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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Changing colors of autumn leaves

Listening to Adele on iTunes singing "Hello" takes me back.  The words singing in my ears with such passion.  I wonder who she was talking about when she wrote her songs.  She writes her own songs doesn't she?

I can tell it is getting close to that time when the leaves here start turning colors :: from green, to yellow with soon orange, brown  hanging on until they finally give up a drop.  I guess I'm one of those to drop.  Like a leaf, if you're an optimist.  You don't think about being the last leaf to drop.  You focus on at that moment you are hanging on.  

Some of us fight that sensation.  Of completely letting go.  Fearful, hesitant.  So afraid of what will happen, so attuned to what is going on with those around it, completely ignoring its own decline and decay.

Alas, the wise leaves before us know that the worst that can happen is you don't have a soft landing from those leading the drop before us.  You're not even thinking that far back to make yourself consumed with the hanging on.

What happens when you fall?  Well, you first discover that the fall is not as far as before and those before us have actually softened our fall.  So much that we are in a state of peace of and centered self.  

Do we listen to the sway of the falls falling before us.  Less likely because we're more engrossed in our own survival, shriveling selves that we forget the wisdom before us from others and other life experiences.  

Paranoi is another word for it.  I've developed this sense of paranoi that alarms me.  At what time do you forget things that you know and tackle new fears every day compounding.

TWEET: >>VIDEO and SONG by PITBALL (with Enrique Iglisis) "Messin Around"<<  really catchy song, my favorite right now.  #Long weekend 2016 

Here's a fun song for today.  I double dare you to NOT get up and start dancing to this song, regardless if anyone is looking at you.  Feel what YOU want to do ... NOT what others expect you to do.