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Friday, February 26, 2016

Discover your super POWERS

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"Some days are summersaults
 while others need headstands"
                                  Jeannette Marshall
                                     Author of Meanderings
                                    SocialMEdia @optioneerJM
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I swear every time I'm asked to put up a BIO, I get more creative :::   

knowledgeJunkie +visualCurator+socialmediaEnthusiast+greatGal
@optioneerJM #bestofeverything  #smilingwords 

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Have a little listen while you read or stop and have a watch 
these guys R fantastic #Canada 
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discovered by U here on socialMEdia 
@New Swears 
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The more succinct you are the more you dig in to gain insight into who you really are :::  you are subconsciously creating your super POWERS.

Wit reigns supremely with rising stars  who surround themselves with the #positivevibe crowd and #smilingwords to represent the #bestofeverything.  

Why not battle with humor? ( humour in #Canadianeze ) instead of heartbreak, pain, violence abuse or whatever is bothering you on any given day.  

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Not that you're a victim or any sort of whiner or ranter ::: remove yourself and stay far away of the negative force you can get sucked in so easily on this #socialMEdia sensation.

Be a source to be reckoned with as in a creative force that circulates only among the IN crowd who are inspirational, humanitarian, motivational, super POWERs.

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Be the voice of many ::: the poor, the hungry, the bullied, the ill, elderly and the sick ::: never forgotten :::  the unlikely who would be paid much attention to on this new 


of me, myself, I buy.  Because I can, I want it, not necessarily need.  

Create a chain of unified voice who are synonymous with optimism, gratitude and honesty.  Who stifle the mentally unstable, negative, violent, bullies or terrorISMisms.

Show there is a unified voice to form a consortium of only the #bestofeverything best of anything circulated by #smiling words :::  

Where only the most peaceful, loving, humanitarians become citizens of a community.

This is pure magic ::: and I'm Canadian .... eh?

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The community is bigger than a country, continent, religion, culture, or company. 

Creating a culture that does not rely merely on one thing.  But a collaboration among many.

Dedicated to serving their fellow woman, man, child, and living things.

Reach your super powers hidden under-neath the surface ::: ready to be discovered and revealed to yourself along with others.

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Please share if you were inspired and want to help others be the #bestofeverything by communicating #smilingwords
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Immortally memorable: Christopher Reeve

I admit that I had a secret crush on Christopher

Reeve and wanted to stumble onto​ his path 

when he was in Calgary filming Superman II in 

the 80s. Unfortunately, that never happened. 

Yet this unforgettable quote came from an 

ordinary movie star who became an 

extraordinary hero.

His life demonstrates to us that however much

we think of ourselves, we can be humbled by a

power outside our control to become our true

destiny in whatever form that makes us 

memorable forever.

Once a beacon of strength in character and out,

Christopher Reeve became a symbol of courage 

in his quest for a cure by spinal cord research.

Within us (sometimes disguised) is a powerful 

talent that we need to discover. It may not 

be destined as glamour or glory, it is not ours to

decide. It lies beyond our dreams to reach out,

to grasp, capture, and embrace it.

Stroll down memory lane with me in this clip from

Superman who is getting drunk in the East 

Village of Calgary. You will see some

of our landmarks (Calgary Tower, St. Louis) ...

In our days of pining for what we want or

dwelling on what we don't, we should remember

what we have. Be full of gratitude for each 

moment and extend forgiveness when it is ours

to give.

Thanks Chris.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Telling you straight .... outta Compton

Granted, I'm Canadian, as many of you know.  What you may not recognize is that we do tend to pay attention to controversies, news and politics south of our borders.

My first reaction to the blasphemy gone amok everywhere would be the fuss over the white out of the Oscars this year.    I thought:

  • let the best man or woman win.
  • it is the academy, peers, who votes on the nominees
  • color or gender should not sway nominees
  • the best performances are recognized
  • being nominated raises your value 
  • movies you may not have heard of inspire you to watch 
  • the big studios, i.e. most capital, gain the most attention
  • above, except if you're Oprah Winphrey
I was wrong.  I watched "Straight out of Compton" last night and was really impressed for many reasons:

  • I didn't know how RAP or HIP-HOP or GANSTA evolved until now
  • While I was in my 20s in the 1980s, this phenomena was emerging
  • The story itself is worth recognizing
  • The evolving characters transformed into big names in the music business
  • What they did for music was profound
  • We need this kind of music in our world, as musical journalism per se
  • There was a lot of racism, bias experienced these gifted musicians 
  • They had to be dedicated and passionate to keep on no matter the struggles
  • I like the music now (in the 80s I was probably tuned into David Bowie)


There was a grave oversight by the Oscar community to ignore this poignant film that is both historical and inspirational.  Although, I may not agree with the stand that black (that's what we call them in Canada since Afrocanadian hasn't been given as an option to African American) artists like Will Smith have taken by boycotting the Oscars.  By being there in person they ARE making a stand for artists of any color contribute to our entertainment.  Come on, we all have gone through days when we didn't want to go to school or work because we didn't agree with something, but we were forced to by our parents.  

You have got to be stronger than the issue at hand.  Don't align yourself with a statement that takes a side that you don't want forever to be associated with.  I vaguely recall Marlon Brando using his Oscar nod for creating sympathy for the cause of Native North Americans.  

Think about Leonardo Dicaprio's statements on Canada's oil just because he filmed at a location close to here.  All of a sudden, he is an expert.  Why not take a stand with class like Clint Eastwood did when filming his Oscar film "Forgiven" filmed close to my home in Calgary.  He captured the beauty and magnificence.  We aren't all roughnecks drilling for oil.  Some of us love where we are from and what that means.  We don't need a brief visitor like Dicaprio to insult the citizens of his host.

"Straight outta Compton" SHOULD have had some nominees for the Oscars.  It was breathtaking in its honesty and historical significance to how black lives mattered in bringing a whole new genre to our musical ears.  The cast transformed themselves into the heroes unfolded during the 80s, making a significant impact by its honest lyrics and reflection of the times.  Personally, the upheaval that groups like Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones had on our older siblings, were lost until many years later.  We rode the short-lived disco wave but started the dance movement that allowed ABBA, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac to be  forever iconic in our minds.  While many of us were watching those artist, there was a musical revolution going on that we were just too self-absorbed to have noticed.  Have a look at this brief trailer:

I'm really glad I watched this movie.  It brought so much reality to the bias, racism that these wonderKIDS plowed through and brought the gift of musical journalism:  a voice of what was REALLY going on around us.  I agree, it shouldn't have been acceptable.  While it is easy to glance back shamefully noting that we may have been more than ignorant to the plight of these citizens.

I  stand behind Paul Giamatti's portrayal of a sleezy white manager who filled his own pockets long before his clients ever did:  I can just imagine how widespread this was.  I like how the film brought into the fold how wrong it was.  Some of us may have been aware, but not at the same capacity that black musicians and artists were ripped off.  For that fact alone, this film should have more widespread recognition for its statement alone.

"Straight outta Compton" is definitely worth a watch.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Danke. Gracias. Merci. Thank you.

I found this quote several months ago and use it over and over again on Social Media (@optioneerJM) to show appreciation for others including me in some way..

It is nice to give credit to those who inspire you, support you and make you want to flourish and do better.

. After spending horrendous hours over the past weekend in escalations and support for major corporation, where people were constantly discontent and expecting more, more and more.

It reminds me how small the words "thank you" are yet are withheld so often as a demonstration of ego, power or arrogance. It means manners to me and is something we should continuously reinforce as much as we can.

 As we head into the holiday season, regardless of our faith or religious background, we should be reflective and never withhold appreciation for those that are important to us, whether fleeting or firmly entrenched in our lives.

 I want to celebrate my friends, family, but mostly acknowledge and appreciate everyone and anyone. Without any of you, I am nothing. I don't want to be a void or blink when someone hears my name. I would like to be known as someone who makes a difference. However small or short term.

I want to thank you for accepting my friendship, liking my posts, inspiring me daily. Goodness knows, there is enough negativity in this world.  Let  us reach out and give thanks as much as possible..... it is contagious.

"Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought,

doesn't come from a store"

                                                   ~ Dr. Seuss

 People automatically smile when you take the time to thank them. The acknowledgement can be more powerful than you can imagine. Try it. It is something that we should be spreading around more often.

 It costs nothing while priceless. Thank YOU. Merci. Danka.  Gracias. 


"Christmas is a season of not only

rejoicing, but of reflection"

                                       ~Winston Churchill