Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Sean Penn is re-inventing himself

One can't help the past couple of days two headlines featuring Sean Penn, as an interview:  first with kingpin druglord and then squashed interview with ISIS Chief (as reported by The New Yorker):

HOLLYWOOD (The Borowitz Report)—Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the terror group known as ISIS, has cancelled a long awaited meeting with the actor Sean Penn, a spokesman for the group announced on Sunday.
The spokesman gave no reason for the abrupt cancellation, but said that al-Baghdadi no longer felt that meeting with Penn would be “prudent.”
A publicist for the film actor said that he was “disappointed” by the sudden termination of his appointment with the ISIS chief, and noted that Penn had gotten himself outfitted in brand new desert-camo attire in preparation for the meeting.
For his part, the ISIS spokesman said that al-Baghdadi hoped that Penn would harbor “no hard feelings” toward him, and emphasized that he remained an “enormous fan” of the actor.
“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi loves all of Sean’s films, even that one he did with Madonna,” the spokesman said.

Romancing the stoned

OK, so this is my first Blog of 2016.  Yayyyyyyy!!!  I mean, who can't feel optimistic?  Yesterday is behind us.  Except for our taxes, a year gone.  

Please listen to this music clip while we get started on this blog.  It will add to the mood and will match up with the words.

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Hmmmmmm, can't say I have the devil inside.  Just a five day weekend.  There are times I can work and then I get this rash of days where I'm not working, I get only a FEW chores done I drift over to my computer.  Some days, it is just popping on to read what friends have posted on Facebook, or what's trending on Twitter, who personnally commented to respond to.  (Except the bombardment of Messages from mostly men -- Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for your blessings.  Yes, I did LIKE the story about you and you brand new baby girl.  

I'm a big fan of families -- getting married, buying a home, having some babies, entertaining friends, celebrating important events.  I've often said that in building your persona or personal brand on Social Media:  be as close to yourself as you can possibly, and if you're Canadian, then you are going to be considered one of the friendliest, easiest to interact and engage with.

The top articles that caught my eye this past few days have been:

Loyalty & Satisfaction Polls

Working Women in Canada Perceive Significant Glass Ceiling, Divide With Men on Salaries, Influence, Promotions and Tasks

Thursday, November 19, 2015
Toronto, ON – Working women in Canada say a glass ceiling in Canadian business still exists for them, and see significant divides with men when it comes to salaries, promotions, assigned tasks and the amount of influence they have, according to a new Ipsos poll of over 1,000 working women conducted on behalf of Randstad.  
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The ‘Perils’ of Perceptions: Americans’ Estimates of Number of Immigrants, Atheists, and Those Living Rurally Radically Out of Step with Reality

Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Washington, DC – In a recent survey of over 30 countries, Americans showed a high level of disconnect between perceptions and reality of issues and threats, with very few exceptions. Only on issues relating to the percentage of female politicians and female employment rates did the US public seemed to have a firm grasp on reality (19% of politicians are woman and 63% of women are employed), which were within one percent of the actual numbers. However, the American public believes that over 34% of grown children aged 25 to 34 live with their parents, and yet this number is actually an encouragingly low 12%. 
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Nearly everyone seems to want an Apple Car, and those hopes were raised higher earlier this week when it was revealed that the domain had been registered by the tech giant.
But hold on a second. After doing a little digging we discovered that Facebook registered, and Facebook.Auto on the same day (Dec. 9, 2015) as Apple. Wait, what? Does that mean a Facebook car is coming, too?!
Everyone, pump your brakes. There's a much simpler explanation.
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OK,  here's another song to listen to help you chillax like me and let the cool harmonies and vibes envelope you:

OH great, my caps locked.  So much for chillaxing you eh? Honest, I'm not yelling at you, promise. 
in canada, the following stories caught my attention as well from of my favorite news and knowledge source: CBC #bestofeverything
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Romancing the stoned

Dana Larsen, pot activist, sends weed to Liberal MPs in legalization push

'I do not expect to hear from the police over this,' former NDP candidate says of unusual book promotion

CBC News Posted: Jan 06, 2016 4:59 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 06, 2016 4:59 PM ET
Pot legalization activist Dana Larsen mailed a package to all 184 Liberal MPs containing an gram of marijuana and a copy of his new book. Justin Trudeau's government has pledged to legalize, regulate and restrict access to the drug.
Pot legalization activist Dana Larsen mailed a package to all 184 Liberal MPs containing an gram of marijuana and a copy of his new book. Justin Trudeau's government has pledged to legalize, regulate and restrict access to the drug. (Dana Larsen)
A well-known advocate for marijuana legalization has sent a sample to every Liberal MP to "refamiliarize" them with the substance's "pleasant effects" — and remind them to keep their election promises. 
Dana Larsen — a founding member of the Marijuana Party who went on to run federally for the NDP and contest the B.C. NDP leadership —  mailed all 184 federal Liberal MPs a gram of dried marijuana along with a copy of his new book Cannabis in Canada - The Illustrated History.
"Since they are soon to be legalizing cannabis it is a good time for them to learn about the history of how cannabis is such an important part of our country's history," Larsen wrote to Radio-Canada. 
"I included a gram for them because it is also a good time for them to refamiliarize themselves with the pleasant effects of cannabis, and to remember why so many Canadians enjoy using cannabis for medicine and relaxation."
The packages were sent to each MP's constituency offices, bypassing any shared mailroom security for their offices on Parliament Hill.
Dana Larsen, the former editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, has written books, opened dispensaries and run for office both federally and provincially - all part of his efforts to promote the legalization of marijuana. (CBC)
Patrick McDonell, the deputy sergeant-at-arms and corporate security officer for the House of Commons, circulated an email to MPs on Tuesday saying: "If you are in a constituency office and receive such a package, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately to properly dispose of the package," because his officers do not have the jurisdiction to screen incoming mail in local ridings.
It's unknown whether all 184 packages got through, or how many MP offices contacted the authorities as directed.
While it's not legal to mail marijuana, Larsen wrote to Radio-Canada "I do not expect to hear from the police over this. I am sure they have much more important things to do."

'Haven't smoked it (yet)'

The unsolicited tokens are worth about $800, Larsen said. 
One rookie MP from Toronto, Nate Erskine-Smith, appeared enthusiastic about his gift, first tweeting:
He later wrote on Twitter:
The Trudeau government's pledge to legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana appears likely to consume plenty of political oxygen as the new government gets down to business on its election promises in 2016.
Trudeau has suggested change could come in a year or two. But a briefing obtained by The Canadian Presssuggests the prime minister has been warned that Canada is currently a signatory to three international treaties that criminalize the possession and production of marijuana.
The Liberal Party says on its website that legalization plans will also include the creation of "new, stronger laws" to punish people who provide marijuana to minors, sell it outside the new "regulatory framework" or operate a vehicle under its influence.
Trudeau has promised to set up a task force comprising federal, provincial and municipal governments, while seeking input from experts in public health, substance abuse and the police, to design a new system of marijuana sales and distribution.
This is not the first time Larsen has sought attention by mailing pot to a politician. During the 2014 teachers' strike in B.C., he mailed Premier Christy Clark a larger sample, suggesting that smoking it could help the warring sides in the dispute ease tensions.
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I really like they set their design up on their web page: CBC ... heck were there even ads?

How the writing is graphically presented with dodge balls headers and other links that lead you on a safari of reading:  These really are what bloggers should pay attention: style with a bit of pizzazz.  Hmmmm I've talked about starting my e-zine.  Let's see how short lived it is as I cut and paste from the news source, when they come running to tell me to remove it.  I'd then wonder that they can have a leg to stand on legally would they?  They have tools on their website that says SHARE.  

LOL, I just realized my ALL-CAPS calmed down.  Here's a band that was really into by the younger set:  Arcade on Fire  who have grown up and got into their own unique sound and simple an orgasm for the ears.  Have a listen to NO CARS GO:

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This song caught my eye and made me think it would be my social media theme song.

You ever have something happen to you or cross your mind and it makes you question everything?  I'm not sure what triggered what or why it hit to be perfectly frank.  All this time, I've been pawning myself as an employee.  A few times, it went bonkers, other few times simply great.  

Now I've been wondering what life would be like if you could just write all day?  Not punch in a clock.  Not being home feeling guilty what chores you're procra- stinating on, or any other responsibilities.  Why not throw caution to the wind and let one's creativity roll.

Why not have advertisers pay Bloggers directly?  Why not have advertisers pay bloggers for the write to host their blog on their page to attract the demographic.  That would be instead of the dry corporate announcements their average customer wouldn't care about.  

We should be promoting what we like, instead of being told what we should like.  

The product of the week that I bought, that I can't wait to try tomorrow morning:


I guess it is such a new product that Conair doesn't have a picture on its website - how did they get it ordered?  Apparently, someone ensured it was included in the catelogue for purchasers but not for promotions.  Yep, like a lot of companies, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  If and when I get a photo from Conair I may swap this out.   In the mean time this soap caught my eye and I think I may like to buy it.  When I went to Shoppers today, they didn't offer me any contest entry form.  What's up with that?  The web masters know more than the cosmetic or cash register counters.  Oh, my another disconnect.  I tweeted at them, we'll have to see what type of community manager they have:  a spammer, or someone who actually reads the stuff and responds.  Makes me wonder why they don't have customer oriented or loyalty folks do the tweeting or facebook posts?  

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I found it intriguing that American Idol is having a "Fairwell Season".  Delighted as well.  I watched a few seasons and like many thought it had dried up.  Pleasantly surprised, the dynamics of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.  Liked the harmonies they did as spoofs on really really old songs, even by my standards.  

One part I forgot I liked about these shows come in two parts, musical talent aside in fashion:  one being the hosts (Ms. Lopez) and her fashionable tame looks that is part glamour and part wholesome natural beauty.

Okay, so she gets a professional makeup artist, hairdresser and styler.  I wonder how much she is involved in the looks?

Then there is the contestants and their transformation.  One can't wonder is how much of a whirlwind it is being madeover, while curious about anyone who stuck close to home in their personal looks.

OK, let's have a look here.  Adam Lambert.   He had an inkling for his look on American Idol.  A pop star now in his own right.  He has more of an edge.

According to the Mail Online (A Division of the Daily Mail UK) he's the $10 Million Man.  Crowned the highest income earner for 2015 by American Idol alumnae, bypassing Kelly Clarkson's $4 million and Carrie Underwood's $8 million.

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