Friday, January 26, 2018

Do opposites attract?

Or, are we more alike than we’d like to think?

Place a ball or stick in a boy’s hands and out pops his basic instinct to hit with it .... like a club.

He could resort to cheering on a fight Or loyally brave watching it with hi-fives.

Threaten a girl in any way you may find she is a lot stronger than she looks.

Many men failed to recognize a strong mind can out power physical strength.

Both have power.

In a perfect world, a woman would be promoted on performance not sucked into

the downward spiral she can’t possibly win.

Gassed by toxic surroundings, choking and gasping for breath

from the draft of sexual harassment or competive alpha female foes.

What is most amazing is what females are equally guilty of:

Jumping into offensive mode

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