Friday, June 26, 2015

EYELASH flirtation

Lushest lashes are the bomb these days!  Very few of us have been oblivious to that fashion flirtation.  One can't help but notice how many endorsements Katy Perry has on eye lashes or mascara.

Most fellows would say that the first thing they notice in a woman is her eyes  (and they'd be lying ... unless their girlfriend, mother, sister or wife was within ear shot). 

The beauty empires play us on this to the max.  All the ads boast of thicker, longer, fuller lashes with their magical answer to the dilemma.  One can't help but notice that most natural long lashed humans always seem to be men! 

I tried a couple of times over the course of the past year or so to attempt to put fake lashes on.  They looked askew and more comical for Halloween than a fashion accessory. 

Huh?  Well, I was getting my nails done (as many of us do to keep that polished, well-cared for appearance) and the gal next to me had these beautiful lashes.  Unabashed, as women are naturally and more so when sitting next to another in a chair in any beautification establishment (beauty, hair, nail salon), I asked her where she had gotten her beautiful lashes from.  She told me.  I didn't go straight there by any means.

When I was on a trip to Mexico, I couldn't help but notice this young lady with fiancé in toe (and 20 years younger) with these beautiful lashes that seemed to stay put and come out splendidly after dunking her head under water.

Impulsively,  as I may fight against admitting to be,  I was driving home after doing some volunteer work at a University with young teens I noticed I was driving by the said beauty salon and without cutting off anyone, swerved into the parking lot and voila!  What was before me was lash extension heaven.

I didn't have to wait long without an appointment (fortunately for me) and I was laying down and having them applied.  It stung a bit when I opened my eyes a little too early and before permission granted.  Ooolala I was going to have red eyes to go with those new lashes.  I fell prey to an add on of having my brows dyed too.

I got all the instructions and to dos and not to dos when I left.  Unlike the practical side of my self, I hadn't done any research beforehand.  I obeyed and didn't put water on them for 12 hours, I used a Q-tip gently around them to clean, I didn't rub my eyes .... for a couple of days at least.  What I didn't know was that the glue would become crusty anyhow and when you wake up from sleep, it is pretty hard to be conscious of the reason why you want to rub your itchy lashes is not because of the Sandman but because of the lash extensions. 

Tenacious is as tenacious does.  I persevered.  Yet I couldn't help noticing that slowly single lashes were landing on my cheek and clumps started to go missing.  I dropped back in and dropped another $50 for a "fill" (original set cost $86).  The lady clucked at me that I wasn't Q-tipping them properly and did the filler up.

Less than two weeks later, I had clumps missing again and just basically gave up because I wasn't going to spend another dime on beautifying my now diminished lashes.   I tried a cover up of putting on fake lashes to cover up my mistake.  They didn't look any less ridiculous than the first time.

I longingly look at my Maybelline mascara and regret that I didn't stick to the basics.  I have not attempted mascara for a week after noticing that quite a few of my natural lashes went missing. 

To research and read up to help write this blog, I sought out other advice on lash extension tips.  This was a pretty good one from Huffington Post that talks about lash extensions. 

I may have given up on the eyelash extensions or fake applications ... for now at least.  However, I did want to write and share my motives and findings with others.  At least to open eyes wide at the possibility that sticking to what nature gave you is often the best advice. 

I am open-minded enough to realize that what is good for a 20 or 30 something is not necessarily good for someone older, even if she has been blessed with a nice eye color.  Being dissatisfied with oneself or being swayed by mood or fashion trends don't always work out.

You can still achieve a nice, classic, polished look without any magical products or expensive ones.  Be content with being who you are.  Remember, Katy Perry and even Adele make loads of cashola in music or endorsements so that they can afford to have a crew make sure they never have clumps of lashes fall out or look ridiculous in fake ones.

AND just because it didn't work out on my own attempt, doesn't mean it won't for others.  All I'm saying is it is an expensive experiment.

As an update July 25, 2015, I was wandering around the web and found an excellent non-obvious site for hints, tips and help .... the yellow .... they had this article on eyelash extensions versus false eyelashes.  I wish I had discovered this before I started my eyelash mishap.  Note:  there are perfectly placed paid for ads on the page so that you can find a location close to you.  Brilliant: YES!  Obvious? NO