Sunday, February 9, 2020

Run away, spring with rain

It is difficult to
reach deep within

Question whether
narcissism turns
you into me, my, I

Deep reflection
soulful pain

Fear or abandonment
equally of shame

That's between you
and your maker

No one else has the
right to cause you pain

Run away, spring with rain.


Jeannette Marshall

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I want to be a Brand Ambassador, not a customer, just the average JOE-annette - MOI!

I'm building the dream
... and the dreams are ready to come through.

"U have 2 be
strong enuff 2 go through hell first"
      ~Jeannette Marshall

Sunday, January 26, 2020

REGRET: is an energy drain

Sometimes we're young
with old souls.

Other times, we're old, 
wanting to hang on to
youth as long as we can.

~Jeannette Marshall

Technically, I am not a senior citizen at 58.  According to my millennial daughter:  I am not able to call myself a senior citizen, I'm too young.  But if I want her to call me old, she'll call me an old fart.

Payback is a bitch.
You want to raise strong, independent daughters who gather all the facts, evaluate the situation, and then act without reservations or hesitation.  Knowing the decision was made at a time when the facts and scenario presented works to the best you can do.  Never regretting the decisions you've made because you know that at the time, what was in front of you, it was the best thing to do.

Instincts on high alert.
The more you try to trust your instincts, the brain kicks in, needing to be fed and gobble as much justification as one can consume, extrapolate, use good judgement.  

The most difficult steps
require the most scrupulous examination.  There is a feeling of risk.  Butterflies flutter.

If you don't have butterflies 
you aren't taking a big enough risk?

We're trained to believe 
the path with least resistance means
something can be too good to be true.

When you can marry judgement 
with minimal risk, you have arrived.

The sooner you develop that ability
you won't be able to trust your instincts.

Sometimes you take a risk and it backfires.  You blame not listening to your
instincts and ignoring the red flags.

Trying to be mindful is focus on today
which directly contradicts the wisdom to glimpse back with strong conviction that you would have done the exact same thing, under those same circumstances.

Regret is an energy drain
Bitterness leaks into your soul
Energy becomes exhausted
Frustration on captivity
to emotions who freeze you.
Fear emerges.
Action disperses.

Like soap suds down the drain.
The gurgling sound of your
breath sucking air 
in the instant it travels through
your heart.

Writing NEXT:  The cackling noise of a pissed off senior

Saturday, January 25, 2020

FEEDBACK: the genius of today's world; where opinions matter and disruptions are where holes are found

If you think of a senior citizen 
what comes to your imagination or thoughts?

Most would conjure cranky old farts
well, if you watch "The Laundromat" with an
incredible cast, Rob's favorite actor:  Gary Oldman (most unappreciated acting brilliance); with his
role sidekick, A.Bonderes (sp?).

SIDEBAR:  & related.  It used to be that an actress was washed up when she hit middle age.  Why, 
that is so far from the truth today.  I'm sure a lot of 
the aging former beauty sirens would give their eye
and all their teeth (get implants, dear, lol).  But all
the best roles are being swallowed up by Ms. Streepe.  It's not uncanny she would be the most decorated Oscar actor (fact check both or for women). 

IF you watch The Laundromat, it will be a test.

Do you understand or can you empathize with each plot and sub plot.
If you can't, then you have to watch it again.
And AGAIN until you can get why senior
citizens get to be "cranky old farts".

It's a passage in age.
All the issues the characters are 
facing in this movie, are typical
of issues many people manage
to move to the other side of life.

I don't recall seeing who the
Director was, male or female.
Whoever it was, they see the angle from
the side of the characters.  You can't help
but be designated on their behalf.  

Not surprising Merle Streepe 
was in this movie, who was able to 
transcend as so believable, you are
wrapped up in the character, the makeup
and the acting, you forget it is Merle

Oldman and Banderes' parts narrate and
host the audience.  With banter, humor
and under-reactive to the matter they're
explaining away.  

Or attempting to.
That's the pure genius part.
The characters or the actors
are interchangeable, gell
and make it an enjoyably
human-esque movie that
can be watched from 8 to 108.

xo jm

I sent this off today and and sharing the experience along the way.  So often, feedback explodes online when someone is really angry, the average person, non celebrity, politician.  Sometimes it gets traction and takes off.

Other times, it is a quiet hummer dulled to the back- ground, barely discernible.  The army of CYA (cover your ass) suckers are drowning out the originality or misrepresenting the numbers or characters as they take credit for being the choreographers.  

Rumours are usually the first symptom that not is all well.  Tremours of bad PR, has more rippling effects, lost of customer confidence is like a tidal wave YET it's when the rats start jumping from the ship (shareholders) before it goes down, it isn't until a controversy or corruption is uncovered does it shoot to the front of the line in attention and addiction.

Thanks Jessica. 

Kyle was amazing - really nice young man, pleasant to deal with.  Polite, friendly while focused on his task. In fact, I will probably do up a GOOGLE REVIEW accordingly. 

He was a raving fan of PROPERLY.  I asked him, looking him in the eye:  "If I were your mom, would you recommend PROPERLY?" - without hesitation or reservation, he politely said:  "absolutely, I tell all my friends about PROPERLY."

 I would guess he's smack dab in the Millennial age group, as I would guess, so are you.  If you could exude more warmth naturally, let people see that side of you - which is why and how you got the job.   

Since your side of the business is 150% customer service:  who the customer or client thinks of when they think of a brand, they will associate it with an experience.  

Most companies don't pay as much attention tothis client base.  Nor do they recognize that the glue that sticks a company's brand is from their customer facing or speaking first hand customer service group.   Very few companies can be as impeccable as the APPLE brand. All companies should aspire to be as GREAT as APPLE one day. PROPERLY fits a great need.  A growing need based on the aging population.  When someone like me talks about a wonderful experience, I have an established audience and age group.  I call them YUPPIES BABY BOOMERS, and now the tipping point of GEN X.  

Yet my #Millennials readers are loyal and some friendsof my daughters in that age group:  the one finishing university, starting to buy homes and boosting the brand. They're as finicky as their parents, which I happen to be one.I hope that this will work out as planned so we can downsize and starting living life.

My breast cancer prognosis is very favorable.  Compared to my mother's 30 years ago, in the 1980s, when I was in my 20s, before kids.  Exactly where my kids are in their lives.  Post Secondary University, "killin'it" at work or rockin' as a new mom for the girls; my son will be 31 next month, just 6 months behind his brother-in-law who is married to our daughter, his sister.  Cherry is a grandson not quite a year and a half.

Whirly whirl. Sorry.  I get on tangents.  Forgot I was not writing a blog. Well, the good news, I can post it as the beginning of sharing my experience with my blog audience that usually waves out to up to 2 million impressions a month. PROPERLY may end up wanting to use it as a testimonial.  Or pay me to post as their blog post.  With my own art graphics.  I have to find a way to have a career while I recover and am full time Caregiver for my brain injured spouse. jm

Done are the days of blowing CLOUD up your smoke.  Now it's about PRIVACY has given a lot of power for organizations to say NO.

Unfortunately, we're unable to )))))) because of our PRIVACY policy.

If you go to a website, they blow DATA at you to confuse you enough to forget what you were asking them about when it said you are giving them permission to collect your data.  Distract from what really is at stake:  a bunch of information forms a Tornado that is then put through computer simulators which have now been called "algorithms" because the simulators are using predictive behavior science to send back out information that is silo'd and sorted according to your habits and what they think is your taste.

THAT'S WHY on detective shows, it alludes to the fingerprints that are left on any computer hardware.

POLICE FORENSICS can pick up those fingerprints which evolve into red flags on even an old piece of hardware.

THEN the convenience of not having to buy a bigger computer every time a new version came out:  we've become more APP (application) dependent which has opened a whole new way of generating money.

NERDS who could code could essentially build platforms that go on to big influencers (like FACEBOOK & TWITTER) but not money generators like APPLE or MICROSOFT .... we're still trained 
like robots to want, need, go get the next version.  I'm guilty.  I have an iPx.  

That, however, is from genuine circumstances.  First I cancelled my cell phone that I'd had for 30 years.  Drive all my calls to our house/home phone.  Tried 
going with out a cell phone for 3 months.  Felt the experience of being out at a job interview and Rob unable to reach me should he have a medical episode.

So, that is why I did get a new cell phone.  I changed providers too.  I already miss my previous provider because I know they have really quality customer service.  Their awards and recognition shows.  I don't need to mention them.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sometimes BIG STEPS allow us to go onto BIGGER THINGS

Original art by Jeannette Marshall #CalgaryBlogger (c) optioneerJM

I have butterflies in my belly.

Done. I am nervous.

We just signed away our house at the same time as submitted an offer on a new place - seems like one swift sweep.

There's a lot of things up in the air at the same time.
Its a big step after living where we are for 25 years for me, and 13 years as a couple.

Sure hoping there's nothing other major that happens.  I seem to be squeezing my eyes mentally constantly, waiting for the next bombshell in our lives.

Reading the Bible has been meditative for me.  It sheds light from understanding the reasons Christians have such strong faith.  Similarly, for others, the Q'ran or HINDU or Buddhists I'm sure.  

I have had to really work on faith and putting my trust in the hands of the lord.

On my knees begging for help and apologizing and asking forgiveness.

Taught by my sister that I am not being punished.  My mother keeps telling me to stop being so hard on myself.  My best friend says that I'm stronger than I think.  She's helping us make everything happen on the move.  A real true authentic angel.  I'm lucky I've known her 40 years.  That's a test of time.

I'm going to make a living from social media.  I've said that in the beginning in 2007 - March.  13 years ago.  It took me 10 years to build a following on Twitter, only for them to chop it away.  I have all the details and communications chain to create a separate blog - just another on my blog and other to do list.  

That seems to be mushrooming as my procrastination nature is being put to the test.  I can't put things off any more.  The sad part being that Rob is a much worse procrastinator than me, and we feed off each other.  Ironically, when we first met and were married we had a great deal of energy.  Blending 4 teenagers, 3 of them girls into a family of 6 over night.  That did expel a bit of energy, not going to lie.

(c) Jeannette Marshall

I've assessed, reviewed, asked questions a great deal.  Bored my daughter to bits re-iterating every detail to her and the hubby as well.  Separately, together, so they've heard the same things at least three times.  That's before the other daughters come for a visit and it's shared again.

They'd love to turn off the taps to the churn I'm under.  Recovering from breast cancer has been a bit more of an uphill climb than my delusional self ignored.  Be strong for everyone for so many years and being able to react under pressure has been my norm for most of my adult life.  Finishing college in 1981, starting a career in 1981, getting married at 21 in 1982, having a child in 1989, 2 more in the 1990s while my career took off.

I think the amount of stress you've lived under, your habits like smoking and or drinking all impact whether you'll get ill, especially with cancer.

Cutting back on my stress is most likely what the doctor should order.  

We'll be able to really cut back our living expenses as we currently live in a place where two salaries made things work and now one LTD only meant a lot of tightening up the hatches.  Cut back on to needs instead of wants.

I'm going to still continue writing and posting on social media as I continue to develop my art (per examples) but more importantly am looking to launch my own postcard business with my art images for blogs, profiles, advertising, social media posts since the feedback is that it was worth noticing and inquiring whether I could do animation (from instagram:
I do not own this nor did I create this image.

You can check it out just search my name Jeannette Marshall and go to my other blog on leadership, sales and social media -- I'm offering so that others can  either pay to use my content or pay me to place your tasteful ad inserted within a post (see content on right to highest views) on the pages (sidebars) or within the content inserted like the images on this post.  Cutting out the middle man.

A social media friend started a GO FUND ME campaign on Facebook - it got $18.  Unfortunately, inaccessible because it was set up on the US.  I don't really like asking for money from friends.  It's bad for business, friendships, families, relationships.  Period.  Then again, it is a very long term friend who is helping is move on to the next phase of our lives:  survival.

Perhaps one door ALWAYS OPENS when one closes.
I'm active on LINKED IN - I'd suggest you follow me there minimum so you see my posts regularly and set up your professional profile and reputation management control... and jump on board.