Sunday, May 22, 2016

Best watch TV Television

We may be the ultimate empty nesters
We don't do much other than going to and from work, spend quality time together, and have a smaller, more intimate group of friends.

A blended family survival story
If you look on our stories, both apart and together, you can recognize a common thread.  We thought we'd be with our former spouse forever but they goofed up.  We were able to walk away, with bruised hearts in tact, somewhat fearful of failure witnessed before.

Nobody in their right mind
Would have on the one side, taken on 3 kids, even if they seemed polite, well-mannered, active kids.  The other, already with pretween and teenage girls and one boy.  

Call us crazy
But we do like spending time together.  Neither seems to have a burning need or a gap in their life.  Case in point, I blog in front of my husband, and he can always log on to my social media or blogs.

Trust well earned
One of the biggest obstacle to go beyond trust to great love.  Having gone through the rigamarole of separation, divorce, trying to raise children just hitting their teens.  Weeding through Junior High.  The most difficult time in anyone's life, feeling abandoned as mom and dad join, siblings warm.  Anyone who'd meet us now, would never know or sense that we have been anything but together, with children born every two years:  27, 25, 23, 21 year olds.  

Well not really.  Perhaps one more spiritually curious while the other uses information as their faith.  Yes, it could describe either one of us, alternating, unique at times.  We're in sync with each other's vibe.  There to be supportive when it counts and taking a step back when it was time.  Instinctively moving back and forth like Drake's awkward dancing in a memorable video.  He's Canadian.

We like being Canadian.  We watch American politics, are informed about the challenges for our cousins to the south.  Yet, known as a kind nation, beholden to the US, while independently renowned.  Even Russia's Putin surprised the Canada versus Finland hosted in Moscow, to present Canadians with their consecutive gold medal and calling Canada:  "The motherland of hockey".  

Net net
A version of yes, yes, in our own tongue.  We really like many of the same things.  Favorite past times is planning, cooking, hosting dinners for friends or our growing brood.  A fiance becomes a husband in August, and expectations for grandparenting sets in.

Our favorites right now
are Game of Thrones (HBO), Home to Win (HGTV), and movies like the Man from Uncle (Telus' OnDEMAND TV).

We'd love to win the "Home to Win" (HGTV) contest, because we share the joy of collecting and decorating together.  Not really tested outside our own home.  A home that has been styled with warmth and welcome.

Continually burning in my adventures with social media.  Can I make it an income?  You are following me and have a hand in doing so, raising popularity based on meeting ones dreams.

Favorite TV
Game of Thrones (HBO) is our must-watch show every week every Sundays.  Before that, it was Sons of Anarchy, before that, Breaking Bad.  Sprinkle in Better Call Saul.

Sweet 60
Some of my best unique material for blogging or sharing on Social Media comes from my Rob.  He knew I was blogging when I asked him what the name of "Saul" was and he suggested I GOOGLE:  "Bryan Crandston 60th birthday" so I did.

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