Tuesday, July 12, 2016

JUST lovin it!!

Today has been like no other 
don't ask me why or how because I JUST can't say.

Exhuming the fumes by the fatal impact I narrowly missed being totally deflated and flattened by.  Now, before you jump to conclusions, realize that toxicity can latch themselves on to you whether family or coworker or boss (the person who ultimately decides whether to keep or fire you?)

JUST about everything and the #bestofeverything going on around me right now.  To tell you me week in a nutshell:  my manager TOLD me (didn't show, coach, recommend, give examples) NEVER to use JUST.  Thank goodness on my time off I can JUST just JUST just about anytime I want to.  So there!  Take that!  Bhwamm!  Mental fart to get that outta the toxic gas chamber from my belly.  

Today is the tomorrow of tomorrows
it is the last day I gave birth.  To a "cowgirl".  That was a distinction that very few can ignore.  My youngest baby, Kelsey, was born 21 years ago tomorrow.  The day was smack in the middle of the #CalgaryStampede held annually for over 100 years in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.  Being born on a stampede day meant you were not assigned:  "It's a girl!" but "its a cowgirl" ~ no exclamation or caps required.   And, oh boy, do we have a gal now.  She's awesome.

You know that host of the 1988 Olympics town.  Or where the evils of oil reside (to some at least) TransCanada Pipelines who was shot down by both Obama and the american public, influenced by naysayers and fear mongers alike, equally responsible are the great MEDIA houses of CNN and CNBC who sharpen the tune based in a direction they want the public opinion to go.  

Remember the Lionardo Dicaprio thing?
Well, where I live is where he said freaky weather patterns were a clear signal of global warming when he came to win (finally) his Oscar performance in The Rendering, filmed near here, where I live.

Just about communications became the finale to my week :: which was Tuesday, not Sunday like everybody else.  In fact, in any given week, my Sunday could be any day of the week.  A meeting, I know, amazing ::... I didn't think I'd ever be part of a meeting with anyone of importance where I work ...:: but there I was smack dab in one.  

We embrace opportunity to express ourselves so I don't think I can get fired for asking some pointed questions yesterday.  I got in a couple of sharp remarks.  AND because this is my one-day weekend, I'll let er rip:  one was about something dear to my heart ::... volunteerism ::...

"What we call "viral" is really the pulse of the people dancing to the same tune." 
~Jeannette Marshall 

Its about community where the founders of HP actually got it right.  You create a COMMUNITY, not a CULTURE and you strike gold.  Seriously.  Think about it.  When has it not caught on?  Of course in every community there is a leader.  The difference between being part of the online community under the umbrella of social media is that the leader happens by the will of the people.  It isn't based on anything less pure.

Politics have no place on social media unless politicians post a disclaimer:  "I am not responsible for my honest opinion" which could go against the norm, or the establishment, or the BIG boys.  

I take what I learn and I share what I learn along the way.  Where else can you fill your brain up with really smart stuff and connect with 100% awesome people?  Its safe to say it isn't likely it will be a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a boss.  It is VERY likely, if you let yourself flow, where you can uncork your true hidden potential.  

There are no judges anymore because they got snuffled out by popular opinion and that becomes the highest votes among humanity.   What we call "viral" is really the pulse of the people dancing to the same tune.  It can't be influenced by media or companies because every individual has the right to surround themselves with whom they choose.  And the power will bubble to the extreme wise.  

I strive to be surrounded by the best with the logic that if you truly want to be the best, why not learn from the best? why not shadow the best? why not exchange with the best? why not look at the prettiest pictures, most magnificent art?  

You are in charge of your destiny by selecting who you spend your time with, where you spend your time, how useful are you being?  

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