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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jump into Jumpsuits 2016

I'm mad about jumpsuits ::  A trend that started last year and starting to catch on this spring.  For someone who is a curvy, 5 ft. petite gal, they're a great way to get a great look, create a lean fa├žade.  They're a must have for anyone's wardrobe, being casual or corporate.

I bought one at the end of last summer, and to say I've had a lot of use, would be an understatement!  The nice part, is they go with various body types, young or old.  Dress it up with a blazer or cash it out with a jean jacket.  Optimize with the right accessories and you've got a slam dunk.

To show you what I mean, I sifted through Pinterest and then a goldmine for cheap stock by where everything ranges from a couple of bucks to $20. 

I'm tempted by the following ideas as well as give some hints and tricks I'd recommend to keep it classy with a zest of fun:

I'm not a fan of the sandals here :: they're too dainty for the appeal of this look, which would be better suited with a pair of wedges like these, even if they are white (show you're brave and throwing the rules out the window by creating your own style statement):
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These have my footprint all over them!

Piece de la resistance :: the must have bag this spring are big, bulky enough to carry your tablet, your smartphone, the makeup bag and wallet ... along with a piece of fruit and water bottle:

Don't worry that the charm is gold, as long as it says "Michael Kors" you've got it made!  A little pattern to create a little contrast works in showing that you aren't too anal about being too matchy matchy.  

Toss in the right accessories and you're all set.  This pendant elongates the theme, especially if you are short or curvy, it subtly says your taller:

I'm not going to get caught up with the fact the charm on the purse is gold.  I wouldn't be too busy with the earrings either.  Again, to create a classier look, I would try to match them:

Notice the hair?  That blue grey is hip and in.  Imagine younger gals, who find the look appealing.  Who would have thought grey would be the bomb!

Denim on denim is a going concern.  The mixed but matched is coolio.  You don't have to look to far for denim jumpers this spring either.  You can appear chic, while not trying too hard to hide your age, just find the look and line that suits your figure and hides your flaws.  I wouldn't have a belt to cut myself in two, to avoid appearing shorter:

I found this whimsical ring with turquoise that goes with denim splendidly. 

Jumpers with prints are A-ok, I just don't go with anything too overpowering, unless you are much taller and slender than moi. 

Have you noticed that the looks I go for have the cuff narrow?  That is intentional to give the taller, slimmer illusion.  Aren't these fun?  For spring or summer, I'd have more fun with the shoes, as I usually do to make a statement.  I adore these sandals.  Clunky heels lean toward comfort while the peep toe shows off those awesome toesies from your last pedicure (no more than three weeks ago):

Black is a faux pas for anyone trying to look taller or slender :: plus it makes it easier to accessorize.  Check out the shoes I drooled over to dress up a jumper ensemble:

Throw on a blazer over to say:  professional.  Although, I'd say that the sandals are not the right ones to complete the look.  Especially with silver zippers and buttons :: the purse got it right on (I have an exact one only in steel blue).  Mix up with patterns for a more casual flare:

You're getting into the groove I hope.  You've spotted how badly the outfit is completed by the wrong shoes that are too fuddy duddy , the purse awkwardly held, would be better replaced with a cross-body purse, and get rid of the silly hat .... unless you really do want to look like a grandma!

Color on color, especially cream colors are favorites of mind.  The sunglasses are wrong and so is the purse.  A nice necklace can say chic, be brave with the floral headband when you have long tresses or a pop of red to say you mean business :: to be noticed!

Speaking of red and colors ........

Finally a look that is together with the right sandals and purse and chain belt.  Nice if you don't have chubby upper arms, you would be able to accessorize with the bracelet.  You can omit the belt if you have a waist you don't want to accentuate. 

These earrings would go marvelously with the bright royal blue jumper wouldn't they?  I'd bypass any other jewelry to let them jell together, and speak class and elegance.  I'd probably choose a subtle clutch and perhaps silver sandals to complete the statement.

I'm proud of you :: you have already identified how wrong the belt is with this popping pink, with shoes that are boring.  (Whoever choreographs these images, is being lazy on the details).  So, yeah, the lipstick matches, but hardly anything else.

To prepare for balmy spring or summer days or holidays, I pulled a few rompers that caught my fancy:

BRAVO :: accessories!  Polyvore is a great site to play with fashions, accessorize and create looks that are applauded by other fashionistas critical eyes.  They certainly emphasize how important pulling the whole look together is by the shoes you choose or accessories that compliment but don't crowd.  Sometimes, I want to be comfortable when shopping, on the ready to welcome company :: this works for me:

Eeegawd ... another example of the wrong accessories and shoes :: this is a casual jumper, not for elegant sandals or clutch.  And have your buttons down to your belly button, and you may attract glares from other women :: a leopard print t-shirt under would have still bespoken wildness:

Fun comfort:

Purse gone wild:

Don't you dare :: unless you wear it under a see-through dress or over-sized shirt or for bed time lingerie:

Whatever you wear, accessorize it :: and have fun!

Monday, December 7, 2015

BLING it on ....

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Ok fellas, soon it will be Christmas and are you going to be one of those sheepish men out on its eve, madly swirling around the cosmetic counters, prey to the stylish babes who are ready to squirt perfume on you, shellshock you with all the choices, then twirl some ribbon around your gift? ... then voila!  You're good to go for another year.

Allow me to be bold for the babe in your life and give you a big hint:  ladies love bling.   Now, not many, and not even a few could afford this diamond but in her eyes, any bling says to her, from you, that you GET her.  Well, you've got her and likely a diamond is nestled on her finger with the band that signifies LIFE together, forever.

Before you start groaning.  Don't be so stubborn.  You have almost 20 whole days to startle your lady with something that reflects the sparkles in her eyes when you buy her something that shines, saying:  "I love you" every time she wears her new gift.  Right?

Don't start sweating and start running away.  I'm not going to drill you on whether your last minute purchase is really about the beautiful hotness convincing you that this is the perfume that your lady would love.  Just remember, she'll love it because it is from YOU, her man, her main squeeze, the hunkster husband.  A perfume ensemble is going to set you forward $150-$200.

You probably grumble that she has wayyyyy to many purses, you couldn't possible choose one that she would adore.  Think again.   How could she possible think anything but love (especially if you know the "IN" names in bags these days):

Voeevodd Reg.$277 Sale $80.88 (71% off)

Deck her out in style with a complete ensemble that will warm her up in more ways than one.  This can be found with the right name on it:  COACH.  The latest "shearling look" will communicate to the world that lady is in touch with the latest trends.

IF you do consider
going with COACH crossover, these boots are so adorable when enhanced by the "shearling" cuff.

Before you have a heart attack when Tiffany comes up, remember, there's a staple necklace, that anyone would adore, at around $392. Cdn, it won't set you back as much as you think.

If on the day of Christmas you want her to sing: "my true love gave to me" think this amazing set of tanzanite which is the NEW diamond every gal should have in a collection:

The Seleste Collection will set you back more than a pretty penny.  The pendant is $5,500, the earrings $8,800 and the ring $4,100.  

For almost $20,000 it SHOULD be a gal's dream come true.

Now that you've had a mild stroke and the sweat is pooling off your brow, it is time to settle down and consider some lovely fashion jewellery that can cause a stir with your good taste.

I found a great location in a Farmer's Market locally that was selling genuine Blue Topaz pendants. Forget about hinting at Tiffany's first.   There are plenty of reputable jewellers like People's Jewellers in Canada who had this moderately priced at  $229.  Not really my style, but I wouldn't complain ... if there were matching earrings.  Just kidding ...... um sort of.

Their enticing words

Offer her your heart and say, "I love you." A gracefully looping 10K white gold ribbon gently suspends the heart-shaped 12.0mm blue topaz featured in this charming pendant. The soft and serene blue hues sparkle beautifully with six brilliant diamond accents. Delicately suspended, the pendant rests on a rope chain 17.0 inches in length with a spring-ring clasp. Make her December birthday unforgettable with the gift of blue topaz birthstone jewellery.

There are lots of pretty and funky jewellery around 
to suit versatile tastes.  

Some fellows may have a greater
challenge to impress with 
those having ladies that don't
usually wear jewellery.  I'd
suggest a dainty gold one in
that case.

You can't go wrong with an extra long one either.  They're popular with the young or older set, adding charm to a casual ensemble or a business blouse.

Not everyone inherits their grandmother's pearls, so you could start your own heritage.

Well, that should kick start things for you.  There is plenty of time still to buy online and most places will ship for free.  If not, there are enough choices out there that you can bypass the ones that don't.  Don't underestimate sites like to have everything that you can dream up all in the same place.  Think of a bestselling book -- or even an adult coloring book.    You could always ask if they provide gift wrapping and you'd have it made .... long before Christmas Eve with all the other schmucks who haven't realized that online shopping is a time saver with a lot of ideas, even if they're not diamonds, at your fingertips.  Just DON'T fall for buying her a gadget -- that is what YOU like.