Monday, December 12, 2016

meadering and bantering ABOUT

My answer to I want to make a website, a social media website can you guys give me tips?
Answer by Jeannette Marshall:
I recommend Google’s blogspot or Word Press — you can start out with a blog and then have it transformed into a website after purchasing the domain. There are others like WIX that guide you in the set up. Frankly, I find GoDaddy cumbersome to navigate, ending up frustrated before finishing. Personally, I will follow this to see what others post. I embrace other’s opinions and their discoveries of unique and effective ways of doing things. Keep open minded while reserve judgement until you establish your own experience. Be wary of others endorsements which may be a form of creating a lead for themselves to elevate their own reputation of expertise. I trust Google in helping me find what I am looking for: use Google search by asking full questions of what you are looking for, for example: “The best website creation for e-commerce”. The responses from your search will show which ones are generated from paid search engine results and manipulations.