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Friday, May 13, 2016

Cause for embarrassment Calgary?

Calgary::photo by ?? Please reach out to insert name~or remove if requested)

I went a strolling on social media and ended up on as I do more and more these days.  Before, it was "Mashable" whom I sponged from to feed my mental energy.  Needing to gain information and reshare it if it stays on my worthiness meter via +optioneerJM @optioneerJM as would be the most common spots I would stay for longer than a visual eye scan.

Never have I ever felt so ignited by a story that seem to pop out like a sore thumb among optimism over Fort McMurry's recovery and unified neighborly goodwill as @thecanadianredcross has been able to triumph over devastation.

Then tonight truth reared its ugly head.  We're not perfect.  We have a lot more to learn from humanity.  If this post on were any indication:

submitted  by Thor-away90
Hi r/calgary,
For the past few years my mom, sis, and I have been dealing with our next door neighbour. He made it very clear to us that he believed that we did not belong in his neighborhood.
One time, My sister had a friend come and pick her up at the house and he came out and called her a bitch and slammed on her windows because he had an issue with the music. I came out to mediate and he said to me "there is no way someone who looks like that lives around here."
He continued to verbally assault me so I told him that I would be calling the police. His response was that he was a retired firefighter who worked with the calgary police and that he had no problem with me doing so.
I did not call the police. (I should have, i know.)
During the next 6 months he was unwilling to open his door and communicate with us. He chose a different route instead. Numerous 311 bylaw complaints. Grass complaints in the spring/summer and snow complaints in the winter. He has even made complaints that arent real ( idling in my own car in my own parking space (a friend of mine is an avid smoker and my mom wont let him smoke in the house. )
Once when we were sitting there smoking, he came out and took a photo of my friend's license plate. I asked him what his problem was, and he hurried into his house and wouldnt tell me what his poblem with us THIS TIME, was. So I finally called the police.
When the police came they went to speak with him first. When the officer came to speak to me his advice to me was to bake him a cake. Try to mediate the issue. I told him that I had tried to, but he wasnt open to communication. The officer then said to me, "I own my home too, so I understand his concerns with renters bringing down his property value."
Honestly, I've never felt more hopeless in my life. I feel like Im being bullied in my own home. Ive been advised that I could file a harassement complaint but since most of the harassement is in the form of 311 complaints, and not actual verbal harassment, that not much would be done.
We just got another one today and it was hard to see my mom cry while she was telling the bylaw officer how attacked she felt. What my mom didn't tell me until today, was the fact that even our landlord feels like we are being attacked because of racial prejudice.
Is there anything we could do to get this arrogant asshole off our backs? I dont want to retaliate and I dont want to move away.
Could we take legal action?
Do instances like these help our case?

Where more empathy than I can say I have ever experienced before, forced me to use my god given gift of empathy and being able to write.  A blogger, slowly emerging.  I have the ability to write and share what is usually right in our world, but every once and a while there lies a story that convinces me that there is a lot more work to be done to make ours a better world.  

These were my comments ::

I'm sorry to hear, to my dismay, all the harassment you and your family have had to endure. This doesn't sound like a "Calgarian" ... REF: Calgarians are nice people, mostly from other places, joined in community for the betterment of society, our kids, our homes. For some, Calgary is a short stop or a visit, to others it is our home. How dare someone within our city be allowed to keep doing this. Why haven't any of the news media caught on to this story? Like @CBC whom we have tended to rely on for credible stories catching the heart of our citizens. (Someone is asleep at the news roundup workstation ~ is that from apathy?) 

Words like anti-neighbour, racial intolerance, hostility, harassment, bullying are not common here. Well, for the optimistic many. Who made a little City on the prairies grow up, deal with hardship, economic downturn, yet be more optimistic, positive with pulsing vibe. A beat of a nation, the core of its wealth, and friendship to the world as Olympic representatives, ambassadors to the world during 10 days each summer (called: The Calgary Stampede).

The first time I ever came to was because I wanted to learn more about an upstart politician who appeared to have become our mayor. An unlikely cast member thrown among the mainly white oil tycoons - Nenshi, or Naheed most of his new friends and supporters say.
How can Naheed Nenshi not take heed from this plea? Oh, probably because his purple dinosaurs are flaked out, zoned out, without a drum to beat. They should know that there is more going on in Calgary except Nenshi and still support and give others a break.
I realize there are links to this story from The Edmonton Journal and ever-reliable Huffington Post. (Which I dislike the name because it is synonymous with a name, not a vibe, not a beat like "Mashable").
I apologize for my rant, except that this should have a lot more attention! It really shouldn't even have to happen, it should be so objectionable behaviour that its existence would be shunned.

I then realized that the only thing we've heard about from Nenshi is going to have to start fund raising to pay back our City over a legal battle, not whatsoever related to Calgary business.

We must really be asleep at the wheel as citizens to let this one slide in and slide out.  Are we beaten down by oil prices slashing jobs, tired out by the energy required to restore Fort McMurry to the workhorse it has always been?  

Or we're all so caught up in the atmosphere of good neighborly spirit that the ugliest of events slip outside our sphere?

Are the media so enamored of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton theatrics that they have been distracted to what is happening at home?

Or, it most likely is from Canadian corporations centralizing operations, which in turn churns out most of the news stories?  The CBC, The CTV, The Global (plural) in our world are only equipped, manned, technologically able to cope with central Canada and Prime Ministerial stories?  Are the attennaes only set for only a few goings on by a very few?

courtesy of News 

How dumb does he think we are?  Trying to recover from this averted political disaster, he acts like its back to Mr. Feel Good Mayorship again on his Facebook Page:  

Neighbour Day is coming! Once again, The City is waiving fees if you want to book a public green space or block a street for a block party. Deadline to apply for a permit is May 27. See you on Neighbour Day!

No, I didn't sit idly by:

Jeannette Marshall Are you wagging the dog at us? ... quit looking so damn surprised that you scammed us

SOURCE:  Our city mayor's home page front story:

Sadly, according to Google, his comedic dumbness over-shadowed even that story:
If you say, you do:  "Uber CEO is a dick" ~Naheed Nenshi (Courtesy of 

I agree this story is alarming for our peace popping eye opener like this:

Border Officers seize guns at Alberta borders:

Courtesy of The Calgary Herald  <click here for link 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mental exercise

I thought it may be interesting to see what I'm looking at, clicking on and sharing randomly.  This is going a lot faster than I may usually.  But as a mental exercise you can see the information, visuals, entertainment and interaction unzips on social media world, in particular, Twitter.

As an experiment of sorts, to share the images, quotes and quips that draw my eye and register in my brain.  Only to be expelled to allow mega room for more information.  Stretching beyond its perceived borders.  No longer imploding with information, instead omitting that information so as to avoid hanging on to toxicity.

To train your brain to only acknowledge items that are enlightening, appealing, outstanding, people, things or anything!  Avoid looking at, listening to, or watching anything that would make you gasp.  Starting with the hardened, victimized, big chips on shoulders people.  They suck you in faster than a Jedi master could disclaim.

Sidetracked and scanning like crazy for a cutesy bird to go along with a witty comment, I fell into awe with this photography.  I found it on Google and I truly believe the creator should be recognized for one of the most iconic photographs for the transcending ascending group of really remarkable people.  I'm just guessing that is who it will appeal to.  I've been tweeting a number of tweets starting with "What I'm thinking lately?" with the hashtag or a mention under #bestofeverything ::

What I'm thinking lately?  
Awful 2 B photographed 24x7 by how many weeks months? This popped out #bestofeverything or should I have said pooped out or barfed out (80s kids remember this, lol)

What I'm thinking lately?  
Awful 2 B photographed 24x7 by how many weeks months? This popped out #bestofeverything or should I have said pooped out or barfed out (80s kids remember this, lol)

We're trying to make a minstrel show out of a big heap of broken people. :)

We're a community of recovering souls here with a diverse array of talents, including "unknown", like me. Perfprmance troupe.

I suppose it's fair to say I don't know what I am out here in SoMe land. I see it like ping-pong with recovery mixed in.

Such a fun image to find.

Hidden in my treasure box on my PC where I 

store my most favorite quotes and images.  I

may be sliding around as if to a symphony, 

gathering images that speak to my soul.  Some 

silly, some glamourous or others driven by need 

(that drowns out wants).

If I were to picture someone I am. This would be

it. True to who I am.

When my world seems all too fuzzy, my mind 

can drift around and release.  I like to exhaust 

the fumes of negativity that consumes me.  

Surrounds me with a lot of noise.  I can escape

with headphones or I can surf here.  On the 

feel good waves.  

Of friendships

Found swirling around the world of our brain :: 

attaching to only the great and beautiful things.

Still working on exercising the brain so that it 

only see positive things.  

Negativity ignored

The brain mental exercise creates a shield to 

nasty humanity, tragedy, catastrophe, beyond 

the guard.  

It's possible

Is still like IMpossible as in i'm possible.  Really 

smart from Audrey Hepburn.  I'm writing, not fact 

checking mode.  That's an excuse for the

Mentally active

Who have been working as middle aged word 

JEDi knights.  Bestowers of opinion and creating

optimism that is contagious.  Where fear-

mongering is banished forever.  Like any plot out

of a J.K.Rowlings epic.  The evil energy is 

negativity and as it is ignored, its mass 

disintegrates, getting smaller, and smaller, and 

tinier and tinier.  Becoming a mere speck in the 

atmosphere, relegated to historic tomes of years

long past.

Some become the light to which others flock.

Sidelining pornography a mere speck within the

speck of negativity.

Uplifting, motivating, inspiring stories and music

unbound.  Drowning out even more any hint of 


Do you wanna join the club? 

Subscribing to my posts, resharing amongst your

SoMe social media communities.  To create an 

inspiring site for mostly those hitting their 50s, 

and help others cope with the loss of youth, in a 

more fun and heck of it attitude.

If you have done so.  The easiest is to attach 

hashtag #bestofeverything .. where one voice by

a huge amount of people, across many different

lands, cultures, income, finances, occupation, 

job or career.  Founded by creative imagineers. 

Who assemble together by a joyful, energetic 

and optimistic vibe.  

Of course, commenting is always welcome.  

Wanting to contribute customized material?  I 

will look at your comments and go wander thru

your SoMe brand.  

Selection will be limited and time lapses will 

occur when there is no material.  Then again,

why not post some of your best, uplifting, 

nonCommercial art or stuff?  I'm receptive to 

accepting help in a positive and only beneficial

to others way.

Love + Motherhood

My kids are my biggest inspirations and happi-

ness gauge in life.  How I'm getting along with

them is certainly my balanced thermometer.  




And, never to forget (how could I?) ... my best 

DOG friend a masterful girl could ever have?


What I'm thinking lately?  
How can Tiffany only have such a small audience?

Astronomical and transcending ... but only 3348 views? I will post an ad for you on my BLOG: or reach out to me @optioneerJM here on Twitter or Facebook under the same name (ok, like everywhere:: InstaGram + Tumblr + Reddit + Pinterest + G+ + Facebook + Twitter)

My comment there:  created this here.

"Don't buy me anything, unless it's in a blue box." 

Jeannette Marshall 

#RT #bestofeverything

What I'm thinking lately?  
How come I never aspired to become a ballerina?  Oh, right, I'm 5 ft.  What a reality check!

What I'm thinking lately?  
How awesome this is.  I circulated it on Facebook just before my birthday, so I would avoid belly-aching about turning 55.  Perspective can be healthy if it does focus on the right things.

What I'm thinking lately? 
Perspective can be healthy if it does focus on the right things.  This could be depressing or considered expressive? 

What I'm thinking lately? 
Tis time to hit the hay, cause I'm starting to think bout #bacon #bestofeverything 

Monday, May 9, 2016

The #MENTALENERGETICS 1) There's the tamest wild thing is happening on here ....

The Fort McMurry wild fires #1

My blog meanderingsabout are really sky rocketing up there.   I believe it was possible, and sensed I have the creative juices that flow through an energetic mind.  I haven't necessarily thought it could be me, but I imagined the coolest thing would be if the BIGGEST rock star GREATEST icon SMARTEST person globally EVER were to emerge?  

Maybe it was from KARMA when I was driving home from a medical appointment I became jolted and glued to what was happening in northern Alberta.

People and friends wanted to understand where you were situated in relationship to the fire.  The media and social media sights started to burn up for the cause (excuse any tastelessness but accept as a form of expression) of Fort McMurry.

You see, there was a story behind the story.  The cast had players that were HUGE.  What was the name of this live action thriller, controversial, not yet a movie fame?  

Oil.  Period.
I imagine that the world has been lambblasted  watching all the drama cropping up everywhere, touching everything, whatever we read or whatever we watch, there is this massive debate going on.  Which is better:  oil or the environment?  

Oil has been dancing around issues that until recently have been hidden in backrooms.  Amassing millions then billions for (per Ernie Sanders) are the top 1%of the top 10% of all the wealth in the world. 

They aren't always citizens, there are countries involved.  Think of all the distractions with a little blip on our radar called the "Gulf War".  Can you imagine the US United States of America was trying to protect its interest in foreign oil because their population rate was going so fast, they were worried that this big blog of consumers was going to far outweigh even food?

Unbeknownst to a greater part of the world's population and a fraction of the newscasters x viewers, there was this little province in the popular country of Canada.  Think:  the Beverly Hill Billies in Armani and Porsche instead (wink).  This cast of cleverly smart people recognized that this black gold was going to turn them and whomever they compete with into a big big engine for the world.  Causing wars, unrest, funding radicals, greed.  

In a really really small city in the far north of that blip on the radar called Fort McMurry.

One can imagine when the first old gold rush, how it happened?  I fella pans for a tooth that fell out after eating the bones off a bear, and his eyes catch on the glimmer of gold starting to appear.

How did that one guy, or was it a group of small guys, who decided to play hooky from the dangerous coal mines decide to say "to heck with it all ... I'm done!" 
That in itself is what triggered the greatest stampede towards greed.  Gold.

Fast forward 200 years at least, there is some experimentation and with certainty a discovery that could be larger than many of the countries in the middle east, combined, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar :: who were mildly amused by their bordering brethren, were engulfed in wars, violence, radicalism, greed, corruption.  Such naivete to think that they were immune.  

The United States tries to act heavy in the region.  Getting involved merely as a distraction to gain control of the oil.   Like the kid who's parent teaches him the oldest trick:  "Which hand is it in?"  A trick so timeless but fascinating until you figure out what the heck is really going on :: that person is passing the ball betweens his hands at his back, ease of being always ahead.


It backfired.  Apologies to reference to fires.
This little area imploded into a small northerly city where big big OIL companies were slithering around to see "thWAT is this best way to find" then hire migrant works, spread far away from their families across the country, made it a community.

WATCH:  what made you science? by Robert Redford, next

Then an almost unlikely retired actor named Robert Redford did a video on YouTube, long before it has the massive appeal it has today.  YouTube who could make instant stars out of the virtual sky.

Sir RedfordNOT was expelling the evil virtues of the oil that was called back and forth:  tar sands or oil sands.  He may have caught wind of the small controversy around this soon-to-be-city.  The indigenous crowd was speaking out loud, and getting louder, and then very quite noisy.  Their plight of losing heritage impacting cultural pursuits like hunting would disappear.

  In my fact finding mission, I will find out who is REALLY running the coup because it's not the employers, politicians, faith, fame we have long adopted to guide us.

Who are the greatest #INFLUENCES of our day?  See, this is simply an outlet to create a strong voice.  Those that climb up the #bestofeverything charts may become celebrities that all the other group belonged under :: actors, writers, bloggers, artists, musicians, directors, producers, media, television, radio, movies.

Whew, A three day weekend has sure been a treat.  You'd think I'd wanna just lay around ... mostly right but only in the mornings.

I despise those people who can fall asleep so fast then immediately jump out of the bed so early, do you to?

With self-prognosis and a new Club I've introduced :: the Mental Energetics.  That is going to be the people who boost me out to the top.  The Mental Energetics attract information faster than any algorithms and dense with in with class, charisma, charm, cuteness and caring :: so genuine to who they are, they seem quite rocklike solidity one minute and exuberant by voice (oral, written, video'd, +Geoff De Weaver tweeted liked, clicked on  

Once again, I drift on to another tangent that may have more insight than the rest of so many blogs.  You see, there is one incredible, massive, borderless, bulliness-free, motivational, victimless or crook free, that attract those traits in others:  not boastful merely gregarious, not mathematically, scientifically, or technically savvy.

This is simply crazy.  People are writing pledges to being good dog-owner/adoptors like this!!!  As if we were all to write a Dog Pledge, we can return to humanity and be humane again.  If we can set aside our differences by just writing a New Dog pledge.  In this pledge you will admit what needs to be worked on and what is well on its way beyond progression.  

I will look for more pledges and continue to post them here too.


      Adoption Checklist

      Bringing home a new pet is much like bringing home a new baby. Get prepared with this new adoption checklist.