Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twas the night after Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas
when all through the house
not a computer was whirring
not even a mouse.

The iPhones were laid by the plugin with care,
with hope that a battery charge would soon be there

We parents were all snug in their couch beds
while visions of quietness lay in our heads

The ole lady with her snoring n nothin a flap
we settled are arses for a short winter nap.

When out of the computer arose such a clatter,
We sprang from the couch to see twas the matter

Away to the mouse we flew like a flash
While we counted our leftover cash
When, what to my eyes should appear, 
 "Boxing Day sales" oh dear

With the haste fingers that flew very quick
To show the best Boxing Days sales by click

Now charge it, click it and shout by name,
To purchase the best by a seasoned dame

Now cash away, cash away, cash away all!
We then flew out of the driveway without even a stall.

To purchase twinkling, I thought in my head
All the marvelous things we'd buy if only we sped!
At the  department store to my utter awe
Stood before me a saleslady without a flaw
Her eyes how they twinkled
with the dust glitzy makeupsprinkled

A wink of her eye and a twist of her head
reassured  me to know we had nothing to dread. 

She spoke not a word, but went straight to the counter
and filled my purse with the season's must have her

She laid her finger aside of her nose with a nod,
the cash register came with rang zeros so bright,

She yelled:
"You got all the best deals so have a FUN night!"