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Thursday, July 21, 2016

it's a cool THING :: ... #bestofeverything

I've fallen in love
and I can't look up!

I've had this vision percolating for quite a while ::... to me, quite a while could be only a couple of months max.  Beyond that, it is stagnant, forgotten, filed away.

I have been saving stuff and bookmarking links here and there.  Even creating various personas or topic commentaries I represent.  It is tres coolio really.  I chose what I will write and pick things that register with me in a resonating and everlasting way.

It could be
karma playing with
 hashtag tag

Past my 6th year of graduation from #socialmediaVERSITY has been quite a ride.  I recognize that my entire history of viewership can be clobbered in a day but the very big social media superstars or rock stars or divas reverberating across multi platforms, device brand or type (smartphone or desktop computer), beating to their own drum while making a path and a way to our future.

should be born, created, gather, only the peers #bestofeverything who get to vote in the inductees.  The honored graduates of this elite communicators who have surpassed even the hardiest media outlet.

Where the
have a say
The first nominee, inductee and recipient is ...:: ::... an extremely innovator site that I have been percolating my own version for some time.  A truly, really, superbly shared and if not, should be. is
leading the way 
Well, go check em out ::... the Millennial version of Mashable who represented the voice of early social media adopters.  

Very astute,
savvy and classy has everything this fabulous fashionista fighting her 50s could possible want:

    Career | Cooking | Fashion | Lifestyle | Contemporary



Art & Design


Movies & Theater


Performance Art



Where every click
provides a nugget
I'm telling you ...:: or warning you that ::...
you WILL get lost in here for a long time.  The sophisticated, educated, liberated woman website and resource for the EVERY woman.  

Around each and every corner.  You go to the top far left page, APPS, then cross-referenced across the top ...:: you ARE lost ::... and it may take you a while to escape.  Maybe you don't want to? One thing is for sure, you will likely circle back if you don't subscribe right away.

Do yourself
a favor and go
Take a look and see for yourself what I am identifying as the next phase under the brilliant leadership of who are visionaries really.  In beat with the movement, the people movement, and simply the #bestofeverything
is now officially
a professor or
team of professors
of the social media
highest order



       ~M E M B E R~ 

Ice cream bow
standing ovation
I took liberty with the fact that we're about smack dab in the middle of summer.  Nothing looks or tastes better than ice cream.  I like to support my commentaries with images that delight me and I
hope a few others too.  Since blogging is a "work in progress" I promise to come back to reveal the sources where these scrumptious creations come from.   If you can't wait, you can always wander over to where you will gather a lot of great ideas.  Maybe even inspire you to do something you've been thinking about for a while and put it into action.

Or, you can start trending the #bestofeverything for #icecream whether it is an image, art, a shop in your village or city, crafted by a grandparent, parent or creative genius.  Share it on Twitter and include me and I will try to arrange to get you some ice cream for free?  Perhaps.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

the CLUBHOUSE project

The clubhouse project
Wooohooooo I'm on another 4-day weekend and I've been doing things that are treasured by me.  First and foremost lately it has been painting objects that turn into repurposed art.  

Repurposed art
About a year ago I started painting on objects that I'd had for a while and just goofing around painted them.  It was so fun and some of them really turned out very cool.   The homes I found for them even cooler.

A birdhouse with a purpose
As I started painting a birdhouse an idea blossomed.  What if I could use the birdhouse as a clubhouse that housed my dreams, goals, where my favorite people could either gain admittance or become members.

I holistically considered who would be allowed in my clubhouse?  It wasn't too hard to figure it out, they would be people who I wanted to be surrounded by.  They would be:

  • talented
  • exceptional
  • smart
  • creative
  • caring
  • motivational
  • friendly
  • innovative
  • humble
  • humanitarians
  • artistic
  • share positive messages
  • injected with humour
  • from across all walks of life
  • cultivated from among the world's best
  • they give, they promote, they help, without expecting anything in return.

The givers, innovators, creators
By words, art, photography, beauty they create a world worth living in.  Those would be the persons crowded into my little Clubhouse.  Lucky for us, there are foodies and entertainers and scholars and teachers and musicians and artists, curated from across many social media platforms and life.

Where would my happy place be?
As part of my clubhouse project, I would imagine the location of such a happy place.  I was divided among the options that bring me solace and peace:
  • My home
  • My garden
  • A new surrounding:  on a beach, beside the ocean

What would be in it?
No home, no vacation, no location would be complete without the right things in it:
  • Music
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Beautiful decor
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets

6 partitions with 5 sides to life
As a form of therapy of sorts, I reflect upon the clubhouse to create the five sides of life.  I began by imagining who and what would go in it.  To be expanded upon when I'm feeling discouraged, let down or a strong passion for wanting my life to be on track in a way that I make it possible.  

What and who goes in it
Complete the options before us.  We only let the people or things that matter to us inside our Clubhouse projects.  They bring us positiveness, beauty, inspiration.  We leave out those that hurt us, lower our self-esteem, cause us harm in any way.

The outside defines what is on the inside with five sides dedicated to making it a unique piece of our mind, our hearts, and dreams.

The front door
Is welcoming and a place in which we find ourselves safe, at peace, surrounded by only the good and wonderful we imagine it to be.  We want it to be welcoming because it will attract only the best of everything anyone or anything.

My garden
What I like to do is reflected on my entrance pane to my clubhouse project:  gardening, beautiful flowers, bright colors, happy faces.  A solace for dreaming, creating, beautifying where we spend our time.  

My goals
Are the levels on which I climb to reach my ultimate destination.  Whether it be career, writing, creating or being this side defines what I think will make my life complete.  They are realistic and achievable.  

My dreams
What do I see when I look outside the window of my clubhouse?  What would be the most perfect world imaginable.  Certainly gut-wrenching reflection because it defines the who, the what and the where long before economic reward brings the "things".  Things don't belong in my dreams.  Things are static and stationary, never evolving.  

The where
Where do I see my dreams blossoming the most?  What would I be looking at by my surroundings?  Beauty, sunshine, tropical trees, a lake, ocean or pool with billowing white puffs of cloud that don't bring darkness, but only shed light on the brightness where my inner peace can be found.

The bottom
Is where my secrets, disappointments, hurtful memories, failure, toxic people or events remain.  I place them there, on the bottom, to let go, get over and forgive.  Once those memories go to the bottom, they become dormant and never again allow me to regret, feel hurt, or hit my confidence.  

The roof
Unadorned and plain.  A place where I sole away dreams discovered, cheques or money seep into to make the dreams happen and the goals achieved.

It's about possibilities
The Clubhouse Project is about setting about making what is possible a reality.  Not to dwell on regrets or disappointments, it is filled with optimism.  I am in control of what goes on and in my Clubhouse to arrive at utopia and happiness.

Make your own CLUBHOUSE
Find your own birdhouse:  at a store, a garage sale or a thrift shop.   Design it in a way as described above.  As you paint it, you define the four key components:

  • What do you want others to see when you welcome them?
  • Who would the people be that you would allow to be members?
  • What will you see when you look out your window? ::  the goals, the dreams, the realization of all that can be made possible by you.
  • Where would it be?  How can you create the where?  Is it where you are, is it where you will need to be, or a stop along your travels to utopia?
  • What will you bury?  Who are the toxic people that you have removed because they block you from creating your intended destiny?  What are the awful memories that keep you frozen with fear, replayed over and over again.  Letting go when they go into the part of the clubhouse that is not opened again.  Who do you need to forgive?  Or, who do you need to forgive you?  They go in there, part of the past.  Let go to allow you your wonderful future.  If you replay failures, memories, hurt or heartache, they belong here.

Create your own clubhouse
Once it is created, decide all the ingredients and write them down on a piece of paper and put it through the welcoming front door.  Draw out your floor plan or surroundings as you imagine them to be.  Put in pictures of people that matter most.  Cut out images from magazines or print off photographs and insert them inside.  This is where they belong.  Write the list of people, things, memories or events you will let go of or forgive others or yourself for.

Creating the life you want
Only you can decide what it is that will bring you peace, happiness and excitement.  Nobody else.  Only you can determine your goals, decide on your dreams.  It is your own Clubhouse project.  Creating the destiny you and fate have aligned.  Understanding that you reap what you sow.  This is your CLUBHOUSE where you begin to imagine the possibilities of a life fulfilled with love, happiness and dreams come true.  

Try it.  Let me know how it goes,
 or let me know if you want to post yours on PINTEREST
I will invite you to share your post or your images!
and REMEMBER :: ...........

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tip toe thru the tulips of time

Do you just ever wonder?
What it was like waking up and finding yourself back in the glamour days.  When Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra were of this world.

You dress up
or you didn't go out!  Back in the time when ladies had to be ladies, and fellows were gentlemen around the ladies.  It is such a bygone time, don't you just wonder what it would be like?

Gloves and hats
Were just important as the gown, dress or outfit that were defined by clip on earrings, that you can't give away in garage sales now.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that
If you didn't behave in church, or were moving around restlessly, you could find yourself pinched.  The almighty pinch was worse than a dirty look or a raised voice.  Back in the time, when you didn't have the belt as much as parents of parents, today, want to think.

A generation's generation
who champion manners, a lost grace in a large part of our society.  We were suppose to be scarce between dinner and sun down.  This was the best time of the year.  Right now.

Red rover, red rover
We thought we were pretty smart then, not unlike our own children do.  The sneakiness was different in those times.  When we scattered at the last beloved 30 minutes before the sun was starting to fade.  Grabbing hands, laughing loudly, as we ran through the throng of neighbourhood kids to evade being caught and having instead to do the catching.

The rules relaxed
When there was fun to be had.  The parents slowly stepping off stoops, starting out to call their children indoors.  Instead, assembling, smiling at each other, parents in the Good Parent Club as we bought a few extra minutes of outside time because no one parent would want to be the first to disrupt such a marvelous coming together of children, kids, having fun.

We weren't sure, nor did we care.  We were so caught up in the moment, of laughing, running, catching those last glimpse of the sun.


_________________________________________                                                                            ~..

When a neighbourhood BBQ or a gathering of friends and family, usually meant, we could be out playing in the street lights, with the hustle of dancing, by parents, with neighbours, friends, sisters.  

The spirit of the moment
Where being together was the most important event of the day.  Often happening.  Looking back I never thought we took anything for granted.

A harmony of spirit
A collection of the brave, who faced challenges but never beating down us.  We were outside, we celebrated summer like a gift that would never be returned.  Because it was the thought, the caring, that was the biggest present of all.  

The expectation of a gathering
was never far, always dear.  Not unusual.  Often ever near.  After church, long weekends, or simply a mere assembly of those that live near.  

Hats and gloves
I would squirm through just to return to those bygone days.  Take the time to embrace it.  Hold it even more dear.  

A one day and only day
You never really knew.  Until you grew older, the magic that you lived through.  Blessed and remarkable, even though challenges were plowed through.

Creating a memory
that you would love to return to.  Accompanied by your children and loved ones to know what you knew.  Experience the wonder of feeling special to tip toe the tulips of time.

"Simplicity is never simple." 
~Jeannette Marshall

Two Cheery Cherries by Andes Design #bestofeverything 

"Cream always rise to the surface. 
 Except cherries, 
of course." 
Jeannette Marshall #quote

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LIVE :: from a TV or smartphone near you :::

As it happens from the renounced birthplace of Ted Cruz (Calgary)
I'll be goshdarned!  I wouldn't have guessed it: Sanders is beating Clinton AND soundly ::: if that is the case early on (multi-tasking aka watching as I write this for my three followers). If you looked at the preliminary numbers it was a fait d'accompli (french) ::: Trump is ahead 30% with Cruz in his dust.  

Yes'm folks, there very well may be a revolution and you will have to continue along with the media bombardment and (sometimes with the distortion of) the facts ::: organizations taking on the establishment ::: with broadcasts upon channels theatrically gifted anchors and guests acting like it is a return to the hay day of the Kentucky Derby or Vellenieve (oui, Canadian) in F1 racing.  

Food half way to the mouth stopping ::: before the populace is politics of all politicking to eventually come to a finish justifying heady predictions ::: statistics running across the bottom of the screen like a ticker tape, back in the days of old (those words scrolling across the bottom of your screen).  There they were, even to the untrained and nonAmerican viewer,  the early predictions coming true this time from the polls ::: based on what?  You got it:  1% of 1/10th percent!!!

Image source:  Wallpaperscraft ::: Dragon Fantasy (via Google Search)

Switching gears:
Ok, so who else loved the love story of a long time from "Game of Thrones"?  Jack Snow with gal with the foul mouth ::: remember her?

Now, who else was a little cheesed off when they killed that whats-her-name girl with the fiery red hair and Irish lilt?   I was kind of liking having some warm and fuzzies for a change after sooooo much brutality and heads chopped off or hanging ::: holy Hanna talk about violence!  

Well guess what friggin what!?!  The handsome Jack Snow is dating her in RL (real life).  Yes ::: her

Speaking of which, what a fantastic surprise from my hubby who almost never brings me surprises:  gave me a leather notebook with this stamped on the cover.  Unlined so I can doodle or write or .... whatever I want to think about or do.

So, as I often do when I write, I go to look for a photo or image that will make a SPLASH ::: say visually what I am trying to put into words :::


Well, shiver me timbers ... the first response from our friends from Google ::: when I searched for "Game of Thrones images"  and was the first response.  On auto pilot, I click and then wowzers, upon splendor, Jack Snow and his little lady are in love in RL (real life).

Yah, I know, they are young, single (they better have been or I would withdraw my vote) met while filming and fell in love.  I mean what a set! Epically, appealing I would say and no wonder set the internet on fire faster than Trump's first Sanders insult ... outpacing Reality TV audience transfixed by watching the New Hampshire drama unfold ::: my husband is annoyingly flipping multiple channels that tell him the same thing, just different voices and faces.

I have to apologize for messing up their names ::: Game of Thrones costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie.  Phew, sorry.  We so often get wrapped up by the truly talented best (cinematography, costumes, writing, direction, special effects and crew) assembled into a mesmerizing character we forget that they are very different, very real, people.

One last beef ::: only "highlighted" the guys name:  Kit Harington.  That sucks.  It disappoints me gravely.  I dunno, I guess I thought that People was an establishment made up mostly by women.  BOINK :: BONG :: WRONG.  Then again, women don't often help other women.  Ever notice that?  Well, I'll leave that for another day.  Here's the quote that was embossed on the notepad:


               ~TYRION LANISTER

Source:  Game of Thrones 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Farewell 2015, bring on 2016

So close, yet so far away .... the count down to 2016 and the farewell to 2015.  Time to fold up the bitter thoughts that may have lingered and shed its unproductive head.  Syonara baby to all the naggy little irritants that floated above my head, ready to *PUFF* and become a cloud, waiting to pour the negative imaginations.  Take a snow blower to the tenacious icicles that make you freeze, instead of live high on life.  Hit those memories like a volleyball.

You know you have some, we all do.  Granted, some seem to have more than others.  Is it because they exhaust them, some appear to be too willing to share their grief?  When so many others, will bottle it up and without a leak, the smallest of shaddow will egnite an explosion of rage, or rant, or retaliation.  How calm those can seem unless you are around when it catches alight.

You wouldn't be harboring any resentment towards anyone or anything per chance would you?  Sometimes masked in blame, you gurgle and ripple when a reminder flickers before you:  a transit bus sign, a song soothes you before it reminds you of a time, when things were less complicated.  

The burden of security.  Laying in our minds in varying capacities.  To one it may mean safety, while distinctions apart:  a warm bed to sleep in, a healthy meal to eat, the last drag on the cigarrette and the final withdrawal of a needle.  Where being clothed is always a choice and having clothes to wash and change is always a blessing instead of a chore.  

To have hands to pick out vegetables or fruit because we are grocery shopping.  The littlest things gone missing.  New ones to be discovered.

Let 2016 be a time of peace.  A peace of mind, a peace sign, a peaceful time.  Void of explosions, where those in need are given safety and men and women are only friends.  

Rejoice in the peace sign.  Let it be renewed symbolism of hope.  Those who want * P E A C E * have their wishes granted.  Let art and music along with all means of expression carry that one unified theme * P E A C E * to you, to me, to your neighbour, to mine, to your church, to my prayers, to your job and all that entails:  be paid, love what you do, help others become better.

2016 brings about a freshness and spirit.  Avoid casting a noose around your neck called "Resolutions" that are high, wide and difficult to reach.  Instead find steps you can make in that ultimate destination.  Health equals exercise, mental health, security, love, vegetables, fruit and food we can learn to like.  

Replace "Resolutions" with absolutions.  Things that are possible for you to accomplish one minute, one hour, one day, one month, arriving at another year.  You have cast aside the negative in 2015's wind, to allow the sun to shine on optimism, hope, pride, and opportunity.

Look into your left hand.  It is almost time to blow the molecules left of 2015 away.  Your right hand trying to force you to look ahead.  Don't look down, look up.  The horizon is changing with you at the wheel.  Of your destiny.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

James Bond + Daniel Craig + Sam Mendes + Panoramic Cinematography + Beats = SPECTRE

Have you ever noticed that if you're in a good mood, you tend to be receptive to being entertained?  That was the magic of a date with Hunkster Hubster and a movie, going home to him making Tacos.  Can life get any better?  Certainly, from the opening sequence with the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, the vibe and energy was outstanding!

Well from this side of the theatre, life was grand indeed.  I admit, that sprouting love spirits date night with movies, holding hands, and laughter.  Hunkster Hubster and I haven't been married 10 years yet.  We went on a vacation, blended a family of teenagers, and weathered their theatrics together.  We were living on the edge then, just like Daniel Craig's appealing James Bond character with the outstanding talent of Director, Sam Mendes firmly planted as the film's visionary.  

I don't want to ignore the fact that if it wasn't the imagineering of Ian Flemming, this force of movie franchise would never have been started.  It blends the tradition of a great story with the seat-jumping startling action and effects.

Like the splendid, beautiful glory of the cinematographer's canvass that unfolds before us.  It is like the franchise itself, similarly, are gliding into the sunset with the right person or audience by its side.  

I did jump a few times, unexpectedly being jolted to the magnetizing special effects and Cinematography Graphic Illustrations (CGI) -- that may not be the exact acronym definition, but it works for me.  Forbes took a look behind the scenes of the Sony movie.

Admitally, my radar sensors did go up when I was at HP (Hewlett-Packard) and it was sharing with its global world wide tech/engineering workforce of the highest magnitude, was telling us how HP was fueling the emerging technology of movie and image blending to catapult into the stratosphere while everyone else had their eye off the biggest ball, all chasing after DATA and CLOUD.

I will vere back to my original topic.  (At least you know what others perceive or drives family crazy, is how I can jump from a story into a side topic and then jump back with "anyway, as I was saying, don't interrupt me verbage".

What this Blog amounted to was celebrating the phase in life that you're in, regardless of age.  There are sunrises and sunsets, with the odd fireworks that will eventually settle into a comfortable, companionable, non-dramatic life.  Sharing those previous hectic and often crazy times, made a bond that is simply amazing.  Without the stress of being a parent together, and each other's biggest ally and trusted advisor, we could be the leaning post, non-interfering when the other has to deal with a child issue.

It all takes turns.  We go from being serene, to splendidly entertained, then satisfyingly fulfilled in having a quiet moment to share in peace and harmony.  We sure went over mountains together and apart, to start coasting on the other side.  No longer reaching impatiently to what life had in store, but settling contently that sure there are things you may have wanted to avoided or changed, but this part in our lives, is certainly not one of them.  Take a few minutes out, turn up the volume, lean back and just listen to this:

READ more here. 

Just saw this this afternoon and utterly entertaining, superb and unravelling of the talent involved on one of the best for 2015 in Spectre.  You can't miss the remarkable cinematography with panoramic backdrops that make you feel you are right on the set.  We sure forgot fast what the true movie experience is all about.  We've gone from theatres to televisions to HD to mega movies in a blink of an eye.  This sure makes me feel somehow, how grateful it feels to be thankful to be in my 50s.  Not fighting the uphill climb anymore, still magnificent in many ways, reaching in to the creativity that has long bubbled beneath us.  The suffocation similar lyrics in this song, is highly relatable.  #Spectre #JamesBond #DanielCraig #danielcraig  #Sam Mendes (not yet registering on the stratosphere identity plugger powerhouse of Google.  #Spectre is at the bottom of a viral sensation upward vertical curve.

 5 out of 5 *Stars for this brilliantly entertaining movie that will appeal to the masses.