Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slumber, or sleep, or nap

Yayyyyyyyyyyy I did get to write again:  the "Lil bit of Attitude" as an ode to my daughter's BDay and to release my brain of all these ideas, so I can slumber.

  It is snowing outside a bit.  (that is why we reference slumber, you nap during the day, or sleep during summer).  Nothing anywhere near the East coast of the US, we would be just as shocked with this sort of storm:  it would be unusual for Canada, except the very far oceanic east coast.  They share the Atlantic:  blame her!

I truly would like to thank Mark  Zuckerberg ..........

Thanks and Facebook ... I haven't quite figured out why or how you blessed me? But 100 or more followers a day is quite outstanding. One could wonder if you are merely showcasing how greater the power of Facebook + Commerce is over Twitter? Whatever the reason, big THANK YOU. Although, I have no idea how to respond to the imploding direct messages: I can't possibly answer you all. Although, I will continue to manage and respond under "NOTIFICATIONS" to those that include me in public communications. That will keep the integrity of social media: it isn't a gi-HUGE dating meat market or chat room. I am not looking for anyone nor trying to solve anyone's problems in love. I'm taken. Simply, nuff said. Thanks again Mark ~ what a ride! Thank YOU.