Monday, January 18, 2016

What I liked (and wasn't charmed by) on the Critics Choice Awards January 2016:::

It's the awards season, so let er rip ::: good heavens not a rip!  There were some stunning, fun, and faux pas to be had tonight, for those who took in the Critics Choice Awards on A&E Arts and Entertainment Network.  

Crisp, clear graphics worth noticing.

::: the sets and design aspects were spectacular; whoever did it should get lots of credit because we'll want to see more of them.  The graphics were crisp and superb.  The portporri of guests, presenters, losers, winners was extraordinary.

::: loved the social media spin that was fun:  #tweetTHIStoDRINK to the +Critics' Choice Movie Awards and marketing genius to have a tablet on every table for the famous and now-just-famous to click and clack to post live.

::: the faux pas of the night (I couldn't find a picture of Constance Wu's presenting image) but the glaring stain on her dress bespoke of foodie accidentress.  We sometimes forget how intimidating and nerve-wracking it must be to emerge onto the world stage of entertainment seemingly overnight.  It was an average dress that acsentuated her lack of breasts.  That was a recurring scene it seemed tonight.  

To give Constance props, I would on the other hand, give her the best hairdo or braids of the night:

::: the most gracious of acceptance speech that resembled an amazing turnaround and humility was by Sylvester Stalone:

::: we often forget that the accessories make the look or set the mood.  Done by none other than the pretty Jennifer Anniston for the best pair of eyeglasses:

Even EOnline agreed with me, that the specticle by Jennifer was worth noticing.

::: the most unoriginal or uninspired fashion tone were set by MAD MAXX FURY even though it grabbed a fistful of awards.  As if the awards were an afterthought for the film execs, directors, financiers to grace with their presence, it was underscored by the lack of imagination by these two gals who looked ready for clubbing, not an awards ceremony of distinction.  Gasp or gag me with a spoon:

::: it was well worth, watching until the very end, if only to be enraptured by Sharon Stone's classy ensemble and engaging presentation:

::: double winner in my books:  again Sharon Stone for her age-appropriate look that bespoke class and sophistication:

Loved the DO Sharon!  Applaud the air of class and poise:::

::: and who can forget the cutest speech ever by Jacob Tremblay who held those much greater in age captive by his graceful and mature maneuvers ... you couldn't but help think "adorable" when they put a block for him to stand on to reach the microphone, and even then needed help.

::: and the overall vibe of the show was excellent.  The host, TJ Miller, showed some good humour with The Captain as sidekick to add zest and a nod to the elders in a room full of Millennial mayhem, GenX inclusion, and make up for the Oscars color representation with multinational flare.  The gig by TJ was done superbly, even if some of us *sniff* remember the original engenuity of its creator:

::: the tracks will be memorable even with Amy Schumar's MVP speech stunted and stilted.  Perhaps she gets less funny, when she gets plastered, contrary to popular belief.  

::: the most I got out of the CriticsChoice awards was the plethera of new worth binge-watching candidates.  You know I'll be raving about the ones that are the #bestofeverything :::