Thursday, December 8, 2016

LOST & AMAZED: INHALE beauty to push OUT toxins

I scooped some awesome art to share from Pinterest this evening. It is sure easy to get lost and amazed at great talent and just inhale its beauty exuded by an artistic interpretation on life, dance and living life and lives being lived. (I will try to go back and forth and see if the artist’s name/identity is linked with those PINs.

Isn’t it amazing how automatically at peace you find yourself in? I do. Most times, I will listen to music to chill out and nose in a book to escape. Then there is that more unique connection as I find myself in the tide of waves floating out wonderful images for me to just absorb, enjoy.

As you can probably tell, I like bold zesty colors in art the most. Whimsical catches my fancy. If I can even pick up something to learn: BONUS!

BONUS: I’ll have to slip in a bio of the artist here when I can search and find a good one. A while back, I created a BOARD “Artist Spotlight” and started a new BLOG: JMgallery, once again by blogspot from Google. However, I am working with my partners at @ifttt to forward my blogs from Google’s Blogpost to WordPress automatically. It is easier to do now that I renamed it “YUPPYdom” as a nod to my generation, our version of HIPSTERS of the Millennia generation. I keep dabbling with various Blogs to test my writing depth and see if it helps or divides too much. Ahhh, another experiment as I often talk about on optioneerjm (see link for ALTER EGO and click).

Yuppydom is more generic yet speaks to a specific age group or group of similar minded folks. Since there are fashionistas, social media superstars, art buffs, photographers, artists, current affairs, social matters, reviews, shopping, consumerism specialists. If I were to have ‘it’ it may as well be something I know: what I like, what I think, what I value, what I learn to share with others of a similar mindset or age group.

 Dance images calm and inspire creativity

deep inside. As I still struggle with mindfullness, this is a nice almost meditative state where I gaze across marvelous images. Of that, and just about anything that catches my wandering eye .

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