an "in between stage".

Whatever color or style you chose, after all, has to suit you.  If you go for more trendy or dramatic statements, you have to be able to pull it off with the rest of your looks.  I guess the easy part of the shaved look would mean all you have to do is pull on those torn and tattered jeans with a t-shirt with a Nirvana print to show your finger is on the pulse of style and you have an affinity with the 80s.

My "before" look.  See what I mean about the pinned back hair?  That bump on the top back turned whispie darn it!  Well, at least I'm smiling.  Could be because the earrings and necklace set shows I love my accessories!

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