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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A woman on a mission

This blog has been evolving since it first started in March 2015 as a result of not always wanting to write about business, leadership or sales as I do on my optioneerJM blog.  I am thankful for those followers, and want to keep on track to write the articles there that many of my foundlings started out getting to know me.

However, as a self-described "fabulous fashionista fighting fifty" I realized that sometimes I just wanted to write with abandon and be freedom of self-expression or reflection.   It stemmed from loving to assemble great finds, whether it be art, photography, beauty tips or fashion statements.

"I want you to experience this Blog.  It would be great to be a vision for Baby Baby Boomers' experience and perspective.  Helping and entertaining is just a byproduct of doing what you love."                         
 I like to ramble on about what is concerning me in my world.  Least to say lately, that would be what happened in Paris.  I will probably dedicate writing about that on its own because it bothers me what happened.

Not to be conceited or to blow my own horn, but over the span of my lifetime, I have been noted for having a strong style sense.  At 5ft0in (rounded up from 4ft11in), busty, with more of a muscular build than a swelt frame, I have to work a little harder at finding what suits me.  

I have been a major fan of accessories, with a weakness for shoes that MUST have purses to match, that should be coordinated with the rest of the assemble, I think about what I'm going to wear.  
I passed a pink moonstone ring by the other week, regrettably.

Jewellery captures beauty by creations with masterful artisans or gemologist that make me almost drool.  I have a pretty fair collection, but nothing that would threaten the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, famed for her diamonds.  I'm innocent in that regard.  Born in April, diamond is my birthstone, and a privilege to own.  I don't selfishly collect it.  I just spoil myself once in a while when something attracts me, of less rare stones, while still beautiful.  

Wandering around vintage boutiques, thrift shops and charity stores, I love to find treasures that have been glazed over by others.  I have kicked myself for not buying something that I knew was beautiful and a one of a kind ... to me.

I make beauty mistakes, whether it being a hair color that is too dramatic for me or make up that isn't always so flattering.  I've written about my eyelash folly and discovered a better natural way to plump up the volume since then (stay tuned).

I have learned over time what suits me and don't mind being the most over dressed at an event.  It is not to show off.  Sometimes it is merely by luck to assemble the right outfit with the right accessories, the right footwear with a matching purse.  

Having a blog like this, I can fantasize about wearing something quite off-the-wall or not age appropriate.  That's the beauty of having an outlet like this blog to express myself.  Not necessarily by what I'd want to wear, but a look that would suit others of other generations or age groups.

I'd wear this but with a colorful scarf and accessories to match ... the boots with heels a must for me

Perhaps others can learn some tricks or looks that I've come up with.  There is always Polyvore, that allows someone to create fantasy looks, that may not compliment their frame, personality, or age.  That's good.  We need a place as adults to go beyond dress up dolls or Barbies.  

Be sure to wander back to my page as it strikes you.  The page itself may have updates on a great movie I recommend, art that has resonated with me, or images that strike my fancy.  It's chalk full of stuff.  Images.  Reading recommendations for books or blogs.  It is ever changing and constantly evolving.

One of my favorite places in Calgary during winter, skating with music in the background

Sunday, August 16, 2015

7 reasons to love "The Hundred Foot Journey"

I'm flabbergasted.  I'm wheeling in the blown away zone after watching the best film I have seen in years:  "The Hundred Foot Journey" #thehundredfootjourney a hashtag to go wild if I had my way.

This wonderfully crafted story  unfolds when  two worlds collide and they get .. ummm ... ahhhh.... how do you say it? Spicey!

I was profoundly touched by the hidden messages in the tale that shines a brilliant light on how we have biases and racism not by our own hand, but by the world we grow up in.  

The story demonstrates how we can have set prejudices without really knowing it.  Regardless of which side of the story you find yourself leaning towards, it reflects a new world identification system.  It surrounds us daily subconsciously. 

We humans are so caught up in class system that is so far submersed, we do it automatically while its origins was carved in the world of India.

From afar, the rest of us collectively exude a  behavior we identify with when we think of this unique culture :
  • thriftiness (aka cheap)
  • bargains
  • traditions
  • family dynamics
  • religion
  • Bollywood
Rarely would a European or North American Caucasion  person identify India descendents to be:
  • genius minds
  • food master chefs
  • sex symbols
  • musical marvels
  • creative icons
Regardless of whether you can associate with the origin or excellence from either side, The Hundred Foot Journey shatters all perceptions.  From the fireworks emerges a tale  of a triumphant jubilee for viewers.

Yes, I reckon that the explosive creative pinacle is based on the latest hip theme of Foodie.  Toss out your prejudices and disperse your preconceptions and absorb the splendor of  entertainment at the finest.

Similar to the food world's Michelin stars, movie goers should revolt if the movie doesn't win an Oscar for best film.  This sleeper hit evolved from gifted storytelling in Richard Morais' 2011 novel with the brilliant adaptation of Steven Knight and talented cinematography interpreted by Lass Hallstrom.  An art film or society statement, take your choice. 

Allow me introduce you to a movie you will want to see by sharing the official trailer searched for and found on my trusted source for video You Tube.  

It has a good old fashion feel with a really great vibe.  It dislodges us and allows us to escape from all our worry about the environment, our careers, our family, our finances, our society, violence, government, our economy, our health, our peace of mind, our paranoias forgotten while enveloped into this wonderful journey.

From left:  Helen Miran, Manish Dayal and Charlotte Le Bon

It is led by the magnificent cast of the well known (Helen Miran aka from The Queen), getting to known Om Puri  and the unknown soon to be very well known (Manish Dayal now of InstaGRAM fame and French Canadian 

Charlotte Le Bon).  The magnificent characters 

 introduced to us by really really big knowns 

 (looks like Steven Spielberg and sounds like 

 Oprah Winfrey). Now those are really big WIGs!

From left:  Oprah Winfrey, Helen Miran and Steven Spielberg
Sit back and take in this celebration of cinematic roots with your loved one or loved ones.  It will move you back to carefree times and family antics that drive us crazy, we survive, and great recollections to draw poignant memories from.

If you are still not convinced that you should jump on NetFlix or bring out the wallet on iTunes, let me tell you why it's a favorite:
  1. There is an underdog who emerges as a champion for us to cheer on.
  2. There is watching the development of relationships from family, to love interest, to companionship, friendship or rivalry.
  3. There is that steal-the-movie supporting-actor who reminds us fondly of a crazy but lovable father or uncle.
  4. There is a love story between a Princess (of cuisine) and her knight in shining armour (blazing with Michelin stars no less). 
  5. Where the rich and sometimes not always famous frolick together in harmony by joining in heavenly cuisine -- where foodies relate to.
  6. It yields to the yearn of its target audience: Baby Boomers, Families, Dates, Girls Night Out, Pajama Party, Movie Fanatics or a Sunday Night movie.
  7. Where market and audience celebrate the unique message and widespread appeal.
From left, Manish Dayal, Helen Miran

Join me, together with @optioneerJM, to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, InstaGram, Tumblr and Pinterest so others can share the pleasant gold old fashion experience. Show your support and belief that peace can be amongst us and we can actually enjoy our own uniqueness in culture, religion or region and embrace those wonders.

I promise you, it will capture your spirit and inspire you to believe that war is as big as a war becomes.  Yet, with understanding, cohesiveness, togetherness, humanity, and belief in the impossible we gather the spell that this tale puts us under.

Did I forget to mention that this magical experience was made possible because of Dreamworks Pictures that its fore founder would be proud of, Walt Disney (1901-1966): 

     All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

          It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
                 The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.