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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

White jeans shouldn't make you blue

My daughters are aged 20 to 24.  Shockingly,  I just learned that not one of them will ever "wear" white jeans, stating that white jeans just isn't their style.  Huh?  What?  Where did I go wrong?

Seriously, white skinny jeans are a must in any wardrobe regardless of body type, age or style sense.  They make the wearer appear cool, hip and classy all at once. 

There is a long standing tradition that says you pull out your whites (purses and shoes) on the May long weekend BUT they have to be put away at the end of summer after the Labor Day long weekend.

A funny way of taking this rule too far is capture in a light 1994 movie starring Kathleen Turner called "Serial Mom".  One thing that gets her riled up is when she sees people wearing white offseason:

I found a number of awesome looks that are highlighted by white jeans that are not only for summer like these  for fall or winter:

This is a beautifully put together with the soft hue of blue.  Great for an offsite meeting or event where "business casual" is called for.  Or simply shopping.  Take your pick:
What can make white jeans work is to match them up with  an eye catching scarf that pulls the look together. 
Skinny jeans can go with sandals or kid boots.  An awesome belt with white on white along with an arm of bracelets is breathless.  Here is a smooth  fashion statement that doesn't work too hard to impress while it does:
One of my own personal favorites is white with turquoise with killer accessories that make the look pop!  Here you can see that yellow is golden for a breezy cool summer statement:
I found a few turquoise accessories that will make the grade to bring pizazz to more subtle (or boring) looks:

Don't forget a longer necklace with a flowing blouse to spell easy-breezy coolness: