Saturday, May 21, 2016

a read for THE PRETTY GIRLS by @KarinSlaughter

(a reading aficionado by Jeannette Marshall)

Escapism at its finest
Author Karin Slaughter nailed it, hit it outta the park with "The Pretty Girls".  (Please comment here if you represent 
@KarinSlaughter to pay $1000 to put the cover image and an excerpt here).  

Won't put it down
You ever read those kind of reviews long ago with Stephen King, J.K.Rowling, Michael Connelly?  Remember how the reviewer always said: "A book that you can't put down" or "you will stay up late to want to read this one".  Well, this book is just like one of those.  I'm an avid reader, and known for having a vast collection of reading interests.  Like any drug, it loses its potency the more you absorb it.  

Reading Aficionado
I like the idea of becoming a reading aficionado.  I'm creating a new term just now, without a notion whether there is such a thing or if anyone else has named themselves as a reading aficionado.  Like purveyors of fine wine for the ladies or cigars for the gents.

An uncommon voice
I wanna be recognized and renowned for my easy picks on books, reading, movies, blogs, beauty, fashion or style.  Someone who is in beat with the vibe from social media energy.  Do you wanna listen to music? (and hear my top picks?).  The goal is to appraise and cultivate opinion that represents the majority who have been given a voice.

"Life is a journey of learning and gaining knowledge" ~Jeannette Marshall

Play havoc with your imagination
Were you considering escape for a few hours to indulge in a fantasy created by gifted writers who played havoc with your imagination?  You see crisp correlation between the description and your own creative mind.

Holding true as a mental energist
People can gravitate towards you like being out in the far galaxial universe and shooting stars blasting like fireworks all around us without any footing or move-ment, floating, at peace with themselves, their surroundings.  Not wanting something they cannot or should not have, whether by wisdom or self-discipline halted swiftly, skipping over. 

Internet interests and vibe
You are going to see someone who can catch the direction of the energy from being in tune with communications around the world on social media.

On a cloud of inspiration
Where musical taste speaks to decades of generations floating from one to the next, on a cloud of inspiration from true gifted, musical talent.  Or, some events related to music captures EVERYone :: remember Susan Boyle?
Mother's Day, 2014.

Fun new APPS 4 SoMe::Social Media
The hunt and discovery is three quarters of the fun!  It will be on the fashionista - not techie radar - favorites because it catches the energy from the Post Boomers Pre-GEN-Xers 50s crowd (dubbed InBETWEENers wordpress demographic blog), tracing the virals before they start their upward spike, setting the pace and tone for the 20s Millennial crowd.  I'll share only the coolest (if I can do it, anybody can do it) games for the more intellectual crowd, imagineers, creative, visionaries.

An adventure together
That you can share with me.  You can act as the thermometer of anything by using the hashtag #bestofeverything .  Where only those seeking the best, the premium, the ultra anything will gravitate towards.   Time can be lonely, and when caring and sharing reaches so far to make our world a better place.  I hope it is these type of people that end up on here, once maybe, subscribe certainly. 

Commenting optional
Since I rarely, if ever, get comments, I am going to say, don't bother since my driving desire was to be able to respond, engage, learn from my readers and viewers what resonates deep within them or make them want to avoid it like the plague.  

Intellectual Engagement
Where I will reply as often and as honestly as possible.  Uncover what makes me tick, since I may be the clock that is ticking thru time, jumping energetic mental outlook that is not anything like ADD (attention deficit disorder) even if some who can't keep up, do declare it is, in fact ADD.  (Keep on the lookout because those critics are just jealous they never thought of it before).  Kinda like a one-person MASHABLE.