Thursday, March 31, 2016

Act-your-age MAN CANDY

I saw an ad today that was stunning.  Could I find it?  Sadly, no.  I'm pretty sure it was a POLO ad with a striking black model.  It got me thinking that normally, I don't drool over men and I wasn't in this case per se.  

It was Paul Newman who said:  "Why have hamburger when  you have steak at home?"

It also got me pondering about who is out there that is close to hitting fifty or has already, who can still be considered studly.  Of course, I'd put my affectionately dubbed "Hunkster Hubster" at the top of my list, but I'm not sharing.

These are 10 of my favorites, sprinkled with quotes, who have withstood the test of time, or have emerged with their gray hair in tact, that we women, find attractive.  As befitting our maturity we don't drool.  I never did really.  I'm a fan of finding the inner quality a man possesses that exudes that something that makes us take a peek.  Songsters, actors tend to be the most likely candidates. 

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt sets the bar for many as the first hunk of my generation, who stood out in the movie "Thelma & Louise" and has kept our eyes entertained over the years.  Not surprising, he did look like a bit of a goof in high school.  I'm sure there are a few gals that passed him over, others who regret it years later ... the one that got away?

Brad may be easy on the eyes, but he doesn't set the standard for manhood.  A guy who cheats on his wife, dismantles a marriage, and leaves someone as gorgeous as his former wife heartbroken, leaves much to be desired.  It tarnishes his looks for many of us.  Sometimes we forget and let the eyes be entertained.

2. Bruce Springsteen
A rocker, a father, a husband and a citizen is Bruce Springsteen.  He may not be what many would think of first, but there is that something that makes him stand out.

Reminding us that entertainers are people too, they chill out, they're not always on stage, Bruce chills with his wife Patti:

A family man is attractive, showing a well-rounded, content person who is comfortable in himself and has the wisdom to recognize it.

3. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves reminds me of my first boyfriend at 15, Alan.  I wouldn't describe him as a hunk by any means, but he does have an appeal that isn't lost.

Keanu makes that unkempt look popular, even though I rarely see him out of a tattered pair of shoes.  Am I the only one that notices that and it overshadows some of the appeal.

4. Kevin Costner
The classic pretty boy, Kevin Costner, grows on you.  Maybe it is part of choosing the right parts that combine manliness, soulfulness and depth.  Qualities we all want to discover in our man.

Dreamy?  Maybe.  

Oh yeah, almost forgot the mega-bomb "Waterworld" that cost millions and one of the biggest flops when you factor how much it drained studio pockets.

We'd take Kevin as a bodyguard with a poor crewcut after he won us over protecting Whitney Houston, back in the day.

We'd take him as a Robin Hood, over a suit in shining armor any day.  Or a day like any other.

He may be trying too hard to look studly.  Yet we'll forgive him.  He must be prolific in roles because he is easily found searching Google images.

5. Tim McGraw
The assortment wouldn't be complete without a cowboy.  Tim McGraw shows that looks can sometimes be enhanced by a hat, a beautiful wife, and musical talent.

It goes to show you that sometimes the hat DOES make the man.    Being a caring father, is one of the best images anyone can have.

6. Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington looks like a solid guy.  Maybe that is one of his greatest appeals.  He comes across as strong, brave and wise.

But what about?  Who you say?  Those guys ... the new guys?  OK, there are a few that have caught our attention lately.  We've watched them grace the screen, big or small, while polishing their looks as the audience appeal grows.  Like the Trevago guy, 

7. Tim Williams

Apparently, we've seen him before.  Forgotten until he informed us that there were better ways to select travel.

He didn't mind being scruffy.  We didn't mind him being cleaned up.

No longer wanting to be "that creepy guy" on TV, he did clean up nicely.  He also drew clicks and second looks.  His name is Tim Williams.

8. Rupert Friend
Rupert Friend sneaks up in his swoon quota as he has grown into the strong, silent type on Homeland.  No stranger to the screen, he has had many parts, many not as memorable as his role as CIA Agent Quinn.

Agreed, we all have photos of ourselves that we'd rather lose. Then again, they're wisely kept to show how much we've improved.

That was an oldy photo.  Rupert is actually approaching 50, at 48, so this was a while ago but before Quinn. 

9. Idris Elba
Ildris Elba as Luther from BBC is cropping up everywhere.  No wonder.  He has the strong type nailed.  Initially slated as the first black James Bond, then passed over.  That's too bad.  He has coolness and suave that make the ladies swoon.

10.  Nilolaj Coster Waldau
To prove what a forgivable lot of women we are, Nikolaj Coster Waldau who plays Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones is included because he is easy on the eyes.  At 45, he qualifies as an older guy hunk.

As a bonus, I've selected a few for my younger readers to keep their eyes on (no sweat, I'm sure) to see which one of them may happen to surface on a bigger screen near you:

1. Broderick Hunter

1. Ignacio Valenti

1. Sahib Faber

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