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Thursday, July 21, 2016

it's a cool THING :: ... #bestofeverything

I've fallen in love
and I can't look up!

I've had this vision percolating for quite a while ::... to me, quite a while could be only a couple of months max.  Beyond that, it is stagnant, forgotten, filed away.

I have been saving stuff and bookmarking links here and there.  Even creating various personas or topic commentaries I represent.  It is tres coolio really.  I chose what I will write and pick things that register with me in a resonating and everlasting way.

It could be
karma playing with
 hashtag tag

Past my 6th year of graduation from #socialmediaVERSITY has been quite a ride.  I recognize that my entire history of viewership can be clobbered in a day but the very big social media superstars or rock stars or divas reverberating across multi platforms, device brand or type (smartphone or desktop computer), beating to their own drum while making a path and a way to our future.

should be born, created, gather, only the peers #bestofeverything who get to vote in the inductees.  The honored graduates of this elite communicators who have surpassed even the hardiest media outlet.

Where the
have a say
The first nominee, inductee and recipient is ...:: ::... an extremely innovator site that I have been percolating my own version for some time.  A truly, really, superbly shared and if not, should be. is
leading the way 
Well, go check em out ::... the Millennial version of Mashable who represented the voice of early social media adopters.  

Very astute,
savvy and classy has everything this fabulous fashionista fighting her 50s could possible want:

    Career | Cooking | Fashion | Lifestyle | Contemporary



Art & Design


Movies & Theater


Performance Art



Where every click
provides a nugget
I'm telling you ...:: or warning you that ::...
you WILL get lost in here for a long time.  The sophisticated, educated, liberated woman website and resource for the EVERY woman.  

Around each and every corner.  You go to the top far left page, APPS, then cross-referenced across the top ...:: you ARE lost ::... and it may take you a while to escape.  Maybe you don't want to? One thing is for sure, you will likely circle back if you don't subscribe right away.

Do yourself
a favor and go
Take a look and see for yourself what I am identifying as the next phase under the brilliant leadership of who are visionaries really.  In beat with the movement, the people movement, and simply the #bestofeverything
is now officially
a professor or
team of professors
of the social media
highest order



       ~M E M B E R~ 

Ice cream bow
standing ovation
I took liberty with the fact that we're about smack dab in the middle of summer.  Nothing looks or tastes better than ice cream.  I like to support my commentaries with images that delight me and I
hope a few others too.  Since blogging is a "work in progress" I promise to come back to reveal the sources where these scrumptious creations come from.   If you can't wait, you can always wander over to where you will gather a lot of great ideas.  Maybe even inspire you to do something you've been thinking about for a while and put it into action.

Or, you can start trending the #bestofeverything for #icecream whether it is an image, art, a shop in your village or city, crafted by a grandparent, parent or creative genius.  Share it on Twitter and include me and I will try to arrange to get you some ice cream for free?  Perhaps.  

Sunday, June 5, 2016

wRiTiNg PeRsOnAlLy To EvErY fOlLoWeR oF mInE

Photo by Ralph Hicker ~

wRiTiNg PeRsOnAlLy To EvErY fOlLoWeR oF mInE 
who believe in the #bestofeverything :: that you have a voice, an opinion, something important to say, under one tall and wide banner under the umbrella of hashtag :: #bestofeverything.

tHe DiE hArTs WiLl StArT a ReAlLy CoOl LaNgUaGe ThAt Is UnIvErSaL
you may want to tune into what I'm meandering about, and there is lots.  There never seems to be an end in sight for one's imagination, as long as they create, investigate, and narrate on things or stuff or garbage one want's to talk to.  

uSe YoUr FuNkY nEw StYlE wHeN cOmMeNtInG oN

tWiTtEr Or FaCeBoOk with #bestofeverything where the truly talented enforcers on social media meet.  Just because someone needed to create a clubhouse for the diehard social media enthusiasts.  Only ONE major IMPORTANT rule ((AND you THOSE testers OR negative SCENE will BE deleted.

The positive + helpful + insightful + non-denominal religion site (so if you can't share on Facebook without Ala's or God's words, along with their disciples  under the umbrella of hashtag :: #bestofeverything.

I will inject music that I find really unique 
and inspirational or fun here.  Again, you can submit your own ideas under comments on this blog (remember clubhouse?)  Only rule, they can't have ever won an award of any kind for their music, acting, or whatever else comes forward:  like chef, writer, blogger, personalities are out there under #bestofeverything :: because the more that hashtag is used everywhere, we'll see if it can be trending on not just Twitter, but also Facebook, Google Search Results, Google Plus, G+ so audience become voters simply when they comment (which can be like a vote, if you will, by the members of the "clubhouse")  :: so that everyone assembled, really starts to help each other, support everyone on that group that they themselves promote.

WHERE have THEY gone?
Indeed, this is a song that I thought we need to hear :: a song that came across my radar from surfing iTunes on Apple.  I went to the earliest recording by it to ensure I captured the right, first person.  Which are often not necessarily that got credit for it.

Mood or what?
does YouTube sense my mood or what?  Quite the line up for me right now:  Coldplay's "Paradise" :: Keane's "Everybody's Changing" :: Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars) :: Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run". Go ahead, subscribe to my You Tube channel optioneerJM :: I dare you :: double dare you.  Where's your sense of adventure, and why are you reading this?  I'm not wild.  Trust me.  Maybe I am getting a bit more so in my creative side and writing.  Quite the line up for me now :: 

Family traitor?
That reminds me.  Of family lore.  You see, I am a huge Michael Buble fan with an attitude adjustment. My husband's ex-brother-in-law (ya, I know, if you can figure that out, you're better than me), wrote the tunes for @MichaelBuble +Michael BublĂ©  he didn't even acknowledge him, never mind thank him for writing the song he won his first Juno for?  Is that a too deep?  Does that put me on the controversy radar now?

PlayLists payOFF!
You know what?  That is an under-promoted feature of Apple.  Maybe someone can tell me who's responsible for the radio stations and playlists?  I seem to be a procrastinator on my blog. Radio or playlists are out of this world.  People have been assembling playlists since the dawning of iTunes.  More used as a tool, than a benefit.  Now, step forward whoever was the brainchild of playlists for sharing?  

We have a lot more talented, musical people worldwide that can't get a break.    Lol, maybe, just maybe, you're like me :: I can't draw a thing, i can't lay out much to the style of which I'm in love with (look for Jim Carrey's personal website if you want to test my theory)  tell me what you think.  I'll start on Twitter with #bestofeverthing #website +jimcarrey52x (in Twitterese) for website supremacy ::  You can disagree, post your own, copy and paste me and I'll #rt to get you more followers.

Classic oldie ::
Puff, the magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary.  That is probably where my childhood registers.  I will have to go back and look up what year it came out and how old I am.  As a mini-experiment for how early do we think our earliest memories are.

You Tube Channel
I actually don't know what happens if an outsider, anyone other than me, to be polite listens to my station?  You Tube is getting pretty smart with predicting our wants.  They get to see just about anything!!  The You Tubes titles you subscribe to, viewed, or bounced off (not recording eWwWw ).  So thrilled, in fact, I just Tweeted :: 

"Loving the music that YouTube is selecting for me  ( available on my YouTube channel optioneerJM ) ~..~ jm" you can Follow me and then #RT and I will follow you on Twitter and give you a boost to your traffic.

Identity Stamp *^*
I've used *^*JM as my signature on Twitter.  I just thought creatively with words and a keyboard to come up with it.  Not really artistic, no.  Imaginative tho don't you think?

~..~ jm
Lately, I started to adopt ~..~ jm pretty much everywhere.  Maybe that is the banner I've shucked myself under as I hit 55 this year.  With new fears, new goals driving them, life moving along.  Have you thought of one?  Well, if you're the two or three followers, you can use your new identity stamp with #bestofeverything so I'll notice and re-share and re-tweet everywhere.  Kind of a scratch each other's back in helping support someone else's dreams, not just be self-centered on your own.

Every breath I take

The Police with "every breath i take, every move

 you make, every step you take, I'll be watching

 you" came on just now, so I'm signing off but

every song I saved, I saved to #bestofeverything 

so that all my choices are stored in my YouTube



Every once in a while, I will share what is striking

a chord with me from Apple's iTunes, a 

company I will continue to support, with a dream

that maybe one day, they will advertise on this

Blog.  So I can quit work and write for a living.

in the meantime

a lady has to live a little dream.  Imagine no 

tomorrows that are filled with sorrow.

Optimism supreme

That the two followers I have will divide and

multiply.  Then help and support each other.

Sounds pretty simple.  Is it?

What I'm making

Potato salad

this recipe is something that I always seem to 

make up, get better at, as time moves along.


6 mid-size potatoes, cubed and boiled

4 eggs, boiled, hard

1 strip of bacon

2 dived by one half onion

1 stalk celery, everything green included

6 sprigs of fresh parsley or italian parsley~cilantro

1 carrot

3 radishes

1/2 pickle (large Klassens)

Cook the bacon with 1/2 of onion (or 1/4 as set out before) lightly brown

Put celery, other 1/2 (or 1/4) of onion, parsley, carrot in chopper shown

Dice pickle, eggs, and set aside

Make Dressing


While potatoes and bacon mixture is cooling make the dressing.

4 Tablespoons mayonaise (prefer Kelman's but will 

      exchange with "Kraft Mayo" at a price i.e.  advertises on blog)

2 Teaspoons "no name" mayonaise (will

      exchange with "French" at a price i.e.  advertises on blog)

1 Teaspoon mustard spice  (will name, for a price i.e. 

      advertises on blog)

Salt and pepper to taste (I often leave out salt 

   but heavy on the pepper)

Mix everything together and let sit in fridge for at least 2 

hours before serving with main dish.  For vegans, without bacon, could 

be a protein laden main dish.


If you make this recipebe sure to @optioneerjm on Twitter 

or share with me on Facebook, Pinterest or G+ for a share by me - don't

forget the link to this blog.  Please and thank you.

Friday, May 6, 2016

RE-POST from The Zeit

health-wellness-articles-apple-image fruit choice download HealthyOptionsLogoColor

Finding alternative uses for vegetables keeps your taste buds guessing, and boosts your nutrition! Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, which acts as an antioxidant and helps detox your system utilizing enzymes. Cruciferous vegetables are believed to lower risk of cancer due to these beneficial sulforaphanes. Ricing or mashing cauliflower allows you to mold the flavors you desire […]

via I Mashed and Riced Cauliflower – This Is What Happened! — The Zeit

Friday, September 11, 2015

Nutrition counts with age

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”  ~Unknown

The oddest thing happened.  When I got home last night, my husband pointed out a HUGE box of overflowing fruits and vegetables, saying they were sitting on our doorstep.

My first reaction was it would be my wonderful, nutritious-oriented daughter because we had talked about having a bake or make day -- try making pies or I'd show her how I make my popular bruschetta from the tomatoes I grew in my very own garden!  She was not responsible, however, didn't hesitate to say she'd swing by to pick up some.

There were two bags of different apples, a big bag of oranges, about 7 zucchini, more apples, about 50 kiwi -- it was amazing!

My second conspirator I thought of was my best friend who had just returned from Victoria after dropping her son off to begin his first year of university.  After exchanged texts this morning, I discovered it wasn't her.

Hmmmm, the plot thickens.  Who is our guardian angel or fairy godmother?  

What was so fascinating about this was I had just said at work, after a colleague shared pieces of heavenly nectarine, that I had been craving fruit but with my crazy schedule, hadn't made it to the grocery store.  I had it on my TO DO list for today, my first day and only day off for a week.

I haven't really talked about the fact that I had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes a year and a half ago.  I keep it firmly in the closet, keeping it private.  Sadly, I took it hard and a sign that my youth and vitality may be failing and a sign of imperfection, almost embarrassment.

I worked with a dietician referred to by my doctor, who said that I already had the basics of a good diet that just needed tweaking.  Basically, like any good nutrition plan, you have to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and scale down sugar (obviously) and surprisingly carbohydrates.  

Stress and lifestyle can also impact your health dramatically.  My job is shift work and it seems to have impacted my blood sugar levels.  Before, I would get up by 7am, have a yogurt with fruit or a muffin with my Metformin and then another pill with lunch of usually a sandwich full of veggies.

Unfortunately, my schedule is really off kilter.  I can work from 1pm to 9pm, then the next few days 10am to 6pm, followed by 12:30-8:30pm.  It doesn't lend itself to a diet routine.

I'm not stressed by any means.  My kids have all left home and are smoothly sailing into adulthood with one moved to Vancouver, employed, nice boyfriend and living with my brother, safe and sound.  My other is starting her second year of university, a little turbulent because she was working 3 jobs to help fund her love to travel.  My stepdaughter is into owning her own condo, engaged and to be married next summer.  I do worry about my son and his lifestyle, with alcohol as a companion, a bit more than I'd like.

Overall, life is pretty balanced.  I've doted on my garden with my best friend, Buddy by my side.  I've been decompressing with painting and self-expression by blogging.

BUT, the big BUT.  I can't fool the meter that tests my blood sugar.  It has been higher than normal for the past few weeks.  It stands out to me that it is my diet that is causing things to go amuck.  I realize that it takes discipline to have a routine on your eating, not just what you eat.  Surprising, but revealing.

I've known and been aware, that when you don't take the time to plan your menu or have the proper supply nearby, it is easy to lean on a greater amount of carbohydrates.  Those are an enemy of balance.  

It takes me an hour to get home, so it's peanut butter toast for dinner.  Not a whole lot of calories yet mostly carbs.

I still am going to go crazy wondering who dropped off this huge box of goodies?  Is there such a thing as a guardian angel?  Or is it my karma:  what I've been thinking and saying lately?

Regardless of its origins, it emphasizes how important one's routine AND nutritional balance is.  Not many of us have the wakeup call a diagnosis like Diabetes is to realize that we have to watch what we eat and take the extra effort on balance.  

My dietician emphasized that I have the misfortune of genetics against me.  My father had diabetes and so had my younger brother and older sister - so that compounded the likelihood.  As she pointed out, I was pretty good at recognizing and following a balanced diet.  Her best advice was to visualize my plate where the carbs are balanced by vegetables.  So it isn't like you are going without anything in particular, it is more about offsetting it with more vegetables.

It was like a wake up call, that when you hit 50, it is more than ever important.  What was further surprising, was that my older brother recently had been diagnosed.  Similar to us, he and his wife follow a pretty disciplined diet.  The curse of genetics fell on him too.  He doesn't know that I know, my mother told me so I would feel better.  

I hazard a guess that my brother took it the same way I did:  a stroke of misfortune that is taken with embarrassment.  Especially to those consciously watching what they eat, how much.  He plays hockey every week with guys half his age.  Heck, his wife makes his lunch every day because she knows he is a bit of a junk food junkie and if she didn't, he'd be going through a drive-thru every day.  

We're of a generation now where so many are baby boomers hitting their 60s.  I'm a fair ways off, yet the reminder hit me flat in the face.  If I want to continue to be the vibrant, energetic person I'm reputed to be, I will have to pull up my socks and put any excuses aside, forget the blame on genetics and just get to it.

I realized writing this that one very important matter is exercise:  with the shift work, it hasn't leant itself to my walks with my dog for exercise.  You know, what they keep saying balanced diet + exercise = health.

I may take care of my appearance, love fashion, proud of my newling garden skills, and emphasis on balance.  I have to admit that I've slid some and need to smarten up.  My life depends on it.

"The best doctor gives the least medicine."
~Benjamin Franklin

p.s. my neighbour, who was my next culprit on my list of thoughtful, caring people who would have possibly dropped the treasure trove of goodies off on my doorstep, just came by with her wonderful homemade apple jelly (positive karma again!) did not give us them.  The plot thickens.  She did say I could make kiwi jelly.  Time to get off to get some fresh basil to make some bruschetta.  I'll share the recipe later.  Good times, good eats, good friends.  Lucky me!

p.s.s. It turns out that the fruit came from my lovely daughter and fiance.  I had pondered with hubby, neighbour, other daughter (while I was going through process of elimination), after wracking my brain, considering my sister.  I did think of her and her fiance but strongly considered that they don't each much fruit.  Never striking me that they would have gotten the fruit from someone from work, and BECAUSE they don't eat fruit, they'd give it away.  It wasn't meant as a surprise.  They simply dropped it off on their way from work, meaning to text us or tell us next time. It was a wonderful, beautiful gesture cloaked in mystery, landing squarely on fits and giggles.  All good for the soul.